The real reason we haven't seen Suri Cruise: a birthmark?

11/19/2006 at 11:37 AM ET

Suri_reuters_rtr1jeo7_1We’ve been very excited to see the new photos of Suri Cruise, 7 months old, taken this week leading up to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ wedding.  These first candid photos of their baby are exciting for several reasons.  The first is that we’ve been deprived of photos of her since her Vanity Fair debut, the second is that we’ve been deprived of candid photos of her up to this point, but thirdly because the photos reveal what may be the true reason Suri has been kept out of the public eye. 

Suri_birthmarkSuri_birthmark_2Suri_vfWe don’t think this makes Suri any less adorable, sweet or precious, but we are wondering if this might be one of the reasons Suri hasn’t been out in public until now.We’d like to call your attention to what appears to be a slight but distinctive birthmark located in the middle of her forehead between her eyes visible in several photos that was not visible in the Vanity Fair photos.  It was rumored that there was a lot of airbrushing involved in her Vanity Fair shoot and this is what was probably airbrushed.  In these new candid shots of her, her thick black hair is combed forward, most likely in an attempt to conceal the mark. Of course, it is also possible Suri fell and bruised her face or that it’s from falling asleep on Tom’s shoulder.  We don’t think a birthmark takes anything away from a child’s beautyand are merely suggesting this as a possible reason the baby has beenso carefully hidden.

We don’t know what type of birthmark this is, but it’s likely they have tried to have it removed or reduced because the color is very subtle.  From what we understand, there are three major types of birthmarks: port wine stains, hemangiomas, and vascular malformations.  According to and, hemangiomas are reddish in color, 83% occur on the head and neck area, occur 5 times more often in females, appear at or shortly after birth, growing rapidly for first nine months and most stop growing by 18 months,can be raised, flat or both, responds to steroid treatment but only some respond to laser treatment.  Port wine stains are red or purple, can appear anywhere on body, are present at birth, don’t grow, are flat at birth but may slightly thicken with age, do not respond to steroid treatment but do respond to laser treatment and can change color with hot or cold temperatures.  It doesn’t appear to be a vascular malformation.

Many readers have written in saying that they think Suri has an angel’s kiss or stork’s bite.  My own Anya even has something like this- a slight redness under her nose that reddens when she cries or gets excited.  A third of all newborns are born with salmon patches (which are typically found in the midline of the face or neck), with most fading by 18 months.  I’m not suggesting that a birthmark like this would have kept her out of the public- I’m wondering if what we see in these photos is a port wine stain or hemangioma that is being treated and is now much paler.

Does the red mark on Suri’s forehead look like a birthmark to you?

Does your child have a birthmark besides an angel’s kiss/stork’s bite?  What challenges have you faced, both health-wise and psychologically? 

Photos: The Associated Press and People, with permission, Vanity Fair

More information about birthmarks can be found at and

Thanks to CBB Reader Sandy.


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OoSpoiled1 on

i actually think it looks more like baby acne ..

cheri on

i think it’s just a cluster of red pimples and dry skin. maybe eczema.

Jess on

I think birthmarks are beautiful. They are just another thing that sets your child apart and makes them unique. I think it’s pretty sad that they would worry so much about a birthmark and be so ashamed about it. Does she have to be perfect to be beautiful? I like the candid shots, “birthmark” and all, a lot better than the VF photos.

Shantelle on

My daughter was born with what the doctor referred to as “stork bites” they were noticable red/purple marks on her forehead, scalp, and the back of her neck. They actually seemed to become darker if she was upset. my brother called them her “Harry Potter marks”. They are almost completely faded now as the doctor said that they would be completely gone by age two. My daughter’s mark on her forehead looked a lot like the one in the picture.

libbi on

It looks more like a ‘pressure mark’ to me. I’m not sure if this is the correct term for them but I have one in the exact same place. It’s quite noticable in my baby pictures but not as much now I am older. It does get darker when I’m stressed though.

SiervaMaria on

I have no idea what it is. I think she’s a doll and have from the start. She really looks a good mix of both parents. I hope that whatever it is “if perminant,” people don’t turn it into some joke even if I can already hear some of the meaner blogs doing just that.

maxine on

i would say it is a birth mark. i can be pretty sure because i was born with one very similar. it faded after about 2 and a half years and now that i’m 16 only really appears when i’m crying or very angry. i personally don’t see why they are trying to cover it.

yaosa on

It’s hard to say from the photo if that is a birthmark and if it is then it is probably more noticable than not and because of how the media can be I understand if they wanted to keep it a private matter. Birthmark or not she is such a beauty!

My daughter was born with one on her lower calf which started out looking like a bruise and by the time she was 4 weeks old it was raised and about 1 inch in diameter which is huge on a 4 week old. She is now 4 years old and it began to disappear when she was 18 months. It is still present but not as visible as before and doctors have told me that it will likely disappear as she gets older. I had inquired about laser surgery but was advised against it.
People actually used to ask me if she had a tatoo!?!

I, myself, have a birthmark on the side of my face (It’s not very large but noticable noetheless)and my whole life I was asked about it. As a child it was annoying to be asked constantly so at a certain point I would just tell people it was a birthmark before they could ask and eventually people stopped asking as I got older. Occasionally small children will ask. The birthmark itself never disturbed me or made me feel differently about myself. I think people should be more open about them and not try to conceal them all the time. Of course I understand if it causes a person to feel bad about themselves but otherwise it’s a unique feature.

S~ on

It looks more like a rash or eczema to me. My son has baby acne right now, buts hes much younger right now.

Posh_Fan on

I think we are going way too much into the mark. Look likes a slight rash to me that you might get when ur teething. And from these pics, it does look like Suri is teething….

robyn on

My children also have this red mark, I have heard them called angel kisses. A lot of babies have them and they fade away by age 2, but become darker when baby is upset.

t on

I can understand them not wanting to come out in public with her. I mean people are ruthless these days! We can easily explain to our friends and family about the “spot” on our babies face, but I can only imagine what it must be like to be a celeb followed by photogs all the time and everyone screaming about “what happened to Suri?”
Maybe Katie felt sad about it I mean it’s not abnormal for a mom to feel sad about something like that and maybe not wanting to explain to the world what it is. I know people who are still very insecure about birthmarks that they have that are visable! on

oh please, suri has a little rash. nearly all babies get these from time to time.

and this…:

>Were Tom and Katie afraid the public would focus in on the birthmark too much? >

…is just priceless…cause it’s exactly what you are doing, isn’t it???
i think she is cute as hell…leave the baby alone.

Katee on

I think it would be awful if that is why they shielded her. SO many beautiful children and people have birthmarks, they should celebrate her birth either way. If this is why they kept her away from the public eye, I think they missed out on an opportunity to educate people.
I think Suri is beautiful, birthmark included.

Elisa on

Stop to seek for hair in eggs.
This girl is a doll! She is perfectly beautiful.

Katrin on

Birthmark or not, Suri is one of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen. She’s a doll and she and her parents seem happy and healthy and that’s all that matters.

