Maddox Jolie-Pitt gets highlights

11/17/2006 at 03:45 PM ET

Maddox Jolie-Pitt was photographed in India yesterday sporting a new Mohawk, this one complete with a ponytail and highlights! What do you think about highlighting a child’s hair? Leave a comment or take our poll below.

Source: TMZ via Fame

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crazytalk23 on

you know, i may never do it but its not the worst thing in the world. i mean in the grand scheme of things. and there are some products out there that are not “as bad” as others.

Is it really any different than piercing a childs ears? at least hair dye isn’t permanent (well in theory neither are piercings but still)

Tiffany on

No way does he need highlights! not only is he too young, in my opinion, but he is not a female. Next thing he will be getting mani-pedicures!!

A Parent on

I feel sorry for all of her children, they’ll all grow up to be slightly off.

momof2girlies on

Like my mom always said…”if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all…”
Thats it!

olivia on

I personally wouldn’t do it but as long as no chemicals are on his scalp and just on his hair then it shouldn’t hurt him. Kids should look like kids not mini adults though…just my opinion.

A Mom on

I personally wouldn’t do it and I don’t believe its right. Its not like he’s a teenager and wants to stand out. I’d probably allow my teen to do it but not my adolescent child.

Jen on

I have twin sons that will be 7 next month. Both have mohawks and have since they were 2. About 2 years ago they asked to color their hair (one wanted blue, the other wanted green). They got it! There is nothing wrong with coloring hair. Hair color, highlights- none of that makes a person who he or she is. And seeing that I have Crayola colored hair, I couldn’t tell them no. 😉
It is COMPLETELY up to the parent(s)!

madison on

I would definitely consider it as long as it was ‘in moderation’. I don’t really see it as anything different than other hair requests that a child may make – grow it long, buzz it short etc. Pick your battles is my mantra, and highlights are temporary.

Astonished Momma on

What could Maddox possibly need highlights for? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt obviously love children because they seem very family-oriented, so why would she even consider doing that to her 5 year old’s hair? I think even girls getting highlights in middle school is too young. Just my opinion.

Micki on

I think he is their child so its their choice. No one can tell you what you should ans shoudn’t do with your child. Besides its not like its going to last forever. It looks like also that the hair isn’t real. Maybe they jst let him play around with little clip on extentions.

pink.lioness on

Micki, I completely agree.

I thought the highlights don’t look real, too. They don’t go far up enough to touch his scalp, at least that’s how it looks. Personally I don’t like his hair much that way but so what, if the kid likes it (it’s his hair, right?) and his parents are okay with that… so what, it’s their choice.

He’s still a cute kid!

Michelle on

I think since he is their kid, they can do as they please. I have no problem what so ever with it. Kids are individuals too and want to place it out there and if they want to hi-light their hair or whatever, let them. At least his parents are approving of it and he wont do stuff behind their back as he gets older. If you trust what your kid wants to do, as they get older they wont go do things that their parents dont approve of.
And I agree with mommyof2girlies, if you have nothing nice to say, dont comment. It doesnt help.

Amy on

Oh please! If this were Britney everybody would be going crazy about her highlighting her child’s hair (if he were older…not at this young of an age). Because it’s Brad and Angie it’s okay?

rebekalynn on

What someone does with (and not necessarily TO) their child is their choice.

What does any child need ‘any’ type of cosmetic feature for (pierced ears for girls example — little girls don’t –need it– but it’s done all the time.

I like whoever said “pick your battles”
It’s hair. Hair grows back. FAST. My more conservative hubby would disagree with me though, I am certain, but it wouldn’t really bother me. Children’s personalities and individuality develop very young and who am I to tell them that they cannot be an individual? It’s just hair.

ang on

why does it matter if he gets a few highlights? He’s hardly living the suburban life of your average four (five?) year old is he? It’s up to his parents, it’s not really a huge issue.

Kresta on

If you are a celebrity and want attention for your child then colour his or her hair They know darn well the press are going to be all over it. I think Maddox gets more than his fair share of attention anyway. Afterall, he is just a 5 year old boy who happens to have famous parents. I hope he doesn’t grow up to have an inflated opinion of himself.

abc123 on

Speaking as a mother of a child with an ASD (autistic spectrum disorder), I say NO WAY! I think children are exposed to too many chemicals, preservatives, environmental pollutants, etc. nowadays. Getting hair dyed especially in the developemental years is a bad idea. My husband and I ask ourselves everyday, is autism caused from genetics, environment, pregnancy, etc? Until I have that answer, I watch what I put on and into my children. There are so many ways to express individuality, why take the chance.

