Britney Spears takes Sean Preston to the zoo

12/03/2006 at 02:51 PM ET

Britney Spears celebrated her 25th on Saturday by having a mother-son day at the Los Angeles Zoo with son Sean Preston, 14 months. Also with them was Britney’s friend and former backup dancer TJ Espinoza.

More photos in the extended post.


Source: Flynet Pictures, with permission. Splash News has more, as well.

Thanks to CBB readers Bella and Corinne.

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Meg on

It’s about time she starts spending some quality time with her sons versus partying with Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan and showing off her private parts to photographers!

katie7487 on

everyone needs to stop giving britney such a hard time! we don’t know what she is doing all day long with sean preston and jayden. i’m sure she was just out partying all this week in celebration of her newly single status and her 25th birthday! calm down everyone! she is spending her actual birthday with her family, why can’t we just be happy about that?

we didn’t see suri for a long time either, and i’m sure if jayden was out in public now people would be criticizing for dragging such a tiny baby out on all her errands and for using him as a publicity stunt. she can never win.

Angie on

i wonder how long she;ll continue to spend quality time with her sons.

Holly on

Ditto to the previous poster!

harriet on

Britney look gorgeous here especially on the first one.. but where’s Sutton Pierce?

MuffThumb on

Meg, Britney has always been EXTREMELY devoted to Sean, and and apparently very protective of Jayden, as we havent seen him yet. Britney went out partying for a few days!! GOD FORBID!!

Lynn on

Where’s baby Jayden???

Ada on

she looks wonderful!

sean is a doll.

Melissa on

Sean is such a cutie pie. I understand that she’s only 25 and wants to party, but she has 2 children and they should be the most important thing to her, im sure they are. I really hope she comes thru this divorce and hard time with grace. I wish her and her boys well.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

WOW SP has changed a lot!!!!! He looks so different. This is 1st time I’ve seen his lil teeth too. Wonder if he talks much…

Gesa on

ItΒ΄s amazing how that little guy has changed lately! You can see him growing up with every picture! πŸ™‚

tink1217 on

Sean is so freakin cute!! Brit looks great! Keep it up, Britney! I really wanna see you make a comeback!

Kate on

That kid always looks like he needs a serious nap…

Shawna on

Awe, his hair is getting so long! He’s such a cutie!

Bean on

I like Brit’s purse. Does anyone know what it is?

Jaimie on

I think Britney is an awesome Mother.. how many other celebs do u see with there kid in almost every picture taken by the Paparrazzi! Sean is adorable… cant wait to see Jayden!

Steffennie on

I see some of you have the same question as I do. Where is Jayden? She’s always out with Sean, but no one has ever seen the baby. Not even a glimpse. Something fishy?

Jennifer on

Sean Preston has changed so much…he’s really starting to grow up and look less like a baby. Definitely a cute little boy πŸ™‚

jojo on

Even for all the pictures and “incidents” portraying her as less than perfect mother, at least she is always with her son. There are many celebrities who you don’t see carrying around their little ones all the time. Even if she spent a few days blowing off steam from a worthless marriage, she is photographed a lot with SP, usually carrying him. She should get some credit for that.

Ariana on

Brit always has gum in her mouth, huh? LOL. Sean is a cutie. I can’t wait to see a close-up of Jayden.

Jessica on

Sean Preston is a little cutie pie! OMG He used to be a Chunky Monkey. He has really changed a lot. He looks so much like Britney, ecspecially those eyes. I can’t wait to see little Jayden!! They are both gonna be Heartbreakers, I just know it!!! πŸ™‚

PSB on

She is waiting to show pictures of Jayden until she has an album to release or needs a shot of good PR. I know this sounds cynical, but they ALL do it. It’s no accident Suri has been trotted out non-stop since the TomKat wedding. PR blitz. Maybe we’ll see Jaden when this rumored new Britney album surfaces. I’m sure he’ll be just as cute as SP.

(the other reason we may not have seen him, is that Brit & Kev may have done a big photo shoot for People or OK mag, and then, after their bust-up, the magazine could not run the photos of the “happy family”, so they have to go to Plan B).

landroverdisco on

Yikes, I hope she reins it in a bit. How horribly embarrassing for her children. Thankfully, they are young enough to be sheltered from some of the fallout. We haven’t seen Jayden, instead we have been treated to her c-section scar and her stubbled trim.

tina on

I’m glad to see her spend time with her son. They grow up so fast!!!! She will realize that one day. She can party later. The children come first. My only question is WHY the gum ALL THE TIME!!!!!! I really hate seeing that!!!!!!!!!!!!! She could at least have some manners and keep her mouth closed and not speak with gum in her mouth. My 5 year old knows that.