Elisabeth Hasselbeck wants to soak up time with Grace

11/16/2006 at 11:30 AM ET

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck talked to OK! magazine about her controversial role on the mostly liberal-minded morning talk show and her family.  She said that she and her husband Tim Hasselbeck, quarterback for the New York Giants, would like to have more kids- "I would love to have about four." 

She said that her daughter Grace is "incredible.  She can say, ‘Go Giants!’ She is growing so fast.  I cannot believe it.  I don’t get a single thing done when I’m with her.  I just want to play with her as much as possible and soak up this time before she turns 14.  And if she’s anything like me at 14, she’s trouble."  Grace will be two in April.

Source: OK! magazine, November 13, 2006


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Christa on

Elizabeth’s husband is quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, not the New York Giants. (thats Eli Manning). So I dont know why Grace would be saying ‘Go Giants’

From Danielle, CBB Publisher:
You are confusing Tim with his older brother Matthew who DOES play for the Seahawks. Tim transferred to the Giants from the Redskins in 2005 (http://www.nfl.com/teams/story/NYG/8458249). See also http://www.nfl.com/players/playerpage/236946 and http://www.giants.com/team/player.asp?player_id=154.

Jenny on

Elisabeth’s husband, Tim, is the back-up QB for the Giants. Her brother-in-law, Matt, is the QB for the Seahawks.

J.M. on

She said last week on the View that Grace went pee pee on the potty after she had her sitting there for a few min. and then they did a pee pee dance!!

I can’t say that I like Elizabeth on the View but her daughter is super cute!

Zoey on

Although I do not care for Elisabeth on The View, I did like her on the Look for Less. I think her daughter is adorable, and I wish we got to see more pictures of her!!

CMJ on

Just so you know her husband is Matt and he plays for the Seattle Seahawks not the Giants. I am from Boston and some of my friends are great friends with the Hasselbeck’s.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Again, she is married to Tim, NOT Matt.

Jess on

Yup, Elisabeth married the wrong Hasselbeck!

P Dawn on

Danielle and Sarah are right…

He is the son of Don Hasselbeck, who is the former tight end for the New England Patriots and a brother to Tim Hasselbeck, who is the current backup quarterback for the New York Giants. His sister-in-law, Elisabeth, is best known as a co-host on daytime talk television’s The View and she is also a former Survivor contestant.


Now can we please move on?!

dianna on

I think people post that “they don’t care for Elizabeth” because she isn’t shy about her conservative values. No one really seems to mention not liking someone when they have liberal views and share them often. I say, “Go Elizabeth!”

Jennifer on

Well, I’m obviously in the minority, but I am one who does like Elisabeth on The View. And yes, she’s married to Tim Hasselbeck of the NY Giants, not Matt Hasselbeck (her brother-in-law) of the Seattle Seahawks.

Grace is absolutely adorable! 🙂 It doesn’t seem like she’s going to be two in April…time does fly.

jashmom on

AMEN DIANNA!!! I personally like Elisabeth. And I think her daughter is just adorable.

Lauren on

I’m with you, Dianna. I don’t like the way Elisabeth often presents her opinions on The View (she comes across as too whiny and childish for my taste), but I agree with what she has to say more often than not. And you’re right-a lot of people don’t like Elisabeth simply because of her opinions. In this day and age it’s “trendy” to be a liberal and bash Republicans, so a lot of people jump on that bandwagon. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

Zoey on

Well, I could care less what her political views are, I think the way she presents herself is childish and immature. I would have the same opinion of her whether she was liberal, conservative, or from Mars. It’s the way she presents herself that bothers me.

Chiara on

Ok, first of all, labeling someone’s opinions or political leanings as “trendy” is a little far-fetched. There are “trendy” people in anything, but for the most part people who have very strong political leanings either way have come to them through a great deal of education and soul-searching. If people don’t agree with the opinions of any of the women on the View, or anywhere else, that’s perfectly their right, and if it’s truly trendiness that brings them to that then they won’t stick around to argue for very long. A very weak argument, not to mention extremely condescending.

Second of all, the reason I dislike Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the View is not because of her politics. She is, quite frankly, a poor representation of a Republican and a poor representation of her (and my) generation: poorly spoken, shrill, argumentative, irritating. I can name 20 women, easy, my age who could go in there tomorrow and present political arguments from either side with more thought, more credence, and more reason. Perhaps her conservatism would be “trendier” if she presented it better.

All that said, she’s got one of the cutest babies I think I’ve ever seen.

melanie on

Not really a fan of hers either. She has opinions, but no actual knowledge about any issues. It’s hard to watch her. I think that’s why most people don’t especially like her on The View.

Heather77 on

Her baby is adorable.

I don’t care for Elisabeth… and it’s not b/c she “isn’t shy about her conservative values.” It’s b/c she’s narrow-minded and judgemental.

Lauren on

You can call me condescending until you’re blue in the face, Chiara, but the fact of the matter is that with the Republicans screwing up royally over the war in Iraq and numerous other issues as well as with the Democrats taking over Congress and the Senate, I get a lot of grief whenever I try to express my more conservative opinions in a civilized manner. And I am tired of it.
Also, while you are partly correct in saying that many people have come to their political views after research and soul searching, you are also partly wrong. I know for a fact that many people simply agree with whatever happens to be going on in politics at the moment without forming their own opinions about the matters at hand-hence the “trendy” label. Still think I have a weak argument?

I do agree with you, though, that Elisabeth is a bad representative of what it means to be a young Republican. Like you, I can name several young women off the top of my head that I know personally and/or in the media who would do a better job of representing our younger generation than her. While I agree with many of her arguments, the way she presents them is, quite frankly, stupid.

natalie on

i am very surprised that the editor and staff of CBB would allow comments that offensive, hurtful, commens that attack a celebrity which goes completely against the rules of CBB. it also contains posts that do not stay on topic. this blog is to discuss celebrities and their babies and the joys of being a parents and sharing in experiences that celebrities share with their children. it is NOT for discussing politics or whether or not go agree with someone’s politics, let alone elisabeth’s.

there is NO wrong view to politics, and every political belief DOES have a foundation laid in truth and has basis. THEREFORE, no political belief is unformed or uneducated about issues. THEY ALL ARE.

whenever elisabeth is posted on this board, people think its there chance to bash her politics. i am sick of it. its against CBB rules. its not to bash a certain celebrity. its for discussions. it would be awfully sad should the editors not choose to post elisabeth parenting updates and articles because people cannot stay on topic.

i really hope that the moderators and staff do not allow these above postings or were neglectful of their own rules and stand by them.

every mother is wonderful and elisabeth is no exception. i like to hear her stories about gracie on the view. she is an adorable gerbie-like baby. i hope my third child is a girl. i love the name grace.

i am a working mom and i also try to spend as much time as i can with my 2 boys, 2 months and 5 months. its so sad to see them grow up so fast!