RUMOR: Britney Spears wants new boobs

11/17/2006 at 10:30 AM ET

PpbspearsAccording to In Touch, a family insider says that after nursing her two sons in such a short period of time, Britney Spears’ breasts have begun to sag and the popstar is not happy. She reportedly told her newly eastranged hubby, Kevin Federline, pre-split that, "she wants her breast redone and he agreed that they need a lift."

For those of you concerned about gettingsaggy breasts from breastfeeding, we want you to know that pregnancy causes breasts to sag, NOT breastfeeding.  This "family insider" doesn’t know what they are talking about.  Why does pregnancy cause sagging, or ptotic, breasts?  According to, "Under thehormonal influence of pregnancy and lactation, the glandular tissue(and sometimes the fat content as well) increases, stretching the skin.When the hormonal stimulation is gone, the breasts return to theirpre-pregnancy size, but the skin is stretched and the breasts appear tosag." So please don’t let that dissuade you from breastfeeding your child.

"Britney is definitely doing this, "the pal says. "She just can’t wait to get her breasts back."

Along with personal reasons, Brit is said to be trying to get her body back the way it was pre-babies for her 2007 album release and pop comeback. She plans to seek advice from from some of LA’s top ranked plastic surgeons as early as next month, however a couple of specialists shared their belief that Britney needs to set a later date to consider breast surgery.

Dr. Robert Rey of Dr. 90120 says, "I recommend waiting six months after the last drop of milk from breastfeeding until I perform surgery."

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is typically performed on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia and takes 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours.  An anchor-shaped incision is made, repositioning the areola, removing excess skin.  Stitches around the areola and down the breast and along the crease will fade evntually but they are permanent. Having the surgery doesn’t mean your breasts will be perky forever- they are still subject to gravity and aging, as well as the effects of future pregnancies and weight fluctuations.  For more information and illustrations, visit

Source: In Touch via OK, Nov. 20, 2006, pg. 18-19,,

Photo from PEOPLE, used with permission


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MommyX1 on

I breastfed my daughter for a year, and I do think that it had a big part in the way my boobs are sagging now. I definately agree with the fact that pregnancy causes it, but I also think that breastfeeding helps the process. Right after I had my daughter, before my milk came in, my boobs were not at all like they are now. If you think about it, it makes sense. Your boobs fill up with milk and your skin expands, and then it goes away and your skin is left stretched out. But that in no way is going to change the fact I plan on breastfeeding each additional child we have for a year each. Once I’m done having kids, I’ll just get a breast lift. Lol. 🙂

Christine on

There are photo’s of her smoking from this past weekend – so she couldn’t have breastfed very long – if at all.
And I disagree somewhat. I know my breasts changed during pregnancy, but nursing 2 babies for a year each definately had an effect on how they look now (well..that and I’m 8mos pg again).
They ended up looking like deflated water balloons once I weaned.
But, unlike BritBrit, I’m okay with it. They look like they do for a VERY good reason.

landroverdisco on

Personally, I think she has managed to come away unscathed in the breast department. They don’t appear to be saggy.

Mandy on

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t a breast lift end her breast feeding days? Once they cut the areola and reposition it, that’s it, right?

I would think any responsible doctor should tell her to try everything she can with exercise first and take some time to think about whether she’s planning on more kids. She’s such a young woman.

Kate on

I definately think breastfeeding helps the sagging process along… they fill with milk, get big, and then deflate when all is said and done. It wouldn’t dissaude me from bf’ing my kids though – I enjoyed every minute of it.

BooBoo on

Perhaps she should wear a bra…

Fynn on

I agree with Nisha that pregnancy is the main drain on a woman’s breasts. Those of you who are saying it’s because you breastfed don’t necessarily know what they would look like now if you hadn’t–probably they’d look about the same. I breastfed two kids a total of almost 50 months, and, sure, my breasts look like they’ve had it. But my two closest girlfriends, who also have two kids each, complain about the same thing, and neither of them breastfed.

Jen on

I breastfed one child for 10 weeks and my boobs are smaller than what they were before I got pregnant with both of my kids and they look like water balloons. I would never do any type of surgery or antyhing but it’d still be nice to be a 38C again. LOL

I also heard Britney already had her boobs done.

