Suri Cruise in Rome

11/16/2006 at 05:14 PM ET

Suri Cruise, was spotted going out to dinner in Rome with mom, Katie Holmes and dad, Tom Cruise. The family is in Italy for the wedding of Tom and Katie on Saturday the 18th. We can see her face more clearly in these ones and she sure is a cutie!



Photos from PEOPLE, with thanks

Thanks to CBB readers Amy, Kimberly, Suzanne, Stefani, Bella, Corinne, Anna Maria, Jenny, Debbi, AMansfield and Tiffany.

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Charlotte on

She is adorable! And how can anyone seriously deny that she looks just like them?

Posh_Fan on

She is def. Tom’s kid lol. She’s so pretty. Though I saw some pics and she looks very disturbed and scared in them. Cant blame her. But her eyes are so beautiful.

I saw some comments at Justjared and they were saying these pictures explain the whole airbrushing thing. I personally think she looks the same as in the VF pics……only a bit older and chubbier.

Charlotte on

She is adorable! And how can anyone seriously deny that she looks just like them?

Jada on

Wow! Katie is glowing!! And Suri looks alot like both Katie and Tom! What a cutie. I wish them the best!

Émily on

What a gorgeous baby!

Stefani on

No matter what anybody says, I think this family is wonderful and I think Suri is a very beautiful little girl. Congrats to them!

MuffThumb on

I personally think she’s the most beautiful celebrity baby I’ve ever seen! she just came out looking so GORGEUS!!

Jan on

She looks real, adorable, and just like her mom and dad! I’m not a huge Tom fan, but seeing these pics, there is no doubt in my mind whose baby this is! What a cutie!
My hair was just like that when I was a baby, except red instead of dark!

kristen on

She is a cutie. I love the dress she’s in! Doesn’t Katie look delighted in her 😀

Alicia on

No doubt she is a beautiful baby, but I like these pictures allot better then the ones they had in Vanity Fair. They are reall. They didn’t have to be touched up, they are not perfected by profesional photographers, but they are real. I like that allot better! 🙂

Chiara on

Boy that baby looks Irish. Does anybody know if Katie or Tom have Irish heritage? I assume that with a name like Katie Holmes she might, but I don’t know for sure.

At first I thought Suri looked a lot like Tom but now I think she may be favoring Katie. She definitely has Tom’s nose; there’s very little bridge to it. She’s a cute little girl. Almost funny-looking in a way but I’ll be she’s going to grow up beautifully.

jessica on

very pretty baby….good combination of the parents

Chiara on

Also, what in God’s name is Katie wearing? Normally I like her style but this is absurd. Honey, just because they welcome gold lame in rome doesn’t mean it’s mandatory.

Candice on

It’s refreshing to see little Suri out with her parents for once.

She sure is a cutie; she looks a lot like Katie, I think.

kathleen on

Suri is not cute. She looks like an alien.

Erin on

She is SO SO SO adorable!! Cannot get over how cute she is! I’m so happy for them =)

Sarah on

Whoa! She’s, ah….er….ahem – Cute! Yes, that’s the very word. cute. Uh-huh. cute. Rrrriiiiiight. cute.

jashmom on

Looks like Suri & Daddy have similiar facial expressions in the 1st picture. LOL =) Very cute pictures, though. It’s nice to see their family out and enjoyimg themselves.

soko on

personally i dont think shes that cute

*** Beth *** on

OMG!!! No one can say that Suri isn’t Tom’s. I think she looks just like him. And they have the same hair. Too cute.

shaylee on

aww she’s cute!

Raebees on

Who’s ever baby this is, she’s DANG cute. You’ve gotta admit that! She’s beautiful. Reminds me of my 6 1/2 month old baby girl.

Say on

She’s so cute!

Natalie S. on

Okay I take back all the mean things I ever said about Suri i.e. an alien, not theirs or ect. Suri is so adorable it’s not even funny. Who knew Tom and Katie’s little girl would be so adorable, I know I didn’t until I saw Suri. I hope they have another child. It would be nice to see Suri have a sibling.

