Jillian Barberie Reynolds expecting first child

12/20/2006 at 02:08 PM ET

Jillian_barberie2_1Update: Jillian announced this morning on Good Day LA that she and Grant found out yesterday that they’re having a daughter!

Thanks to CBB readers Deanna and Doris.

Originally posted December 15th: Good Day LA host and Skating with Celebrities contestant Jillian Barberie Reynolds, 40, is expecting her first child. She is four months along and is due on July 7th, exactly a year after she and husband Grant Reynolds married. Jillian says, "We’re both thrilled…I feel like I’m at a place in my life where I just am really happy. I never thought I wanted kids – I was a career girl all these years! I never thought about it before until him."

Jillian and Grant will be finding out the sex of the baby next week. "My husband thinks it’s a boy…Yesterday I saw him on the monitor and he was boxing! It could be a girl – a little tomboy, which I kind of was."

Jillian was concerned about her ability to get and stay pregnant after hitting 40 and experiencing a miscarriage in 2004. She says, "I was pregnant a couple of years ago with a guy that I was dating, and I thought, well, I’m 38, and I’ll keep the baby because who knows if I’m going to have the chance…When we got married I said, you know, I think this is something we’re going to try at. But [Grant] is very laid back and he said it’s just going to happen. He’s infectious with his positive thinking. And sure enough, it did! We got pregnant on our first try. I’m very blessed. I would have gone the route of treatment if I had to."

Currently, Jillian is experiencing exhaustion, and an aversion to red meat. She says, "I’m a big fan of the protein diet, and since I’ve been pregnant all I’ve been eating is pasta, potatoes, rice, bread..And I used to be the biggest steak eater. I can’t even look at a steak right now. The whole thought of it disgusts me."

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Thanks to CBB reader Michelle.

Was there anything you just could not eat or look at during your pregnancy?

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Michelle on

That’s great that Jillian got pregnant on her first try at 40. How lucky. Is my math off though? How could she be due July 7 and be 4 months pregnant? I am due July 24 and I am only 8 weeks 3 days pregnant.

jen on

“I was pregnant a couple of years ago with a guy that I was dating, and I thought, well, I’m 38, and I’ll keep the baby because who knows if I’m going to have the chance”

That’s a sad comment. Imagine if her child would have read this, It sounds as if she didn’t really want the baby but was afraid she might not get another go at it.

J. on

How can she be four months along and due July 7th? I’m a little over three months along and due in June. Wouldn’t that make for a close to 11 month pregnancy?

Sarah on

Chili’s buffalo wings. I have always love to eat wings but right after I found out I was pregnant I had some of Chili’s boneless buffalo wings and got sick as soon as I ate them. It took me two years after having my daughter to even go back there. Also taking my prenatal vitamins with water made me sick. I always had to take them with milk or juice…something with flavor.

Stacey on

The red meat thing happened to me too! I am 27 weeks now and it happened a few weeks ago. I couldn’t look at/smell/touch/eat any kind of red meat and pork. I am ok with chicken.
It was really bad a few weeks ago and now it is getting better. Also…cheese…I couldn’t eat it for a while, which was odd. It comes and goes with me!

teenyz on

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I could not stomach the smell of red meat myself. Smelled like human flesh to me . Funny thing is, my mother had 3 boys and 1 girl, and she only had the red meat problem when expecting me. This a sign it’s a girl?

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Good question about how far along she is. People.com reports both four months along, and July 7th. I’m not sure which to believe.

AllAngela on

I’m inclined to believe that she is due on July 7th, especially considering that the article says the baby is due on her first anniversary (July 8th). I’m due on July 29th and am 7 weeks and 5 days along, so she’s probably about 11 weeks. And since she’s over 35 I bet she’s going to have tests done at 12 weeks to check for chromosomal abnormalities. That’s the only way they’d know the sex so early.

shannon on

Yeah, I am due July 2 – which is BEFORE her, and I am not even 3 months yet – 3 months for her would be Jan 7 and Feb 7 would be 4 months… I 1ill be 12 weeks on Monday.

