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12/02/2006 at 08:20 PM ET

Cbb_reviewed_at_pinkHere is a productthat falls into the “wish I found it when I was pregnant” category. dearjohnnies is a line of whimsical, 100%cotton, comfortable, hospital gowns that can be worn during and afterlabor.

Detail_lucyfront_1Aside from theobvious (they are super-cute), I think this is the most genius idea ever for somany reasons. For one, they actually snap down the back to cover yourbutt. Thank you! For another, they comewith these great shoulder snaps to make breastfeeding easier. So, not only do you not have to undressyourself entirely every time you want baby to take your breast, you also lookawesome while hubby is snapping those first pictures (okay, maybe you won’tlook so great after labor but this will definitely help).  Then, after you move into your own room youcan wear your dearjohnnies gown to receive visitors. It’s SO much more comfortable to be in a gownbut so unfashionable to be wearing the hospital gown so this is a greatsolution.

Click here to read more about dearjohnnies and find out what  Jennifer Garner and other celebrity moms had to say about the dearjohnnies line of hospital gowns. 

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Rebecca on

Cute. But $65? Ouch!

yogadaisy on

Those are cute maybe for after birth but I preferred to wear my Binsi Skirt while I labored. I found it to be quite empowering and more stylish than a frumpy hospital-like gown. I think the address is

Marie on

While I think these are a fabulous idea and would have prefered having my own gown instead of a hospital gown that has seen however many other people in it and wasn’t terribly great for the modesty factor… I can’t justify spending $65 for one of these. I like the maternity gown I got for $15 at the local maternity store.

Anon on

These are so cute! I immediately clicked over to order one for my SIL for her baby shower. Then I saw the price. It’s a shame that the company has priced these so high. It’s very cost-prohibitive for a huge group of people who would otherwise order them right away. I can’t imagine someone spending $65 on this gown as a gift for a friend when they could use that same amount of money to buy something much more practical and useful for the new baby in the long run. I would probably have gone as high as $40, but if they priced these at $30, they’d be sold out in a heartbeat. Just a thought. I hope the company sees this comment and reconsiders their pricing.

Melissa on

Those are cute, but expensive! After having my son by c-section I stayed in the hospital 4 days and wore 5 different gowns since the one I wore during labor and then surgery was obviously dirty and I changed every day. Not very cost effective!
The hospital I was at didn’t give me an option of wearing my own clothes or pajamas, though robes were OK to bring from home.