Zoey on

More pics at PerezHilton (although I’m sure he’s not the original source)

tink1217 on

she is a beautiful baby!! No denying she is Tom and Katie’s child. Lots of luck to them this weekend!!

Zoey on

In spite of what I think about her parents, or the circumstances surrounding her, it is very refreshing to see that girl in public and with her parents :o)

Tom and Katie look so happy when she’s with them.

Jessica on

That is one beautiful baby and happy looking family. I don’t even LIKE Tom Cruise, but I have to say, he and Katie Holmes seem happy.

I was really wishing for the conspiracy theories to come true, too!!

gabriella on

I was never one of those people that believed she was fake and not their child,and looking at her you can very much see both her parents in her face. I see more Katie, but she has Tom’s nose and profile. She has beautiful dark hair, and blue eyes. She is dressed adorable too.

Lorus on

Hmmmm. Now I can see why the Vanity Fair pictures needed so much editing.
She does have some cute aspects though. Good to see her out in public.

amanda on

what a cutie!

Traci_3 on

A few things here…. First, that sweet baby looks exactly like her grandmother MaryLee South!! Second, Kate’s hairstyle is interesting (I’m referring to the wisps of hair at her hair line on her forhead). Third, Yup, Suri has her daddy’s AND grandmother’s nose! AND in that second pic, father and daughter have the SAME chubby cheeks!!! Love all that hair!!! How great to see this family out together.

Kristin17 on

It’s nice to see a celebrity has ‘real people problems’…look at Katie’s hairline, she lost hair post baby all around (you can see the short pieces in the front and in the pic where her head is turned you can see the back of her neck with really short pieces too). The same thing happened to me after my son was born and a year later it’s finally growing in. Just nice to see they are human too!

Lilla on

Why does everybody say that she’s cute and adorable? I personally think she looks scary. 😦

Dabridgeta on

I think Suri’s little haircut is too cute. And her little white outfit is just adorable. Gah! So precious.

Katie’s hair and makeup look great. Her outfit looks like disco grandma.

That lower picture is the worst picture of Tom I’ve ever seen. At least he lost that awful shag haircut he’s been sporting recently.

rebekalynn on

I think she’s adorable and Katie looks so in love with her little girl!!!

MommyX1 on

Wow. It’s crazy how it’s gone from NOTHING to everywhere. It’s like overnight they decided to start bringing her everywhere. I wonder if she gets scared considering she’s like never seen the light of day before this. Lol. At any rate, she’s a cutie.

Louise on

First of all, Suri is a cutie (I really don’t see why they felt the need to photoshop the VF pictures) and I’m glad they’ve decided to finally take her out of hiding.

Having said that, I don’t really like her parents’ (or would that be Tom’s?) publicity tactics. So, they basically keep her hidden for 7 months, presumably for safety reasons, and then they suddenly decide to take her on a walk in a metropolis like Rome at a time when pretty much every paparazzi in the world is there to follow them around?? What other reason could there be for that than more publicity for the wedding?

Alyssa on

Oh my God that baby’s cute!!!!!!!!

Traci on

She is such a pretty baby, and Katie is looking gorgeous!!

mystique on

Sheesh these two get criticize for everything, its their wedding, what better reason do you need?

And they did not take her for a stroll, they are going to a restaurant for dinner with other guests, not walking around sightseeing in rome. But if facts were checked instead of jumping to the wrong conclusion everytime, this wouldnt happen.

She’s pretty and looks like a combination of both parents but man she has her daddy nose. BTW Katie looks gorgeous, love ehr smile in that picture.

fumar on

I agree with Sarah, those were my exact thoughts.

Also, Suri’s outfit to me almost looks like a christening gown! White, long, and complex. Or is it just a dress and a blanket? I’ve never been to Rome in November (or ever), so I wouldn’t know but does anyone else think that Suri’s little arms might be cold?

Gabbie13 on

It is really nice to see the family out together. I am sure they feel more comfortable now that she is a little bit older. And I have to say, Katie looks absolutely glowing when she is around her baby! Good luck to this new little family.

milie on

I also dont care for this particular couple. And I thought the first picture of her in the magazine terrible if you ask me,she looked like a old person in a baby body. Now I think in these particular pictures she looks adorable. Still dont care about Kate H and Tom Cruise.

