Fox News to Britney: Put your panties back on or you'll lose your kids!

12/01/2006 at 04:25 PM ET

PantiesFox News has a story on their site about the danger that soon-to-be divorced Britney Spears will have fighting ex Kevin Federline for custody of their two sons, Sean Preston, 14 months, and Jayden James, 2 1/2 months, if she doesn’t stop her "pantyless antics."

I’m not kidding. 

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Since filing for divorce from her husband of two years, Britney has hit the party circuit with fellow blonde Paris Hilton.  Photos are all over the blogosphere of Brit and her new BFF partying almost every night and on three occasions show Britney, how can I put this politely, sans culottes

Divorce, I mean, matrimonial attorney Dylan Mitchell is quoted saying, "Her behavior is potentially creating an issue that shouldn’t otherwise exist.  She could give Mr. Federline some leverage. If she continues like that, he could turn around and say, she’s never home and other people are parenting the children."

He recommends, "she [should] mind her Ps and Qs. Everybody’s watching — not only the news media and the paparazzi, but the judge. Now is not the time to party. Now is the time to be Super Mom. If she were my client, that’s what I’d tell her to do." 

However, if she cuts it out soon, it shouldn’t be a problem.  Certified family law specialist Evan T. Sussman, told Fox News, "If it’s just a one-time thing, that’s not nearly as relevant as if it’s habitual.  I don’t think one photo is going to be an end-all. A psychologist basically interviews both parents.  They go through psychological testing and they make a recommendation to the court. Something like that is given great weight in custody battles. The courts look at totality of circumstances."

One thing is clear.  As clinical psychologist Shirley Thomas told Fox News, "None of this is in the children’s best interests.  When someone is acting out, they’re rather absent in parenting the child emotionally even when they are with the child."  She doesn’t think Brit is unfit, but she thinks Britney and Kevin need to work together to parent their boys instead of duking it out in a long drawn out custody battle,"These two need to get onto the co-parenting bandwagon, put down the weapons and work together."

It’s important to remember that celebrities are under a magnifying glass and that "every day, you see parents at the grocery store doing things that would look pretty bad if they were splashed on a newspaper," says Syracuse University pop culture professor Robert Thompson.  I would guess, though, that most of us are doing these things wearing underpants.

Are you concerned that Britney’s party bender is detracting from her parenting skills?  Or do you think she just needs to get it out of her system?

Source: Fox News

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Natalie on

I think anyone who thinks this is an issue of her underwear is missing the point. She has two very small children at home. The family is breaking up and she is out partying ALOT. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that once in a while but it is a different story when it is happening every night, all night. I am guessing that she is no condition to care for the children the following morning either.

I think she should grow up. She had plenty of fun and excitement before her children. They need her now.

Spiff on

I agree with all the experts. I think all of this partying is HORRIBLE for her image! For all of the people who were so excited when she dumped K-Fed, she has lost a serious amount of any credibility that she did have…

I have a 2 1/2 year old very active daughter. My husband and I do go out every now and then, but I think it is SO important for me to be home with her. I would NEVER want anyone else raising her! Especially so I could go and party until 5 or 6 in the morning. Very bad judgment Britney!

Naughty Cal on

I agree that this was not the smartest thing to do, especially during a custody battle. This one incident isn’t really the bad part, as much as the fact that she’s done this for about a week straight, leading people to wonder how much time she’s giving the kids.

I must say, though, Pamela Anderson has done way worse than this, and has partied hard for as long as I can remember, but she still seems like a great mom to her kids. Brit and Pam seem to have a lot of similarities: they may not always make the best decisions, but they always make their kids their top priority, and want what’s best for them.

tink1217 on

I am worried about Brit. I have always been a strong supporter of hers and rallied for her in troubled times. But lately I don’t know. I know she is going through such a rough time but she really needs to get away from Paris and Lindsey and stay home and take care of those precious babies! Maybe get back to recording her album, hang out with her mom and sis and be a normal momma who keeps her clothes on! C’mon Britney! I want you to make a comeback but this ain’t the way to go! Snap out of it!

Ashley on

I think it’s disgusting the way that she acting!!! There are actually photos on the net of her bare whoo-ha…I’ve seen then with my own eyes. She needs to shape up or ship out!

Emma on

I do think Britney is acting like a single girl, not a single mother-of-two.

I am sure she is a great mum but I do think she would be better using her time to be with her children.