Anna on

I do believe Suri has a birthmark, but I don’t think they tried to have it removed or anything. As others here have mentioned, it’s most likely a Stork Bite (or Angels Kiss) and they have usually faded by the time the child turns one.
But yes, I do think the (only) reason why they pretty much kept her hidden for 7 months was that they wanted to wait for the birthmark to be less visible.

elle on

My son every now and then would get little red marks like that and it was just irration. I always personally thought the reason they didn’t take her out in public earlier was b/c they chose not to vaccinate her. I read somewhere if you choose not to vaccinate your infant you shouldn’t take them out in public for the first 6 months. If she had that spot since she was born I don’t think that would be a reason for them to not take her out since in most of the pics I’ve seen I didn’t even notice it.

Amy on

It is definitely “stork bites.” My son had one on the back of his neck (almost completely gone now at 18 months old) and my friend’s baby has one in the exact same spot as Suri. They are very common on fair-skinned babies. Even though Suri has dark hair she has ivory skin… It is sad that our culture is so obsessed with perfection that a decision was made to airbrush these innocent marks of babyhood out 😦

Amber on

I think it’s a birthmark. I have several friends with daughters that had that same birth mark in that same location.

Jessica on

I do think it looks like a birthmark.
my son (9 months old) has the exact same birhtmark on the back of his head, and it has lightened up a lot since he was born. my friend also has a 2 month old son with the same birthmark on his forhead.

people who i have talked to about my sons birthmark said there children had the same one’s but as they got older but they eventually disapeared.

Shayna on

I am pretty sure this is what other posters call a “stork Bite” im not sure what the correct name for this is… but they are fairly common in babies and tend to almost disappear in the next few years. My friends daughter had a similar one as a baby and is eight now and it only comes out usually when crying and it is very subtle now….. But she is a beautiful baby and i dont think they have kept her out of the public eye because of this minor and common skin mark… I think they kept her out of the public eye for the same reason other celebs do, because they are harassed by the paparazzi… I would too!

Principesa on

My guess? It is a birthmark.

It doesn’t detract at all from her beauty. She is a lovely little girl.

Lacey on

Yep. Stork bite, my daughter has one in the same location. I really doubt that is the reason they kept her away from the public eye. The marks are very faint and no big deal. She is a really cute baby.

Kristin on

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!

She might have fallen asleep with her little face pressed against her Daddy’s suit. THIS is why they waited so long to reveal her picture and why they keep her hidden away – so the media doens’t pick their child apart – and who could blame them! I think Tom Cruise is nutty as a fruitcake, but leave the little girl alone.

Erin on

I don’t see a birthmark??? Looks like eczema or some other rash to me.

Jessalyn on

My daughters have (had) the same sort of mark. They have the marks at the back of their neck as well. I had the same one as a child, as did many of the girl babies in our family. We always called them “stork bites.” I’m not sure what they are exactly. They do fade with age, but occasionally show up when they are angry. It isn’t that noticable, though, and none of us have considered it anything to be embarrassed about.

jude on

Who cares? I honestly can not believe the amount of attention that is being given to wether Suri Cruise has a birthmark or not. For goodness sake, leave the poor little thing alone. She is a beautifull, innocent little girl. You would think she had two heads or something!!!!!!!!!!

A.S. on

I agree with a few other posters who said it looks like a case of baby acne or a patch of eczema. This is very common in babies, my kids got this all the time. In some other photos I’ve seen, it’s pretty clear to me that it’s not a birthmark.

finnaryn on

As a mother of a little boy with a hemangioma, my guess is that it was a port wine stain. While hemangioma’s can be raised or flat (the one on my finger is flat) I have found in research that the ones on the face are more typically raised. While “stork bites” and “angel kisses” are similar, they are typically smaller and not as aggressive.

My son’s hemangioma was not there at birth, but appeared within two days and grew very quickly. It became very raised and bumpy. Because it is on his little butt cheek, every wet and messy diaper irritated it. It began ulcering within a week and we started him on steroids at three weeks. While it stopped the growth, it did not heal the ulcers. He had his pulse die laser treatment at eight weeks. He is now nearly three and it is almost completely faded. Many hemangiomas fade completely by 10 years.

When I saw these pictures of Suri, I thought of a port wine stain right away. Because they are also treated by the pulse die laser, which leaves a very distance look to the skin it seems very clear to me that they had Suri receive these treatments.

On one hand I can understand them wanting to hide that she had the mark. Other posters are correct that many blog site will be mean. And I don’t fault them for wanting it treated because of how public the are forced to live their lives. The treatment it’s self is very quick and heals very quickly.

On the other hand, it would be nice for them to admit it, if only to show everyone that they are “normal” and this can happen to anyone. If it was a birthmark, I feel for Katie more than I ever have. I know how she felt to see something like this appear on your child and feel helpless. To feel like your child is almost being “invaded” by this birthmark that seems like it will never stop growing.

But for Katie and Tom I would say, there are many others out there with these types of birthmarks. We know what you are going through and we will not judge you. Enjoy your darling baby for everything she is on the inside and not for a mark on the outside.

Michelle on

I was a nanny for two little ones who had the same mark but it was only visible when they were upset or right after they were crying and then it went away. Suri is so beautiful. I wonder if it is the same with Suri. She was out with all the paps flashing lights in her eyes. I would have been upset too. 🙂

Christine on

I’m sorry but I’m completely disappointed at CBB for posting such a tabloid like article. My son had marks just like these as a baby and they were affectionately referred to as “stork bites” I have seen them in most babies and they get really red when they cry. My son’s were over his eyelids and in the middle of his forehead just like that. Anyone who has children knows that this is common and it goes away. Shame on you CBB, especiallly Danielle to suggest that the Cruises would be so vain as to not take their daughter out in public because of a little redness on her forehead. That is the stupidest, most National Enquirer like idea I have ever heard.

estherpanda on

To be honest I just don’t understand why we are questionning about that, I understand why Tom and Katie kept their daughter a secret when I read this…you should let this adorable little girl live her life, maybe she just fall, or she has eczema or anything else..why Is she always the target of those comments… I can’t get that some people can just check and look at those pictures just to find where is the problem with this baby….it makes me sick

Rose on

both of my baby cousins had that for about a year are so after they were born, then it went away

Nicole R. on

My very fair-skinned sister had a “stork bite” birthmark between her eyebrows as well — it went away in her early babyhood, except when she got overheated or upset. At 33 now, there’s absolutely no sign of it.

Natalie on

Danielle, are you KIDDING me?? that is the stupidest reason I’ve ever heard!! did it ever occur to anyone that tom and katie just dont cater to the american public!!!! they dont do what WE want, they do what THEY want!! they had just had a baby, they have two older children and they were planning a wedding!! the LAST thing on their minds was showing their daughter to the public!! it’s not any of our business what their daughter looks like!! it’s a privilege, not a right, that we see celebrity chiildren!!

man, some people are REALLY reaching!!

Brittany on

I have a birthmark that looks like that. I’ve had it since I was a baby. I believe my family always referred to it as strawberries or raspberries.

Barbara on

I think it looks like a storkbite, just like my son has/had. My daugher had a hemangioma, and when they are raised, it’s VERY obvious (she looked like she was punched in the eye for about 6 mos). This isn’t a hemangioma, maybe another vascular birthmark, but nothing like compared to what my daugher had.