But she is already finding out the sex? That usually occurs after the 4th month. Very odd indeed!

Angie on

Did she have a miscarriage her first pregnancy? The article says that this will be her first child.

meghan on

i think she’s actually going by jillian reynolds now. i know she is on good day LA. anyway – good for her. they’ve been teasing her on the show for a while now about getting pregnant.

Kathleen on

Congrats to Jillian! It sounds like she found MR. RIGHT and she has grown up along the way!

Amy on

It’s a girl. When I was pregnant with my son I CRAVED red meat. That’s all I wanted. With my daughter it was Jolly Ranchers, popcicles, blueberry cereal, all things fruity.

k. on

The carb rich diet is part of her body asking for folic acid. Most breads, pastas and such are enriched with folic acid. The older the mom, the more folic acid she needs to maintain the pregnancy and health of baby. She is eating what baby needs!
End of doula commentary.
I had huge aversions to meat in all my pregnancies. Then again, I was so sick with my first, I couldn’t even peel carrots without vomiting. =)

Holly Catherine Slavic on

I was the opposite. For the first trimester I could not stomach salads, greens, veggies raw or cooked. The only thing I could keep down was greasy hamburgers and roast beef sandwiches. Weird, I know. Had all full-term healthy pregnancies after age 35 blessedly.

Jen on

Yeah!! So glad to hear that Jillian is pregnant! I love her. She is so cool and funny. It sounds like she has settled down and is happy. Good for her!

Melissa on

With my first son I craved anything fruit and vegetable. I went grocery shopping with my nose. If it smelled fruity, I wanted it. Even candles and lotions I bought during that time were all fruit scents. Lemonade drove me crazy, I thought about it all the time at the end! I craved pea pods (never had them before or since) and ate salsa by the spoonful.
My second son was very different. I didn’t crave anything but had aversions to pasta, cheese and bread. Seeing pizza commercials with the ring of cheese baked in the crust made me hurl! I’d often spend an hour preparing and cooking something and then cry when I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I ended up with gestational diabetes with him, but controlled it all by eating low sugar.

Kim on

FYI…She has changed her last name to Reynolds. I watch her on the local morning news here in LA…she dropped Barberie.

Heather77 on

Congrats to her!!

The only aversion I’ve ever really had during any of my pregnancies, was hamburger. I couldn’t eat hamburger… and the smell of it cooking on the stove made me sick!

Melissa on

I am due on the same day and I am only 11 weeks pregnant, so there is no way she is 4 months if that is her due date, perhaps they made a mistake and it should be June, that would be about right then. Still not matter what date, what a true blessing for her and her family.

Kenan on


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Marie on

Congrats to the two of them for a First Try baby!! Especially at 40. That’s wonderful for them.

I wanted tomato juice like you wouldn’t believe and before being pregnant, I didn’t like the stuff. The thing I couldn’t stand? CHOCOLATE! And I *love* chocolate. I didn’t want anything sweet! I hear the old wives tale is cravings for salty means a boy and cravings for sweet means a girl…well, I loved salty stuff and have myself a 5 month old boy now 🙂

gabriella on

Congrats to Jillian and her husband, how great she got pregnant so quickly. She seems excited, and can’t wait to see what she has and what she names it. I am guessing a boy, just because that’s my gut feeling.

Shantelle on

Before I got pregnant with my daughter, I had not ate steak in over three years, but while I was pregnant, I craved it constantly. My husband was sick of it by the time my daughter was born. I couldn’t look at eggs though. It was just something about them that freaked me out.

Gaby on

I had my daughter six months ago and the one food that made me want to vomit all over the place was eggs. I couldn’t even stand the thought of an egg being cooked! I also could not eat meat, that was sad time for me, but the end result is always so very worth it!