Okay, go party at the weekend but I did think she was over-doing it a bit last week.

People are acting like she has just gotten out of an arranged or violent wedding, she chose to marry Kevin and further more have two children with him. Nobody put a gun to her head.

Genuine on

I missed the part Danielle as to why you thought it was “the most ridiculous thing” that you have heard in a while.

Natalie S. on

Wow Brit, I’m speechless..

Virginia on

With all due respect, I think both parents being put to a psychological analysis may be a good thing.

I have known men who are selfish but are of sound mind and if need be would be fine fathers.

The comment in the posting made by one of the dcotors or attorneys seemed very spot on. Sometimes if you are caught up in your own personal issues you can still see to a child’s needs, but you’re not always the best company for them.

I don’t doubt Brit loves her boys and wants to be a good mom, but I also feel she behaves like someone acting out a lot of internal turmoil. My hopes are that the best outcome for those boys is achieved.

Amanda on

It’s rediculous because whether or not she wears panties under her dress has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not she’s a good mother.

Getting a babysitter and going out is also not an indication that she’s a bad mother. In fact, many studies show that women who get out (and away from their babies.. gasp!) once in a while are more mentally healthy and equipped to effectively deal with their children.

It’s rediculous to judge someone’s parenting skills based on this..

(And i think.. that for most parents.. if people were following you 24-7 you could also be caught in some unflattering and embarassing situations).

Furthermore.. since when is Fox news considered credible news?

Amanda – Ob/Gyn.

Fynn on

She’s really not doing herself any favors. Suddenly Kevin’s parenting skills don’t look so poor. I’ve been wondering where her lawyer/mother/advisers–whatever–are. It seems obvious this is the time, as one lawyer quoted said, “to be super mom.” The last thing you want, heading into a custody battle, is people questioning whether you’re an attentive parent.

AK on

I absolutely agree with this article. One time? A mistake. Two times? A coincidence. Three times? She is out of control. No self-respecting woman goes around in miniskirts without panties, flopping into cars with her legs spread wide open, drunk or not. And as a mother, and a highly criticized celebrity mother at that, she should excercise more discretion in a) how she dresses b) who she hangs out with c) where and how she “parties”. Like ot not, she asked for all this attention. And I am NOT saying mothers need to stay home every night. You can go and have a good time w/o acting like you came from the gutter. And I am not being extra hard on her because she is Britney. If my best friend was doing this I’d be scheduling an intervention.

I was very proud and happy for Brit when she announced her divorce. Now, not so much. All these late night out and these irrational acts are unbelievable to me, as she is embarking on a custody battle. You better believe it will come back to bite her in the rear. This is FAR from the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. With the way custody battles and lawyers are these days, it is spot on.

preesi on

(I know this isnt gonna be posted but, I just had too)
I think its a double standard here…
Too many people feel sorry for the poor lil homewrecker.
She is an adult who keeps making stupid decisions and instead of being extra careful after being confronted and told shes heading down a slippery slope (LIKE normal people would) she doesnt care and keeps on doing stupid things, CAUSE SHE WANTS TO.

I think what we all saw and fell in love with in the start of her career was a MYTH.
It was created by stylists and publicists. And what we have seen since she met K-Fed is the authentic Britney.
This is who she is.
Madonna tried to help her, but failed and others have tried to help her and failed.
This is what she wants…

Adios Britney, your career is finito

soko on

if she loses the battle over not wearing underwear i think thats rediculous! but i do think she should quit flashing her crotch about and not even trying to cover it up as she is trying to get out of her car.

Mandy on

I am sure Britney is a good mom to her two boys, but partying all night and flashing your goods to the world really does not look good. I think she should focus on her babies.

Sarah on

I don’t get what is wrong with this article either? Everyone has been saying basically the same thing, why pick on Fox?

HinWI on

I actually agree with the news article. I feel so horrible for both of those babies. Neither of their parents are fit.

Kelli on

Who cares what she is doing? She is allowed to go out and have fun; having kids does not mean that you have to be home every single night. She has done everything while Kevin went partying for the last year so she deserves it! And who cares if she doesn’t wear underwear?? I sure don’t, to each their own. I think people need to lay off this girl.
I think that Britney comes off as a very good mom; she is constantly out with Sean Preston and I am sure once she decides to have Jayden James make his debut that he will be just as public as Sean Preson has been.

melanie on

I think she means that choosing to go pantyless has nothing to do with being a good mom. Maybe she she means something else. Just a guess.