Posh_Fan on

I cant believe all this drama over a birth mark. I fully understand why they didnt take her out cause these are the kind of comments they got when they did. Pleeeease!! I am sure they think their daughter is perfect the way she is. The only reason they were hiding her I think could be cause they didnt want to expose her to the papz world so early. I am pretty sure when the whole wedding frenzy is over, we wont see her until maybe shes a bit older.

Ana Lima on

I think Suri had that birthmark even thicker and is fading now as she is growning older….The girl I take care of, was born with a hemangioma on her head, but now is almost nothing….
Me and three more female cousins of mine were born with a port wine stain on the back of our necks. It’s almost invisible now, but I really think if I have a daughter someday she will have one….
but Suri’s beautiful anyway….

Darcy on

if that’s the reason they’ve kept her hidden, that’s pretty sad because she’s just so pretty, and a birthmark doesn’t make her ‘imperfect’. it makes her unique.

tink1217 on

my daughter was bornwith a “stork bite” birthmark right between her eyes. It went almost completely away within 2 years and there is really no hint of it anymore. Maybe that is what it is. Looks like it might be to me. Doesn’t matter, she is a beautiful baby!

Erika on

This has nothing to do with suri but i was wondering where Isabella and Conner live and who they live with . I know that Nicole lives in Nashville with Keith. But the kids sports games are always in LA and Nicole is never at them. So i don’t understand where or who they live with.

Jenn on

Looks exactly like a stork bite to me. My cousin had a v shaped stork bite in the same place as Suri’s until she was two. It would become really red if she cried or was upset. It eventually faded. My nephew also has one right now on his forehead (6mo). As a daycare provider I see them a lot on babies, they are quite common and nothing to hide or me ashamed of!

Kristin on

Boy, you have good eyes! I didn’t even notice the mark until you mentioned it. Probably a stork bite – my daughter had one on the nape of her neck, and it got redder when she got upset. Now that she’s 3, the stork bite is completely gone and the hemangioma on her leg is almost invisible.

Suri is a precious little girl, just adorable. I can understand if Katie wanted to keep her “under wraps” though, since the rumor mill has been so relentless and said such horrible things about them and the baby. She’s just a little baby, for heaven’s sake, a little miracle! Everyone should celebrate that!

Beth on

It looks like it could be, but it’s hard to know for sure.

My middle child had a reddish-purple, raised birth mark on the side of her head which faded (though never disappeared completely) by the time she was two or so. We got a lot of comments along the lines of, “Oh! Look at that bruise — how did she get hurt??” That got hard at times, because strangers were often rude and judgemental.

lee on

She could have scratched herself if her nails weren’t cut. That redness looks like when I scratch my head.

Leigh on

That’s a hemangioma (stork bite) and it will fade (probably to nothing) by a year of age. My daughter had several, some darker than Suri’s. It’s interesting that when my daughter cries, her birthmark is noticeable again. 🙂

CC on

Well, my little cousin was born with a strawberry birthmark on her face.. As she got older it started to fade… When she was little people would ask questions… They weren’t trying to be mean or anything, it’s just how people are… So I can understand if that’s why they wanted to keep her away from all the crazyness for a while.. I mean look at what everyone one had been saying (even before she was born)… As a parent would you want to read mean and hurtfull things about your child… I’m sure they love her no matter what she looks like, and as parents they just want to protect her… I for one can not blame them for that….

Carol Lee on

If she has a birthmark, who cares? How sad for them that they have to worry about people will think of a birthmark and that they felt they had to cover it up on her pictures. That seems pretty shallow to me. Unless they just wanted her to look perfect since they knew people would say how ugly she was with a birthmark. But people are stupid like that. I still don’t think she’s that cute but she looks fine birthmark or not.

Heather77 on

I haven’t read all the other replies yet, but I SERIOUSLY doubt, her “birthmark” has anything to do with anything! LOL

Most babies have some sort of birthmark somewhere. Many of them, just like Suri’s. To me, it looks like what my doctors refer to as an “angel kiss”. All 3 of my kids had one… and in the same spot… right between the eyes, on the forehead. It’s not a big deal, and usually fades with time. Sometimes a baby will have one on the back of their head or neck, and that’s usually refered to as a “stork bite”. My oldest had one of those too.

I think Suri is absolutely adorable…. and it looks like she has an “angel kiss”, just as millions of other babies!

heather on

both of my children were born with marks like that at base of thier hairlines, on the back of thier necks. They fade. No big deal!

Heather77 on

Forgot to add…
I’m guessing stork bites and angel kisses are the same thing.

Traci_3 on

Hard to say… so many possibilities. My 8 yr. old daughter STILL has what I’ve always called “stork bite”. Right between the eyebrows. My paternal grandfather had a massive hemangioma covering the entire right side of his face. It had started to grow tumors not too long before he passed away from a heart attack at 60 yrs. old. At the time there wasn’t the sophisticated technology there is today to remove it. He was such a loving, gentle soul… my dad was very sensitive to anyone making fun. (when my dad was a kid) Anyone who knew my grandfather loved him, but I know that he must have suffered emotionally. As you can see this is a subject near and dear to my heart. Birthmark or no… Suri is gorgeous.

leeann on

Those are angel kisses. They are the same as stork bites, but instead are on the forehead instead of the back of the neck. My twin girls have the same thing. They were very red at birth but now at 8 months are barely even noticable. they will fade completely away with time. My twins have them between their eyebrows and their eyelids. I love them, they are so cute!

Entertainus News on

I noticed this when we started seeing photos of her at that dinner. It was the first thing that popped out to me. Yes, I do think it is a birthmark, perhaps a lightened strawberry mark. She’s still a little cutie, even with it.

peggy on

my 15 month old daughter has one, my husband has one, and after she was born, i found out that my motherinlaw has one, two female cousins and a niece, all them thing, red spot bewteen the eyes, brighter when a baby, fades, comes out when angry or drunk as an adult,

Jody on

I think that we did not see pictures of Suri (out in public) because her parents were not married. We saw her when they arrived in Italy and it is now documented that they had a civil ceremony in the US prior to coming to Italy.

ann on

babies have soooo many different skin issues, it’s a little absurd to just jump to the conclusion this is a permanent mark. my daughter had baby acne, eczema, and some crazy rashes that couldn’t even be categorized. when she was teething, the excess saliva would cause all sorts of strange break-outs on her face from rubbing of sleeping in the drool. by the time she reached 10 months or so, it entirely cleared up. suri’s skin issue could be anything, and anything entirely normal at that.

Lauren on

Even if she did have a skin issue I do not think it is very nice for it to be posted on the web! I think it is unafir to the poor little baby. It just seems people are wanting to find fault with that cute little girl.

annoyed on

People she is a baby. Last time I checked babies get birthmarks, rahes, and acne. Let it go. I can’t believe people are even discussing this, its quiet strange.

Hilary on

If it’s true that Katie and Tom airbrushed the birthmark for the Vanity Fair photos…that’s just going to give Suri a complex later…basically it’s like telling her that ‘we like you better w/o it.” Argh…hollywood!

kimmyana on

I second Shantelle. My daughter has a huge stork bite on the back of her neck. It has faded considerably after 6 months, but has not disappeared. It resembles what I can make out in the Suri photos. If it’s not that, I’d have to guess eczema or a rash.

