Britney Spears and Sean Preston go househunting

12/02/2006 at 03:22 PM ET

5202cheprodx17 snapped some photos of Britney Spears, her manager Larry Rudolph, and son Sean Preston, 14 months, househunting yesterday.

Although we can’t post the photos due to x17’s new restrictions, our fashion/gear correspondent Estelle tells us that Sean Preston is wearing UGG Erin style booties in chestnut ($40) and riding in a Cosco Scenera Versa-Fit carseat in navy ($60).

Source: x17 Online

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MommyX1 on

Hmmm. I wonder how she managed to crawl out of bed from her hungover stupor.

P Dawn on

Interesting that she is still wearing her wedding ring.

*** Beth *** on

Brit looks TERRIBLE! She looks like she hasn’t slept in forever (well, except for that quick nap in the car at 6am last week)! Glad to see her w/ Sean, but I can’t help but feel like it’s only to show everyone that she DOES spend time with her kids. The manager looks scary. The notes under the pictures say the she is looking for a house by her favorite hangout…at least she won’t have far to stumble home after staying out all night!

On the plus side – Sean Preston is looking TOO SWEET! Wish we could see Jayden.

Marissa on

Where’s Jayden??????

Campbell on

Poor little J.J. must NEVER see his parents. Just a terribly sad situation. She looks hung over…. what a suprise. That is NOT her wedding ring. Pitiful.

Lorus on

UGH!!! Why would she go from having him in a Britax seat to that POS!? The straps are too loose as well. You’d think she would have learned something after all the car seat issues she had in the past.

Erin on

I couldn’t agree more, Beth!!

Sabby on

What size of Uggs is Sean P. wearing? I have a a relative about his age and I am interested in buying him those boots for Christmas. What size should I get? Thanks!

LaMama on

Does she spend ANY time with her newborn??

Angela on

Sean looks adorable, he is getting so big!!! Can’t wait till we see pictures of Jayden. He will be 3 months old on Tuesday. Time flies.

mariella on

It’s nice to see Britney with Sean. They look so happy. Sean is an adorable kid, I can’t wait to see his little brother Jayden.

Amanda on

How come she’s still wearing her wedding ring?

Leslie on

Ugh..with all her $$ why can’t she buy seats with 5pt harnesses?? Those shield seats are not safe

melanie on

Actually the Cosco Scenera Versa-fit has the highest possible ratings for safety by the NHTSA. We almost bought it but they were out online. Consumer reports also gave it 5 stars out of 5. Several of the Britax seats received B ratings and less than 5 stars, including the Marathon, which we were considering at one point.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Sabby, this is the sizing info:

Small = Infant shoe sizes 1 to 3 (0 – 8 months)
Medium = Infant shoe sizes 4 to 5 (9 – 16 months)
Large = Infant shoe sizes 6 to 7 (17 – 24 months)

Hope that helps.

Shae on

We’ve never even seen a covered up carrier or baby stroller of Jayden…sounds reminiscent of TomKat don’t ya think? Haha

Lorus on

Melainie – The Cosco Scenera that is recommended it the 5-point version and NOT this over the head sheild 3-point version. If you ask any certified car seat technician they will advise you AGAINST buying a 3-point harness because they aren’t as safe as a 5-point. This is why race car drivers use them as well.
As far as the Britax Marathon goes it had some issues while rear facing which can be fixed by bracing the car seat with the back of one of the regular front seats.
I know a lot of techs (trying to become one myself) and all of them recommend Britax seats (Marathon, Boulevard, Decathlon) if you have the money since they have more bang for your buck because they are tall seats with a 65lbs limit.

Brianna on

Sean is so cute. Interesting to notice that we have the same exact carseat for my little boy. I checked out its ratings and its a great carseat. He loves it too. So funny that someone with so much money has the same carseat as normal people. lol

Sabby on

Thank you so much for the info on the Uggs! It really helps! I am about to go buy the Uggs! Thanks!

Ivonne on

Seriously, that carseat is on the market and I’m sure many people, rich or not, have it. I don’t see is bashing all of the other consumers. As long as he’s safe, that’s all that really matters IMO.

Also, I read the listing for that house. it’s actually NOT near Hyde, her “favorite hangout” as they said. So, no, she’s not buying a house near a club. Don’t believe the hype.

I’m no Brittany fan, never have been even before all of ther scandals. And I definitely don’t agree with stealing a pregnant woman’s man (Shar’s). But EVERY mother makes some mistakes and very few are around their children 24/7. I don’t party, but I do work and go to school full time, so there’s a considerable amount of time where I’m not with my small son. I’d rather not be bashed for it. He’s flourishing and knows good and well who his mommy is.

Also, please keep in mind that the paps probably don’t take a picture of Brit every second of every minute of everyday. I imagine with the other estimated 20 hours of her day, Brittany does spend time with her children. These are probably spent inside her home where photos cannot be snapped. I mean geez. Also, Jayden is a baby. I have a new nephew who is 2 months and his my sister rarely takes him out. She’s a serious germophobe and it’s winter and she just doesn’t want to chance him getting sick. It’s not a conspiracy to shield him from the oxygen (or camera flashes) of the rest of the world. I guarantee.

Sarah on

Wheres Jayden James? We see Sean all over the place with her but wheres Jayden?