Scherriea on

Suri is the most beautiful celeb baby that I have seen in awhile. I have said from da one that she looks like Tom, no questions. She is too cute….btw, I love Katie’s look.

Melea on

I am so glad to see them out with their child. It’s nice to see them all happy together. Would love to see more of them being a family… maybe at the sports games back in the USA, that would be a great family outing.

Suri is cutier than she was in the mag. but I personally don’t like her eyes. Then again I never really liked Katie’s or Tom’s eye shape either. She is a great mix of both of them though. I think she will be prettier and prettier each time we see her.

Louise on

@ mystique :
I took that “taking for a walk” from a number of other sites, I didn’t just make it up. But it doesn’t really matter anyway, as that’s not the point.
But really, why suddenly take her out now? They’ve left her with, I presume, a nanny plenty of times before. If the reason why they shielded her like they did in the past was to protect her from the paparazzi, this clearly wasn’t the best (as in safest) occasion to finally take her out and about. Of course, this isn’t actually the first time they’ve taken her out, but the second time in two days.
Of course, they have every right to take their daughter to a restaurant or any other place for that matter. I just don’t think they’ve handled this (from the very start of their relationship) all that gracefully. Why does everything with these two have to seem so staged?

Posh_Fan on

Fumar, it looks like a dress and a blanket. You can see well in the HQs its a blanket.

Maybe I am the only one, but I think she looks just the same she did in those VF pics….esp. in that pic where Katie is holding her up from VF….she looks exactly the same except maybe a bit older and chubbier. She sure is gorgeous. And I saw this video from the same night and god the baby looks so scared with all those flashes going on her face. Even in some of the pics, you can see she looks quite disturbed. Maybe instead of holding hands, they could have tried to shield her from all those flash lights.

Posh_Fan on

By the way in some of the pictures, theres this girl behind Katie and she looks EXACTLY like Katie……I wonder if thats Katie’s niece.

Erin on

Amen, mystique! 😉

Anyway – I’ve already said it but I gotta say it again: Suri is so frickin’ adorable and beautiful! I’m so happy to see new pics of her… I don’t care what people say – I love this family!! =) To be honest, I never did really care for them until this past year or so… but now I just love ’em!

Much love to them all! Cannot wait until the wedding… don’t care if we get official pics but I wanna see the coverage! LMAO =P

Kori on

Is that what’s up with Katie’s hair?? It fell out post-baby? I have noticed it a lot in recent pics, I thought maybe she had a really badly botched haircut.

I feel sorry for people who like to pick on this family. It makes me sick to my stomach. They are not taking Suri out for publicity, they have her with them because it’s their wedding week, and one of the reasons they waited to get married was so that Suri could be present and be a part of it. This is about them and the most special time of their lives, one thing I doubt they are worried about is MORE publicity. Sheesh,the haters.

Kori on

If you go to you’ll see thay Brooke Shields is a wedding guest. If Brooke can look past and move on, how come the rest of the public can’t? I get the feeling Tom and Katie are wonderful people, wonderful to be around, and taken in completely the wrong way by most people.

Friggin Boobs on

Suri’s cute in her fancy dress, but Katie in that Sue Ellen Ewing mid 80’s gold lame get- up is totally hijacking the pictures.

Helen on

Kori, this is not about hate. At least not in my case. I certainly don’t hate this family. I wish them all the best!

If posing for the photographers isn’t something you do for publicity, then I don’t know what is. There was no need for that (as you said, it’s THEIR wedding, not the public’s), especially, if it is scaring that beautiful baby.
Like Louise, I’m just not that fond of Tom’s way of handling the media.

Shalini on

Suri is a pretty baby. She looks a lot like Katie Holmes. The couple looks happy, like they should since they’ll be married soon.

I wonder if they were also getting Suri christened as well as getting married?

Posh_Fan on

I am actually starting to like Tom again haha. I dont know what it is but if I see a man with a little baby, it just melts me away . Theres nothing sweeter then a Daddy holding his little girl!