My daughter *also* has a hemangioma on her shoulder, and it looks absolutely nothing like what’s on Suri’s forehead. I have a strawberry-shaped port wine stain on my wrist, and after 34 years, it hasn’t faded one iota!

Julie on

I don’t thinl this is why they have not taken her out in public, because if it was, they would just cover her face with a blanket like other celebs o shield from photographers…I think they haven’t taken her out because of the media frenzy 24/7.

Corinne on

I think it does look like a birth mark but she’s beautiful anyway. If this is the reason why they have kept her away from the public I can unerstand them. I mean most people have been rude towards them during the pregnancy, and after, doubting of her existence. Tom and Katie may have been afraid they would say nasty things about their daughter. Moreover, I think they neede some privacy after the birth, to be a family.
Not that I particularly like them but I can understand them. They looky like a happy family so all i can say is: “Congratulations!”.

Ayla on

This looks like what we called a Strawberry Mark” My sister had one when she was born. We all thought it was cute. It faded away before she was 2. Suri is a beautiful little girl. She very much reminds me of myself as an infant. I had all that black hair myself. My hair later grew in strawberry blond.

I’m sure they keep her out of the limelight so that they don’t have to read all of the negativity.

Thank goodness we don’t have that kind of negativity on this board.

mcgraws462 on

First of all, I don’t see what the big deal is about the birthmark and I’m kinda surprised to see this on your website. My daughter had the same thing when she was born. It’s a stork bite or angel kisses and it fades with time. My daughter is almost 2 and the only time it is visible is when she gets really upset. I have a friend, who is 21, and hers still comes out when she is really mad or upset. I think they are cute and nothing to make a big deal out of.

jilliansmommy on

I’m an RN and did a few years in Labor and Delivery. She is a little too old for Baby Acne not that she still can’t get it but the chances are extremely low at her age. It looks to me like good old Stork Bite. My son also had it on the back of his neck. It was awful because people always asked what happened to him, some even stooped to the level (joking of course)to ask if he had been burned with a curling iron. His fully disapeared by the time he was 2 – 2 1/2 years of age. There is also a chance like another comment said that she has Port Wine Stain and has recieved treatments for it with the Pulse Die Laser. That treatment would leave marks of that nature in addition the the marks Port Wine Stain starts with. Either way it is extremely common for babies to have all sorts of skin irritations, bumps and rashes. As far as we know the long trip over there on a plane for that many hours could have caused her stress which can commonly cause skin rashes and hives in young children. She also could be having a food allergy reaction. Given her age she is more than likely eating some food in addition to nursing or formula. Do we know for sure she is breastfed? I doubt it due to the many trips Katie takes away from her…example the trip with Victoria. She could be having a reaction the the water used to make her bottles of formula in the event they didn’t use bottled water which is highly recommended on international trips. Who knows…more than likely it is part of being a baby and it really stinks that this has to even be brought up. I’ve seem many babies with facial and skin problems and this seems to be very minor and normal given her age. Let her be a baby…it isn’t going to spread to us so why we have to talk about it is beyond me.

dark angel on

danielle, it is not a birthmark and that is not the reason why suri is kept away from the public glare.

Kendrajoi on

Not only was I born with a “stork bite” smack dab in the middle of my forehead, but my son was too. It was one of the first things my mom noticed about him when he was born (I had a c-sec, so I didn’t see him up close right away). Mine is gone, of course, and my son is now 2 yrs 4 months, and you can barely see it. To the point, I doubt that’s why we haven’t seen much of Suri, if it is indeed a birthmark of some kind. Tom and Katie are just keeping her out of the spotlight, trying to retain SOME privacy.

Tammy on

This kind of thing just really ticks me off for personal reasons more than anything. I was born with Spina Bifida and had a father who pretty much forgot I even existed and they are worried about something as minor as a birth mark. God forbid, we aren’t all perfect in this world!!

PinkRoses on

Both of my daughters were born with birthmarks, but of different kinds. My first daughter, who inherited the Italian features of her father, had what her pediatrician called a “strawberry” birthmark. She had tons of dark hair, even more than Suri, and the mark was on her forehead on the left side near her hairline. It literally looked like someone cut a small strawberry in half and placed it on her forehead. It was very raised and slightly “lobed” with dots like strawberry seeds. The pediatrician said it would grow up into her hair as her head grew and it would go through a gray stage and then fade away, most likely by her second birthday. That’s exactly what it did. People frequently asked me if she bumped her head or if I had bumped her head or dropped her!!! Those were the only questions about the birthmark that annoyed me – the ones that implied I was somehow responsible for what they thought was a very red, swollen bump. My second daughter, who inherited my fair features, had “stork bites” on the back of her neck and right above her little bottom at the base of the spine. It looked like the stork “bit” her on the neck, dropped her and swooped down and caught her at her waist! LOL! All of their birthmarks faded and are now, nonexistent. I was never embarrassed about any of their birthmarks and never tried to cover them up.

PinkRoses on

kimmyana, I went to school with a beautiful girl of Spanish descent. Almost the entire half of her face was covered in a port wine stain birthmark. As of high school (when I last saw her) the birthmark had not faded one bit. She went through so much torture when she was growing up, from ignorant, mean children making fun of her. They didn’t have the medical technology back then to remove or lighten it. She was so smart and beautiful, but was SO much shyer than her equally beautiful sisters, I guess because of all the teasing. She was still beautiful to me. I hope that, if it continued to bother her and make her feel less confident, she was able to have it removed; again, that is if that is what SHE wanted, because she was beautiful to me, birthmark or no birthmark.

aimee on

its a pressure mark, where shes been resting the front of her head on Tom;s shoulder. All babies get them even when sleeping on a shoulder a red mark appears.

Shes beautiful. No birthmark.

Kate on

I think it is very very sad that a child’s pictures are ‘air brushed’ and a child kept away because she has a birthmark. What sort of message does that send to her and other children? I thought we had moved on from 50 yrs ago when children who are not perfect were shunned. Honestly, if this is true, it is very very sad.
Suri, like her mom, is beautiful.
Still shaking my head at this one.

Lorus on

My daughter was born with a hemangioma on her lower back. It was the size of a quarter but more oval shaped at it’s peak. It has pretty much gone away now that she is 6 and those who didn’t know it was there can’t even tell that there was one there to begin with.

I think Suri was born with some type of birthmark that faded quickly but not enough for the VF shots when she was reportedly 3 months old and that’s why all the retouching was needed. If this is the reason why they haven’t brought her out in public before now shame on them. Who cares what other people think?

joeygirl on

i think it’s just some rashes as a baby…and if it is a birthmark,so what??? Suri looks really beautiful…a very pleasing angel..=)

Char on

That is absurd to think she had a birth mark removed. you must be the people that think katie had a fake pregnancy. That is a pressure mark, my son has one, and many babies get them, they usually fade by a year. It was definetly airbrushed out of vanity fair though. How ridiculous, what a conspiracy theory.

Char on

That is absurd to think she had a birth mark removed. you must be the people that think katie had a fake pregnancy. That is a pressure mark, my son has one, and many babies get them, they usually fade by a year. It was definetly airbrushed out of vanity fair though. How ridiculous, what a conspiracy theory.

