Star Magazine takes liberties with Photoshop

11/15/2006 at 05:36 PM ET

Those darn celebrity kids- always snoozing when you don’t want them to.  JJB readers noticed that there was something off about this Star magazine cover photo of Maddox Jolie-Pitt on Brad Pitt‘s shoulders in the Gateway of India in Mumbai on November 12th.  Then someone found the original image where Maddox’s eyes are closed.  Star wanted to use the shot on their cover so they photoshopped open eyes onto Maddox’s face.  (Wonder if they were even his!) 

Not only that but it appears they also lightened Zahara‘s skin!

For the original image with closed eyes, visit (via

By the way, the "big baby announcement" is likely a story about how Brad and Angelina Jolie visited an orphanage in Pune, India to hand out toys.  Whenever Star has a story like this, you have to take it with a grain of salt, especially after they announced Reese Witherspoon was pregnant this summer (she SO wasn’t).

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Autumn on

Oh my, what a magazine! Well then the only headline on that magazine cover that’s possibly believable then is the one about Britney catching Kevin with another woman. (Now that I could believe!)

Nisha, CBB Senior Contributor on

Zahara is gorgeous and those “open” eyes are creepy!

joy on

they seem to like to have the “first” story rather then the actual facts. Why lighten Z’s skin and why make his eyes open? I thought it was adorable with them closed. What people will do for money.

Robin M. on

That doesn’t even LOOK like Zahara!

sandy on

they made her eyes blue!!

~rick on

I don’t have problem with the Photoshop’ed eyes or skin..These images are created to illustrate a story about people living in neverland..Who cares?..It not like these images are being used in a science book…~rick

Janet on

Its bad enough to photoshop Maddox’s eyes but the lighten that beautiful little girl’s skin is downright racist. Yeah I said and I mean it. Star magazine is a joke.

Lorus on

omg I can’t believe they lightened Z’s skin!! That is so disgusting! Why would they even think about doing that? Angelina also looks like she has more colour to her skin on their cover as well.

Zoey on

They also lightened the face of the gentleman behind Zahara. Maybe they wanted to make it look sunnier? I dont know, this seriously lowers my already prettydarnlow opinion of Star.

hermowninny on

yep, the eyes are creepy but the fact that they lightned Zahara’s skin is just disgusting!

Diana on

Photoshopping the eyes is one thing (although they could have done a better job at it) Although I hope they used other pictures with his actual eyes. But to lighten Zahara’s skin, that is just sickening, although this is the STAR we are talking about so it doesn’t surprise me. Where is Shiloh?? They always have pictures with Maddox and Zahara but never with Shiloh.

Christy on

Lorus, Angie has a tan because she is filming the Pearl bio-pic, playing a bi-racial woman. I’ve seen pictures from the movie set, and she is much darker complected.

Kristina on

It also looks like they darken Angie. If flip back forth between the pictures or put them beside each other you can tell. I also agree that the open eyes look creepy. I thought the original picture looked just fine, I thought it was cute that Maddoxs eyes would close.