Dianna on

What difference does it make if Britney wears underwear or not? It doesn’t mean she’s not a good mom. I agree that it is ridiculous for Fox news to say she would lose her kids for that.

Sean and Gabe's mom on

And this is a ridiculous story because…? There is a lot of truth to what the lawyers were saying as anyone who has ever witnessed a nasty custody battle can attest to. Britney’s hard partying antics as of late CAN have an effect on an upcoming custody battle. Any lawyer would tell their client to be a supermom and focus on your kids while going through a divorce and preparing for a custody case so if there is anything ridiculous going on it would be Britney’s recent behavior. I would give the girl the benefit of the doubt if it was one wild weekend but it has been every night for over a week with her sometimes not returning “home” until the next morning. Trust me, I can relate to any mom that needs to have some “me” time as I myself am a young mother of a 12mth old and 25mth old, but if I ever behaved like Ms Spears has been behaving I think my family would have had an intervention. Her behavior is reckless not only because of the impact it could have an a custody hearing, but now is the time to spend with those babies especially since their father (as useless as he seemed to be) is no longer living in the same house with them.

Up until last week I was very supportive of Britney and often defended her overly criticized parenting skills but after the barrage of photos this week and stories of hard partying, I’m find myself disappointed and sad. This is the time when those little boys need their mother the most, for her face to be the last thing they see at night and the first thing they see in the morning. I have 2 young baby boys that are only a year apart, so I know how hard it is to take that responsibility on. and I do it on my own without hired help so I don’t want to hear all that “Oh she just needs to let loose because the girl has been pregnant for 2 years” because that’s a lame excuse when mothers out there are doing it everyday who don’t go on 10 day party binges.

So which part was ridiculous?

Julie on

It is kind of funny thing to write about but she is a mother now and needs to be thinking about her kids. I’ve lost so much respect for her. All of the things that she was ridiculed for I was on her side. She’s a new mom for crying out loud!!, but this attitude is not good.

sara on

Well, it WAS said on FOX news…they always have something ridiculous to say.

Candice on

Honestly, what’s so ridiculous about this article? The fact that it was published on the website of a largely conservative news channel that liberals absolutely love to hate…?

My friend got full custody of his daughters because his wife got a little wild and crazy after the divorce, since she was “finally allowed to have some fun” (her own words). It happens.

Kresta on

If Britney chooses to wear no knickers in the privacy of her own home, that’s fine. But she chose to wear no knickers whilst wearing a very short dress and surely knew that when she opened her legs and photographers were around, they were going to take photos of her nether regions. Her boys are only babies now, but they will one day have access to the internet and have friends who will talk about their mother and her antics. I have 2 grown sons and at no time in their lives would they have wanted to see my nether regions plastered all over the internet.

Erin on

How is this ridiculous? It IS very likely that her behaviour NOW and BEFORE could cost her custody of her children. The girl has been out partying night after night for a week+ and is surrounding herself with some very unsavory people (and yes, Paris, Lindsay, Brandon Davis, etc are all unsavory characters). Not to mention her parenting skills have all be well documented by the press and they are not good.

This girl has been filmed coming out of clubs at 6AM, drunk off her rear. She’s been filmed out day after day without either of her kids, but always with Paris Hilton by her side.

When has she spent a full week (or even two days in a row) with these kids since filing for divorce? I’m all for parents going out and having a good time – but not night after night after night after night, etc. That’s HORRIBLE parenting and is NOT good when you’re going to be fighting to keep your kids… and trust me, this girl is going to be FIGHTING for those kids after all these pathetic antics.

If this “mother” wants to have some fun, go out on a Friday night, and maybe even a Saturday night, and do it – but leave the rest of the week for the kids. Especially when she has a 2 month old waiting at home… how much time has that kid possibly spent with her? Not good. Not good at all!

J on

Well, that’s Fox for you, pushing their beliefs – disguised as journalism. Check out the Outfoxed movie:

AK on

Also, if Kevin had been photographed 10 nights in a row, coming out of clubs at 6 AM, drunk, with the likes of Colin Farrel or Snoop Dogg (who are the bad boys these days anyway? I am out of touch), with his nethers hanging out of his shorts, what would we be saying? What an unfit parent! And he’s not the one who actually HAS the kids right now. She is a disgrace.

milie on

I also didnt get the “ridiculous” comment. I mean isnt she batling the custody with her ex husband.. If I was her and was in this position I would fear that any wild behaviour would put in risk this custody. And I am not talking only about not wearing wear no knickers. BTW, not that I think that wearing Knickers or not is a Big deal, but to show your private parts to the lens of paparazzis makes it a different story..