MMM on

Looking at this picture of Maddox reminds me of little Ramses from the 10 Commandments. Remember his little ponytail?

That aside, does anyone else think this hair looks fake? I think maybe he was just playing around.

natalie on

i am so jealous of any five year olds hair! my nieces have the most gorgeous blonde and brown hair with shimmery, golden, warm highlights. why color that?

Sabina on

I wasn’t allowed highlights in my hair until I was fourteen, and even then I had to beg for months and it ended up being my 14th birthday present. I don’t doubt for one minute that Angelina and Brad are great parents, but I can’t help feeling that that child is spoilt rotten. I hope they don’t forget to teach him one day that you can’t always have everything you want in life.

Fione on

i think its a disgrace, let kids be kids, not to mention how tacky it looks, thought more of Angelina and Brad. I mean I saw the picture and cringed, how gross!

me on

Does anyone else think Maddox is NOT a cute kid??

Penny Lane on

I’m more worried about that terrible-looking ponytail-like thing sprouting on the back of his head!

yogadaisy on


katie on

Big deal. It will be cut off eventually. There are worse things to worry about.

Alicia on

The highlifgt’s don’t bother me at all. It is the hair style it’s self. And not the mowhak part cause that is fine but the pony tail looks awfull!

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

i started coloring my dark brown hair black when i was 14, i’ve done it about 4 times since then and my dad complains all the time. I’ve heard “You are ruining your hair”, and “why do you want to do something that stupid for?” more times then i can remember. It depends on the parent and the maturity of the child.

mafalda on

in my opinion, it’s tacky and trashy. i compare it to the mullets i see on some kids.
oh, and piercing a little girl’s ears is cultural, not a trend. at least in my country, it is very rare to leave the hospital without piercing your newborn daughter’s ears. it’s even included in the hospital bill.

joy on

We all know that Angelina is not the “normal” mom – her kids are always dressed unique. I don’t think it’s a bad thing like some have said but I would never do it for my child. I have known young boys to want the hightlights esp. on the tips of their hair. The dye in Maddox’s hair could be fake. But nonetheless it doesn’t surprise me that he has a different hairstyle then most 5 year olds.

arika on

I live here in korea and its common to see a child around maddox age or younger to have highlights

alexp on

Man, that is sad. Let him be a little boy and not worry about being a trend setter. There are just some things that you shouldn’t do to kids, like tatoo them, pierce them, color their hair, give them alcohol, etc. The crazy haircut was bad enough, but coloring the boy’s hair is just way too much for me. He’s a cute kid, but she’s making him look like an idiot.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

The pony tail looks fake.

Could you imagine Maddox turning up at a regular school with hair like that?

What worries me is not so much the hair but the little amount of time these celeb kids spend socialising with kids their own age – pretty much none.

Fran on

I think some of you have your panties in a knot over nothing. It’s just hair. It’s not like they’ve gone and given him a tattoo. I think there’s far worse parenting choices than to let your child have a few highlights.

Just a few questions to get a few of you thinking –

Would it be such a big deal if he were a little girl?
– IMHO – I don’t think there’d be a huge stink over if it was a 5 year old girl, instead.

If you oppose highlights do you also oppose ear piercing?
– IMHO – hair grows back, and the process doesn’t hurt.

yogadaisy on

Fran, I would be MORE distressed to see a little girl with dyed hair because of the message it sends to her about beauty expectations. And yes, I cringe when I see a baby’s ears pierced. Not only is it painful for the unsuspecting baby but it is uncomforable having earrings in when you are sleeping, rolling around, etc. Why someone would want to put holes into a pefect baby’s ears is beyond me.

Let them be children for goodness sakes!

katie on

it’s his parents choice to let him high light his hair. maybe his mom or dad did it themselves. maybe he didn’t even ask. every parents has their difference. they obviously see nothing wrong with high lighting maddox’s hair. and i personally don’t see anything wrong with it either. if my 4 year old asked me if he could have a mohawk and dye it, i sure as hell would let him. i’m not going to keep my kids from being who they want to be.

