Denise Richards and Sam Sheen at the Nutcracker

12/03/2006 at 07:06 PM ET

Actress Denise Richards took daughter Sam Sheen, 2 1/2 (and her blankie!) to the debut performance of the Los Angeles Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker last evening.

Source: Wireimage

Thanks to CBB reader Bella.

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tink1217 on

Sam is so adorable! Denise looks great as always!!

melanie on

i love her earrings!

Amy on

Yeah, Sam is cute, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a picture of her smiling! 😦

Christine on

I was going to say the same thing as Amy…the child never ever looks happy.

Christine on

Maybe Sam doesn’t like the camera or somethings or maybe the paps scare her.

FC on

Sam’s so cute. I love that her hair is starting to grow out and look a little more girly. She looks a lot like her dad in the face as she gets older. 🙂

As for the non-smile looks, well, I think that’s just a kid for you. She may be in the phase where she doesn’t like taking photos, and with them constantly in her face, I wouldn’t put it past her to pretty much hate having her picture constantly being taken by some strange person/people.

Emma on

Why does someone have to be smiling to be happy? Very often a content child, especially around the age of 2, will maintain their composure as Sam is doing here, rather than react wildly to a situation.

She is too young to understand or desire to ”smile” just for the sake of the cameras and for the general public. Secondly, I would rather see a child be as they are than having a pushy parent force them to smile as well. I find it really strange that people would choose to comment about such a silly thing as if it is a negative.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Denise brought her to this event, especially at the age Sam is. To introduce her to something as beautiful as ballet at Sams age must be thrilling for a little child, especially The Nutcracker itself with it’s larger than life characters and colourful staging. I am so jealous, I really wish I could go myself to be honest.

Can I also say I have never seen Denise look more beautiful? She is positively glowing, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen ANY woman glow so much. I also adore her outfit…

urgh I can’t believe how jealous I am rofl!!! Ballet and beauty….

Frobia on

I really hope what I have just read isn’t true…

apparently Lola was there as well with Denise at this event, and Charlie was meant to have attended with them. It was clearly meant to have been a nice pre-Christmas family outing for the children.

When they did arrive, 20 minutes late for the performance, Charlie was not with them. He had obviously left Denise and the children waiting for him and pulled out at the last minute.

It is one thing to have behaved the way he has over the years, but to let his children down YET AGAIN is just firther proof that he thinks nothing of continually treating his little girls as second thoughts to his ”demanding career”. Denise must have been so furious, left sitting at home waiting for him to arrive with two little girls who were all dressed up and ready to go.

Fynn on

Some kids aren’t smiley around strangers. I’ve noticed Zahara Jolie-Pitt rarely smiles either. I don’t think it means they’re unhappy–they’re just not smiley.

milie on

In this picture the problem is not only that she is not smiling. But she is with angry face.. the little girl. But is really rare to see both of her kids smiling.

Lauren on

Emma, the reason people are commenting on Sam never smiling is because it’s true-most of us have seen many pictures of her and unlike candids of most other celeb children who look happy or at least content most of the time, Sam always looks like she’s annoyed or upset about something. That’s all people were saying, and I’m not sure what is so silly about that. It goes beyond rare-I have seen Sam smile two or three times and I’ve never seen Lola smile at all. This is especially strange seeing as Denise says she is such a happy baby who is always laughing and smiling. I’m sure Denise knows her better than any of us; I just find it strange that such a supposedly happy child looks so glum whenever she is pictured out in public. And Sam especially always has this blank look on her face like she has no feelings or emotions. Oh, well.

Anyway, Denise looks awesome-even more so than usual. I hope the story Frobia read abut Charlie isn’t true.

dancingmom on

Ah I think Sam is a doll! She is born the exact same day as my daughter so I love to see pics of Sam.. I think she just doesn’t smile when the scary paps are taking her pics! In fact her expression is a more inquisitive one IMO. Its like she is thinking “what are you doing taking my pic!!??” This pic is only a teeny tiny portion of her day. I know my daughter is happy but doesnt smile 24-7.. really who does?

vchugy''rcjdndjd on

It’s amazing how Sam looks like her dad!!! She’s Charlie Sheen!
i can’t say that it’s a bad thing to have charlie’s face! Denise looks good to but, it’s been a while sine we haven’t seen a picture of the Whole family together, i miss that.
Look at the Klum-samuel family, the reason why they so popular is beacuse of their family spirit, that envie all of us! maybe Denise and Charlie should have a photo-shoot together or make a movie together and let us know where they are now.
Anyway Sam is a real cutie and i really mean that, and so is a little sister. Denise you’re the BEST (mom, actriss, model, everything!)

Natalie S. on

Wow Sam is definately a Sheen. I love Sam’s hair style very cute!

Leigh on

That child looks just like her DAD! The eyes and mouth…wow.

Campbell on

Little Sam IS her daddy’s girl… Sheen is ALL OVER THAT SWEET FACE! And yes, seems she is never caught smiling but who can blame her? Denise does looks terrific. And I’d like to think the best until I hear different about Charlie pulling out for the sake of his career. We don’t know what it could be about (if true). Sometimes there is a contractual snag and he may not have been able to compromise it (legally). I would think that Denise having a career with legal demands would understand IF ANY OF THIS IS TRUE! It APPEARS to me that Charlie loves his girls just as Denise loves those girls… seems they are doing their best to juggle their careers and parental responsibilities. Tough for all of us working parents.