Jolie-Pitt family take boat ride in India

11/18/2006 at 06:21 PM ET

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took two of their children on a boat ride, yesterday in India. Maddox is 5 and Zahara is 22 months. See many more at Just Jared.


Photo from x17online, with thanks

Thanks to CBB readers Corinne, Ameena and Mary Beth.

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Christine on

Where on earth is Shiloh?????
Maddox and Zahara go EVERYWHERE and Shiloh is never seen.

Patrick's mom on

They sent Shiloh back to Namibia. Cute family.

mommy2bof2 on

Why the heck is Zahara not wearing a life jacket?!?

nevertake thechance on

Very cute pic, however where are the childrens life vests? Children need to be wearing a life vest at all times when on a boat!

erin on

i hate that they’re not wearing life jackets!!!

*** Beth *** on

I understand that they can’t live their lives behind closed doors after being in the public eye for so long, but for once I’d like to see the WHOLE family out together. I don’t want to sound nasty but it’s like they parade around Maddox and Zahara. Like Shiloh isn’t special because they didn’t rescue her. It’s really sad that they don’t seem to spend any time with her.

Lili on

Hah, the life jackets. If that were Britney…

Amber on

I never would have thought Ang would be the type of person to leave her baby behind like everyone else seems to be doing lately. The other two are always with her and I know Shiloh is old enough to be in a sling or carrier. She carried Zahara in a carrier/side sling for a long time, she should be doing the same for Shiloh. It’s not fair.

Rose on

My thoughts exatly.
Where do they keep Shiloh?? Locked away somewhere???
Please do no tell me they leave her with a nnany, I mean who on earth goes parading the other kids and leaves her flesh and bones away.
I’m starting to believe the baby was a set up to get attention, or to make us like Angelina.
Honestly where is Shiloh?? I really want to see her
The other kids are ok, but we want to see Shiloh spend some time with her parents too.

Mary on

Its also not fair for them to get mobbed by every time they leave the hotel. Go to and check out the video. This is probably why we don’t see many pictures of Shiloh. At one point Angie & Maddox, who are holding hands, are torn apart by the paparazzi. Brad has to hold on to all three of them just to make it to the car. Watch the video and tell me an infant belongs in that mess. Pictures make it look like the paparazzi are respectful but video reveals tells the truth. The paparazzi are animals.

Holly C. Slavic on

I have to say I have been feeling bad for Shiloh lately! I am glad someone else has noticed that she is rarely with the family. Obviously, back with a nanny/assistant. It’s just that I have had four babies and at that age they are very portable in a sling and the older siblings get used to their new family member being around! Plus I want to have my baby with me! Of course I know these people live a very different life than most of us, but why do we not see Shiloh!?

gabriella on

Holly, Christine, Amber, and Beth, I agree with you guys. At the beginning I thought ok she is little, I can see them, not taking her a lot. But at her age I saw Zahara plenty of times, and I saw Maddox as a baby too. They are always gonna get attention whether Shiloh is 6 months, 2yrs old or 10yrs, because they are celebrities and that’s how it is for them. And actually there making it worse by not showing her, because paparazzi are more curious what she looks like. I never thought they would be the type to hide Shiloh, yet parade the other two around like nothing. On anther site last week, they were going to an airport and Brad had Shiloh totally covered, and other children were shown like nothing. Plenty of celebrities get annoyed with the paparazzi, but they still take their children out. Heck on this site alone how many pictures don’t we see of Jennifer with Violet, Kate Hudson with Ryder, Heidi Klum, Denise Richards, Brooke Shields,Britny and a bunch of other celebrity moms. Besides the people magazine spread, I’ve only seen one clear picture of Shiloh and rest she was covered. People talked about Tom and Katie never showing Suri, Brad and Angelina are just as bad. And it’s not just us on this site noticing it, plenty of people mention it all the time. And I happen to be a big Angelina and Brad fan, I love them as actors and think Shiloh is gorgeous. But it’s obvious they have no problem showing Zahara and Maddox, but not Shiloh.

lulululu on

Is Shiloh 6 months? That still seems kind of young to go on boat rides and some of the other activities the older kids are doing. The older kids can’t stay cooped up in the house all the time, at that age they should be out and about. Honestly, if I had the means to do it (trusted nanny or family member at home) and two older kids, I would do it too. I’m sure they aren’t out all day, just a few hours.

