Jaime Pressly, newly pregnant, already plans postpartum fitness

11/16/2006 at 03:00 PM ET

Jaime Pressly, four months pregnant,  already has plans to shed the babyweight she has yet to gain.  She told Us Weekly, "I want to lose the baby weight by my 30th !" The baby is due in May and she turns 30 on July 30, 2007.  The self-admitted fitness freak said, "Three weeks after I have the child I’ll be back in the gym 4-5 days a week two hours at a time."  Those are some serious goals!

Doctors typically advise that women wait 6 weeks before resuming intense exercise after giving birth but Expecting Fitness’s Birgitta Lauren tells us that she and Dr. James F. Clapp MD, an international authority on the effects of exercise during pregnancy and research professor of OB/Gyn at the University of Vermont  College of Medicine, recommend resuming exercise 2-3 weeks postpartum, and that athletes may resume training 5-7 days postpartum.

Birgitta also tells us "moms that have been athletic since their youth can lose much faster- as fast as 2 weeks postpartum (for example, Jane Seymour, who Birgitta worked with, was a ballerina), and then it depends on metabolism and diet."  She adds, "What and how you eat is tremendously important. Generally breast feeding sheds pounds faster, however, there are some moms for whom it doesn’t.

Source: Us Weekly


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VP on

I would like to see ANYONE who has had an episiotomy work out after 2-3 weeks of barely being able to sit down or poop. Good luck with that one, Jaime.

Sabina on

I hope she’s planning on getting a nanny if she really thinks she’s going to be able to afford that much time away from her newborn after 3 weeks!

MommyX1 on

Wow. I think that’s a really unrealistic attitude. Not only will she be swamped in the many changes and responsibilities of being a new mom, but to assume that you’ll be working out asap is pretty ridiculous. I never understand these celebrities and their obsession with working out and losing weight the second their baby pops out. What is all the rush? It’s pretty bad when you can’t even enjoy your new child because you’re running off to the gym after a couple of weeks.

Lissy on

I am so tired of these women who are so focused on losing the baby weight at warp speed. Why not take that time and enjoy your baby instead of rushing back to the gym? You can’t get that time back, but you CAN get your body back… Look at Leah Remini, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Garner.

gabriella on

Jaime is saying the same thing most celebrities say. Sadly though part of their job is to look good, and I think that’s why they feel the pressure too. And they probably see how magazines show pics of woman with a little bulge, like OMG she still has baby weight. Plus they see how almost all celebrities look good within 2 months, so like everything else in hollywood it’s a competition. I think for most of them it isn’t that hard because they work out before, during, and after pregnancy. I’m a personal trainer, and see a lot of woman in good shape before babies, bounce back quickly. She said yesterday on leno, one of the reasons she announced her pregnancy now was because she has a bulge, and wanted to let people know she was pregnant, and not just chubby lol.

Liz on

I agree with all of the above. I am pretty disappointed in CBB for even publishing that ridiculous information about resuming exercise 2-3 weeks after delivery, whether it’s physically ok or not. I realize this is a celebrity message board, but the vast majority of people visiting the site are regular people. New moms should be bonding with their new infant and resting. Why promote such an unrealistic and psychologically unhealthy standard?

legalmama on

I second the comment about an episitomy, I’m almost 6 weeks pp and still not feeling like I’d want to be working out for 2 hours at a time. It is a shame that she feels so focused on losing the weight, hopefully once the baby comes, she will feel differently and really enjoy motherhood.

shaylee on

What’s so wrong with going to the gym for two hours a day? Its not like your leaving your baby a whole day, you’ll still have plenty of time with the baby :s

Hilary on

She can always change her mind once the baby’s born.

oranges on

I went right back to running three days after giving birth, with the okay from my OB/GYN.
Everyone’s body is different. I know there were days when I was tired, but for my psyche. I had to resume my running. And my running helped me feel better, when I was feeling blue, which was beneficial to my baby.
SO more power to Jamie.

diana on

Most people in the US DO NOT exercie regularly so I can see how mind-boggling and absurd this may sound…. My sis was running and exercising 2 weeks after she had a baby. She bonded with the baby just as well and felt much better and happier… Exercising releases good hormones in your body so I can’t believe how many people are bashing this… The truth of the matter is that most people are lazy and will use any excuse NOT to exercise and find fault with does who do.

Lorus on

I think she’ll change her mind a bit once she is actually postpartum. It’s all fine and dandy until you’re in that situation.

dancingmom on

I went back to teaching dance 3 weeks postpartum. But boy oh boy I wasnt even thinking of hitting the gym! Ouch!! I think she is not even far enough along in her pregnancy to understand what pregnancy & labor does to your body. Ask her again at about 38 weeks she will think differently i bet!!

melanie on

I don’t think 2 hours a day is a riduculous amount of time to go to the gym. I don’t see any reason why the baby’s father cannot look after his child for 2 hours a day 4 or 5 days a week, so she can do something that makes her feel good.
Also, what’s with so many people treating a new mom like she’s made of glass. You can totally do intense workouts a few weeks after birth, if not sooner. I don’t agree that a new mom should be home resting, unless that’s what she wants to do.

Dee Anne on

She is just young and silly and has no idea what things will be like when the baby is actually born. No good mom would leave her baby at 3 weeks to be in a gym all day!!!!!

Raine on

I think it’s very judgmental of you to say that Jaime has unrealistic goals. I personally could not feel good after I gave birth to my daughter, because I hated the way I looked. So I got on the treadmill every day as soon as Stella fell asleep and lost the 30 pounds I had gained during my pregnancy really quickly. Why do you look down on Jaime for wanting to get her body back? It could depress her to the point that she wouldn’t enjoy her child at all.

oranges on

Great post Diana.