MommyX1 on

I took a look at some of the pictures and they actually made me want to vomit. I’ve never thought that Britney Spears has been the smartest nor wisest mother, but seriously, after her recent antics I don’t think she is fit to be raising two kids at ALL. She absolutely disgusts me, plain and simple. She is a complete disgrace to mothers everywhere.

Campbell on

Britney is NOT going to LOSE her boys over this ridiculousness that SHE has inflicted upon herself. What she HAS don is disappiont people. Many may say “well it is her life she should have some fun… the girl deserves… etc…etc…. ” You know what I think… (and “People Mag” didn’t call and ask me)… That “girl” IS A MOTHER NOW!! I DON’T GIVE A RIP HOW OLD “OR YOUNG” SHE IS” ….. she has 2 (two) very little bitty boys that desparately need some STABILITY NOW…HAS IT OCCURED TO ANYONE THAT THESE LITTLE FELLAS’ WORLD HAS BEEN TURNED UPSIDE DOWN…. Is anyone looking out for Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline? That’s what I want to Know? Britney AND Kevin be d#@mn$

CB13 on

I can see that the part of the article about not wearing panties is a bit ridiculous, but the point of the article is not ridiculous at all – Britney needs to stop her partying ways or it may affect her custody fight. The fact that she is out partying every night until the wee hours of the morning means that she is not home at night for her kids and what kind of mother can she be to them during the day if she is just getting into bed as they are waking up? This can certainly affect her chances at full custody. I think the article makes some very valid points. I too feel sorry for those kids.

Campbell on

pressi…. I agree.. I meant to add this and if anyone wants to check my past comments… I hold true to this…. Britney was NOT BROUGHT down by Kevin… they ARE very much the same…Brit has been without a publicist for over a year now… and she has been well advised thru all these years in professional show business. SHE HAS DELIBERATELY CHOSEN TO SNUB HER NOSE AT COMMAN SENSE AND SMART PR. She made her bed… she slept with dogs… she had an opportunity to turn to her supposed “christianity” instead of all that Kabbalah, (remember the red STRING?) and whatever else she thought she was gonna find… remember when she and little Preston were sportin the red dot on their forehead… (if that is your belief it is sacred… otherwise, what is it?) oh, didn’t she once say that “my son is now my religion”? please, how childish…. those poor precious little boys.

Erin on

I have 15 month old twins and believe me I would love to get out of the house once in a while, but once you have kids things CHANGE. Sure its fine to go out once in a while and let loose but not to be loose! I would NEVER voluntarily show the world my “goods” especially if I was supposed to be setting an example. Think of how Britney’s kids will feel years down the road and they see pictures of their mommy’s privates displayed openly.

She has an 8 WEEK OLD at home. WHY is she not with him? She is unacceptable in my opinion. My daughters were born the day after Sean Preston and believe me if me and my fiance split they would know the difference, even at this young age. She needs to get home and keep her children under her wing, not flaunt her goods to the world while partying with Paris Hilton. She needs a dose of reality.

Ash on

I have to agree with this article. I’ve lost all respect for Britney. No one forced her to get pregnant. She chose to become a mother and now she must deal with the consequences. Since having her children, she’s proven how immature and irresponsible she is (partying, dressing like a streetwalker, driving with her son on her lap, etc.). She better hope she doesn’t lose custody of her children. I honestly won’t be surprised if her mother gets custody… maybe that would teach her a lesson.

ang on

And the link to the underwear sales website? Yeah, that was a classy, classy move. Sometimes, I’m quite convinced this site is more about any potential opportunity to push merchandise, even when it’s not appropriate or even actually relevant such as in this story.. It’s sad to see. I know you’re not going to print this, but at least think about it.

Angie on

I wonder how long Britney is going to continue doing this. She seems to care more about getting her face and other things around in the papers and having fun instead of spending time with her kids. I understand wanting to go out and have fun once in a while, but for over a week straight and staying out to after 6am when she practically has a newborn at home. Her nanny is making big money raising her kids. I don’t think it’s just the lack of underwear (indecent exposure) that will hurt her case. I think it’s her public drunkenness, child neglect, her behavior, bad judgement, her past child safety issues and the company that she keeps that will hurt. She never seemed ready to have kids to me. She seems like a big teenager to me. I hope she gets the help she needs.

