Jennifer Garner says she's not pregnant but she is physically unfit

12/02/2006 at 11:53 AM ET

Jennifer Garner is Elle magazine‘s January cover model and tells them that her flabby belly (ha ha) leftover from her pregnancy with daughter Violet Affleck, who just turned 1,  is the cause for rumors about her being pregnant again.  She says, "Youstill have that little bit of extra skin, know what I mean? But still,it’s enough for people to think that you’re knocked up.  No, everyone calm down. Nobody’s pregnant."

She goes on to tell them what real life moms probably won’t appreciate hearing- that "I’m in the worst shape ever."  After all, she has lost a ton of baby weight and looks pretty darn good for giving birth a year ago.  She says she’s wearing a size 8. (I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was pretty thrilled when I got down to a size 8.) 

However, she goes on to clarify, "I am as physically unfit as I’ve probably beenin my whole life. It’s such a horror in front of the mirror with noclothes on. My trainer just shakes her head and says, ‘This is a disaster.‘" It’s understandable that Jennifer feels she’s out of shape given the physical aptitude she had to maintain for her series, Alias, and her films, Elektra and Daredevil. Also, actors generally need to keep their weight down.

Source: Elle via People

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Doreen on

That is nonsense!! Disaster?! How many of us would love to look like her?! Also, that doesn’t even LOOK like Jen on the cover of that magazine!!!

Annie Laurie Starr on

I would fire that trainer. Disaster? oh, please! Many women would kill to look like her and Ben is not complaining either.

madison on

Actress or not – its all relative. What may be ‘in terrible shape’ for one person is ‘in great shape’ for another. Same for sizes in clothing – if you have spent your adult life a size 2 then yeah, getting to a size 8 would just be one step on the road back to your natural size. I personally don’t think it has anything to do with being an actress and having to keep the weight down. I am not an actress, nor a model and I wouldn’t be content being a size 8. Would I be grateful for the child I had and understanding of the fact that it is a process that takes time? Sure. But I would be working to get the extra weight off at the same time. Kudos to Jennifer for taking a healthy and moderate approach to weight loss and physical fitness after baby.

jashmom on

I think Jen looks awesome!!! I wish I looked that good (and I gave birth to my first child 4 years ago). LOL. To me, Jen just has a more realistic approach to losing her baby weight.

I just love the Affleck family!!! They are my favorite celebrity family.

LaMama on

I love her! I love it that she’s got enough self-esteem to just embrace what nature does to a body.

I had a baby a year ago. I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I still have a “pooch.”

I’m so glad that Jen didn’t give into the celebrity pressures of getting a tummy tuck or whatever. Go Jen!!

lizzielui on

Also from a trainer’s standpoint her endurance and ability to keep up with exercises may be a shadow of what it once was and that could account for the comments as well. If she can’t keep up with what he is asking her to do then he may be disappointed in her over all performance and is therefore telling her that stuff for motivational purposes. My sis is a trainer. They are all harsh but it’s for your own good. They are not there to tell you how good you look for having had a one year old. Jen used to be in impeccable shape and while I still think she looks awesome now, her body is def not in the shape it was when she was on Alias. Not a good thing or a bad thing, just a fact.

Ash on

I’m surprised by her comments, especially since I just saw some pictures of her the other day with a tight, strapless dress on and she looked like she was in great shape. Actually, I thought she was too skinny… some people on that particular blog were commenting that her body is starting to look like a man’s (because there’s no meat on her bones at all). But she’s probably just overly critical of herself like most women are :).

Diana on

You think the pregnancy rumors will stop now? Nope probably will be back next week.