Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise head to dinner party

11/17/2006 at 06:45 AM ET


Isabella Cruise, 13 and Connor Cruise, 11, were photographed heading to a dinner party on Thursday night in Rome. The two children of Tom Cruise are in the country, to celebrate their father, Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes.

Photo from PEOPLE, with thanks

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Cassie on

Connor is going to be a ladies man! And Isabella looks so cute in her gown.

Campbell on

My Goodness!!!!! Not used to seeing Bella “girlied” up… she is a doll. And Connor should pose for the cover of “kids GQ”. How handsome is this guy?! It’s gonna be the weekend of a lifetime for all involved….. I don’t mind admitting to a little envy. *sigh*

Traci_3 on

My Goodness!! We don’t see Bella “girlied” up very often.. she looks like a porcelein doll, so happy and sunny looking. And that Connor should pose for the cover of a “kids” GQ magazine… how handsome is this guy!!! WOW…. It should be an ELECTRIC weekend for all! I don’t mind admitting that I’m suffering from a bit of envy!!*sigh*

Ally on

Conner is ABSOLUTELY handsome!

Aleah on

Connor is a handsome boy!

pink.lioness on

What an exciting year this must have been for Isabella and Connor, first they got a baby sister, then their mom got married and now their dad’s wedding… both look so happy and handsome. I can’t believe how grown up Isabella looks, it wasn’t all that long ago that she was only a little baby herself!

Suri is SO ADORABLE and beautiful. I knew Tom and Katie were waiting for the perfect opportunity to present their baby daughter to the world. I hope the family will have a fantastic day and a lot of fun. And I hope these pictures will now – finally – put everybody’s (all those “doubters”) minds at rests. No more nasty remarks please!

giadana on

Is Connor wearing makeup?
They both look very cute though.

Nathalie on

Anyone notice how, Connor is dressed like his father and Isabella has on the same color dress as Katie? Too cute!

Zoey on

Connor looks very dapper :o)

Natalie S. on

I’m with everyone else, Connor is such a looker, imagine what he’s going to look like once he gets older.. I can’t help but notice, does Tom have sole custody of the children? I don’t see them that often with Nicole, I was just wondering.

Zoey on

No, there have definately been pics of Nicole with Connor and Bella, especially during her wedding I remember seeing some. Perhaps they go to school in LA and staying with their dad during the school year just makes most sense?

Sara on

Wow, Isabella is really beautiful. Connor also looks great, they’re both going to be really beautiful when they grow up.

Annie on


Nicole has joint custody; she doesn’t like pictures of them being published or taken.

Heather on

They are both really beautiful children! I bet all of this is so exciting for them.

Lauren on

My goodness, what a handsome young man Connor has become. He’s gonna be a ladykiller when he gets older!

And Isabella looks adorable in her dress. Her mom, Nicole, said in an interview last year that Bella thought Nic was too girly and that she wouldn’t go near a dress; Nicole had to beg her to wear anything other than an old, stained sweatshirt. But over the past year, she’s dressed much more fashionably. She’s growing up! *sniff*

sabrinasmom on

is it just me? i know connor is adopted, but he resembles tom.

cassopolis on

Yes Connor is gorgeous little man, for bella don’t think the dress is not ok for her, I read that custody was between tom/nicole but they’re always with Tom, and they do home school with scientologist

Jennifer on

Isabella and Connor have grown up so much! Isabella looks beautiful in her dress, and I echo everyone else’s sentiments that Connor is a very handsome young man. It’s going to be an exciting weekend for everyone, no doubt, but what an amazing year for the two of them.

Madeline on

I’m sure she’s a sweet girl but unfortunately I don’t think Isabella is an attractive girl, never had been, although this is an awkward age for girls. She looks much older than 13 too.

Connor, however, gets handsomer every day. He looks really sharp.

Danloe on

sabrinas mom – i thought the exact same thing, theres something in the expression that just screams, “Tom”
he’s a very good looking boy…

terra on

sabrinasmom- I was thinking the same thing. Connor really does look a lot like his dad.

rsc4etc on

I was thinking the same thing about Conner – I think he looks just like Tom

Scherriea on

sabrinasmom, I thought the same thing in reference to Conor resembling Tom…He def. dresses like his father….he is so handsome….I know that the both of them will grow into beautiful adults.

I wish Tom and Katie all the best, and I pray that their marriage succeeds, and lasts til the end of time.

plannbb on

-sabarina’s mom
I was just goig to say the exact same thing. I always thought that maybe Conner is actually Tom’s son, they look so much alike.

Alicia on

I agree with sabrina’s mom too!! He is going to be a heart breaker!! They are both really cute kids!

Heavenly_hibiscus on

awww they both look fantastic!