Melea on

My nephew has a “stork bite” or “strawberry” between his eyes and also on the back of his head where his hair line stops. It has always been there since birth and is darker when he first wakes up and when he is upset. They normally fade by the time they are two but can last longer. That would explain why they haven’t taken her out but what is the reason why Tom didn’t take his other two kids in public for the longest time? They didn’t have birthmarks. I say she does have one. Sure looks like it in the pictures. I DON’T think she fell and it’s a bruise because she surely wouldn’t be out in public if that was the case.

Leti on

I have a 8 month old baby myself and my daugther has the same birth mark on her forehead i was told that within the year it should go away somedays it’s lighter after a while u just don’t notice it anymore. But Suri is a very beautiful baby.

Jennifrog on

How silly. I haven’t posted here in a long while (Typekey issues), but I HAD to chime in on this one.

My twin boys BOTH had storkbites just like Suri’s. They’re adorable! By the time they were 3, they had completely faded. I love all the pics of them with their marks, it was part of them, and I loved them – I’m sure TomKat feels the same way.

I seriously doubt that Suri’s ‘elusiveness’ had anything to do with her storkbite, more that the world is not ‘owed’ a picture for crying out loud and perhaps Tom and Katie (not that I’m a fan of them at all) just wanted to enjoy this time without worrying about what ‘we’ think.

ang on

this is exactly why Tom and Katie have kept her out of the public eye – to stop magazines and websites like CBB picking her apart. Poor child. Just leave her alone – no matter what we might think of crazy Cruise and his zombie-bride, the baby is innocent.

Shannan on

My friends daughter was born with a similiar mark and she called it an “Angel’s Kiss”. It has faded within time.

Stephanie on

Is this serious? I highly doubt they would hide their baby because of a birthmark. And its insulting to them that that would even be implied, Im sure. People love to make this couple seem like shallow morons, when really theyre just like us, if not ever so slightly more ecentric.

People get photoshopped all the time for magazines. I highly doubt that TomKat requested that a birthmark, if that is infact what it is, being blurred out. Its something Suri would have for a lifetime, and wouldnt be able to hide forever.

I think this post is nothing short of shallow, personally. Maybe whoever originated this post was worried by it, but I doubt TomKat is under that same feeling.

Jodi on

I didn’t have time to read all the posts, but I would say it is just a “Stork Bite” most kids have them and they will be faded or gone by the time a child is one. Either way, I think she is a very pretty baby.

L's Mommy on

I agree, it looks like eczema/ dry skin. Nonetheless, if Suri has a birthmark on her face or not, she’s still GORGEOUS! 🙂
Also, my 8 month old baby HAD a birthmark on his eye lid when he was born and since then, it has diminished tremendously to almost gone. It does become noticeable when he is hot though. Suri is still a baby, if it is a birthmark on her face, it will probably go away after her 2nd birthday or it will definitely fade in color.

natalie on

i don’t think she was kept out of the public because of a birthmark. i believe its more scientology than anything. i think it would be wrong to assume or suggest that they kept suri out of the eye because they were embarrassed or ashamed of their daughter!!! if they were, i feel bad for suri’s parents.

Kristie H. on

My son is 3 mos old and has a strawberry “hemangioma” on the back of his head. He wasn’t born with it, but it developed when he was a few weeks old and has gotten a bit bigger, but is about the size of a dime now, and hasn’t gotten any bigger since he was about 2 mos old. It is slightly raised but we have had no problems out of it. I think that Suri may have a birthmark but I don’t know why that Tom and Katie would want to hide it.

Amy on

Suri looks like she was born with what my son was born with. I don’t remember the official name but his pediatrician explained that the skin in that area is thinner than in other areas. When that is coupled with a fair complexion, the blood vessels show through more. He said it would fade over time as the skin thickened up, and it did. He is nine now and it has been years since I have even thought about it.

Liz on

It looks like baby acne and dry skin to me. I don’t think they’d hide their baby in shame because of a birthmark. Sounds kind of silly to me.

nolagirl on

What has this world come to?!? Who gives a damn if Suri has a birthmark??? We ALL do! The child is absolutely gorgeous, and this is such typical behavior of Tom Cruise to not share his daughter’s photos because of some small mark on the child’s face. He is an arrogant,controlling and self-centered creep! I feel so sorry for his new wife, Katie, who no longer is allowed to have a life of her own and for their beautiful daughter, Suri.

Kelley on

Maybe it is just a hematoma from labor (from frequent bumping of the pelvic bone on the way out the birth canal). My nephew had something that looks very similar and it didn’t go away until at least nine months. Everyone asked if it was a birthmark. I think it’s cool for people to speculate about things, but let’s try not to be so critical. How can anyone really know why Tom and Katie make the choices they do, and if it has anything to do with crazy “pet theories” thrown all over the Internet. And who really cares?!

Simone on

Please. I feel insulted for all the little babies who actually ARE born with a defect, abnormality or disability.

To imply her hair has been ‘combed’ forward to hide something is sick. And think about it….if the parents really wanted to hide her forehead wouldn’t they just put a little hat or bonnet on her?

They obviously want to shelter the kids from all us looneys out here…staring & pointing & searching for faults. And who can blame them?

Ali on

I most definitely think this is why they’ve kept her hidden for so long. And why they seem to be cramming her face into their shoulders in almost all the candid shots. I think it’s extremely sad that they felt the need to airbrush an innocent BABY just so they would feel better about having her seem perfect in a magazine. Very, very sad.

And to the person who said they kept her in for so long because they didn’t vaccinate — uh, no. We don’t vaccinate and there’s no reason to keep your child locked up for months because of it. Most people who are anti-vax believe in the body’s natural ability to fight off diseases and have no problems taking their kids out in public. Please do some research before you spout off inaccuracies you’ve “heard.”

Sugemom on

I don’t think it’s nice that you have posted this, given it is all speculation. Should this be the reason they have kept her out of the media, who can blame them when even a site like will add to the hype?

PSB on

I think it’s a birthmark and I think it’s the reason we haven’t seen her until now. I think they were waiting for it to fade. Sad.

On another topic – Suri and Tom have the same shag haircut, but it looks much better on Suri.

Erin on


Isabella and Connor live with Tom in LA.

Barbara on

I think she fell asleep or had her head down hideing from all the people yelling and all the camera flashing that was hurting her eyes. Even if it were to be a birth mark I don’t think Tom & Katie would have hid her just for that. I think she was just a newborn and her new parents were just protecting her.

Barbara on

I forgot to say in my post that I to think Suri is adorable!! She has such beautiful eyes and dark dark hair and is the picture of health.

Carol Lee on

When I was looking at the pictures I noticed that her lips are not even and she has a red mark under her nose. Maybe she had a cleft palate fixed? Anyway she still looks fine whether she had something fixed or not.

Jessi on

Yeah, it doesn’t look quite like a birthmark. But it wouldn’t matter if it was! She’d still be adorable.

My couin has a birthmark covering the entire left side of his face, it’s very distinctive but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a good looking guy. He wouldn’t be himself without it!