Jessi on

There have been a lot of good points made in these comments, but I think AK made one of the best. It’s ENTIRELY true that if this was K-Fed out partying, drunk, and exposing himself we would never even think of defending his behavior. We’ve flayed him for MUCH less.

I’ve NEVER liked Britney, she’s always seemed cheap and irresponsible to me, but I tried to look past that when she seemed to be trying to be a good mom. I even felt really bad for her when people were questioning her ability to mother Sean Preston due to those few accidents that could happen to anyone and just happened to be caught on camera. But I’ve really lost any budding respect for her.

Yes, mothers deserve to get out and have some time for themselves. I especially see the need to do some celebrating after ditching that loser husband of hers, but none of that excuses her actions. She’s taking things way too far. I’m getting scared for those little boys.

Jen on

My husband and I have been in Family Law for the past five years (me as a paralegal, him as an attorney)…what Britney is doing when flashing her panty-less crotch to the world is ILLEGAL (indecent exposure). When someone breaks the law it can be used to show that they are unfit.
It is my opinion, and that of my husband, that any Judge she may have in her divorce case will frown upon her many exposures but she won’t lose her kids over it. Kevin Federline has a history of not supporting his oldest two children and the Court will most likely be more concerned with that issue.
As a mother, I think she’s not living up to the example of a woman she should be for her sons. But other mothers have done MUCH worse and not had their kids taken from them.

Carol on

The thing for me is, if Brit doesn’t have enough common sense to tone down her partying AND wear clothes to boot, then what kind of common sense does she have as a mom? Years ago, I knew young women who acted like Brit–it was party all the time, and the kids were pushed aside. I believe Brit’s money will keep her from losing her kids, but I really feel sorry for her sons…I say stay home, Brit, your kids need you!

Rebecca on

The article is right on! I was always on Britney’s side but this is getting out of hand. Kevin is no Dad and now Britney is apparently out on the town every night. At least put some underwear on. EWW!

Melanie F. on

tsk! tsk! tsk! When you become a mom your partying days should be over, there is nothing wrong with going out every once in awhile, but every night, or every weekend for that matter. What’s out there? Surely she’s not looking to jump into another relationship and if it’s female companionship she’s seeking she can have a girl’s night at home.

Maybe she’s having some kind of break down, a failed marriage, a two year old and a two month old all under three years is a lot. Or maybe she’s doing this to get back at Kevin. To show him she can go out clubbing until the wee hours too. And that she’s not at home broken hearted about their soon to be divorce. She went from one extreme to the next. I think she just needs some time to get her mind together, get back on track, and think about what is in the best interest of those boys.

But hey just because she’s been clubbing every night for the past 10 days and photographed looking smashed coming out of the clubs at 5 & 6 in the morning, while leaving a two year old and two month old at home; has her crotch out all over the internet and magazines for her parents, grandparents, pastor of the church, kids that look up to her or even the president to see doesn’t mean she’s a bad mom. Good mom’s actually do those types of things. 😡

pink.lioness on

I don’t think that’s ridiculous at all. Britney isn’t a party-girl anymore, first and foremost she is a MOTHER!

Doesn’t she think of her two boys? Imagine how they feel in a few years when they (and all their friends) can see these pictures of their mom on the internet, where they are readily available to anyone.

My son would be absolutely horrified.
Britney needs to grow up, and fast!

joy on

And people serously question me why I am down on her all the time.

This girl is a mother. Sorry but when your a mom your partying days are over or should I say numbered. This girl has been seen out night after night with Paris and Lindsay Lohan…not such a good crowd to hang with if you ask me but the difference is they’re single girls with no responsibility. Britney has two. Jayden is what 2 months old? his mother should be home with him. I don’t feel bad for her nor do I feel for KFED I think they are both immature and Britney was being selfish when she decided that she wanted kids. Because if you think partying is more important then your not ready to be a mother. I am sure the babies are being well taken care of by a family member (or nanny) but they need their mother not someone posing as one night after night.

I have seen some of the risque photos…but refrained from actually clicking on any that show her “stuff”…that I don’t care to see. I don’t think the issue is whether Britney is wearing panties I think it’s an issue of an irresponsible mother who seems to enjoy partying over being home. I kinda like when she was with KFED atleast when we didn’t see her out we figured she was home being a mommy and he was the dirtbag partying all night. Funny how the roles are reveresed!

