Ramona Sarsgaard in Orbit

11/28/2006 at 01:11 PM ET

Maggie Gyllenhaal and fiance Peter Sarsgaard took a walk in Santa Monica on Sunday with baby Ramona in her super awesome Orbit stroller (in Mocha), Maggie’s broham brother Jake Gyllenhaal (and Jake’s dog Atticus). Pink is the New Blog has the first photos of 6-week-old Ramona here.


The Orbit is the stroller I wish I had when Anya was born.  I had heard about it before but checked it out in person at the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas in September.  It has so many unique features.  It’s a car seat and stroller in one.  Its 360 degree rotation allows your baby to be rear, forward, or even sideways facing but also lets you put the carsear in the car facing you and then twist it to lock into rearfacing position.  It has a unique twist-and-lift mechanism allows easy one-handed folding. It handles really nicely and folds really easily and compactly.  A toddler seat that fits on the stroller (but not in the car) will be available in early 2007.  Also, you will be able to purchase a frame that lets you use it as a rocker/bassinet.  Check out the demo on their site to see how super cool it is.

Yes, it will set you back $900 but you do get a lot of bang for your buck and super contemporary design to boot.  This stroller is not for the family that is content with a Graco but if you are strongly considering a Bugaboo Frog/Gecko/Cameleon or Stokke Xplory, this might be a stroller to check out while you’re at it. 

If you order it from Babystyle icon and use coupon code ORBIT4ME icon you can at least save on shipping and the additional surcharge for large items.  Or find a retail location to check it out yourself.

Photo: Flynet Pictures, with thanks

Thanks to CBB reader Rosalia.


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joy on

babies are spoiled.

rachael on

That is by far the coolest baby item I’ve ever seen.

Natalie on

bang for your buck???

it is a stroller and most babies don’t care
if they are in a trendy stroller or not.

sorry, i thought that was a bit silly.

Heather on

That is the most awesome stroller I have ever seen! I would love to have that for the next baby! That is just unbelievably genius!

Emma on

You’re right Danielle, it is a lot of money but it also looks like a good investment. I have had six kids and got through so many strollers because it does take some time to get a ‘feel’ for the ones that you like, people usually end up purchasing more then one stroller for each child this reason, so maybe with the Orbit, it would be a ‘one time’ stroller purchase. It does seem to be a fantstic design and not too bulky either. Something to think about.

Ana on

I think that Orbit looks terrific, but I really don’t love it with the toddler seat adapted. But the truth is that most people can’t afford a stroller that costs $900, and some other can afford but think that’s too much money to spend for a stroller. Anyway, I like it, but I don’t know if I would buy it…unless I win the lottery or the Euromillions. EHEHE

P Dawn on

No way would I every consider paying that much for a stroller! Of course, there is no way I would (and I didn’t) carry the carseat around everywhere I went. Those things are heavy, and there is no way I would buy a stroller just to push the carseat around (and I didn’t). Way to expensive. But that is just me. I know I am definitely in the minority with this line of thinking.

Laura AS1 on

Lucky baby!

Lauren on

I still prefer the Bugaboo Chameleon over this-it looks more polished than the Orbit (which seems to trendy space-esque for my taste) while acting as multiple strollers in one to grow with the child. But the Orbit sounds cool regardless.

Alexandra on

I agree with Natalie and Joy. It’s totally unnecessary to buy so many expensive gadgets for babies. There are many good inventions out there but there are also many wasteful products.

When are we going to see Ramona? I love that name!

Chiara on

I know a little baby with this stroller. it is awesome. I definitely think they will get $900 use out of it. How much are cribs, basinets, multiple carseats, playpens, etc? They will get as much use — safe and low-stress use — out of this as they will several other items combined.

Chiara on

Also, what is a broham?

Lis on

mmh, i can´t understand the orbit-hype. in my opinion it is a ridiculous overpriced travel-system. besides the fact that you still need a separately sold newborn- and toddlerseat (did you know, that newborn babies shouldn´t stay more than 90 minutes in a upright position like in a carseat?), can anyone tell me the sense of a sidefacing carseat? i guess it´s just the perfect babyitem for desperate housewifes which wanted to be in style… poor!
p.s.: it´s not the price i damn, but all i can see is another bad copy of the bugaboo-system. (btw i think with bugaboo or stokke you really got a lot of “bang for your buck”)

kristen on

i would like to also say here that the 2 married couples who own the Orbit company are really cool in addition to designing a really innovative product.

joy on

I’d rather take the money and put it towards my kids education or better yet a much needed charity! If there ever was a day where money was tight and my kid wanted something I couldn’t give them I’d hate to have to say, “sorry honey but mommy spent most of it on your $1000.00 stroller!” LOL

Stelly on

This stroller looks cool, except guidelines say you should limit the amount of time your infant spends bunched up in a car seat. Therefore, you’d have to buy the regular stroller seat attatchment for the stroller in order to use it safely. That is even more $$$ and is not even available yet.

Not worth $900 then, is it?

Lorus on

I think what people are forgetting is that all these expensive strollers aren’t for the baby, it’s for the parent. The higher priced strollers are easier to push and have a bunch of extras that make it easier to use overall. I personally love Maclarens which range from $100-400. My friend has a Bugaboo Cameleon and I really don’t see the appeal of it. It’s very costly and yes it is nice but not $1000 of nice. I guess I like strollers that fold small without much effort.