Kori on

It could be a birthmark, or a rash, or she fell asleep leaning on something. If it’s a birthmark and they are in the process of having it removed, I would not blame them for hiding her away for awhile. If you’re going to have something removed then you don’t want the whole world to know, they would get a whole new slew of criticizers saying everything from that they are superificial to their daughter isn’t cute… would be awful. Suri is beautiful, birthmark or not, but it’s a cruel world and parents just try to protect their children from ridicule.

katie on

Doesn’t Moxie Crimefighter have this too?

Erika on

Thanks Erin!! i have been wondering about that for a while now. I wonder why the kids dont live with Nicole. Oh well not my business, but thanks anyways

Posh_Fan on

I cant believe of some of the comments. If the airburshing was because of that red mark, I highly doubt it would have took 21 DAYS to do that. It’s probably a rash or something. Though I still dont get the whole airbrushing thing. She looks EXACTLY the same to me…..except she’s older and chubbier but just as gorgeous. She got the most beautiful eyes and beautiful dark hair…….she’s just perfect as one can be. I am sure Katie and Tom think she’s perfect mark or no mark. You guys are just going way into all this. At the pictures from thursday, with Suri’s “mark”, both of the parents looked like they were crazy about their baby and happy to show her off like any other proud parents….so makes all the thoery about them hiding the baby cause of the mark, wrong.

Cynthia on

I dont think it is a birthmark. It looks like she is just frowning her head. i dont think there is one at all.

Anne on

My daughter is 8 1/2 months old, and has a ‘stork bite’ in the same exact area as Suri appears to, as well as on the back of her neck. I do believe thats what it is, as it looks very similar to Erin’s. Erin’s was darker at birth, and has faded to be barely detectable now…it does redden slightly when she cries, though. From what I’ve read, it should disappear by 2-3 years of age.

Vanessa on

It’s a storkbite or angel kiss. My daughter has one in the same spot. As other posters said they fade over time. My daughter is almost one and it has faded already but is more noticeable when she cries.

I think Tom and Katie were odd for not taking their daughter out in public before but I highly doubt that they kept her hidden because of the mark. Stork bites and angel kisses are so common, they are no big deal but of course the press makes a big deal.

g-girl on

Wow – When are we going to grow up? Look at the topic! Listen to “this is probably why they kept her hidden” comments and such. Then it gets better – there’s a poll taken on it whether we think it’s a birthmark! – You guys are joking, right? Right?

Melissa on

It doesn’t look like a birth mark to me. It looks like a pressure mark or where she hit her head. I have a 7 month old son who has marks like that all the time. I can assure you he doesn’t have any birth marks.

One a side note, I think that everyone who is speculating all of these things and bringing so much attention to it should be ashamed of themselves. How would you like your children to be put under a microscope? How would you like your child’s parentage to be questioned? How do you think this is going to make this child feel when she’s older and she finds out that all of these things have been said about her and her parents? Be ashamed!

Heavenly_hibiscus on

I think it’s pretty mean to airbrush a babys’ photo. I mean please, all babies are natural and beautiful just the way they are.
I work in the childcare industry and it’s common for babies/kids to have birthmarks, rashes, eczema, hormone spots etc. I would be more surprised by a child who did NOT have atleast one of these!
Her mark looks a lot like that on a friends baby. The mark gradually faded naturally.

Anne on

I must pipe in and say… a lot of people doubted Suri’s existence, and at times I was one of them. Then came the Vanity Fair spread/article, and in it Katie talked about how much it hurt to hear what people were saying about Suri–that she was deformed, that she was ugly, etc. As a mother I identified with that and actually felt bad for her, because a mother’s child is ALWAYS beautiful to her. I think these speculations that a birthmark may have caused them to hide their child are just as hurtful. To assume that 2 people who love their daughter would hide her from embarrassment is just plain silly. I know many parents who have children with birthmarks and deformities of different degrees, and not one of them hides their child for fear of other people’s reactions. I say its just a marking–birthmark, stork bite, whatever it is. I think it has NOTHING to do with why she hasn’t been seen often.

Kellie on

It looks like a classic stork bite in a pretty classic place for them. Should fade completely by the time she is 18 months. They generally are brighter at birth and fade by 18 months. Hence the fading at 7 months. The only time you can usually see it after that is if the person cries hard or gets angry.

About a 1/3 of babies have a stork bite in one of its usual spots. Not a big deal and I would think nothing they would hide when it is so common.

Desiree on

My 11 month old daughter has a hemangioma on the back of her head. Her hair is starting to cover it now but its round and sticks out. Little kids usually comment on it, but it doesnt bother her (or me) at all. I heard a little boy say “what is on that baby’s head?!” and his parents were shushing him but I told him “its ok, its just a birthmark. It looks like an owie huh?”

I cant imagine hiding your baby because of it. I highly doubt this is why Tom and Katie kept their baby out of the public. They probably just didnt want people up in their newborn’s face all the time.

severine on

It’s a stork bite. My daughter has one in the exact same place and it becomes more noticable if she pulls a face or becomes distressed. In her normal state, however, you can barely see it. Airbrushed or not, the Vanity Fair photos are probably a better reflection of what Suri looks like most of the time.

As cute as Suri is though, I must admit I think my daughter is cuter! 😉

Isabelle on

I like reading articles on this website, but I can’t believe that its starting to stoop that low.

I don’t believe Tom and Katie were “hiding” her because of the so called birthmark – which I think is actually eczema from teething – my daughter had one on her cheek at times – which means she probably didn’t have it when the VF photos were done. And I don’t really see anything wrong with airbrushing eczema – its just like airbrushing a pimple. I also tend to brush my daughter’s hair straight down as well – and I’m not trying to hide anything!

It seems they can never do anything right, when they hid Suri it was wrong, when they take her out in public it’s wrong. Just let them be happy! I feel so sorry for Suri to be constantly critisized..

Nancy on

The idea that Tom and Katie have been keeping Suri out of the public eye to hide a birthmark is ridiculous! Even if that IS a birthmark, and even if they ARE ashamed of it, they could so easily hide it with makeup. They’re actors, remember?

The fact that they carried her through Rome with this mark fully visible suggests that they are not trying to hide whatever it is.

Aleah on

It could be a birthmark, but she’s cute nonetheless.

mamanature on

I’m sorry but does nobody remember the ultrasound experimentations he was doing on this child throughout its gestation?

She doesn’t look normal. End of story.

J.M. on

whenever my niece cries or is upset or even excited she gets a red mark in the middle of her forehead. It goes away once they calm down. Perhaps right before Suri was brought out she was upset or perhaps she was just excited over all the people and flashing lights. Or like mentioned she had her head asleep on Tom. I don’t think it’s a birthmark and I truly don’t believe they’d be afraid to show her off in public because of it. If they did, shame on them bc Suri is beautiful!

Nicole on

My son has the same thing, a stork bite or angel kiss… A lot of babies do, and they’re actually caused by the pressure of the labor and delivery process.

I just can’t believe that this could be the reason why no one saw her for so long. Babies are born every day with birthmarks, and no one pays any mind to it at all. The fact that they would airbrush it out bothers me too… mostly because then aren’t they promoting the ideas of ‘perfection’ and ‘beauty is the most important thing.’

tanya on

My baby sister was born with an hemangioma on her forehead. It was very distinctive and didn´t start to fade until she was about 10 years old. She was never bothered by it, she´s 19 y.o. now and you can still make out the birthmark, even though it is much ligther now than when she was little.
It resembles nothing the mark on Suri, that looks more like somekind of rash.

