Rumor: Mel Gibson being sued to take DNA test by 30 year old woman who says he's her dad

12/20/2006 at 10:20 PM ET

An Australian painter is reportedly taking legal action against actor /director Mel Gibson to prove that she is his daughter.  30-year-old Carmel Sloane says that she is Mel’s love child from a one night stand he had in 1976 before he had reached his superstar status.

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Carmel’s mother Marilyn says she met Mel when he picked her up hitch-hiking in Australia.

"I was a slim young woman in tight-fitting jeans on the side of the road when a station wagon stopped," Marilyn says. "Melturned to look at me with those amazing blue eyes and I was mesmerised.He said, ‘Where are you going?’ I said, ‘A long way from here.’

"He told me his name was Mel. He said he would take me all theway but first he had to go home and get some petrol money. We stoppedoutside a house and he came out with a mattress and a couple of pillowsand some petrol money. He said he had brought the mattress in case wehad to stop for the night. We got on really well. He was charming andfunny. When we stopped for the night Mel got in the back on themattress but I stayed in the front. I said I didn’t trust him but to behonest I didn’t trust myself either! He was so sexy. I didn’t have anycontraceptives with me and I hadn’t had much to do with guys.Eventually he persuaded me to join him in the back. I told him, ‘Ifanything happens and I get pregnant I’ll come looking for you’. Hereplied, ‘I am going to be famous. You will always know where to findme.’ We spent the night making love and talking. But when it got lightMel said he had to be back at work — in an orange juice factory inAdelaide. I got out of the car and never saw him again. It broke myheart to walk away."

Marilyn says that after her night with Mel she discovered she was infact pregnant and gave birth to Carmel in January 1977. She says thenext time she saw him was on a poster advertising his film Mad Max 3,eight years later.

"I was glad then that I hadn’t told him about the baby because Ithink it would have brought him down in those days. He may never havebecome a star," she says. "There was a real resemblance betweenhim and Carmel and I started to keep a scrapbook of pictures of him forher to have later in life. I would never have told Carmel who herfather was but my mother blurted it out one day. From then on she wouldcut out pictures of him and we went to see all his movies together."

As for Carmel’s interest in Mel, she says she’s "not doing it forhis money. I just want to meet the man I’ve always known was my dad —and for him to get to know his grandson. I would love to meet him but Iwouldn’t expect to be part of his life. I’m not looking for a piece ofthe pie or that lifestyle.

"I have grown up being told Mel Gibson is my father. I’ve beentold it for 20 years. I would like some kind of closure either way. Idon’t want it to go on for another 20 years."

Mel already has seven children with his wife Robin, including one daughter.

Source: News of the World

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FC on

Wow. That story sounds pretty legit, but then then again…. I don’t know. I’d just hate for this to happen, where the woman is with one man and ends up pregnant, then has her mind set that the one man she was with is her father’s child and let that child believe it, when it could’ve easily been someone else. I don’t know the full story, but worse things have happened.

I just don’t feel it was right to let her daughter know A and B about her alleged father, leaving her to want to know someone who could turn out to be what he’s not: Her birth father.

There’s so many loopholes. I just hope this doesn’t get blown out of proportion, although I do hope that the daughter can stick by her thing of not getting attached or wanting anything, just needing to know who she came from.

preesi on

It would be great if she was Jewish!

I know this isnt gonna get posted!

BTW Happy RamaHannuKwanzMas CBB!

Karen on

Do you think that her mom named her Carmel because she was conceived in a CAR by MEL?!?! …oh good grief! *lol*

kate on

that’s funny Karen, maybe that is how she was named. so this happened before Mel was married, anyone know how long he’s been married?