Rumor: The Sun says Sandra Bullock is pregnant

12/02/2006 at 12:45 PM ET

For goodness sake, leave Sandra Bullock alone.  If she’s only two months along, as The Sun’s "source close to the couple" tells them, maybe she doesn’t want people to know yet.  And if she isn’t pregnant, it’s mean to rub it in her face given the following incident from less than two months ago.

Sandra, 42, recently gave a reporter piece of her mind who asked her if she was pregnant.  While jumping in the reporter’s face and pointing her finger, Sandra allegedly shouted, "Ohmy god, that is just a disgusting question. And you know what? What ifI couldn’t have kids? You know what? That’s the way you make women feelwhen you ask them that question."

The so-called source says, "This is alifelong dream come true for Sandy. They have already started on the nursery."

Source: The Sun Online


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lucy on

I take it you’ll be taking an identical approach to all the other pregnancy rumours you could be posting? Why defend Sandra yet quite happily put up rumours for other celebrity women without once mentioning their right to privacy?

Sophie on

I don’t believe this, I read it and thought ‘Why announce it so early?’ People just want to sell to papers, but if she is, all the best to her.

Alicia on

You know I totally agree with Sandra. It is rude to ask a women that question. And it is even ruder to asume. I suffer from infertility and get asked all the time when we are going to have a baby or “is thier a bun in the oven yet” from people I know. I can only imagine how mad it would make me if it was comming from people who don’t even know me. I wish her and Jesse all the best wethwe this rumor is true or not. I just wish these women did not have to deal with these rumor’s every other week!

DeAnna on

I don’t know how to word this without sounding snarky, but maybe you shouldn’t post the rumors until it’s confirmed by Sandra. While it may be clear that you don’t believe the rumors, you’re not doing any better by reposting them…