Ashley on

Makes sense to me! Looks like a pretty large one and that could be why they tried to postpone photos. If so SHAME on them!

One Who Doesn't Worship Celebrities on

Who cares???? Why can’t the media leave this poor kid alone?? Why are we so fascinated with unimportant issues like this? It’s pretty sad when a celebrity couple’s kid becomes a top news story simply because of a birthmark/rash/excema/whatever that may or may not even exist.

The only reason I saw this is because somebody who is interested in this stuff forwarded the link to me.

Chloe on

My son was born 2.5 months premature and due to his premature birth he developed a hemangioma birthmark on his face near his right eye. It has faded somewhat over the years, but I can honestly say that my husband and I really don’t “notice” it anymore. Our society is too wrapped up in the physical attributes of a person– way too much– if Suri indeed has a birthmark and TC/KH deliberatley covered it up/airbrushed it out of the VF shoot- then they should be ashamed– it in no way takes away from or diminshes their daughter’s cuteness– if only we could learn to celebrate our differences and not be so wrapped up in who has what and who’s offspring is the most beautiful, etc… it is such a waste of energy– the sooner we all realize this, possibly the happier people will be…my thoughts…

Sarah on

I had a birthmark over my right eye and its totally gone. If it is one, I think they shouldn´t hide their daughter just because of this! What is this? My baby is more beautiful than yours? It will disappear… and its not bad. She is a cute little baby, no matter who are the parents or where she got any birthmarks…

Southern Mom on

What I am hearing is a LOT of “no big deal” and “they fade away.” However if a lot of the commenters had actually followed the links to the birthmark organization websites, they would have realized that not all birthmarks fade.

My 9 month old daughter has a facial port wine stain, and until you have actually been in a the same position as those who have a PERMANANT birthmark, you can not judge. We are currently engaged in laser treatments for our daughter’s PWS birthmark, not because we are ashamed of it, but because we can not bear to explain to our beautiful little girl why people are so RUDE (maybe not intentionally mean, but RUDE – like many of you who have posted with such a dismissive attitude).

If, and only if, the Holmes/Cruise’s had Suri’s supposed birthmark airbrushed for a national magazine, it is probably, like someone said above, to avoid the needless and RUDE gossip about a very sensitive issue.

Diana on

it is called a Salmon patch and it usually disappears around their first birthday. my daughter has one, she is 18 mos and you can only really see it now when she gets mad.
my pediatrician said it is caused by the mothers hormones and is NOT a birthmark.

Marisa on

She is absolutely beautiful! They didn’t say they were “hiding” her because of a birthmark… It’s all speculation..

And another thing…. if you’ve ever had professional photos done and think they’re NOT airbrushed, you’re deusional!!

All professional photos, ie.. wedding/fifteen, sweet sixteen, school pics and even Sears pictures are airbrushed…! Goodness!

Kristin on

I have the exact same birthmark as Suri in the same place even. I’m 24 now and it has never been a problem for me.

millie on

I noticed it right away and wondered if she had a strawberry mark–my husband had one when he was a baby and even now it flares up when he gets upset. On the other hand, it does look a bit like eczema too. Normally, it shouldn’t be a big deal but in our beauty-obsessed culture, they probably felt they had to keep her out of sight until it fades. I hope Suri is not subjected to all kinds of treatments so that Tom can have a perfect child.

Melanie F. on

My daughter was born with one very similar and it has pretty much faded away. And from the looks of it, it will fade away also. It sure comes out a lot more when she’s mad, If you guys were to see her, I doubt if you would even notice it.

Traci_3 on

Jody…. I never considered that. (that T & K might not have wanted to appear in public with Suri until married). I think you could be onto something…. who knows really? But, I can see that with Kate’s Catholic heritage she may have thought that Suri was a minor, and could not make the “adult” choices she has. Good observation.

Traci_3 on

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to go on and on…. but, am I the only one that thinks baby Suri looks JUST like her grandma South? (minus the hair color of course). Also, I too have been curious if there is any info why we seem to always see Bella and Connor with Tom. Very possible that Nicole is “very cautious” when it comes to pic taking… but still, does anyone have any info on this? I know at one time I read that the children stay with each of them for “long periods of time”… but, other than Nic’s wedding, I NEVER see the children with their momma OR on this side of the U.S. ( I live in Knoxville, TN.)

Posh_Fan on

Is Katie pregnant? Look at this pic and I saw several others and she does look like she has a bit of a tummy…..

twinmama on

My daughter has a hemangioma on the inner part of her eye. When she was under one year old the docs monitored her very closely for fear that it would cause pressure against the eye making the retina tear away leaving her blind. We had the option of injecting it with a steroid. This posed its own risks. My husband was against it but I’m in the medical profession and researched it extensively and decided to inject. I have to admit that some of my decision was based on asthetics. I didn’t want my daughter to grow up with this big red cherry on her eye. She still has a slight mark after injection but it should go away with time. I believe what Suri has is a port wine stain. Those can be a little more difficult to get rid of. I don’t blame Tom and Katie for sheltering her or air brushing her pics. They are already under such public scrutiny and people can be cruel. Just like my daughter, the red mark takes nothing away from how precious Suri is.

Noelle on

It’s definitely just stork’s bite. My daughter had it and many many other babies have as well. I don’t think we need to have a sort of consipiracy-theory as to why we haven’t seen Suri. We didn’t see Tom’s other kids until FAR after they were adopted. He likes to keep their privacy protected, that’s all. Come on, steroid injections, laser treatments?? It’s ridiculous. The little girl has a red mark on her forehead, like a lot of other babies do. That’s it.

twinmama on

My daughter has a hemangioma on the inner part of her eye. When she was under one year old the docs monitored her very closely for fear that it would cause pressure against the eye making the retina tear away leaving her blind. We had the option of injecting it with a steroid. This posed its own risks. My husband was against it but I’m in the medical profession and researched it extensively and decided to inject. I have to admit that some of my decision was based on asthetics. I didn’t want my daughter to grow up with this big red cherry on her eye. She still has a slight mark after injection but it should go away with time. I believe what Suri has is a port wine stain. Those can be a little more difficult to get rid of. I don’t blame Tom and Katie for sheltering her or air brushing her pics. They are already under such public scrutiny and people can be cruel. Just like my daughter, the red mark takes nothing away from how precious Suri is.

Helene on

Either way, Suri Cruise is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. She’s a doll.

Elissa on

My daughter was born almost 17 years ago with a large facial hemangioma. Since then I’ve spent my time researching hemangiomas. I am currently doing psychological research on the effects of growing up with a facial hemangioma. If you would like to be part of this study,and fit the study criteria listed below,please contact me. If you have any questions I am available to answer them.


The Effect of Facial Hemangiomas on Psycho-Social Development

If you are 14 years old or over and would be willing to answer three short questionnaires, please volunteer for this research study.

This study is investigating the psycho-social impact of growing up with an hemangioma on the face.