Friggin Boobs on

LOL, can Jamie let the baby get here before she goes and starts making all these “fitness” plans? Guess she hasn’t taken into consideration how leaky, deflated and puffy she’ll feel once the little dude and all his amniotic baggage comes sloshing out with him.

Liz on

I think 2 hours a day at the gym is not realistic for those of us moms who work full-time. Giving birth is a big deal, and most women are not really up to heavy duty exercise (like running) until at least 6 weeks post-partum–I don’t care what that supposed dr. expert said. I realize this is a celebrity message board, but most of us are regular people with real lives. Why promote such an unhealthy mindset? Personally, I have been a runner for years, and I certainly am not lazy, but I think it’s healthier psychologically (and physically) to ease back into an exercise routine.

Gracie on

I totally agree with Diana. My thoughts exactly. There is nothing wrong with going to the gym a couple hours a day after having a baby. I personally needed time to get away and release pent up emotions from dealing with a colicy, reflux baby all day. Exercise saved my sanity. I still had 22 hours to bond and care for my little guy. You’ve got to take care of your health (mental and physical) first, so that you can take care of someone else’s. If you’ve exercised before and during pregnancy then it really isn’t a as bad to start exercising again afterwards.

Vallinnapod on

I was exercising/running/gym 2 weeks pp. But I’d like to stress that I exercised before I became pregnant and had my last work out 3 hours before I went into labour. I don’t mean I was pushing myself to my limit for 9 months but I did stuff to get my heart rate up, sweat a little (nice!) and get my body motivated. I never felt like getting out the door (preggers or pp) but I felt a million times better when I came home – endorphines rock! As a result I had an ‘easy’ labour (be comparrison with some of the horror stories I’ve heard!) and was back in pre-preg jeans by 6 weeks – with what felt like very little effort.

Yes, maybe I was lucky but I whole heartedly agree with the previous post that people, on average, don’t exercise regularly and therefore see it as a momentous thing to do once they have had a baby. If it’s part of your life then, provided you take care, it shouldn’t be removed just because you are pregnany/nursing.

As to the bonding ‘issue’. My gym sessions were a sanity check from ‘mum-mind’ – the changing, feeding, comfoting cycle that, whilst I love my daughter with all my heart, can become all consuming.

One maajor issue though………boobs…..oh dear god the number of sports bras I have got through with the ever expanding size. If you are nursing I recommend feeding and then running out the door before they inflate again!


millie on

Unless you are in top shape, exercising daily for hours or fitness is your living (personal trainer, dancer, runner etc), I can’t see how you can realistically return to the gym for 2 hours a day two weeks post-partum. She’ll be beating herself up if she doesn’t live up to her impossibly high standard. Obviously, she’s already concerned with her “bump” enough to tell everyone she’s pregnant or someone might think she’s .. gasp.. a bit fatter than usual. If she has a c-section, big episiotomy, breaks her back like I did during labor (took many months of physical therapy to be able to sit down comfortably), I can’t see anything happening for at least 6 weeks pp, as most doctors would recommend. Setting up this artificial competition to lose weight puts a lot of pressure on all women to look in perfect shape right out of delivery room.. why do you think they have tummy tucks combined with c-sections? It’s crazy. The focus should be on the mother’s heath, also emotional, and the baby, not the shape of one’s stomach. She came across as someone completely obsessed with fitness and body image.

millie on

“The truth of the matter is that most people are lazy and will use any excuse NOT to exercise and find fault with does who do.”
I find this comment incredibly offensive. Just because I’m not in the gym 2 hours a day or not running 2 weeks pp doesn’t mean I’m LAZY. “the truth of the matter” is that you’re incredibly judgmental and impose your fitness fanatic/addict standards on everyone. Any doctor will tell you that it’s better to wait 6 weeks to heal before starting a fitness regimen. If you want to do it as soon as the baby is out it’s your choice, not a recommended approach. Calling everyone else “LAZY” is just plain irresponsible and offensive.

Jacky on

What’s the big deal? She’s clearly in good shape already, has been a dancer all her life, and isn’t bone skinny. Fitness and how she looks is important to her personally and professionally. Who cares?!

I was back in the gym 4 days PP and was back down to pre-PG weight at 6 days PP. I only gained 14 lbs. and had a 7 lb. baby boy. Worked out 3-4 times per week during pregnancy and felt amazing. Had an episiotomy, still tore, but still had an amazing labor that was less painful than an armpit wax! I feel so much better, physically and emotionally, when I work out. So, yeah, rock on, Jamie!

PSB on

Wow. Way to focus on the wrong things Jaime! I really like her, but she needs to move out of Hollywood, because it’s warping her brain. At 2 months post-delivery, your uterus/stomach area isn’t even totally flat from swelling. She should concentrate on a healthy pregnancy and exercise throughout, so she can have an easy time moving around at the end. I hope she doesn’t end up with a c-section, because all of those work out plans will have to be tossed!

jenna on

Lmao @ Jacky!!!
Yikes, an armpit wax DOES hurt! lol 😉
Exercising is GREAT!! I applaude all “real” people who make time to exercise in their “real” lives!…
I have 2 kids, a husband, a full-time job and I still have time to get in a workout a few times a week (besides sex!!)!
It has nothing to do with being shallow or not having your priorities right. It’s about being healthy and fit in a world of fast-food restaurants, cars, and electronics.
To al those who think this is an impossible standard:
Instead of blogging on this site you could have gone for a walk and been on your way to a healthier, happier, fitter you!
Rock on Jaime!