The paparazzi element makes it that much scarier. Brad/Angelina are very much like Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes – they shield their infant a lot too. So does Gwyneth.

Not knowing anything about it from that side, it seems Gwen Stefani (and Britney, when she just had SP) have a smart strategy: they have the baby with them a lot, so the pictures don’t seem as valuable because there are so many of them, so maybe the paparazzi are more civilized?

Back to this subject: I agree the kids should have life vests. Yes, if it was Britney, she would be criticized and mocked. They did something similar recently too, bike riding without helmets or something like that.

Kresta on

It looks very hot where they are and maybe Shiloh doesn’t cope with the sun and heat too well. We have to remember she is blonde and blue-eyed whereas Maddox and Zahara are darker-skinned and more likely able to cope with the harsh climate.

PSB on

To be fair, we only see pictures of the Jolie-Pitt family once or twice a week when they go somewhere public. I’m sure they are spending tons of quality time with Shiloh the other hundred hours a week when we don’t see them. That said, it’s really great to see huge celebs taking the time out of their busy schedules to have fun with their kids.

Oh, and not to jump on the bandwagon, but—LIFEJACKETS???! Seriously. Both kids are too little to fend for themselves in open water/river.

helena on

I don’t think that they are “parading” Z and M around because they were “rescued”…thats just harsh. I believe that Angie and Brad love all 3 kids wholeheartedly without a doubt. I think some of us looking in from the outside are too quick to judge. Lets take step back and cool our jets and think about what mary posted. she has a really good point.

Austin on

If this had been Britney Spears, the press would have been all over the fact that nobody has life preservers on, especially the children. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed!

SiervaMaria on

I’ve been lurking here for quite awhile with no real intention of ever posting, but I just feel so compelled to after reading such harsh judgements about Brad & Angelina’s decision to not bring Shiloh with them like the others. It’s bothering me because it seems your desire to see her seems to supersede her parents desire for whatever reason, to not take her along. I seems a bit selfish and quite judgmental, and very unfair. They adore all their children equally and you know this, yet some of you are insinuating that because maybe she’s the biological child shes getting preferencial treatment. What my opinion is, when Maddox came into Angie’s life, she wasn’t getting chased down. When Zahara came into she and Brads life, it was a bit more interest by the paps and public, but never unmanageable. Shiloh is born, and all hell breaks loose to the point of them feeling safer in another country. Zahara & Maddox are older, they’re able to communicate, they’re interested in their surrondings. They can bloody walk! Shiloh isn’t even aware shes on this earth let alone able to point to the sky in a questioning way. Look at those crazy videos to see a taste of what they have to contend with. Where would they hold the child?! In Angies purse? Bottomline, this is about your wanting to see her and I’m sorry, but I think its selfish to judge them because you aren’t getting what you want to see, which is Shiloh.

Zoey on

I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds some of their decisions regarding their publicity and their children a bit disturbing. Unless they are in ankle deep water (and they can’t be, since they are in a boat) every single person should be wearing a life jacket. Even the adults, although that is more of their choice, but those children, I hardly think they could fend for themselves if god forbid anyhthing should happen. And with the people who mentioned them parading M and Z but hiding S, I COMPLETLEY agree. I rememember when Moses Martin was first born, and Gwen was out with him constantly and then the pictures devalued and people lost interest. Its a very smart thing to do and I wish some other celebs -cough- would follow suit.

yvonne de la franchcourte the 14th on


Foreigner on

Hi to all. Re life jakcets, few third world boats have them. As for Shiloh, a 6-month baby with no complete immunizations should not be really exposed much to public places, esp in foreign countries

Traci_3 on

Yes, the press are brutal. BUT, they’ve known this and it seems to me, at least, that they’ve ALWAYS been mobbed. Don’t understand why Shiloh gets left behind. These two toted little Z around from the get-go. If they are going to travel the world and have a large family, they are going to have to manage security better, or else keep the children at home. I can’t imagine that they would want one child to experience the world more than another. Not sure what the reason for not having their entire family together, maybe there is something we don’t know about. Certainly their choice… however, I absolutely agree that I wouldn’t have thought Angie to do this. Again, maybe their are issues or concerns we know nothing about. We must assume they know what is best for THEIR family.

