Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise return from their honeymoon with Suri in tow!

12/01/2006 at 02:56 PM ET

Ever since their wedding festivities in Italy, we’ve seen a TON of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s baby girl, Suri Cruise!  And now we have more of the newlyweds with Suri arriving at the Male International Airport in the Maldives.  According to Splash News, their two week honeymoon has been cut short due to bad weather.  In the photos, both Tom and Katie carry sweet Suri wearing an adorable white eyelet dress and sandals.

For more photos, visit I’m Not Obsessed and Splash News.

One of our readers suggested that the reason we hadn’t seen Suri at all after the Vanity Fair article was because Tom and Katie were not married.  Do you agree with this?  Do you have another theory on why we’re seeing her so much more now?

Photos: Splash News, with thanks

Thanks to CBB Readers Mary Beth, Corinne, AMansfield, Ameena, SinfulMnd, and Meow.

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Jennifer on

I disagree with the reason why we are seeing so much of Suri. It does seem that way because of the timing of everything, but I think it is because with the wedding and all that comes along with it, they cannot keep her at home and shield her.

Posh_Fan on

I personally think they didnt take her out much because she was still very young and those flash lights could be quite scary for a baby. They might always have had her but with a nanny or something and we didnt see that.

For the pictures, god how precious is this little girl? She’s just so beautiful. I hope they dont go back to hiding her again once they go back home. Def. my favorite baby of 2006.

DRae on

I don’t care the reason for the photos…but that baby is just gorgeous! Sweet and adorable as can be! Makes me wanna have another (and I already have 5)LOL!

Marissa on

I still think Tom and Katie kept her hidden because they were waiting for the birthmark on her forehead to become less noticeable, but again, who can blame them? People have been very critical of that little baby for the beginning.

Alicia on

I don’t really have a theory why. Perhaps because she was still so smalll and like a previous poster stated, life in Hollywood could be a little scarry for a baby. But, I am glad they have her with them more now. I just wonder if we will ever see her in anything other then little white dresses. Don’t get me wrong, they are very cute. But I would love to see a little varity on that baby!

Diabla on

I think they’ve been hiding Suri because she is clearly older than they are claiming she is. That little girl is NOT 7 months old!

PinkRoses on

I agree with Diabla. She is older (and has been seen in photos with hardsole walking shoes) than they claim she is. I also agree with Marissa…I think they were waiting for the birthmark to fade. I also think they are using her for publicity for their wedding and to raise public opinion of Tom, whose career has suffered due to his antics. She’s a beautiful little girl, looks so much like Josh Hartnett and I can’t help but feel really, really sorry for her being in this media circus.

yogadaisy on

Suri is a cutie!

What’s the deal with her parents’ outfits, though? Tom looks like he’s auditioning for a Saturday Night Fever remake and Katie looks like she’s trying desperately to resemble Jackie O.

These people try much too hard.

joy on

it’s nice to see the baby. And Katie looks happy with her daughter in her arms where as before she went out looking like she was missing something. Suri is gorgeous!

My theory is that not showing Suri = publicity and that’s what they wanted before the wedding imho.

Asheley on

I DISAGREE WITH DIABLA…no 2 babies look the same, some babies mature quicker than others, take my goddaughter and godson for instance, both of them were born at 7lbs, and by the time they turned 2-4 mos, they looked and weighed like the were 5-8 months, so i will say that some babies grow quicker than others. JUS ENJOY THE PICS AND STOP CRITICIZING!!!

i will think that since the baby was sooo young they had to shield her from the media, the marriage thing masks A LIL sense

SY on

I agree with Asheley…my almost 6 year old is tall and thin, but people have always thought he was at least twice his age as a baby (at 3 months he looked 6 months, etc,) My 3 year old looks a bit older than his age, but not as much as his brother. My older was 9lbs. and 22.5 inches at birth and he is now 53 inches and 57 pounds — about the same height as an 8+ year old.

Am also getting tired of the white dress, but some people find it easier, my cousing stuck with black white combo or plain black or white with all three of her kids. Even now, two of them still like to wear all black and the middle girl wants anything but black and white.

soko on

i think that suri looks like a baby bjork

elisa on

Suri’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen in my life! I’m really happy for Tom and Katie

Ann on

I think they just wanted to enjoy what is thiers! And the only private way to do that was to keep Suri home. I wouldn’t want my newborn subjected to Paparazzi that blocks parking lots with cars just for a shot either.