Jessica Bird on

I am living proof that breastfeeding has something to do with the sagging…because my 3rd son only would eat from the left side. So the right side dried up quickly. And now the left side is WAY droopier than the right! But I would still breastfeed if I had a 4th child. I would make the baby eat from the right side, though!

kristen on

I’ve gone straight from pregnancy to nursing back to being pregnant and nursing again so I haven’t yet seen my post-weaning self (my 17 month old is still nursing now). But I know that my breasts are rounder and fuller now than they were pre-baby. I’m not sure I’ll care too terribly much what they look like when my son weans. They still make my hubby happy.

I don’t get Brit but she’s got to be going through so much right now. I hope she does what is healthiest for her and for her boys.

Besides all of that, I really want to applaud CBB. I love the way you support breasting and the positive and correct information you help get out. I love reading CBB and I have an will in the future refer my website and ezine readers to CBB – I’m proud to give them a “fun” link that is also such a strong advocate for breastfeeding (and babywearing!!) Thanks CBB 🙂

millie on

I think it’s the pregnancy, if not just aging. I breastfed my son exclusively first and then supplementing with solids for 17 months and my breasts still look fine. Sure, they’re not the same breasts I had when I was 20 but that’s just life. If I had a chance to breastfeed again, I wouldn’t even hesitate. The benefits to the baby are tremendous–I know since I didn’t breastfeed my daughter. I’m afraid comments like that (breastfeeding is bad, plastic surgery will fix you and make you happy) will only discourage women from breastfeeding and that’s a huge loss for both mother and child.

Lissy on

Uh, did it ever occur to anyone that it’s BRITNEY who is confused about the cause of the sagging of her breasts and not the “close family insider?”

Alicia on

That’s a good one booboo!! And I thought she already had a boob job! I don’t think she looks bad but I guess she has the money to do it so why not!

Mella on

After having my two children, my breasts are just as they were pre-pregnancy, if anything, they’re still a little fuller. I did not breastfeed either of my children, but many women I have spoken to who have breastfed all expressed the same “breastfeeding ruined my boobs” sentiment. True or not, they believe it to be the case.

Shmoo on

I breastfed my son for 3 and a half years, when he weaned naturally. I was an AA before, a D then a C during, and an A after. Still perky, so it’s not all bad. As a nurse in long-term care, I see the results of diabetes and obesity. I see people die in excrutiating physical and emotional pain after a long battle with cancer. I want to do everything in my power to provide whatever protection to my child I can. Interesting note: when my son was three, and hardly nursing at all, he began to have episodes of bleeding, and was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. I asked the hematologist why it didn’t manifest itself earlier. He told me that by nursing, I provided him with adequate clotting proteins. This was even when he had multiple surgeries! This is of much greater value to me than having breast that meet current societal ideals.

Dianna on

My husband would love it if I got a boob job! I tell him all the time that “these are working breasts.” I will be 40 next week and proud to say I am the mommy to a 3 and a half y.o.boy and a 14 mo.girl. I breastfed both of them for 13 months. What I’m getting at is I was the only one of all my friends (same age group) who breastfed at all. And at this point, we all pretty much look the same. We all complain about saggyness and losing fullness, so I think it’s more pregnancy in general (and age); although breastfeeding may have a small part in it. Of course we don’t have breasts of a twenty year old- But I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT!!

melanie on

I have always believed the saggy breast issue to be a combination of both pregnancy and breastfeeding. I don’t think it’s necessarily a misconception that breastfeeding is partially to blame. Your breast get very heavy from all the milk and fat and gravity definately takes its toll. I breastfed my babies anyway. I wouldn’t mind a breast lift, though, myself.

vbwilmoth on

Why do we care about what she does with her breasts? Other than curiosity.

I had 3 boys in 3 years and breastfed them all to 14 months. My breasts were a 34A before, a 36C during and a 34AA after…very saggy and sad. Lol I had a breast augmentation after weaning #3 and couldn’t be happier. And no, they aren’t huge, just not “rocks in socks” anymore. I love my boys and love that I was able to b/f them but I do not have to wear saggy boobs as a “badge of honor” in order to be a good mom. So if she wants a breast lift then, YAY!

JosieK on

After reading some of these comments, it’s apparent that breastfeeding does play into sagging breasts. My breasts didn’t change size that much during my two pregnancies. But, they certainly changed size while I was breastfeeding. They were huge right at the end and then my milk came in and they never went down again until I stopped breastfeeding. Then they headed south and that’s where they live now. I believe that breastfeeding causes sagging. It did with me, all my friends and by the looks of these comments, most of these readers. And you know that Brittany will get hers done the minute she’s allowed. So would we ladies!