Rory on

CNN had a similar story, so it is not just Fox doing the “salacious” reporting here. I doubt Brit will lose her kids over this, but it does make her look quite bad. I have been giving her the benefit of the doubt during all this, but she needs to get herself back on track and grow up. She made the choice to be a young mother, now she needs to do the very best she can with the situation she’s created for herself.

Ali on

This is not an issue of not wearing panties making her a bad mother. Plenty of women go without panties. HOWEVER, they do NOT flash their bits to the world in a drunken stupor. THAT is what makes her a bad mother. What a horrible example she is setting. There’s nothing wrong with going out once in awhile with girlfriends after you have kids. There IS something wrong with partying it up every night and being photographed indecently. Just because people think she is behaving inappropriately doesn’t mean anyone is saying that OMG YOU HAVE KIDS, YOUR LIFE HAS TO BE OVER. I think the difference is pretty clear here.

I don’t think she will lose her boys over this, but she has definitely lost a lot of respect from a lot of people.

Lauren on

To those who say, “This is the most ridiculous story I’ve heard in awhile,” are you really saying that because you feel Britney shouldn’t be criticized for partying 24/7 when she’s in the process of a divorce with two infants to take care of? Or is it because you have a bias against Fox News? Leave your political opinions out of the blog and stick to the topic at hand, please.

Jennifer on

How much time has Britney spent with her Boys She should be ashamed of herself

Her Baby and little boy need her more than ever since there lives have been torn apart

Britney will lose those kids if she keeps it up

Has anyone questioned does she really want the kids?

Kate Parker on

You already won the election… you have all the other news outlets on your side reporting “news.” You can stop bashing Fox News now!

Marilyn on

Where’s the ridiculous part?

Alexa on

Not only is she leaving her very young baby home without her (most mothers hate to do it) but shes done it SO many times.

Shes flashing her privates I mean thats just crude.

On top of that she can’t even show up for scheduled work she blew off Pharrell, she’s turning into a scuzzbucket. SHe’s been sucked into the cess poll that is Blohan and Parisite.

oranges on

Yes. Brittany, should wear undergarments when she is in a skirt(because there are sick people who would go to any lengths to embarass someon else.), but why would anyone photograph anyone in that way.
Her children are asleep while she is out. I do not think anyone should comment on what type of mother she is regardless. I do things differently then she does but that does not give me the right to cast stones at the woman.
I use to like to visit this blog for the pics. but I think I am done here. Too much gossip.

Amanda on

I agree with the article & think that Britney could be jeopardizing her custody case. Certainly, hanging out with Paris Hilton, a notorious partier & troublemaker, will not help her.

At this time, I think Britney’s people should advise her to think of her children’s welfare and not her social calendar.

I understand that she’s trying to retake her sexy image & as a mom, I know that when you have children, it’s hard to get that feeling back, but she needs to grow up & be Super Mom, like the Fox report says. With her new album coming out, I’m sure she wants to get her face/publicity out there as much as possible, but she’s going about it the wrong way.

I am not against getting out & having a good time–we moms deserve it! But, come one, Britney, grow up! It’s not like she’s going to run out of $ any time soon–she should be thinking of her boys at this time.

As for Fed-EX gaining full-custody, I don’t see it happening. He’s fathered 4 children and is out with his (choke) so-called rap career, which is going nowhere. I think he sponged off of Britney & he’s trying to sue for custody of the kids for the money aspect. Can you imagine what he can ask in child support if he were to gain full custody? Not to mention, he’d probably pawn them off on a nanny while he finds another young girl to impregnate in the meantime….

I applaud Britney for finally coming to her senses & leaving that loser. At least she got two precious little boys out of that relationship. I hope she grows up a bit & has a happy life with her children.

Amanda/Law Student

elle on

“My husband and I have been in Family Law for the past five years (me as a paralegal, him as an attorney)…what Britney is doing when flashing her panty-less crotch to the world is ILLEGAL (indecent exposure). When someone breaks the law it can be used to show that they are unfit.”

Have you seen the video. As soon as she opens the door the man filming gets down as low to the ground as he can to get the “money shot”. Last time I checked it is ILLEGAL to intentialy take a picture up a woman’s skirt.

I don’t agree with the partier but it’s only been a couple of weeks. If she’s still going out every night in a couple of months then we should worry.