Krazy on

I think now that the wedding is finally over there is nothing left to get them publicity but Suri. She’s adorable and they look happy…..but in every picture Suri looks like she’s trying to get away from Tom or Katie. But, maybe she’s just a little squirmy. And, I agree, no more white! It is like they’re trying to make her look like an Angel. Everyone’s child is an Angel and a gift from god.

LizB on

I don’t see why wearing walking shoes matters. My sister walked at 7 months and my cousin at 8 months. Maybe she’s pulling up already and they want to get her prepared.

Amy on

I do find the hard-soled shoes slightly odd. My DD is 1 month younger than Suri and she is nowhere near ready for hard soled shoes. That was actually the first thing that popped into my head when I looked at those pictures. I’m not sure if it means she is older or if Tom and Katie just aren’t following that particular guideline.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

LOL it would be funny if she walked now!! That’s prob why they always holding her :-b

Suri is a GORGEOUS lil cutie 😀
I love the way they dress her.

Laney on

I think its possible they just want to protect their daughter when she’s young. Most of us would hate having our babies photographed with bright bulbs when we were trying to watch a soccer game, I can’t imagine all the intrusions Tom and Katie must have.

She reminds me so much of my son Caleb, he has always looked so much older than he is. He’s the same size as his almost 5 year old cousin and he’s only 2 1/2!

MuffThumb on

I also think it’s the fact that Suri was so young. when she was younger, she probably slept a lot, but now she wants to be with her mom and dad. besides, bright lights and camera flashes cant be good for a newborn. she’s seven months now, and from the looks of pics, quite the hyper squirmy active baby, just like daddy!

daisy on

Looks like Tom’s side of the family is starting to peek through in Suri’s looks. Something about Suri reminds me of Tom’s cousin William Mapother:


christy on

Looking closely at the honeymoon and at the wedding pics it really looks like Kate is excepting again. Will suri be homeschooled like isabella and conner?

Émily on

She’s such a cute baby, a little angel, I want her!

tati on

I have to agree with Diabla and others, Suri is definitely older than 7 months. She looks like she’s about a year old or so. I bet if you put Suri down she’ll take off running!

Melissa on

I completely disagree with Diabla. My son was born April 10, 2006, and he is just as big. Some kids are bigger than others, period. My son has always been bigger than most his age. I think people need to stop speculating because it doesn’t matter. She is their kid and their business. I also don’t think she has a birthmark. The pictures that I have seen look like my son looks when he bumps his head or presses it against something. IT’S NOT A BIRTHMARK! I think they are doing what any sane parent would do. . .they are shielding their daughter from this insanity. Could you imagine how that little girl would feel with flashes happening all around her. She would be terrified.

Kate Parker on

Did they take her with them on their honeymoon???

Kirrily on

Suri is no bigger than Brooke’s baby Grier, born on the same day!

And Suri is absolutely gorgeous!

Marilyn on

Diabla: How could Suri be older than 7 months when Katie was seen being pregnant up until around April 18?

Posh_Fan on

Oh god! And you wonder why they dont take this little girl out? It’s because of all the theories start popping up when they do take her out. My little boy is 3 years old but he looks about 5 and he always have been very tall for his age and people always assumed he was older then he actually was.

Suri looks right her age. I again think the only reason they didnt take her out is because of all the obsession with Suri and you would so know papz will go mad if they did take her out esp. in LA where the papz are CRAZY! I think they made a very smart move by taking her out in Rome for the first time when Suri was not the main focus and it was much more controlled because of all the security for the wedding and let that “first pictures” exictment down a bit. Also did you see how scared she looked in some of the pictures at that dinner party? All those flash lights….poor baby.

That all being said, I honestly have never seen a more beautiful little girl ever and I been surrounded by babies all my life, first growing up in a big family, then working at a daycare for 4 years.

Ran on

While I don’t think Suri is an ugly baby, I don’t think she is as beautiful as some of you are making her out to be. I have seen much much cuter. She doesn’t make my list of cute celebrity babies born this year.

gargoylegurl on

I totally agree with Posh_Fan, people are so critical of this little baby (and Tom and Katie) that they probably wanted to shield her while she was so tiny.