Tina on

It’s her body, and she must realy NEED to have “perfect” breasts in order to be happy in her body. I am now 40, and having nursed one child at age 23, and another at 37,I can tell you the difference for me was age, length of nursing and weight related. With my first, I was young, nursed for 6 months and was back to a size 4 in no time. My breasts looked the same as pre-pregnancy after that. Fast forward to age 37, nursed for 12 months, weaned her,went back to a size 8 this time, breasts looked OK, but two years later after gaining extra weight back now I have more sagginess than post weaning!!! But my mom had same issues and she NEVER breast-fed. It’s genetic also- oh yeah, and G-R-A-V-I-T-Y.

elle on

Why does anyone even believe Britney wants a boob job? It’s from In Touch magazine for goodness sake. The family insider is one of the writers that make up this crap! Even if it were true who cares. They are her boobs she can do want she wants.

Diana on

I don’t blame her, I think if I would ever get plastic surgery that would be the one thing I would do, and I don’t even have kids yet!!! Being that my breasts are larger they have always sagged and I have felt self conscious about them, IMO its her body doesn’t hurt anyone if she gets them, so if she wants to get them, then I say go for it Britney. (and I’m not even a Britney fan)

Helen on

Christine- just because she was smoking does not mean she weaned already. Plenty of women smoke and bf, nicotine laced breastmilk is actually still preferable over forumla.

momma2mingbu on

It’s the breast changes during pregnancy AND the initial post-partum engorgement that ALL moms go through, even if they don’t breastfeed, that changes a woman’s breasts.

Hey Britney, that kid is a little young to be weaned…..wait on the surgery and keep nursing your kid!

(And YES… CAN breastfeed after having breast surgery…..reduction/lift/enhancement/etc. It just depends on how the surgery is done.)

PSB on

I’m still breastfeeding my baby, and I really believe that this is what is causing the sagging. I didn’t notice any sagging until about 4-5 months into the bfing process, so I don’t think pregnancy is what made them hang. I think I need a moment of silence to mourn my pre-bfing breats 😦

RE: Britney
How do I say this gently…they don’t look saggy to me, because they don’t exactly look like genuine breast tissue (ok, they kind of look like implants). Maybe she’s already had them done and this is old news?

Ali on

Keep in mind that Brit most likely only breastfed each baby for a few weeks, if even that. It couldn’t have played THAT big a role in “ruining” her breasts like it might for some of the commenters who breastfed for months and years. My vote is for pregnancy in her case.

indyandcoalsmomma on

breastfeeding definately makes your boobs sag and look deflated like balloons left out from a party 3 weeks ago when you stop. i am a veteran breastfeeding momma/martyr. i have so far breastfed for 3 years total between two kids. i’ve seen moms who breastfeed for just a few months and those that don’t, their boobs look way better. however, we make a lot of sacrifices for our children’s well-being beginning from the moment we relize we are carrying our progeny en utero. it has many health benefits to baby from immunity to bonding to brain power. it also prevents cancer in mom. but after it’s all done, you may need a lift and implants you never needed before the whole baby nursing thing. i’m planning 2008 boob job!

tink1217 on

i never breastfed either of my kids, my boobs did not get really nig during pregnancy and I have always worn a supportive bra. My breasts still sag a bit. Enough for me to notice. But, they still look good in a decent push up bra! I would never get implants, I am already a C/D , but I would definitely get a lift if I had the money! Go Brit if thats what you want, but I think yours still look great!

La~ on

I am 23 years old and have an 19 month old that I nursed for 12 months. Before my pregnancy I was an E and now I am about the same. I think that they hang a bit more now, I mean theres always been a bit of hang, there pretty big, but Im the only one that seems bothered by it. My hubby says that they look “lived in and happy” lol

indyandcoalsmomma on

not a real breastfeeder-one month barely counts. she wants to look like she’d do it all for her kids, but only if it’s convenient. i can understand though half of her cash cow is her udders and who wants to look at them hanging to her waist or tucked in her belt, really? breastfeeding ruins the mamms i know. so far i’ve done it for 3 years and may do it for one more. when i’m done i will see the surgeon b/c they went from nice grapes to saggy raisins–yucko!