You must meet the following criteria to be in the study:

Your birthmark must have been diagnosed as an hemangioma (either deep, superficial or mixed), NOT a Port-Wine Stain or other type of malformation.
You did not receive any treatment prior to age 14 to remove, lighten or reduce the Hemangioma.
It must have covered at least 10% of the face (size of an egg) and been visible to other people.
You must have attended a public or private school. (not home schooled)
You must be able to fill out the questionnaire without help from another person.
All participants must sign a consent form, and if you are under 18 years of age a parent or legal guardian must sign and approve your participation in the study.

All information is strictly confidential. Your answers will be sent to the scoring coordinator anonamously (without your identity disclosed).

Elissa Rifkin, M.Ed.
Principal Investigator

liss on

I don’t think this post on the CBB is very respectful towards Suri and her parents. On one side, you decide not to post pictures of celebrities who don’t want their baby photographed anymore (photos which are all over the web, BTW). But on the other side, you try to reveal the parents’ “secret” about the fact the Suri maybe has a birthmark, which is announced no where on the web and which is obviously -if true- something that the parents are trying to hide.

Kristin on

She is so cute, who cares if she has a verytiny birthmark? I have had port wine stain all over my left leg since birth.

Gina on

My baby girl has a STORK BITE in the same spot. It’s in the shape of a heart too. They do fade in time, but will get red when mad, fussy, etc. She is a DOLL anyways. Anyone who would make fun of a BABY’s look has issues.

Marissa on

I think it looks like she either fell down and bumped her head (poor little thing!) or she fell asleep on Tom’s shoulder. But it doesn’t matter: she’s adorable anyway!

Angie on

It looks like her birthmark and her nose were airbrushed in the VF photos. It doesn’t look as bumpy as it does in the unairbrushed one. She’s definitely a cutie who has Tom’s nose and eyes in my opinion. Even the hairstyle.

Allison on

I think it looks like a birthmark to me. I had a similar birthmark on my forhead when I was that age. I slowly faded as i grew up. Now it’s only noticable when I’m really upset (i’m 28 now) I was VERY self conscience of it when i was young. My daughter was born with the same thing over her eyes, hers have both faded (she’s 15 months now)Regardless she’s a cutie pie and i can see why Katie and Tom would airbruch the official pics.

coal and indy's momma on

looks like a stork bite. probably is the reason they dodged the press. my daughter has a hemangioma on her head. now that she’s 4 you can’t see it b/c it blends in her hair. but when she was six-months-old strangers were rude enough to ask if i dropped her or what was wrong with her. i should have made up some silly dramatic story but at the time went through the trouble of educating the ignorant. personally, i would’ve laser zapped it for a few hundred bucks had my husband allowed for it. supposidly, by the time she’s ten it will be gone.

indyandcoalsmomma on

i just figured out what it is–a kiss from the aliens or a stamp from l.ron or a scienfreako branding.

Annika on

stop harrassing them as they didnt release a photo, it is their baby. Birthmark or not she is their angel and if they wanted to keep her to themselves for a little bit, so be it.

I have so far managed to stop posting about this but this is ridiculous. Suri is beautiful and the parents are happy to me that is all that matters!! 😀

flagtattoo on

Who can blame them for keeping the child at home, when every sighting of her is wrapped in such skepticism and scrutiny? That looks like nothing more than a “stork bite” to me. My son has one on the base of his neck, but I’ve seen many babies with them on their foreheads.

And, admit it mama’s, didn’t you have the impulse to keep your own (non-famous) children to yourself when they were that little? I remember not even wanting my parents to come over and see my son.

Amanda on

Seriously, who cares whether or not she has a birthmark? She is a beautiful baby either way! And maybe I’m thinking too logically here, but maybe they just didn’t want to put their brand new baby in the spotlight just because they are celebrities! I think people just need to get a life.

Liz on

Erika: media reports suggest that Isabella and Connor split their time between their mother and father 50/50. It is said the children are homeschooled or have private tutors (Tom’s sisters), thus allowing for ease of travel for their incredibly complicated schedules. I haven’t personally verified the information with Tom and Nic, but that’s what has been reported. Reports also suggest the children have Scientology in their curriculum, not unusual for homeschooling parents to include segments of reglion in with academics.

As far as Suri and whether or not she has a birthmark and if it had any influence on the decision to keep her out of the public eye…remember that Tom and Nic kept Isabella and Connor out of the public eye for years. Also remember that Katie has stated they originally planned to release pictures soon after her birth, until the public got stupid – making accusations the pregnancy was faked and Suri didn’t exist. I think they are far more normal than people give them credit for and simply were protecting their new baby or (gasp!) exhausted and enjoying their new little girl. It’s ridiculous, all this demonizing of them and the speculation is usually wildly inaccurate when you hear the truth from the source.

Cat on

I really think that’s a stork bite. My niece and my daughter both had one between their eyes, and it faded completely as they got older. What a shame it was airbrushed from the Vanity Fair photos. It certainly does not take anything away from the looks of this BEAUTIFUL little girl.

madina on

for those interested, here are better quality photo’s of that night. it looks like no big deal. BUT THE GIRL is such a cute combination of the parents 🙂

Amanda on

My 3 year old son has a hemangioma on the right side of his mouth. It was not there when he was born, but appeared about 2 weeks later. It grew quickly. We decided not to have it removed unless it kept growing. But now it is alot lighter than it was before. I dont mind when kids ask about it. I just tell them it is a birthmark. When my son is asked, he doesn’t know what they are talking about. He doesn’t even notice it. The thing I have a problem with is adults that will look at him and turn and make a comment to their friend. Give me a break. If you have a question…ask…kids do.

If Tom and Katie are keeping Suri out of site because of a birthmark, they are more shallow than I could have imagined.

Rachael on

My son has the same birthmark on his forehead. I don’t think it takes away from their cuteness one bit. People often ask me if he hit his forehead, or what happened LOL. Just born that way I say.
I really hope that Tom and Katie aren’t vain enough to keep her indoors because of that. How sad!

marcia on

I think its kinda awful that you all framed this story like that. As you can see in the first pictures suri’s bangs are much shorter and in the new candid pic her bangs are long and on her forehead it is very possible that she just has baby achne due to the new irritation of her hair on her very delicate baby skin. My daughter also had baby achne. Its there one day gone the next. Don’t make more of something so commen as baby achne! You have children you know how that goes! geesh

Kelly Wehrer on

Remember, they created all the negative publicity with the couch-jumping and other various “look-at-us” stunts, then disappeared for months claiming they wanted privacy. Can’t have it both ways. If they did keep her under wraps for having a birthmark, I think they missed a valuable opportunity to use their powers for good and educate people, not to mention a chance to make themselves look normal and sympathetic. Badly played.

tina on

The poor baby has been KISSED BY LIPSTICK!
she at the wedding for goodness sake! Every woman there would be wearing lipstick and of course have to kiss the beautiful baby!

TM on

My daughter has the same thing, it looks like, and she is almost 3. The only time you can actually see it is when she is crying or sick. Otherwise, it’s almost invisible. I think Suri is beautiful, with or without this “mysterious” mark.

jenna_129 on

It’s not a big deal compared to my birthmark

ppl gotta stop stressen over it