I do agree this is ridiculous to have on Fox News. If I wanted to know about celebrity gossip I can read the tabloids or watch E! I don’t want that on a real news show or site.

LaMama on

What mother would want to leave their newborn baby with a stranger night after night, and maybe during the day?

I think the novelty of having a baby has worn off with her. It’s like getting a new puppy that’s little and cute, but then it gets big and it poops and you have to feed it, walk it and play with it…. only these are BABIES and they need their mom – not a nanny.

How dense is she that she can’t even put her kids first when there’s a very real threat of her LOSING her children? She’s driven with a baby on her lap, she’s been interrogated by CPS at least twice, she was interrogated by a doctor when SP fell out of his high chair and now she goes out partying everynight. And like the first poster said, I’m sure she’s not in shape to take care of them the morning after either! She is as dumb as rocks.

I think CPS should take the kids away from both of them and let Angelina adopt them! Those poor little boys!

Patricia on

Any woman is free to go out and do what she wants with her life. However, most people understand that once you have made a child there is nobody in this world more important to them than you, their mommy.

I think what bothers people most isn’t the crotch shots so much as this lack of respect for her sons. The boys deserve the respect that Britney doesn’t seem to even have for herself.

stacy on

It’s typical though.. after a break up and the past 3 years not being able to go ut and let loose. I am not saying it is right– just human nature. She is human and is making some mistakes. She will get back on track though-=- 2 weeks of partying isn’t a reason to deny custody.

Hea on

There are, as far as I know, no laws that say you have to wear undies. I think it’s very inappropriate that Britney has been seen out partying her head off lately and showing off her crotch to the world but I think it shows that she’s a bit unhappy. I don’t think it automatically makes her a unfit mother.

I think she needs to stay a little more sober and at least cover her vajayjay if she wants to keep her kids though. It would be for the best and I doubt it’s fun when her kids grow up and google up pics of their mum showing off her caesarian section scar… more.

Bea on

The story is ridiculous because there’s no evidence that anyone other than the so-called “experts” at Faux News are making a fuss about Ms. Spears recent antics. Note that they say that it could “potentially” cause an issue in an as-yet nonexistant custody dispute. Not that it has caused an issue, or will cause an issue. The only person who can determine whether or not her behavior in the last week will impact any custody hearings is the judge who holds them.
She’s a very young woman, regardless of whether or not she has kids, and she’s in the public eye constantly. She’s spent the last three years married to a layabout loser who seems to bring nothing to any relationship but a high sperm count. Frankly, whether or not she wears underwear isn’t any of my business. She’s a pop star, not a national beacon of shining moral goodness, and not even much of a pop star, anymore. Her husband has spent the last few years travelling, partying, and living off her money, but it doesn’t seem that anyone is speculating that his history – abandoning a pregnant girlfriend, not paying child support, showing no evidence of being interested in any of his four children, etc. – will cause him problems in a custody hearing. Let’s see, I wonder how the court is going to weigh the evidence? She’s a multimillionare with strong family support, he’s a greasy, penniless thug wannabe. Oh, but she doesn’t wear *underwear*, that will clearly tip the tables in his favor!
This is a manufactured “controversy.” It’s completely absurd.

anniebabe on

Leave the woman alone!!!
Divorce is a stressful time in a persons life. How she deals with it is her business. If she wants to go out and let her hair down that’s her business, if she wants to go out wearing (or not wearing) particular clothing that’s her business. There is nothing that says her children are suffering as a result of her nights out. They are in bed asleep when she is partying, probably with a family member or someone they are familiar with and they trust. Normal people in her situation would be at work during the day, leaving their kids with a relative or nanny or nursery and spending time with them in an evening and nobody would say they are neglegting their children. Britney just looks to be doing it the other way round by leaving them in an evening when they are tucked up in bed.
The pants issue is just ridiculous! So she doesn’t have any knickers on, that’s her choice. She wasn’t forcing anyone to have a look UP HER SKIRT. I haven’t seen the pic or video but if its like elle said there is no way anyone can say anything about it. If the press positioned their cameras to look up her skirt they must be breaking a law. Invading her privacy, sexual harrasment, something like that. If the press were taking pics down her top and got one of her nipples you wouldn’t say that was exposure. You would say the photographer was being a pervert, or at least i would.
And can i ask why Kevin is trying to get custody of only 2 of his 4 kids??? If he was such a great dad he would have fought for custody of his eldest 2 when he was in a “happy marriage” with Britney.

nina on

i mean its not like she is going to work in the morning and comes back at night. she is there all day for her kids. so what is wrong about going out in the night?