I also agree that babies grow and develop at different rates. My son was very big for his age in his first year and was walking at 9 months. Suri is 8 months already and may be starting to take a few steps, hence the shoes!

I wish people would stop trying to find things to pick at with this family. I’m not exactly a fan of Tom’s, but he seems like a wonderful father and appears to have done an excellent job with his other kids.

As for the birthmark…I don’t see one. Yes, there was some sort of red mark on her face in some of the wedding shots, but it couldn’t have disappeared in a week if it was a birthmark, so I think we should drop that theory…just my opinion…8)

leis on

i agree with other posters here, babies are different in sizes some may look big for his/her age some are smaller than others… like my son, when he was only 4 mos. old, he was almost as big as my 8 month old nephew.. Suri looks normal to me, Katie is tall so no wonder her baby is quite tall for her age.

Campbell on

Suri looks like Mary Lee South, her grandma… I’ve said that before. She really is a good combo of both Tom/Kate. I think Kate looks beautiful and that they are all properly attired for the area of the world they are in. Suri wearing hard-soled shoes is no big deal… many parents put them on their babies to encourage walking in their walkers. Also, they help stabalize her while cruising along furniture. My neice walked at 7 months. I’m sure that Tom and Kate want to encourage her to “develope” in a timely manner… you know what a “over-achiever” Tom is. I think that introducing Suri in public at the wedding was appropriate for 2 reasons… they were then married and she was just a little baby. I think they would much rather had been criticized than had their little baby girl terrified and be surrounded by insanity. They look terrific!

Campbell on

I meant to add…. Suri looks like an 8th month old baby… Remember, Kate is 5’9. The average female in the U.S. is 5’3. People please chill on the “conspiracy” garbage!!

stacy on

Well, after I had my dd we didn’t take her out much– till she about 4-5 months old then boom– we were always on the go.

Heather on

I have to agree…Suri looks like an 8 month old! I am 5’9.5 and my daughter was very long when she was born..she was also over 8 lbs. When she was 7 months old, she was already cruising(and wore hard soled shoes shen we were out of the house) and she walked at 9.5 months. Everyone thought she was older than she was. So, it can happen and it does happen! Kids grow at different rates..period! Leave the poor girl and the family alone! It seems like you guys are just finding things to nitpick.

As for my thoery on why we are now seeing more of her. Some parents don’t like taking thier babies out while they are still young. Add to that you are a celebrity and are followed by crowds and cameras…I can understand shielding her. It is their right to keep their child out of the spotlight for the first 6 month if that’s what they choose. There is no law that says as a celebrity, you have to immediately start showing your baby off to all your curious and nosy fans! I agree with Asheley….JUST ENJOY THE PICS AND STOP CRITICIZING!!!

TracyG on

Diabla..please…why all the conspiracy? No wonder this family kept Suri hidden.

My husband is 6ft 2 and our son was a very tiny baby at birth, but boy, at six months, he was HUGE! He is now almost four feet tall at 6! Katie is very tall and Suri doesn’t look any older than my 8 month old neice. Why can’t people just enjoy the beautiful baby girl without slamming her, her parents or her clothing?

No wonder they kept her hidden..maybe they didn’t want another Britney episode when the paparazzi made her trip with SP…

Breanne on

awww shes allways wearing cute little white dresses and shes defently a cute baby

Aura on

If the reason they didn’t take her out was because of the cameras, how come such celebs like Gwen Stenfi and Brooke Shields, and others are seen out and about with their babies, while their babies are still young? They just was publicy (Tom & Katie).

Lauren on

While Brooke Shields and Gwen Stefani get their pictures snapped when they are out with their babies, the number of paps that surround them are nothing like the the number that surround a Tom, Britney, Brad/Angelina type celeb. It’s just a totally different animal.

Of course, it could just be that as is the case with most people, it’s just a personal choice that Tom/Katie made, as is their right. Though I fall more into the category of- why submit her to the relatively nit-picky scrutiny any more than absolutely necessary?. Katie has already gone on record as being bothered by the things said about her child. Unlike like Gwen and Brooke, who were universally praised at every turn, Katie has been ridiculed and judged. I can see how it might make Katie way more protective about having her child out and about all of the time.

Plus, if she did have her out some would just say she’s using her for publicity (as has been said in the comments above). Although, the same isn’t said when most of the other celeb moms tote their babies around. Even though in some cases, the baby is the only reason said celeb’s picture is being taken.
Strange how that works.