Stephanie on

Wow she really is a beautiful baby! They look like such a beautiful family! I wish them nothing but good will and lots of luck!

Karen on

I still say she’s adopted. I don’t feel she looks anything like them.

And her hair is gross. However, she is still kind of cute, but Sean is SO much cuter.

yogadaisy on

Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see a bit of Tom in that baby. Seriously. I do see Kate but not him. And is Suri’s hair STYLED?

Ugh, they are clearly orchestrating publicity.

I don’t buy them for one minute.

Carol Lee on

She sure looks like both of them but I don’t think she’s very cute. Her VF pictures were cute but to me she doesn’t look cute in these pics. It’s obvious they are crazy about her. Doesn’t anybody find it odd that die hard Scientologists flew all the way to Rome to get married where the heart of the Catholic church is?

alexp on

Suri has a very unique look, which, from what I’ve seen, can result in a very beautiful adult. I definitely think she’s a good mixture of the two of them, but I’m also surprised that people assume that she should really look like both parents. It’s often difficult to tell who a baby belongs to. I’ve always looked just like my mother, but my brother and sister don’t look like either of our parents. And that’s normal.

I do have to say, though, that Suri looks like she needs her hair washed good, and then combed over to the side or something. It looks greasy and messy, which I’m sure was not the desired effect.

Anyway, I’m still suspicious of the whole thing, but I do hope that I’m wrong.

fumar on

Shalini, that’s what I thought since it looks like Suri may be wearing a christening gown. Someone else commented that it looks like a blanket and a dress and not a christening gown. I see that it could look like a blanket, but it would also make some sense if they were having her christened in the same weekend.

Rachael on

I think it is so good that they took so long to relise the first pics of there beautiful baby girl. Its no one but there business what they do and how they act. No money will ever buy what they feel for there daughter. I wouldnt want my child in the public eye if i could help it. Good on you tom and katie.

Emily H on

Suri is such a beautiful baby! She is a combination of both Tom & Katie. It is exciting to finally see her out with her parents! I look forward to watching her grow up!

corinne on

She is such a beautiful baby.It really annoys me that some websites makes fun of her.She is an innocent baby.
You can understand why Tom and Katie are not so keen for her to be seen in public.

Bravo to Tom and Katie for protecting there gorgeous baby girl.

Hea on

She is absolutely gorgeous. It’s obvious that she’s their kid. I can see both of them in her. I hope they have a wonderful wedding and that all the naysayers *beeps* off and leave them alone. They deserve some respect, no matter what you think. They’re people too, you know? I doubt it would be fun if someone insisted that your kid is an alien… heh

estherpanda on

She’s just AMAZING, and katie and tom look so happy, I love them!
And look at this picture in this link…she’s definitly adorable

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Am I the only one who thinks Kate has a baby bump? Especially wearing a top that knots just above the ‘bump’. If it were a post-pregnancy bump I would have thought she would be wearing a longer top.

Suri is gorgeous.

Babi on

Being in Italy I know FOR A FACT that Suri was brought along and in plain view as they were a) going to their rehearsal dinner (where I assume any of you would bring all of their children as T&K did) b) going to a restaurant which cannot be reached by car, hence they had to get out of the minivan and WALK there. Same reason why every other celebrity was walking there (ever seen JLo walk anywhere before? She usually gets vanned there). We might discuss whether it was clever to choose a central hotel and restaurant instead of a more secluded resort (there’s plenty of those around Rome), but the walking-with-suri part was rather inevitable given the circumstances. That being said I think Suri is a regular-looking baby. She’s got a funny face (which is meant as a compliment), but I can see why they retouched her pics. She’s way too NORMAL for People/Tom/Hollywood. I think they would’ve saved themselves (and us) much speculation if they had outed her in Rome, like this. Nobody can now deny it’s THEIRS.

jenna on

i think thats a very ugly baby…

cassopolis on

I think Suri is just a baby, they should have comb her hair ! she’s tall but I don’t like the way they show her just for wedding publicity ! Tom is always carrying his daughter, her dress looks like a christening
but Italian are very strict They said they don’t do a catholic marriage cause tom had been married so I don’t know for the christening

Lilla on

Yesterday I wrote in my comment that Suri is weird and doesn’t look so good to me. And for some reason my comment disappeared… What’s going on? Why is everybody so excited about the baby? It’s scary.