Mari on

Congrats to Jillian, I used to watch her (w/ Steve and Dorothy) on Good Day Live and she always used to sneer at the mention of Dorothy’s son or any child. Reminds me of how I used to be. Now I have a son turning one at the end of the month. As for the old wives tales – I couldn’t set foot in a grocery store for 5 months. Just the sight and smell of food made me sick. I lived on strawberries, Subway subs, Shredded Wheat and pasta. The smell of M&M’s sent me over the edge and red meat was completely out of the question. Funny how that goes away.

Doris on

Jillian announced she is having a GIRL on this morning’s Good Day LA.

Christina on

I have the same due date. She is 11 wks 4 days not 4 months. There is no way she knows the sex of her child!! Some of the facts are incorrect.

Sarah, CBB News Editor’s note: Yes, People.com listed both 4 months along, and the due date of July 7th. We were unsure which was actually true, so we included both.

Since Jillian is 40, she’s probably going through some testing such as CVS, so she would know the sex if she wanted to, since the test is based on chromosomes, not looking at an ultrasound.

tink1217 on

Congrats to Jillian!!! Thats so exciting for her!! I loved watching her on Skating With Celebrities last year too!

PSB on

I guess I’m out of the loop b/c I thought she was still single! HA!

Great that she got to have a baby before she ran out of time. I think a lot of women who can’t find the right man convince themselves that they don’t want kids, because they don’t see it happening for themselves. It sounds like this was Jillian—or maybe she couldn’t imagine having a baby, but once she met a person she loved, everything just clicked? Either way, it’s great news and she sounds happy. I’ll bet she’s 4 months along, because she probably got an amnio to rule stuff out before making a big announcement.

I think the CBB people included both last names so we’d all know who she is. I certainly wouldn’t have known who Jillian Reynolds was. It’s so weird to me when a famous woman in this age group changes her last name, but to each her own…

Tarrah on

Yeah, There’s no way its due July 7th, or is there way she is 4 months along, She could have gottne a CVS, buts thats not don3e until 12 weeks or so. I’m due July 8th, I’m 11 weeks and 3 days, There’s no way, She’s gotta have the wrong date, Maybe its MAY!!!!

Meagan on

AllAngela- You have be more then 3 mos. I am due July 12th & I will hit 3 months tomorrow.

Stacy on

When I was prego I could only eat fresh fruits and veggies.. I ate so much of them.. now after I had my darling, I have an aversion to them.

lorraine on

I am due July 3rd and am 17 weeks pregnant as of January 23rd. I think she is really further along than they’re reporting. She is really huge too. I think maybe she got pregnant and so decided to have a shotgun wedding!
I bet she’ll have the baby in May!

Carrie on

I had my daughter July 6th, 2006 and at this time last year, I was barely showing. Jillian is huge and I was 38 at the time, turned 39 2 weeks after my baby was born. I also think that Jillian got pregnant and that is why she ended up getting married. She always talked about not wanting children and not wanting to get married again so who knows. I am happy for her.

maria* on

When I was pregnant with my first child, McD’s had just come out with their new McRib Sandwich. Just the smell of it alone made me want to “toss my cookies” and there were several McD’s on the way to my different relatives’ houses.
Needless to say, they came to visit me as I wouldn’t be able to survive the drive to them.

The things I craved were cooked spinach (no butter), Corn Flakes (the white box with the rooster on the front), and navel oranges. I would go thru a 5 lb sack in a couple of days!

I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy and to this day he can’t figure out why he likes spinach, corn flakes, and oranges so much. Go figure!

Best of luck to you and your family, you’re gonna be a great mom!

Nelson S Bellamy on

congratulations on your baby girl. I watch your show every morning, and it just makes me laugh my eyes out. I heard once that you used to date Johnny Gill, Is that true? I’m black and I think interracial dating is ok,in fact I’m pretty sure every one in Hollywood at some point or another has dated outside of their race.