Lenny and Zoe Kravitz at photo exhibit

12/04/2006 at 07:00 AM ET

Rocker Lenny Kravitz and his daughter Zoe Isabella attended the opening night of the Bloodline photo exhibit on Friday evening. It was Zoe’s 18th !

Source: Abaca

Thanks to CBB readers Corinne and Mary Beth.

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brenda on

I’m sorry to say this, but every pic I see of this father and daugher together makes me think more and more that there is something off about them. She posses with him like a girlfriend and I don’t like the way he is always touching her. I know fathers hug their daughters but it looks like he is touching her breast.

Autumhn on

Wow Zoe does look a lot like her mom, Lisa Bonet, did back when she was on the Cosby Show (20 yrs ago).

I’m surprised Zoe hasn’t gone into acting in the same genre as Hilary Duff, Raven Simone, or her mom when she was young, but I guess it’s definitely her choice.

(Actually Zoe does come from a family involved in the entertainment biz because not only is her dad, Lenny, a musician, her mom, Lisa, is/was an actress, wasn’t her late grandma (Lenny’s mom) an actress on the 1970s-80s show “The Jeffersons” or something like that?)

Candice on

Goodness, she looks so much like her mother.

Majbritt on

She looks a lot like her mother, Lisa Bonet.

JosieK on

What a beauty!

Carrie Jo on

She’s a really good-looking girl. I bet she was purposely kept out of lime-light mostly until now so she could lead as normal of a life as possible.

Jackie on

She most certainly is a beautiful girl.

tink1217 on

beautiful young lady!

FC on

That first photo is a sweet shot of her and Lenny. 🙂 She’s her mother’s living, walking, and, possibly, talking double.

Melanie F. on

You said it but I thought it lol! But he’s sooo hot and she’s pretty.

yogadaisy on

Oh please, it’s a sweet father/daughter pose. So, based on a couple photos you are implying….what exactly??

Isn’t she about the age her mother was when she had her?? I always wonder how younger Dads feel when their young daughters reach the age their mother was when she got pregnant. I bet he’s super protective of her.

Erin on

Brenda, that’s exactly what I thought when I first saw those pics!

jashmom on

Zoe is a beautiful girl. She looks exactly like her mother.

Zoey on

Wow, 18! That’s a big year! Happy birthday Zoe!

Chicki on

Brenda, et al. and anyone who thinks that there is something perverted about a father posing with his arm around his biological daughter should drag their hearts and minds out of the gutter!!! Just try to enjoy some lovely family photos IF YOU CAN!!!

PSB on

While I do not agree with those who think there is something “off” about the relationship, this picture does look like it is of a couple—-but maybe that’s because Lenny is always dating such young models and because Zoe looks EXACTLY like her mom. This picture could almost pass for a picture of Lenny and Lisa, back in the day. Zoe is a knockout!

Anyway, he seems like a really sweet daddy, and has always said in interviews that Zoe is the most important thing in his life.

ginettissima on

I agree, PSB. I think it’s the association we make with Lenny Kravitz and his younger dates, which is justified enough, his dates tend to be half his age! (or just about his daughter’s age!) It’s not fair, though, to assume that there necessarily is something off about his relationship with his daughter. That’s a pretty harsh implication, with obvious elements of the totally gross and illegal.

Besides that though, he amazes me at how he looks (pretty damned good!) for being the father of an 18-year-old, and Zoe is just 1) beautiful and 2) a complete carbon copy of her mother, it’s insane…

gargoylegurl on

I agree with Chicki. It’s astonishing to me that some people can draw such a conclusion from these photos. I just don’t understand how someone can even think such a thing. His hand is around her waist, not touching her breast. He looks proud of his daughter, and she looks like she adores her dad. What a nasty, completely unnecessary thing to say about these people. I hope this comment/rumor doesn’t find it’s way back to either of them…how hurtful.