Free on

Alexp.. you Stated “the crazy haircut”. The mohawk haircut is not crazy to an entire nation of people, the Iroquois. The Mohawk Indians often keep their hair in this style. Different strokes, deal with it.

Carol Lee on

My friend’s kid had his hair dyed a bright red color and it was done with Kool-Aid. I have no idea what the specifics are to this technique but how bad could Kool-Aid be?

Doreen on

I hope to God that’s not real. I’m sorry but if it is and really is highlighted…that IS just ridiculous!

melanie on

I’m pretty sure it’s a clip on pony tail. But either way, it doesn’t bother me. My youngest daughter was so tired of her long curly hair that she begged to have it cut short like her brother’s. Finally we just said to heck with it, it’s your hair. We chopped it off in a super short hair cut. She loved it. I’d rather argue about something else.

alexp on

Free – It’s all relative. Last time I checked, the kid wasn’t Iroquios, nor is that a typical haircut for modern day Iroquios Indians. In American society, it is a “crazy haircut”, especially on a young child, and since Angie cut his hair that way long before he was able to request it, she IS pushing a certain image on her son. But whatever, his haircut never mattered me before.

However, when you start coloring a child’s hair, I do think that’s over the line. It’s putting way too much emphasis on appearance, not to mention that the message it sends to him is that the way he looks isn’t good enough, thus it should be altered in some way. He’ll obsess over his looks enough as a teenager. He doesn’t need his parents encouragment to do it at 5 years of age.

elle on

He’s probably watched Brad and Angie get their hair colored and wanted to do it too. If my 4 yr old son watches me cut his dad’s hair he wants his hair cut too. Same thing. If it makes him feel good let him. I’m a hairstylist and I know there is nothing unhealthy about highlighting a child’s hair b/c it doesn’t touch their scalp.

Faye on

Its just hair.

Elaine on

Highlighting is quite time consuming. I cant imagine a five-year old being able to sit in a stylist’s chair wanting to get his hair lightened. Time would be better spent playing in a park.

JilliansMommy on

I personally don’t care what others do with their children. That is as long as their kids don’t rub off on my children in a negative way. Now I can say my children’s schools would not allow him to attend with that hair style or coloring. They have it stated in their school Code of Conduct that nothing out of the normal or any hair styles or colors that are not natural or attention causing are banned. They state the student will be sent home and not allowed to return until they have fixed what they consider to be a distraction from a normal and postive learning enviroment.

Zoey on

I know that many people love Brad and Angelina, but there are many choices they make about their lives and the lives of their children that I simply don’t agree with. This is one of them.

Heather on

Seriously, if my daughter asked me to color her hair, within reason, I would. I too have crayola colored hair. I believe in freedom of expression. If my 5 year old daughter asked and wanted to express herself with a pink streak in her hair..i’d do it.
What is the big deal really? And why pass judgment for something as small as this? You wouldn’t want to be told you were wrong for a choice that you made. And really..there are far worse things that a parent could do to their child than color their hair. I agree with what was written by someone else on here…untwist your panties people!

dark angel on

its just like having your son’s hair in corn rows which my 3 year old son does…and he started asking me on his own to braid his hair when he was just two! no big deal at is all about having fun with hair!…

Tierchen on

There’s nothing wrong with coloring a childs hair! It could be a fake or whole natural color -chemical free-. Imagine whats in your food or make up, THAT is scary!

Chris on

If Britney Spears or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would have colored their children’s hair, people would have been going crazy and yelling out what awful parents they are, and that it was unacceptable.

When it’s Brad and Angelina people say “well, it’s their child and their choice, besides it isn’t going to last forever.”

See the difference? Is it fair?

halifaxhoney on

If I had a child, it’s not something I would encourage but if they asked I would consider it.

Diana on

I think he is way too young, I just hope that they didn’t use bleach or something. More than anything this seems to me that they probably give him whatever he asks and set no bounderies (although I admit that is not necessarily true) First the mowhawk now this (the mowhawk is one thing no chemicals or anything, with the mowhawk I can see saying that the parents need to pick their battles, in my opinion dying his hair at 5 has gone too far)

And I also agree that people see it differently because its Brad and Angelina and some people think they can do no wrong, I personally can’t stand them so maybe that is why I think it is wrong who knows.

Kate on

I think it’s all in good fun…pick your battles, people. Highlighted hair does not mean he’s spoiled or that she’s pushing any agenda on him. Maybe he asked and they saw nothing wrong with a bit of fun. This is a really conservative crowd.