J.M. on

A few weeks ago on splash video they had video of all the kids. Brad got out of the car first with baby Shiloh (although he had her covered with a blanket) then Angie got out carrying Z with Maddox in toe with a bodyguard. The paps were screamin and yelling so I can imagine how frightening it must be for the kids. Z and Mad are a bit older and can handle it maybe a bit more then Shiloh could (and not to mention she’s a bigger celeb baby bc of who her biological parents are). So to answer all of you wondering where Shiloh is, she has been seen out with them on recent trips but not often.

Sarah on

It always seems like Angelina has a stick up her butt and Brad wears the skirt in the family…hrm

Diana on

Someone mentioned that Shiloh is probably not out with them because its a foreign country shouldn’t be exposed to public places because of not having complete immunizations. THEN WHY GO there?? Why is it necessary to go to a foreign country if you can’t take your 6 month old out because it wouldn’t be safe, it is not necessary to go to a 3rd world country, Also saying that the 3rd world country boats may not have life jackets? I would get my own life jacket or NOT take them!!! That is no excuse for this irresponsible behavior. And whoever said they like to parade Zahara and Maddox around because they are rescued, I agree, I don’t care if it sounds harsh or not thats what it seems like to me, and if they adopt another child anytime soon I will be convinced of that. If they adopt another child within a year I will lose all respect for them (not that I had much to begin with)

For shame on

You said everything I wanted to say but better. In my opinion, the demand to see Shiloh by some of the commenters is just selfish. This isn’t about whether Brad and Angelina love their children equally because I believe they do, this is about how some of you think you have the RIGHT to see her.

You are all a bunch of backseat drivers who think you know how to navigate their lives better than they do. You have no clue what it’s like to walk in their shoes, aren’t followed on a daily basis by strange men shoving cameras in your children’s faces, and if some of you were honest you’d admit you don’t even like Brad and Angelina so in your eyes all choices made by them are wrong. I’ve lurked here in the past and some call their oldest children accessories. Say that Brad and Angelina “parade” the oldest children around. You are judgmental and rude and should be ashamed of yourselves. God forbid you get a taste of what its like to be picked apart by others who only get a minute’s glimpse into your lives. You’ve done it to Britney Spears, you did it to Tom and Katie and now you do it to Brad and Angelina. Its just shameful.

madison on

A picture may tell a thousand words but we have to remember that the shots of these excursions (i.e. a boat ride, a walk around the gateway, time at the playground) most probably represent an hour or two out of their day. Many more hours in the day available to spend with baby Shiloh. So in my opinion, its a pretty big jump to say they never spend time with her, or are parading the others out and about leaving her home all the time with a nanny. We have no idea what they do with all those hours that they are not in the public eye…my guess is they are spending quality time with all three of their children.

amylamy on

i’d like to see you guys navigate the paparazzi the way that brad and angelina have to. THEN you can give an opinion on whether or not Shiloh should be left at home or not. until then, try to realize that their lives are extremely different than ours and they have to act accordingly. and would you really want to expose your six month old to the craziness that surrounds them? i know i wouldn’t, and any sane parent would not want that for their baby. Maddox and Zahara are older and can’t really be shielded from it anymore, but Shiloh can. you all are so judgemental. try putting yourself in their shoes for a little. you’re all acting like you deserve to see shiloh or something. they owe you nothing. and the parading around part? please. they’re trying to live their lives, i’m sure they’d be much happier if there weren’t people following them around taking pictures all the time.

