Dannielynn Stern must be DNA tested

12/21/2006 at 10:09 PM ET

Annanicole_smith180The first step in photographer Larry Birkhead‘s fight to prove the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith‘s daughter Dannielynn, 3 1/2 months, has been a success. In a ruling released Thursday, a judge ordered a paternity test to reveal whether the biological father is Larry, 33, or Howard K. Stern, 38.

Of the ruling, Larry said, "If I was on anybody’s Christmas list, they can scratch me off because this is the best Christmas present I could have ever received…I’m one step closer to beginning a relationship with my daughter."

However, Anna’s lawyer countered by claiming that the judge threw out 80% of their case. No word on when the paternity test will take place, or if the results will be revealed to the public.

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Thanks to CBB reader Jennifer.

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Noelle on

Good for him! I’ve always believed that Larry Birkhead was the true father. The whole thing with her attorney claiming to be the father seemed very fishy and an attempt to keep the drama to a minimum following Anna’s son’s death. Plus, the little girl looks just like Larry. I hope he gets the results he seeks! Good luck!

Emma on

I reckon that if we saw a close up pic of Dannielynn, it would be easy to work out who the biological father is. I know it wouldn’t stand up in court or anything!

tink1217 on

Well, I hope it turns out the way Anna wants. She is not my favorite person, but I hope her life can calm down and she and her baby gilr can have some sort of happiness. If Birkhead is the father he does deserve to know and be in his daughter’s life.

estherpanda on

I think the whole story is very very sad…. I don’t want to judge Anna Nicole….but there is something really wrong about the birth of her baby…the way she made the birth public…the way she cried on TV…
Maybe it would be a good thing for this little girl if Larry Birkhead was her father…

Doreen on

I think this is ‘fishy’. Why won’t she just willingly say: ‘ok we’ll do this and get it over with-proving you aren’t the Father of this baby.’ It would be that simple but nothing in her life is simple and to me, I think she’s got ‘something’ to hide from him.

Sugemom on

Considering that he has been pandering himself to the media rather than just quietly moving forward with his rights by law, I’m not so sure he’s a great parent choice for the baby either.

sarah on

this whole story is crazy! i dont understand it, it almost sounds like a lifetime movie. but, at least he is really trying, but i wonder what he would do if the child isnt his or what she will do if it is?

randomcelebs on

You can check out the screen caps from my blog and see for yourself if Dannielynn look like Larry or Howard.

Dannielynn look a lot like Larry, imo.

Chicki on

What if Larry isn’t the baby’s father?? By contesting the paternity of her baby, he has caused a lot of additional pain and stress for Anna, especially after the untimely death of her son – all in the name of publicity, OR just for a piece of the Marshall millions that Anna is about to receive. I say he should leave her alone since she has already publically stated that her “husband” Howard is Dannielynn’s father, and her birth certificate states the same.

Natalie S. on

Thank god this will hopefully put some peace of mind for Larry & Anna. I can’t say Larry is or isn’t the father, hence I wasn’t there for conception..lol Either way it needs to be done and dealt with. I personally would like to know if indeed it is Larry Birkhead’s or not. I’m sure if it is, there will be a firestorm of press over it.

Natalie S. on

Well that’s good, at least they’ll know who’s the “biological” father of Danilynn. This has been a crazy year for Anna. I’m almost under the impression that if Larry is indeed the father of her daughter, if Anna or Howard did the whole cover up because of the sudden loss of her son. I’m not saying it’s right but it would make sense at least to me. I mean that whole ordeal of giving birth, losing her son ~ I wouldn’t have the energy or even be coherent enough to deal with anything or anyone especially if I led someone to believe they were the father of my child. Again I’m not saying it’s right but it’s just a theory. Well I’m sure we’ll all know soon enough.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

“…if the results will be revealed to the public.”

LOL – as if either party would keep that info to themselves! One of them will be bragging.

I hope it all works out for the best, for Dannielynns sake.

PSB on

Heavenly_hibiscus – you beat me to the punch!

There is no way on Earth that these results will ever be kept private. I’ve already seen way more of Annna-Nicole’s c-section than I did of my own. We know way too much about this woman and she’s not even contributing to society…yet here I am…commenting on a thread devoted to her…kill me….

natalie on

i disagree with most of you who think that larry birkhead is doing this for media attention. whatever guy is ever associated with a celebrity, especially anna nicole, who feels their child is theirs, the media will pay attention to them and get in their privacy and follow them to court. i do not believe that larry birkhead would have wanted the media attention, but i guess he used it to his advantage if he is that adament about dannielynn being his daughter, and i think he is the father. how else would you get anna’s attention if she is overseas???????? i’m glad larry (and the media) is calling anna out on this one and at least helping larry get justice for this small test!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. on

“On the next episode of the Maury Show…”

I don’t think anyone is acting in the best interest of this child right now, and that’s just sad. 😦

tink1217 on

randomcelebs, I don’t really know. I think she could be either Larry’s or Howard’s baby. I think she looks most like Anna Nicole’s late son honestly. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough!!

gabriella on

I feel bad for Anna’s loss of her son, but if Larry is the father he has a right to know and be involved in the child’s life. Dannielynn deserves to know both her mother and her father, especially if the bio father wants to be in her life. If Anna didn’t want him involved in her daughter’s life, she should have had a baby with a sperm donar, that’s the only way a mother has the child all to herself. By the way Dannielynn is a beautiful baby, looks a lot like Anna to me.

Jes on

If you go to http://larrybirkhead.net/ there is a pic of Dannielynne at 2 months and Larry at 2 months. The resemblance is uncanny.

Sara on

I personally think that Larry is the father and I cant blam the guy for trying to find out if Dannielynn is his or not, and if Larry is the father he deserves to be in the childs life,he just want to know the thruth and I dont blame him, but it seems to me that Anna Nicole has something to hide, sense she dose not want to take a parternity test, if she is so sure Howard is the father then it shouldnt be a problem by proving it, but this seems to me when she dose this that she has something to hide and that Larry is in fact Dannielynns biolagical father.

riley on

It’s his kid.