HappyToBe on

Oh thank God finally normal comments!!! 🙂 She is a really cute REAL baby 🙂 and she resembles both of her parents, and that is what I thought when I frst saw VF pics as well. She grew so big in past three months!

isla on

She is so cute! Maybe not as “perfect” looking as those VF pics but I like these more. She looks like a normal baby. She also seems to maybe have a birthmark oh her forehead. My cousin was born with one and it faded a bit over time, but she usually wears bangs because of it.

tan on

They look sooo happy together.That is a gorgeous baby.It is no denying that she is Tom all over again.I’m not listening to the media again.They had me thinking that this man couldn’t produce kids.Well maybe is Nicole.I wish them the best on their road to marriage.

Traci_3 on

Friggin Boobs…… “hijacking the pictures”… LMAO!!

anna on

Wow, I know you can only post positive things here, but I don’t think Suri is a beautiful baby at all, I really don’t see why the others here do think she’s beautiful. But you know what they say about baby’s that are not that cute……they turn in to the most beautiful people. So let’s hope that’s the case here! And of course it’s not the most important thing, let’s hope she grows up to be a happy girl!

Juzzy R on

Are you guys serious? I know it’s a baby and all babies are cute but REALLY this baby is funny looking. She’s one of those babies that you have to love to think she’s cute. I hope Katie and Tom are the real thing and last forever but that baby is strange looking!

pink.lioness on

Suri is SO ADORABLE and beautiful. I knew Tom and Katie were waiting for the perfect opportunity to present their baby daughter to the world. I hope the whole family will have a fantastic day and a lot of fun. And I hope these pictures will now – finally – put everybody’s (all those “doubters”) minds at rests. No more nasty remarks please!

nanny on

Just my opinion, so take it anyway you want. Tomkat is a media whore and will do what he needs to do to stay in the public eye. Personally I care less about the wedding and anything that has to do with TomKat. They are gonna show two of Tom’s movies before he became a nut. I doubt I’ll watch them, but if you do they are Days of Thunder and Top Gun. I use to like him, until he got all nutsy and weird. Now I could careless about anything news about him, Kate and etc. I’m surprised the parents of Katie were even invited. Just my opinion, take it anyway you want.

TracyG on

Man this couple cannot catch a break! They are roasted over the coals for hiding Suri, then they bring her out and they are roasted for that! Make up your minds people!!! Tom and Katie just can’t win with some of you haters.

I think Suri is absolutely the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen. She is the spitting image of her Daddy and he looks so happy with her.

Katie looks radiant in her outfit and she is glowing. I wish them all the love in the world. That little girl sure looks loved to me.

Sara on

Aw, now I feel totally bad about ever doubting there was no Suri. But you became kinda suspicious when you never saw her with any of her parents out and about so to speak. But it’s sooo great to see these pics because this will hopefully stop all these doubters!

And Suri is so cute, one of the cutest babies I have ever seen.

Tierchen on

She is the most gorgeous baby ever and I want her *lol*!
I love babies with long, dark hair – hope mine gets it as well *g*.

Keri on

What is Katie wearing?! She’s beautiful but her outfit is hideous! Suri is a gorgous baby…she looks just like Tom.

estherpanda on

To me she looks just like the vanity fair pictures ! Here she’s just a little older, but that’s definitly the same beautiful baby with big blue eyes! She’s not different! of course pictures were retouched it’s pretty normal in a magazine because ALL pictures are retouched !! I’m sure the pictures of sean preston in people were retouched too… but when it’s about tom and katie everyone get crazy et start to critizise

qtfromok on

I wish CBB, dlisted, justjared, and perezhilton did a day just were the viewers and members of their sites could upload pics of their kids and let people comment, that would be sooo cool. Of course everyone thinks their children are cute but to let others judge like they always do would be so fun.

sandy on

that child has a birthmark in the middle of it’s forehead. I wonder if that is the reason why they took so long to show it publicly.

my son has a birthmark that showed up a week after he was born on the right side of his face, the exact same spot as mine was. both have since fadded away.

