Tori Spelling hosts fundraiser for LA animal shelter

12/19/2006 at 12:06 PM ET

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott hosted a fundraiser for Much Love Animal Rescue at the So NoTORIous DVD launch party (a portion of the sales went to the animal shelter) at the Los Angeles men’s store AlphaMuch Love Animal Rescue is a 100% nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to reducing overpopulation, abuse and neglect of domestic animals.

Afterwards, Tori and Dean did a little shopping afterwards for their baby boy, picking out some onesies, and a baseball that says, "It’s a boy."  They’re still deciding whether Tori’s baby shower should be a traditional women-only or "Jack & Jill" (co-ed). 

Tori revealed that the reason she’s been toting her dog in a stroller is because the dog has bad hips.  She’s not practicing for when the baby arrives!

For more photos and info, visit Open All Night.

Photos by Open All Night, used with thanks and permission.

What do you think of co-ed baby showers?  If you had a baby shower, did you invite men?

My shower for Anya was co-ed and I felt like it enhanced the experience.  We didn’t play any girly games that might have embarrassed the men.  Also, who else was going to put a nursing pad on his head like a yarmulke besides my husband?

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Amber on

My baby shower was co-ed, but I had no say in the matter. It was a surprise shower. There were games but I didn’t play any. I spent as much time away from the shower and outside watching my other kids play on the playground as much as possible. It was more of a family get together than a baby shower.

Reeni on

In the second paragraph, Dean’s name is spelled “Dead.” I don’t know if it was a Freudian slip or what, but it was funny.

workinggirl on

Just wanted to let you know that you put Dead instead of Dean! oops! 🙂

spellcheck on

Tori & Dead?

NewMoM on

I just had my twins Nov. 29 (boy & girl) and my shower was 3 days prior, it was co-ed. It’s what I wanted and it makes sense, I never understood why it was only meant for females (It doesn’t have to be so traditional, spice it up a bit….UPDATE). Everyone enjoyed themselves and I’d recommend it to those who haven’t tried it! 😉

P Dawn on

I am a single mom and have been from the very beginning (I used an anonymous donor). I had a co-ed shower because I wanted my father and brother to be there. There were still more females than males, but it was nice that they could be a part of the happy event too.

de on

I had a co-ed shower, and loved it! Some of my best friends are my guy friends and I really wanted my husband there since it is his baby too. We had a blast opening gifts together and we even played games. The guys were so competitive, everyone got involved and had a fantastic time! The wearing and stealing of the pacificer around the neck was a huge hit! Too funny.

lori on

I have had both and enjoyed both of them but here is the bottom line…men do not usually get excited about baby clothes.We all know how men feel about shopping .they just do not get it like we do and I just feel showers are for women ..a celebration of how cute our baby will look in his/her new is a girl thing.


AllAngela on

Our first baby is due in July and we will definitely have a co-ed shower. My husband is still a little sore that he wasn’t invited to my bridal shower back in August (I’m all about traditional girls-only bridal showers), so I’ll make sure that he and the other men in my family are invited to our baby shower. I think it’ll be more fun that way anyway.

tink1217 on

my only baby shower was girls only! My hubby was a bit of a “macho man” and thought it was only for girls. He showed up in time to load everything into the truck and get it home to put together(crib,etc.) That was his “manly” part! However, if my 2nd hubby and I have a baby together(hopefully next year!) he wants to be involved completely and that means a co-ed shower!

I think Tori looks great pregnant!!!

Jamie on

My first baby shower was thrown my friends..the guys did their own thing..and with my second baby shower was co-ed we thought it would be a good idea since we are having one of each

CaliAngel on

My sister’s first shower was a coed was really fun and we didn’t play any of the traditional games.

The second was kind of coed..the girls were in the living room and the few guys were out in the entertainment room(aka the garage) We did play games this time around. sister had her son on the 29th of November too..congrats to you!!

melanie on

We’ve had both kinds of showers and both were fun, but I prefer the girls’ only. It means a chance to bond with the girls that you won’t get much after the baby. But I never would have had a girls’ only if my husband felt left out- he didn’t care.

Diana on

I think most likely when we have kids I will have a female on baby shower, honestly I don’t think my husband or the guys in either side of our families have ANY interest in going to a baby shower, and having to drag them there just won’t make it very fun.

jing on

i had two baby showers (one was family, and one was friends) and they were both co-ed. i agree with what NewMoM said. *both* the woman and the man have the baby, so why should the man be excluded? they were more like get-togethers, and i think both the males and females had a great time. i have friends who have kids, and the kids were at my showers, too. to me, it’s more of a *family* thing than a girl thing.

Ashley on

I had a coed baby shower cause i wanted my husband there with me cause it was his baby also. I had all his friends bring a pack of diapers. It saved alot of money in the long run. We didnt play any girly games but it was so fun and everybody was happy. My husband was there with me (which made me happy) and he also had his friends there(which made him happy). I was happy cause i had all these diapers and all my husbands friends were getting along with everybody. I would so have another coed baby shower.

Audreysmom on

I had a co ed shower and a girly shower. I really liked the co ed shower more because her Daddy could be involved and celebrate the birth of his little girl. We found it was nice to have the Dad’s there too so children could come and Daddy’s could occupy them if need be.

ang on

i’m sure whatever tori & dean decide, it will be great. apparently, tori’s friends are pregnant too atm, so it might be cool to have dean and all their partners there too(if they have partners).

i have created a new(unofficial)messageboard for tori just yesterday, for anyone who is interested, and danielle, i have linked from there to CBB here in 1 of the threads. hope that increases your traffic.

it’s only new, so please be kind and have a safe holiday season everyone!