Rachel Weisz says everyone told her parenthood would be "bad"

11/17/2006 at 12:43 PM ET

Rachelweisz2fh9_1Rachel Weisz, mom to five month old Henry Chance Aronofsky, was happily surprised by how much she’s enjoying parenthood.  She said, "Everyone said it was going to be bad.  I didn’t know it was going to be this much fun." 

Rachel’s has already experienced some challenges with Henry- he had surgery to correct what we believe was an inguinal hernia and she is struggling with balancing work and motherhood.  Rachel’s already filmed a bit part in My Blueberry Nights, and is now filming her first larger role since giving birth, a part in the ensemble film Definitely, Maybe. Of the working mom experience, Rachel says, "Ihave respect for all working moms out there, because it’s definitely acomplicated balancing act, which millions of women are doing all thetime…But I’m part of that club now."

She adds, "I’m still new to it.  I’m green.  I’m still figuring it out as it goes."

I think that all first time moms are green, all throughout their child’s life!  You’re constantly being faced  with new challenges through each stage of your child’s life and since you’ve never been through it before as a parent (as opposed to a babysitter, sibling, aunt/uncle) it’s a brand new experience.  Hopefully, with subsequent kids, it gets easier because you’ve been through it before.  Does it?  If you have more than one child, please share your experience!

Source: Us Weekly, November 20, 2006 issue

Photo: People, used with permission


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Carrie Briggs on

I have 2 daughters aged 8 and 6, and i definately found it easir to cope second time around, also i think it helped that my second birth was natural, unlike my first which was a caesarean.

Mischa on

With my firstborn daughter, it was really hard having a full-time job. Both me and my hubby have very demanding jobs in fashion so we normally work 10 hour days!
Even though I got 4 months of, I sufferd from postnatal deppression. We had a nanny from day one, but we still wanted to be hands on parents, something I think we have achieved 2 years on. The nanny was there to cook, clean and give a helping hand when we needed it so it was good to have her. My hubby also has three kids from an ex-wife so don`t think she was for just one kid!! We`re goins strong and anxiously awaiting our 4th.. HELP 🙂

Sara Halloran on

I think parenting gets easier as you have more babies. I have two right now and the biggest difference I have noticed is that I am much more laid back with my second. I have learned that she will do things in her own time and to just enjoy all the moments I can while I can. You also learn what products you need, and which are frivolous. All around it is easier, but we’ll see what I say when i have 3 instead of two!

Lisa on

It definitely gets easier. Although I have heard the transistion from 1 to 2 is the hardest. I started at 2 (twins) so I can’t really say whether that is true. As a mom of 5 now I can say it is much simpler with each subsequent child. You sort of know which things are worth worrying about and which things are just normal parts of baby growing up.

Chloe on

I have two boys- 3.5 years apart. I found adding a second child was much easier to handle than when we had our first. You know more of what to expect and you feel more free to let instinct guide you… also now that they are getting older, it’s great to see their interactions with one another- they are great play-mates!

Rachel on

It absolutely gets easier. I had such a hard adjustment after the birth of my daughter 5 years ago, especially with learning to nurse and becoming a SAHM. However, I gave birth to quadruplets last November, and I think it was easier adjusting to caring for all of them (and I’m still nursing)! I look back on my daughter’s birth and wonder, “What did I think was so difficult about that?” I think it’s making the adjustment to always having to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own that makes the first one so hard.

mdfreeman31 on

Oh GOD yes, I have four children and for me, it definitely got easier. With my first one, I was sooooo overprotective and felt I had to do everything according to this book my mother bought me. LOL I mean everything straight from a book. Oh wait I am still overprotective, I take them to school and pick them up everyday.

Wait let me add that it’s only gotten a little more hectic because of scheduling
to take them to practice and games the schedules are out of this world. But, I’d rather have that than having them have to much time to get into GOD knows what.

I would advice parents that have toddlers now is the time to be firm and teach them manners. I can’t count how many times I go to stores, or the movies, or to my children’s games were there are unruly children. I just cringe when I see no control. There are some exceptions but for majority “if you let them get away with temper tantrums, talking to you any kind of way, and getting their way when they are toddlers expect the same when they become teenagers. Very seldom does it get better more like; worse.

Karen on

It truly gets so much easier with your subsequent children. You are so much more at ease and you rarely 2nd guess yourself. Your confidence level is high. You trust yourself so much more because you know what to expect. I have 2 children. A 4 year old girl and a 1 year old boy.

Tracy on

We just recently had our 4th child, and I must admit that it does get easier in most ways. I feel a bit like a circus ringleader at times, but I am no longer nervous about the typical “new mom” things. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from parenting multiple children is patience. We have learned to love the chaos, and appreciate the fact that there is most certainly no time of boredom in our home! It will be quiet one day, I know, and I dread the thought (most days anyway, haha). Best advice for those wanting big families… Each child deserves their own time in the spotlight each day to feel special. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with the daily grind AND make that happen, but we make it a point each and everyday so that noone feels invisible in our busy family.

Deanna on

I think for the most part it gets easier. Like others have said, you don’t stress about every little thing, because you know what’s “normal”. I have 3 boys, ages 12, 10, and 8, and the biggest thing is that they are all so different. What worked with the first didn’t work with the 2nd and third. So some things we’re having to readjust and learn new strategies for each child.

amelita on

Going from zero to one kid was much harder for me than going from one to two children. The first one broke me in. It was somewhat of a rude awakening for me- I knew parenthood was going to be challenging but initially it seemed like it sucked the life out me. I felt lost and trapped. Once I got over the loss of my old life w/o kids I embraced my new life with a kid. Adding the second was so wonderful, I’m thinking I may want a third- something I’d never dreamt I would want.

Gabele on

Sorry girls…it doesn’t get any easier. I’ll tell you why: every child is different. They come w/ different personalities and you have to adapt to each one as needed. I have 4 boys, so I can tell your from my experience.

Pam on

I find that after each jump, there is an adjustment period. Life before the jump seems like it was easier, and there is a new “hard”. Life without a child seemed hard, then there was a child and life before the child seemed easier. One child was hard, then there were two and one seemed easier. Two children were hard, then there were three and two seemed easier. I can honestly say that life with one child and a tiny house was just as hard for me as 3 children, a job, and a house twice as big! I just got used to more.
I think all women deserve respect for the place they are at in their lives. And don’t worry when it comes to adding…it seems to me that you can always handle more!

Brenda on

With the first you scared about e-v-e-r-y-thing. After the first you don’t get so worried at each fever or rash, especially after the second. Another advantage with subsequent kids is you have the stuff already or know what to get. You still have the sleepless nights, the sore breasts, and all but you know what to do and you know to make that man get up and help.

tink1217 on

definitely!! My first I was scared outta my mind!!! Afraid to do everything wrong. I had lots of family help too! The second came 18 months later and was much easier. I knew what to expect and was more laid back and calm.