Angie on

Wow, she looks more like Tom to me than she does Katie. She looks just like his mom.

Entertainus News on

I think she is adorable, as for Katie I love seeing her smile…you can tell little Suri brings out the best in her. 🙂 Gosh, just look at her glowing. 🙂 Love those blue eyes too.

Entertainus News on

Anyone know who that girl is beside Katie in so many of those pictures? (she’s younger, I thought it was Isabella at first but thinking maybe a cousin of Katie’s)

Allison on

Wow! Glad to see Suri out with her mom and dad. Katie and Tom are just glowing with pride.

As for what people say about who Suri does/doesn’t look like, all I can say is, when you have a baby, you just never know. My biological son (who I’m sure is mine since I pushed him out) looks absolutely NOTHING like me at all! He is 100% Daddy. People ask me all the time if he is adopted, when they see just me and my son together. I have even had to show my driver’s license at his daycare b/c the new person couldn’t believe he was my son. By the way, my husband and I have the same heritage – Irish/Polish/German.

Babies also change as they grow, so Suri may look more like Tom or Katie at different stages in her life.

Best wishes on the wedding! Can’t wait to see pics.

April on

I don’t care for TomKat, but they do have an adorable daughter (though I think she looks a lot more like Katie). I don’t like that they styled her hair though, the cut is cute, but I don’t think babies need to have gel in their hair and it looks like she’s ‘all done up’ with that stuff.

But what I don’t get is all the mention of the VF photoshopping – what was photoshopped about her in those pics (I think these pics show her fair skin a lot more, I was wondering why she still seemed so jaundice at 4mos in the VF pics but I don’t see what was photoshopped).

Doreen on

Suri is adorable!!! Right up there on the cutest celeb babies list. Ok–not liking Katie’s hair at all–those fringe bangs cut sooo short–need to go–somehow & pronto!! Tom is gaining weight–looking ok but def not his best.

katee on

Finally seeing Suri out in the ‘real’ world.She is beautiful. I am not sure whether she has been outside of their compounds before – what an awakening for her, with all those lights and cameras!!! She must wonder what on earth has happened!

Michelle on

She’s gorgeous..but very pale

Annie Laurie Starr on

I don’t like TomKat, but I do not believe that they would keep Suri indoors for 7 months and then fly her to Europe to expose her to paparazzis. This girl must have been outside before with nanny or manny, or whoever. No parent would be that crazy to deny a little one some fresh air.

Another thing I do not understand – why all the hoopla about this wedding if it has no legal meaning? Scientlogy ceremonies are not consider to be civil or church unions: Kelly Preston and John Travolta had to re-marry each other a week after their Scientology wedding to validate it. If Tom and his prettier half want to make it legal, they have to re-do it.

Anita on

Wonder why mother was not holding baby????????

Traci_3 on

Their publicist said they had a civil ceremony in L.A. before they left for Italy….. So they have been married for at the very least a week already.(probably, longer)

Ali on

Well, I for one think it’s obvious why they hid her after she was born and airbrushed the VF pictures so much: she has a strawberry birthmark on her forehead. How sad that they thought an innocent baby needed to be airbrushed to perfection. That’s really vain and shallow.

And why would they christen her if they’re Scientologists?

Zoey on

If she’s been out before, why has there been NO sign of her? Not a covered stroller? Nothing. There have been MOBS of paps around just hoping for the first shot of Suri, so if there was one second when she was out in public, why didnt they at least see a covered carseat through a momentarily opened door? De nada. Even the people who said they’d seen Suri when there was all that hoopla at least implied that it took place at Tom’s house. They flew all over Europe to promote MI3, but we didn’t even see Suri or a stroller or anything going on or off a plane??? I’ve said it before, but I really think they’re taking her out now for their own PR purposes. But whatever, its their lives, their child, their choices… their mistakes.

lisa on

Life doesn’t revolve around Tom and Katie Cruise, people.