Suri Cruise wore Armani too!

11/19/2006 at 12:46 AM ET

Suri_reuters_rtr1jeo7_1Tom Cruise hired Giorgio Armani to design his fiance, Katie Holmes’ dress. Turns out Armani also did Tom’s suit, the rest of the wedding party and even little Suri Cruise’s outfit. The 71-year-old designer described Suri’s outfit as "a little white wool bloomer dress, decorated in tulle." Adding also that he made the dress simple, not wanting to exaggerate the dress of a child. Just because the style is simple doesn’t mean the price is either, though. The dress Suri is wearing in the photo at left costs $750!

We hope to be able to post photos of Suri, Connor and Isabella – the actual celebrity babies, as soon as we can.

Here are some details about what the celebrity parents wore:  Katie’s off the shoulder ivory dress had an ivory silk train with Valenciennes lace andSwarovski beaded crystal embroidery, ivory tulle floor length veil, and she wore ivory silk shoes.  She carried a bouquet of calla lillies.  She later changed into a champagne evening gown for the reception.  Tom wore a navy blue tuxedo.  The couple’s rings are white gold with diamonds from Cartier.

 Source: The Associated Press and People, with permission

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gabriella on

Suri is so cute, maybe we will see more picture of her from the wedding. The other day on extra they said, that beautiful dress we saw her in when Tom was holding her, cost $750. Little Suri already dresses in style lol. She is a cutie with beautiful dark hair and blue eyes. I just saw a picture of Katie in her wedding dress, she looked beautiful.

Deborah on

Katie looks beautiful. It will be nice to see pics of Suri and the rest of the wedding party.

I totally feel duped though… considering their publisist told Entertainment Tonight that they were actually MARRIED in LA last week because in Italy Scientology isn’t recognized so they were married before leaving for Italy. So this whole hoopla was just really a PARTY for friends not really a wedding after all.

cassopolis on

On italian newspaper armani niece said she designed katie’s wedding dress, thanks photoshopped tom cruise to look thinner lol

Carol on


Zoey on

Look at how much Katie is hunched over so Tom looks taller than her. She seems so awkward like that :/

Dazzlar on

I must be so cynical but there doesn’t seem to be any emotion on Tom’s face. The photo looks very posed! I really, really want to like him but I just can’t! (Is he standing on a box to bring the top of his head up to hers?)
Katie looks bewdiful and Suri is like a little doll!

Sad on

Not necessary for anyone to dish out a lot of cash in order to be stylish.
Anyway, Suri is a doll. When she’ll grow up (after 16 years or so), I wonder what she’ll feel, looking back at her pictures at her parents’ wedding?
“Why didn’t this happen before I was conceived?”
Anyway, I wish them the best!

Jen on

Suri is gorgeous! Katie looks amazing in her wedding dress.

Michelle on

Is that a real photo of Tom and Katie? Their heads are at a weird angle as if they’ve been superimposed on

horrible on

This is disgusting. First these people make a press paraade of their relationship. Then they beg for privacy for their daughter. now they are doing it again.

So which is it – do they want privacy or not?

People who want privacy do not have full press and a public display in people magazine.

Traci_3 on

So looking forward for the family photos! Kate’s veil looks so romantic. Wonder who held little Suri during the ceremony. Also, is she with mom and dad (and possibly a nanny) on the honeymoon? Anticipating all the juicy info and lavish pics! Peace, health, and happiness to the new family!

Hannah on

It appears Suri has the remnants of a hemangioma or some other type of strawberry birthmark on her forehead in the picture in this post. That could possibly be why they waited to present her to the public and her photos in Vanity Fair required retouching, these birthmarks fade over time. Just a possibility!

Jennifer R on

Wow, all of them look amazing. Katie looks very happy and Tom looks very handsome in this photo. What a fairytale wedding they had!

Michelle on

I absolutly LOVE Kate’s dress. She looks soooo beautiful and happy. I cant wait to see more pics as they are released. All the love and happiness to them.

yogadaisy on

Hmm. It looks like a prom picture. Katie doesn’t look sophisticated at all and Tom looks a bit stuffy. It looks as if she is slouching and be is standing his tallest to downplay that she is so much taller than him. And the backdrop is too dark and cavernous. But otherwise I like it! 😉

Posh_Fan on

They are selling the wedding pictures to a magazine (probably people?) for a million dollar with the money going to charity. Hopefully we’ll see suri.