Angie on

She’s a beautiful baby. I would love to see her hair in ponytails.

Niki on

And by the way…ALL kids are different…they all grow and do different things in their own time…I hate when people question pregnancies b/c of weight gain or weight loss after a baby…I only gained 20 lbs w/ my son and at my 6 week check up was only 8 lbs away from my pre-baby weight…it can happen very easily for SOME people when they breastfeed or have good genes. My mom was the same way.

I also can’t stand when people compare one baby to another…its too much pressure…those guidelines they give you are just that…guidelines. It doesn’t mean that by an exact age they’ll be doing this or that…it means for a lot of babies around this age they MAY start doing this or that. EVERY KID IS DIFFERENT! It isn’t a competition!

Maybe they are keeping her to themselves b/c she is THEIR daughter and maybe they are tired of how judgemental people can be. At then end of the day that is their daughter and if they love her half as much as I love my son…they are just trying to protect her. But if this is for publicity…it seems to be working, just take a look at everyone writing comments on this site! I feel so sorry for celebrity babies b/c to them their parents are just their parents, they don’t know them as “Britney Spears” or “Tom Cruise” the superstar. And I know when they get older it will be hurtful to them to know that everyone was constantly saying such mean and judgemental things about their family. Why are people so mean? Who gave you that right to be so high and mighty…I’m sure if I got to know you I’d see some flaws that I could nit pick…people love to dish it but you know they can’t take it ~ Those children really don’t deserve that…they are just kids for Pete’s sake!

Jenna on

I don’t believe for a second that Suri is only 7 months old. I have a 7 month old sister who is considered big for age, and she is a lot smaller than Suri. Suri also has a heck of a lot of hair for a 7 month old.

Have to say I never noticed her birthmark, my sister has a very large and noticeable birthmark on her head but my mum has never avoided taking her out because of it. Shame on Tom and Katie if thats what they were doing, but I doubt that it was.

Perhaps Tom and Katie wanted publicity for their wedding, and knew that hiding Suri would create more media interest?

Jess on

Does it really matter why we haven’t seen little Suri?

As for people saying she is older than she is – why the hell would they lie? Leave them alone.

Gees, they probably wanted to protect her little eyes – we haven’t seen little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt much either and no-one seems to bother as much.

As for Suri wearing hard sole walking shoes, they are just shoes! Don’t take every detail so serious. Many babies wear hard sole shoes before they can walk – some hard sole shoes are prettier and more sutiable to the tot. Suri seems big for her age – as are many little ‘uns.

My cousin is 14 months old and only looks half her age whereas my other cousin is 9 and looks 12/13. All babies are different.


The pictures are adorable, little Suri is so sweet and so adorable! Her mummy and daddy look so proud – and so they should be she is a treasure!

GroundTruth on

Yes, she’s beautiful. Yes, she looks like Tom – maybe even grandma Cruise. And yes, she’s at least 10 months old. I’m stunned that someone with 5 kids wouldn’t pick that up right away. Why keep that tidbit a secret… hmmm let me see…. virgin Catholic 25 year old goes on a date with 45 year old blockbuster movie star (who was racking up first dates with twenty-somethings last year) and ends up pregnant within a month… maybe that is not something that goes over real well with “fan base.” She hid that belly until January of last year, then she flaunted it on every outing to Starbucks. And the press reported frequently on the “bump” that mysteriously changed constantly for the next 3 months. My money is on the fact that Suri is almost a year old and it is easier to hide the age of a toddler than it is a newborn. By the way – anyone seriously believe that Suri was just 3.5 months on the cover of Vanity Fair? If you do the “Pretty Baby” math (July 6th – April 18th) -that’s what you get! Conspiracy theory – no! Just seeing clearly through the TomKat induced fog of smoke and mirrors.

Deja on

Suri is such a cute baby and I can’t blame her parents for protecting her, there are some crazy people out in the world, I think she is the cutest baby yet, mainly because Suri is not in every magazine you pick up so when you do finally see Suri she is older and cuter.

Chera on

As for the shoe comments .. my daughter had similar shoes when she was about 6 months old. They were hard-soled and “did not follow those guidelines” but they were cute. I think Robeez and shoes like that are so ugly & was thrilled to find cuter shoes for my little girl. I think it’s crazy that people are assuming Suri is older because of her shoes!