SiervaMaria on

For Shame & Madison

Brad has a very new/very long interview with the Indian television media, and after reading the transcript of it, you can’t imagine how they do try and attempt to do family things outside in public but it never fails to turn crazy. He spoke of them taking Zee & Madd on a walk and asked the paparazzi to please allow them space, and they just ignored it and the family was forced to return to their hotel. They are damned if they do/don’t. If they take them out, they’re parading them for publicity. Kept in, its abuse. I believe them to be very good parents for famous or not. As far as it ever calming down, Angelina gave me the impression in two interviews that although she loves acting, being an at home mom (so to speak) wouldn’t be hard for her at all. Not that she’d come to a dead halt, but her family and humanitarian work would be where her energies would go first. I wouldnt be surprised if after ATLAS SHRUGGED, she just may quit acting for a spell, and Brad’s moving more in the background doing producing, so maybe the paps interest will die down once they’re not as visable. I wish them good things no matter which route they take.

Leigh on

It’s very disturbing to see all of these people in a boat without lifejackets. Can you imagine the uproar if Britney Spears’ children weren’t wearing lifejackets?

ryo_girl on

People are just never happy are they? What would be the point of brining a six-month-old baby out in the Indian sun to go on a boat trip she won’t remember? Brad and Angie only have two hands each, they can’t protect all three kids when things get like that. Think of it like this: Zahara and Shiloh are babies who can’t walk in crowds. Maddox is five. He can walk in crowds, but these aren’t regular crowds. They’re mobs of people, all snapping pictures. In the video, Maddox gets pulled away. In other pictures from this outing, Angie just picks him up and they get into the car okay. But, if Angie had Shiloh or Zahara, would she be able to pick him up and keep him from getting separated and trampled? No. So, what’s worse, leaving behind a baby who is probably sleeping, or exposing a five-year-old to very real danger? If they did have Shiloh, people would be complaining that they shouldn’t be taking kids into crowds like that because Maddox could get hurt. You can’t have it both ways.

And, to be fair, Maddox was 7 months old when he was adopted, and there was no media frenzy to deal with. Zahara was six months old, yes, but Angie was still able to scoop Maddox up and carry him inside when he got scared of the crowds outside of a toy store in Malibu. It’s much safer to leave the baby at home.

Autumn on

I agree with most of you about taking out baby Shiloh with them, that they should take her out with the other older kids, but I guess it’s their choice how they handle their daughter. (I would imagine that as Shiloh gets older, we’ll probably see more of her with the rest of her family too.)

As far as the life vests, on a boat that size, I’d agree that everyone should be wearing some sort of life vests, even if they think it makes them look like a dork. (Even if they’re not boating in the US, it’s still a good rule of safety.) The children especially should wear them, but also Brad & Ange to set a good example.

SiervaMaria on

Leigh, although I’m personally not that bothered by with the lack of jackets, there has been commentary about it from others. One has to remember that Britney’s decisions were investigated per the law of the land inwhich they occured, whereas it’s apparently not considered unlawful for anyone (no one on the boat had one on) adult or child to be without a life jacket in India, and at the time that’s who’s jurisdiction they were under.

SiervaMaria on

Leigh, keep in mind that Britney’s decisions were questioned in the states, and according to the laws of the land there. Americas rules don’t travel with it’s citizens to other countries, and flotation jackets arent required in a lot of other countries, and not just third world. It crossed my mind momentarily that they didnt have them, but that’s because I’ve been exposed to the fact Americans wear, or are required to wear them. People would simply die if they ever saw the children who inhabit areas all over the world as young as Zahara fishing and playing about in the ocean!

Heavenly_hibiscus on

sigh…Brangelina have certainly bitten off more than they can chew…

twinmama on

Does Angelina EVER smile? That woman always looks so miserable.

leis on

i agree with SiervaMaria and Foreigner. I have the same point.

I have two kids same age as Mad and Z, let’s say I also have a small one like Shiloh, I would also choose places or activities that I could bring all of them. If I feel it’s better to leave her home then that’s my decision. It’s not because i love her less. Parents do that, so is Angie&Brad.

Also, Brad and Angie like to hold their kids themselves, it would be hard to manage three kids with all the paps out there.

leis on

good point again SiervaMaria about the lifevests… it will only be an issue if you’re an American… :)… we dont have laws on that hehehe!!!