PSB on

Ha! totally agree about the prom picture, yogadaisy. While Katie looks pretty, I kind of expected something more sophisticated, esp since her dress was supposed to be an Armani (now, turns out, was Armani’s niece). And Tom’s hair is something akin to a mid-life crisis. That look only really works on a man half his age (say…Katie’s age!).

Anyway, Suri looks the best of the three. Very sweet baby. Too bad her parents are too vain to let people see their “imperfect” baby before the birthmark fades. She looks beautiful to me the way she is.

cassopolis on

They sold for 2 millions pictures for a magazine and tv
yes, look like a prom picture 🙂

Principesa on

Ditto to prom photo and Katie slouching to meet Tom (she is much taller, yes?)

Kid is adorable. Just adorable.

Hea on

Could people please stop complaining about Tom and Katie? Don’t you have anything better to do?

I think they look great. Suri is gorgeous and I love Katies wedding dress.

gb on

What I love about Katie is she never looks “overdone.” She can wear a million dollar dress and still look naturally elegant. A beautiful gown and a beautiful picture!

tink1217 on

Katie’s dress is beautiful, Tom could look better, and Suri is goergeous! I hope they are happy.

elisa on

Tom and Katie look beautiful! I love these two and their adorable baby Suri. I wish them all the best and a life full of happiness and love!…more babies, please!!!

natalie on

i don’t like katie’s dress. tom wanted her to look a certain way and made katie use armani to design a dress for her. i believe tom gave katie no say in the matter. since she’s been with tom, she has been dressing more modestly. i don’t think tom lets her choose the clothes she wants anymore.

madison on

I will admit, I ahve been pretty cynical about this couple from the get-go. But for me anyway, its time to just go with the fact that they both really do look very happy together, and they have a beautiful and healthy baby girl. All good….

Heather on

Someone posted above that they wondered what Suri would think in 16 years about why her parents didn’t marry before she was born…give me a break. I’m sure if her parents are still together by then, she’ll just be happy about that. My parents concieved me out of wedlock and when I found out when I was older…I didn’t care. They got married didn’t they. I conceieved and had my daughter out of wedlock and i’m pretty darn sure she isn’t going to care about it either. I married her father, may have been after she was born, but we are together. I didn’t marry him before hand because I didn’t want my wedding to feel like a “have to” ceremony just cause i was pregnant. Besides…You don’t have to be married to be a family.

Katie looks beautiful, a little awkward in the picture, but beautiful!

PSB on

Heather, don’t let them get you down. Half of Europe doesn’t even bother getting married at all – even after the baby. I’m all for marriage myself, but it’s pretty old fashioned to be shocked when somebody has a baby beforehand. Do whatever makes you comfortable.

As for Suri…as long as they give her lots of love and spend time with her, she will be happy.

Barbara on

What a wonderful picture of Tom & Katie. They both are beaming and seem truly happy. I wish them the best.

Hea on

Sad – Are you serious?

ceci on

Am I the only one who can’t see the pic with Suri in it? I just see the pic that every media outlet got…

Lauren on

All Sad was saying is that Suri may grow up and feel awkward that her parents got married after having conceived her instead of being more traditional and waiting until after the wedding since they got pregnant so quickly after they became a couple, especially since in all likelihood they won’t still be together. There is no need for anyone to jump on her for her opinion like some people have done. I don’t care if all of Europe chooses to have children out of wedlock and not get married; many people, myself included, feel that the sanctity of marriage is the most important commitment one can make and is the best environment in which to give birth to and raise a child for economic, commitment, and stability reasons.
I love this site, but I’m getting pretty tired of certain posters jumping down the throats of people who disgree with them.

Collarbones against Straplessness on

I like the dress. I’m so glad she didn’t go for strapless, I’m REALLY sick of strapless wedding gowns. They’re generally not very flattering. Off the shoulder, however, is gorgeous.

Personally, I think Katie could afford to get “done” a little more. She’s not a teenager anymore. It never looks like she’s brushed her hair. Would have liked to seen her hair up, or a little more formally sculpted.

Lots of people have official cermonies in private and then big weddings later, esp. when travelling out of the country, or even out of state. No biggie.