Patrick's mom on

If some of you get this upset about a child’s hair, a child you don’t even know, then how do you wake up each morning and face the world. There’s a lot more important things to worry about. His parents obviously allow the kids to be individuals and I like that. Maddox will survive his blonde highlights but I’m not sure I can say the same about some of you with “your panties in a twist.” I too love that expression.

Free on

Alexp…The history of the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquios is that the hair was cut into that style for war. Unfortunately there are not many chances for war because the “American society” took over. Fortunately some native tribes continue to express their heritage through their lifestyle AND hairstyle. An “American society” of punks also like to rock the mohawk. Both of these groups are a part of “American society” so which “American society” are you talking about.

Kresta on

Patrick’s mom, the original expression is “don’t get your knickers in a twist”

Patrick's mom on

Thanks Kresta. I like that even better. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist.”

FC on

Is that ponytail his, is what I want to know. 😀 lol

Honestly, I have no qualms about it. I don’t know if I’d do it but I’m not Angie or Brad. I don’t see what’s wrong with it. It could be the stuff that washes out anyway. I will never know. I’ll just say he looks cute. 🙂

Cassie on

Personally I would do it if my child asked me, but only highlights and nothing near the scalp. That wouldnt do any harm to the child.

Maddox is Angelina and Brad’s child it is their decision and choice to do what they do, we all have to remember that.

Lauren22 on

I personally think that highlights look stupid on anyone. I certainly would not allow my 8 year old daughter or 4 year old son to get them. Temporary color spray in her hair….MAYBE, but permanent? HECK NO!

Kelley on

I’m sick of people bringing up Britney every time someone has an opinion on Angie and Brad’s parenting. One has nothing to do with the other. I personally would not dye my child’s hair but I also wouldn’t pierce my baby’s ears either as I think that is comepletely cruel. But Maddox is not my child. So if they want to dye his hair so be it. What’s the big deal? It’s not like they are endangering his life by having him sit 2 inches from an air bag. 🙂

PSB on

Awful – on a girl or boy. Sad that a five year old doesn’t feel perfect just the way he is. When I was five, my mother would let me pick out my clothes and hair cut, but that’s about it. If a five year old needs to express themselves, they can do it without the help of chemicals. I think it’s tacky-looking and who knows what kind of hazard it poses to his health. I certainly wouldn’t want my child breathing in bleach and letting it sit on his skin for 30 minutes. Yuck.

Katrin on

Sorry, but I really can’t understand some people here! What’s the big deal about his hair?
In my country I see 4 year-olds (girls and boys!)running around with highlights, coloured hair or rather “crazy” (as many people here would call it)hairstyles all the time! Even little kids like that can be quite expressive and have their own head when it comes to their hairstyle, clothes ect…
My little sister for example, she’d never wear something pink, glittery, dresses, skirts or even slightly girly-looking (and she’s 6 and a half!). When she was 5, she wanted to have red highlights. Well, she got them and she loved them to death!
I was the same when I was her age- I already had my views and opinions about style!
Children already have fully developed, individual personalities and they know what they want. As long as it’s the child’s own wish and decision (and not something forced upon them by the parents), why not?!

Aura on

Hmmm. I don’t know. I was never allowed to colour my hair or anything like that as a child. I didn’t get my ears piereced ’till I was 14. So I think it’s a bit odd to see a five year old with that hair style and the colouring. But I guess everyone has their own way of parenting.

jenna on

I think it’s innapropriate! And not because it’s unhealthy or anything. It’s just about setting boundaries and messages…
How can coloring your hair, which more than 50% of grown people do, be unique and creative and individual??? ANd when you’re 5??
Yes pick your battles. This is an easy one.
5 year old: Mom, can i highlight my hair?
MOM: No you may not.
End of story. End of battle. Kid wants to express himself… Draw a frigging picture! 😉
But I guess when your mom used to carry her husband’s blood in a vial around her neck, a little highlighted hair is no biggie!!

Traci_3 on

Mafalda.. that is so interesting about the piercing in the hospital. Where are you from? I don’t necessarily have a “written in stone” opinion on doing something like this to a childs hair. I think it depends on who, where, why, and the particular look. However, this look on Maddox?…. YEIKS!!!!!! And Jenna… forgot about the blood vile “necklace”!! You are sooo right.