MommyX1 on

I cannot stand how some people I’ve discussed this with(not necessarily on here)use the excuse that she is a young mother, etc etc. What is she? 24? 25? I’m sorry, but that is NOT a young mother. I am a young mother. I was 18 when I had my daughter, and I am 20 now. And yet I have no desire to be going and clubbing every single night for god knows how long and ditching my responsibilites as a mom. I have gone out about 3 times since my daughter was born, and was home by 1 at the latest all of those times. I couldn’t imagine not being there to take care of my child every day and night. She means everything to me and I cannot dream of letting someone else take my place. Let alone at 2 months old! Yeah, every mom deserves a break, but not partying to the disgusting extend that Britney is. And she is not some young little teenager that accidentally got pregnant and now she’s out all the time because she’s immature and too young to realize that she’s a MOTHER. This is a woman who PLANNED to become one. A woman who has no place going out every night trying to relive the stuff she decided to give up. I know 17 year old mothers who are more mature than her. It’s too bad that babies aren’t like puppies, eh Brit?

Principesa on

There are just some things only a lover/partner/spouse and one’s gynecologist should be privvy to.

You can take the girl out of the country (read: trailer park) but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

Fertility can be wasted on the underserving. 😦

Jen on

“Have you seen the video. As soon as she opens the door the man filming gets down as low to the ground as he can to get the “money shot”. Last time I checked it is ILLEGAL to intentialy take a picture up a woman’s skirt.”

Yes, I’ve seen the videos and pictures of the THREE different times (shudder) and saw with my own eyes that Britney did not wear panites while wearing very short skirts and sat a car with one leg still in the car and one leg outside of the car with her legs completely spread. Even if that’s an “accident” it’s still indecent exposure, which is illegal.
My opinion is: when wearing a skirt or dress better to wear some sort of undergarment to keep things outta view! Esp. if you are being followed by 100 cameras.
And like I said before, while any Judge would frown upon that there are much bigger issues to deal with during the custody hearings. Wearing no panties doesn’t have anything to do with what kind of mother she is. I was pointing out that it could be brought up in the custody hearings with Kevin Federline trying to get custody.

“There are, as far as I know, no laws that say you have to wear undies.”
Nope not that I know of either- but there are laws that your genital must be covered. Panties help with that! =)

Mom To Erin on

First of all, it is not fair to say that not wearing underwear makes Britney a bad mother. It is not even fair to say that wearing a short skirt with no underwear and not being careful when getting out of a car makes her a bad mother. It may be classless and tacky, but it does not mean by any stretch she doesn’t love or care for her children. I feel bad for Britney, but I do agree that she needs to tone it down. I am a young mother myself, and I completely understand how it feels to see all your friends and peers go out & have a good time while you’re at home with the baby. I think there is nothing wrong with going out once a week or once every 2 weeks, in fact I think I am a better mother to my daughter when I am able to get some time with my friends to relax. But I also realize that I took on the responsibility of a child’s life when I became pregnant, and my own good time is no where near as important as that. Things change and you have to deal with it. I do sympathize with Britney because I have made my own share of mistakes with my daughter so far, but I’ve had the fortune of making them in the privacy of my home where no one cares. When my daughter rolled out of my reach & right off the couch, no one took a picture or called me an unfit mother. I picked her up, saw she was fine, and moved on, no one talked about it for months and months and no one used it as ammunition to question my parenting skills. I do have to say, however, that I agree there is absolutely no excuse for allowing an infant to ride in a car in anything but a properly installed car seat. That was a stupid, irresponsible mistake and I hope for the children’s safety Britney never does that again. Basically, all I am saying is please do not call a woman and unfit mother because of a few mistakes blown up and plastered all over. Every mother has made mistakes, and every mother has done things she wishes she hadn’t. At the same time, I agree Britney should tone it down because it does not make her case any stronger to be partying until all hours, night after night, with Paris Hilton. Its the truth that in this society the way you present youself is what you are, no exceptions, and acting like a drunken party girl doesn’t help Britney out in proving she’d make a better home for those children.

madina on

if it was a man, i don’t believe his ‘fatherhood’ would be questioned for 1 second and I dont’ think he’d be called a ‘slut’ or ‘bimbo’ like words in magazines. it’s sad.