P Diddy and Kim Porter welcome twin girls!

12/21/2006 at 05:52 PM ET

Update #2: An ecstatic Diddy has announced the names on his MySpace: In honor of the 2 people to have incredibly impacted me and Kim’s lives…We’re proud to announce that we are NAMING the twins after our beloved grandmothers…Kim’s grandmother’s name is Lila Star. My grandmother’s name was Jessie Smalls.

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN…****PLEASE WELCOME TO THE WORLD**** 5 lbs….19 1/4 inches- D’Lila Star Combs – 5 lbs/4 oz….19 1/2 inches – Jessie James Combs – WATCH OUT WORLD!!!! GOD is the Greatest….All the Time!!!!!!! God Bless! Diddy

Update: The girls are now here! Kim gave birth in New York City early this morning. In a message on his MySpace, Diddy says, "Wanted to tell you first, I’m at the hospital right now and Christmas came early this morning when Kim gave birth to two healthy beautiful twin girls!!! Both Kim and the twins are doing great, thank you for all your support this year! I Love Y’all!…God Bless…Diddy"

According to Diddy’s rep, the first twin was born at 7:56 a.m., with the second twin joining her sister at 7:58 a.m.

Diddy had been filming a movie role in Toronto, but had a private plane on standby and made it to the hospital just before his girls were born.

Source: MySpace and People.

Thanks to CBB readers Tamika, Aline and Corinne.

Click below to read the rumor from yesterday.

Originally posted December 20th: Rumor has it that there will be two extra stockings under Sean "Diddy" Combs’ tree this Christmas! According to Essence.com‘s sources, Kim Porter has delivered the couples twin baby girls! However, Diddy’s rep denies the story, saying, "Kim Porter has not yet given birth."  Time will tell which is true! We do know that the babies were due to be born sometime this month.

The rest of the "Diddy" kids are;  Sean and Kim’s son Christian, 8, Sean’s son Justin, 12, and Kim’s son Quincy, 15.

Source: Essence.com, photo: US Weekly, with permission

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Becky's Daughter on

I can’t wait to see these girls!

Congrats to them if this is indeed true.

Jen on

Congrats! Both of them have seemed to be so excited through the pregnancy; I hope all goes well for the whole family!

Angie on

Congrats to them! I was wondering when she was going too have them. I can’t wait to see the pics and find out their names.

Laurette on

She needs to leave the Loser!

Alicia on

Gratz to them!

Aleah on

Congratulations to Diddy and Kim!

Carrie Jo on

Those are great birth weights for twins. Congrats to them both.

tink1217 on


melanie on

Congratulations on healthy baby girls. What a Christmas present!

Erin on

Congrats to them!

tink1217 on

Interesting names. Jessie is really cute and D’Lila is cute too. Not too fond of the middle names, but to each his own!! I am sure they are beautiful!!!

Michelle on

Not too fond of first names with apostrophes, but cute I suppose.

Summer on

Aww! Congrats to them!

Heather on

D’Lila Star is adorable but Jessie James is nms for a girl.

ali on

lila or delilah would have been nicer but very cute overall

emmalee on

Congrats to them.

“Jessie James” is cute, I guess. “Delilah” is cute, but “D’Lila” is a little “d’umb”.

Jamie on

I know thinks its dumb its typical Diddy

my oldest son’s middle name is Aidien; some spell it adien I spell it aidien…nothing is wrong with that

Lorus on

Totally not fond of the names. Jessie James reminds me of Jesse James.
Congrats to them none the less. Those are sure going to be some spoiled girls!

Angie on

“Jessie James” for a girl? That’s different. Is it really the real first name ? or is that short for Jessica? I am shocked by the names. i was expecting something totally different. I think it’s a beautiful notion to name the kids after their grandmothers. I can’t wait to see the pics.

Katie on

I wonder how they were born? Sounds like they were waiting for her to go into labor, like it was a surprise seeing that Diddy barely made it in time for the deliver. That makes me think she did not have a c-section. Interesting and VERY cool seeing that most women prefer those in multiple births!

Noelle on

D’Lila definitely should have been either Lila or Delilah. Jessie is cute but not as “Jessie James”. That’s just too much. But congrats to Kim and Diddy anyway! Girls are a joy! I’m a proud mom to two! Angelia and Bianca, my two little angels.

fynn on

Jessie is cute and Lila would have been the sweetest name. D’Lila is so not. Sorry but if the grandma was called Lila why call the girl D’Lila? It’s not the same name. Oh well I bet they’re beautiful. Congrats to the family!

Sabina on

I love the names ‘Star’ and ‘James’, not that fond of Jessie. D’Lila is just too Destiny’s Child-chic for my taste.
But whatever, they’re not my kids! Anyone know if the girls are identical or fraternal? It’s my dream to have identical twin girls one day.

ang on

celebs always give their kids unusual names- have never found out why. is it hollywood law or something?

congrats nonetheless-awesome early christmas prezzies!!!

Aleah on

Excuse me? Jessie James? For a girl?

rachel on

there is a video of him annoucing it on his page

Stacy B on

I like “Jessie James”~ very cute & a great idea to name them after their grandmothers : )
I could do without the “D” in front of “Lila” though!
Congratulations to them~ what a wonderful surprise before the holidays!

Chicki on

Fynn, D’Lila simply means “from Lila” and is a beautiful tribute but I agree with you – I don’t like the apostrophe and I think they would have been better off naming her Delilah, if anything! Twin girls are such a bleesing – congrats to the happy couple!

amanda on

I LOVE D’Lila. But I prefer it spelt Delilah. They must be so cute!

sag28 on

I don’t like either of the names. they should of gone with matching names like taylor and tyler or something like that.
but congrats on the birth of twins woww. they got lucky..

Alicia on

Congrats to Diddy and Kim. But I also have to say I am not to fond of the names. But none the less I wish them all the happiness in the world. Needless to say they will have a great Christmas!

gabriella on

Congrats to Diddy and Kim, twin girls right before Christmas is wonderful, especially after they have 3 sons already. Nice they named the babies after grandmothers but, D’Lila would have been cuter just Delilah or Lila. And Jessie I guess is ok, but Jessie James sounds like a boy’s name. Too bad they didn’t go with Emily and Grace, like I heard Kim had liked. Anyway at least the babies are healthy, and they seem happy.

lb on

Awful names. They don’t match in tone or style. And apostrophes are just too pretentious. D’umb!

roberta on

C’mn y’all i think its cute. i am more concerned with the meaning of the names than the name itself. Anyway Diddy,really happy for you and Kim and the girls. Merry Xmas

nell on

Congrats to Kim and Diddy. Is there any reason Diddy is not just as ecstatic about his other new born daughter by a woman named Sarah in Atlanta???

Finnian on

Why in the world do people praise such idiotic names? These children will have to go through life with these stupid names just because P-Diddy (sigh) wants even more attention. I feel terrible about the horribly skewed upbringing that is awaiting them.