Kori on

I do not see the problem with expensive things if you have the money and the things are highly functional. By “bang for your buck” I don’t think she meant that the baby was going to notice it was in a $900 stroller, but that the stroller covers everything and makes life just a little easier for the mom. Some things that are expensive really ARE worth the money, kinda like how you can’t understand the difference between a Honda and a Lexus and the ridiculous price until you have driven the Lexus, then you just kinda “get it.”

Anyway, Maggie looks FANTASTIC!!!

PinkRoses on

I totally agree with the first line of the post by Lorus…in fact, I was about to write something along the same line. People spend exorbitant amounts of money on baby items just because they are trendy or they want to impress their peers or because they want their little darlings to be seen as having the best…it’s all about the parent’s image. As long as a baby is comfortable, well-cared for and safe, I don’t think the baby is going to care one way or the other about how much “oohing” and “aahing” is going to be done about how much it costs or how cool or trendy or “in” it is. And Maggie does look great.

Vibeke on

still curious what a broham is.
I don’t think Maggie Gyllenhaal necessarily had to spend 900 on that stroller.. if i were the Orbit people i would have happily given it to her just to get us to notice anyway.

Miu on

Well, to come back to topic: Maggie looks great and it seems to be a nice family. If you are a multi-millionaire, sure, it doesn´t matter how much your stroller will be.
To say something about the Orbit(apparently very controversial here): I don´t think it is worth the money, it isn´t neither high functional, nor innovative. It is only a carseat-carrier, nothing else. In Europe there´s almost no strollerbrand, where you aren´t able to fix the carseat on the stroller(cheaper of course). But also in the USA there are many travel-systems on the market for less money and with more features. Additional the design of the chassis remembers me on Bugaboo(the wheels, the underseat bag, the strap on the handle, even the logo…) and all in all it looks for me like a rolling toilet bowl, haha. (Okay, the design is a question of taste.) Whenever I´ll see such a stroller on street, I´m going to laugh at the driver for buying such a grossly overpriced fake.

Chicki on

I think the “broham” referenced above is:

American Heritage Dictionary – Cite This Source brougham (brm, brm, brm, brm) Pronunciation Key
1. A closed four-wheeled carriage with an open driver’s seat in front.
2. An automobile with an open driver’s seat.
3. An electrically powered automobile resembling a coupé.

[After Henry Peter Brougham, First Baron Brougham and Vaux (1778-1868), Scottish-born jurist.]

Chiara on

I thought maybe “broham” was some awesome new slang. My plan to gain street cred by reading Celebrity Baby Blog fails me yet again.

Ilona on

The Orbit is a lot of $$ and while I haven’t had a chance to see it up close it doesn’t seem to match the versatility of Bugaboo.

Can I say a few things in defence of expensive prams – My husband and I live in a small apartment and we will most likely move twice in the next 5 yrs for work.
I know $1000 is a lot of $$(certainly to me!) but with the Bugaboo it really does provide a lot of products in one which is great because we wouldn’t have the room to store a bassinet, pram, simple travel fold up stroller,etc. otherwise.

Also we were lucky enough to have family and friends give us all the other items, like cot, change table, monitor, etc. so we were able to save for this one big purchase.
Please don’t think everyone who has one is out to parade their wealth or mindlessly copying celebrities!

In our case it was the most practical choice and I will be looking after it to give to my brother when we are finished. Incidentally my MIL is 5 foot and my brother over 6, the adjustable handle height is another plus.
Sorry, if this sounds like a promotion 🙂

Chiara on

No Ilona, not a promotion — it’s a good point about city living. Whereas many suburban dwellers have two cars and carseats to cart the baby around in (and pay for — far more than $1000 total for a car, insurance and gas, BTW), urbanites are likely to have one or no cars. I’m willing to bet they use their strollers more too since there’s just a great deal more walking involved with living in a city.

Think of it as the baby’s share of transportation costs 🙂

Amanda on

Miu – have you ever used an Orbit before? As you said, design is a question of taste, but it’s ridiculous to make functional claims when you don’t own an Orbit, when you’ve never used one, and when you know nothing about it. It is the ONLY stroller that offers a true one-handed fold (the bugaboo requires 2 hands, for sure), the ONLY infant car seat that can be installed with just the turn of a knob, has the deepest side impact protection, and can be upgraded when your baby gets bigger. The bag underneath is NOT like the bugaboo – it removes and has a carrying strap so that you can actually take it with you wherever you go – I don’t even use a diaper bag anymore. Which car seat systems in the US have more features than the Orbit? I looked around a lot before, and I can assure you that the Orbit Infant System has more features than any system out there. I suggest you check out one out in person before you make claims about it. It’s fine to say that it’s not in your price range, but it’s so un-cool to make claims about it’s functionality.

Lynn on

There’s a pic of Ramona at Teddy Moo’s.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Yes, we already added a link to Pink is the New Blog, which had more than one photo of her, including the one at Teddy and Moos. It’s located right above the posted photo. 🙂

Sid on

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