Heidi Klum and Johan in Aspen

12/21/2006 at 11:29 AM ET

A chilly Heidi Klum keeps her newborn son Johan, 4 weeks, bundled up while out in Aspen yesterday, but was still friendly with the paparazzi despite the cold.


Source: Splash News, with permission

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Laurie on

I think this must be Henry….this baby is way too long to be a one month-old!

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I think you’re right! I’ll edit the post.

Fifi'smom on

but if you have seen the recent pic of Seal carrying henry- that looks far too small to be him. Germans really like bundling their kids up, and by the way the arms aren’t long enough to reach out of the sleeves, I personally think that it must be a very bundled Johan

jennifer Kiefer on

NO way! His parents are Seal and Heidi Klum! Not only could he be tall, but the snowsuit could be huge on him. Plus Henry is massively bigger than that baby.

staceye on

I honestly think it is the newborn cuz the way she is holding him is closer to her chest not up on her shoulder so thats why he looks long and you cant see the little hands sticking out of the snowsuit. I know with my son who was born In November he swam in his snowsuit so it maade him look bigger.

misty on

You had it right the first time it is Jahon. On celebritybabylon the have a picture of him being pushed in a stroller with the same blue outfit while Seal is carrying Henry.

Leslie on

I disagree! I say that Henry is much bigger than this, and it doesn’t look like she’s carrying a toddler!

Ana on

Most stupid thing: I think this baby is too long to be Johan but too short to be Henry!!! 😐

Jennifer on

No way! Her babies are big babies
(remember 9 pounds) and her son Henry looks like a 4 year old. Obviously this is her new born and he’s snuggled up in a huge snow suit- she’s still supporting the head.

LA Shark on

this IS Johan!….Please look at the pictures you posted yesterday from(Celebrity Babylon). You can see Johan in his strollere wearing the same outfit as on this picture with Heidi.

pink.lioness on

Of course the baby is Johan and the snowsuit is still way too big for him. My son looked just that tiny in his first snowsuit. Any 15-month old (not just Henry) would be much bigger than that! Johan’s little head is obviously where Heidi has put her right hand over the back of the suit.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Looking at the other pics, I think it definitely is Johan now, so I’m changing it back. You guys are right about the pics from yesterday, I hadn’t written that post so I didn’t look closely at it. I think it’s just a big snowsuit with a little baby inside!

joy on

That is Johan…You can tell his feet and arms don’t reach the ends. Henry is way bigger.

however if you didn’t post this as Heidi Klum I would have never guessed it was her! Wow she looks different.

J on

I think that is Johan. Way too little to be Henry. Too cute! xxx

Mary on

Isnt this baby too young ( less than 1 month old) to be out and about in such a cold weather?

Breanne on

“Isnt this baby too young ( less than 1 month old) to be out and about in such a cold weather?”

It’s a common myth that babies shouldn’t be brought out for a certain period of time after their births. The baby is bundled, I don’t see a problem with it.

flagtattoo on

Fresh air does everyone some good! Heidi looks beautiful.

antij1 on

This baby does look kinda big for a 4-week-old, but they do tend to have big babies.