Star magazine implies Katie Holmes is pregnant again

11/15/2006 at 05:49 PM ET

Despite her slimmed down physique, in this photo from Star magazine, soon-to-be wed Katie Holmes appears to be sporting a souvenir from her pregnancy with Suri- a little belly.  Because they are Star magazine, Star is announcing that Katie has a "bump" which leads people to believe she could be pregnant.  But given the photoshopping they did of Maddox Jolie Pitt’s closed eyes, I don’t buy it.  Girlfriend probably had a big lunch or bad posture.

Source: and Star


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Rachel on

Katie Holmes had Suri, not Shiloh.

staceymay on

You’ve probably gotten a million corrections already, but Katie had Suri not Shiloh. 🙂

Brittany on

she had suri no shiloh

rachel on

ummm.. i’m not sure if i’m reading this right— but Katie’s baby is Suri, not Shiloh

sdfs on

that is suri’s bump, not shiloh

Scottish Mummy on

Think someone has their celebs and babies mixed up!? Shiloh and Maddox (last time Brad checked) belong to Angelina….and Katie has Suri….unless Brad has been busy…now we haven’t had that as a rumor yet!

Cherish on

Do you mean Suri? Yeah, they probably photoshopped that pic or something. I’m not buying that she is pregnant again so soon. Then again, you never know.

Emma on

Poor girl!! – its just the way she’s standing, she’s kind of leaning into the counter. Also, her sweater is probably resting over the top of her jeans, which gives the illusion of a curve. Anyway – Who really does have a flat as a pancake stomach – women are supposed to have some curves – its ridiculous. Katie is such a beautiful girl, and she looks so happy at the moment. And why is the silly magazine calling her daughter Shiloh – that shows us a lot in my opinion.

Kirsty on

Sorry to be a pain, but their daughter is called Suri, not Shiloh.

Tasha on

Pregnancy with Suri, not Shiloh.

Stina on

I am not sure I understand this…”soon-to-be wed Katie Holmes appears to be sporting a souvenir from her pregnancy with Shiloh”

And then it is talking about Maddox too…

This is Katie, and not Angie? Right?
Just making sure I get it…I am blonde! lol

Amy on

Katie Holmes had a baby girl named, Suri, not Shiloh!

Julie W. on

Or can she be pregnant again? I’m wondering.

Shelly on

Don’t you mean Suri?

Mariska on

Uhm…shiloh is Angelina’s baby!!!!??

Robin on

She had Suri, not Shiloh…that was Angelina and Brad

BooBoo on

Katie is the mom of Suri, not Shiloh…

R on


char on

“…Katie Holmes appears to be sporting a souvenir from her pregnancy with Shiloh…”
i think you mean suri. Ü hehehe

Lindsay on

um don’t you mean Suri? Because shiloh and Maddox are angelina jolie’s children. Now I’ve heard angelina was rumored to be pregnant also reported by star but I don’t believe the tabloids.

Anne on

Shiloh? You mean Suri? What a major OOPS!

LG on

Shiloh? Maddox? Er, wrong celebrity mom.

kesha on

You mean Suri, not Shiloh.

laurenp on

you mean souvenir from her pregnancy with Suri 🙂 I dont think she is either. Suri is only 6 months. I know they said they want another one soon- but I see them spoiling Suri for a little bit longer before they do that.

Valou on

You seem to be mixing up two stories and two celebrities…are you talking about Katie Holmes or Angelina Jolie?

Valou on

You seem to be mixing up two stories and two celebrities…are you talking about Katie Holmes or Angelina Jolie?

Ellie on

Shiloh is Angelina’s kid, not Katie’s. Katie’s kiddo is named Suri. That’s what you meant, right?

Sarah on

Baby’s name is wrong…

Sara Halloran on

shiloh? maddox? katie? worng names… the pic if of katie, but are you takling about angelina?

cara on

well….wouldn’t they be talking about SURI if they were talking about Katie Holmes? And ANGELINA if they were talking about SHILOH?

just a question….

ashley boydstun on

katie’s baby is named suri not shiloh

Alicia on

Ummm Was this maybe supose to be about Angelina? I am a little confused.

Jessica on

Katie Holmes’s daughter is named Suri not Shiloh. Just to let you know

Alyssa on

Don’t you mean Suri?

Kristin on

I noticed a miss print in this post. It says the post is about Katie Holmes and she is in the picture, but it list her child by the name of Shiloh which is incorrect. Her child is Suri and Shiloh is Angelina’s child. I hope no one minds me pointing this out. Thanks.

jordyn on

katie was pregnant with Suri, not Shiloh, as mentioned above

Soljah on

Shiloh or Suri??

rachel on

what’s with the shiloh and maddox references??

wrong celeb

Jen on

Katie’s baby is Suri. You wrote Shiloh. Oops! =)

DeAnna on

“Katie Holmes appears to be sporting a souvenir from her pregnancy with Shiloh…”

Suri, not Shiloh

Too many celebrity babies to keep up with 🙂

Jericho on

Don’t you mean Suri?

erin on

oops…i think you meant suri not shiloh! 🙂

Roise on

Is it supposed to say Shiloh in the post? Is that what Star had in the article or just an oversight?

Anonymous on

Shiloh? I think you mean Suri 🙂

stacy on

Love reading the news here. But, there appears to be an error in the children referenced. It should be Suri instead of Shiloh. 🙂 And the mention of Maddox is accurate in light of the photoshopping…but I’m wondering if you included mention of him since you had Shiloh on the mind??

Posh_Fan on

Dont you mean Suri and not Shiloh?

Sandy on

Katie Holmes appears to be sporting a souvenir from her pregnancy with Shiloh???

I think that’s supposed to say Suri 😉

Sara on

umm i think there a typo somewhere here isnt this a pic of katie holme and but shilo is not her child?

Bananas on

“Sporting a little souvenir from her pregnancy with Shiloh”

Katie Holmes, the celebrity surrogate. Or else it could be you meant to say she was pregnant with SURI.

Annie on

Although the headline says “Katie Holmes,” you mention both Shiloh and Maddox in the story. Maybe you got your stories crossed?

Rowan on

Katie gave birth to Suri, not Shiloh. Lots of little mistakes lately…,

tink1217 on

looks like the shirt is just big in the front a bit. I really don’t think she is pregnant again. I wouldn’t doubt it a year from now though.

janice on

quick correction…katie holmes gave birth to suri, not shiloh! 🙂 although that would be an interesting twist…

RetailWhore on

Katie had Suri, not Shiloh. Isn’t Star the same magazine that used Photoshop to give her a big baby bump last time around, making her look much further along than she really was? It’s not out of the realm of possibility that they’re at it again.

Angie on

I wouldn’t believe anything that Star magazine prints. I’m sure that pic is photoshopped.

Kori on

I say it’s a bad angle or she’s not sucking in. The pictures of her thursday at an event were slim and stunning, I don’t think she’s pregnant again.

Cate on

She did have a slouch-related pooch way before she ever announced she was pregnant last year. Remember the white dress she wore at the Oprah gala event? She had a pooch then.

Zoey on

Was google searching and found some other pics of Katie from that day

She really does NOT look pregnant in those pics.

Lorus on

Can we say BLOAT? I guess celeb women aren’t suppose to get bloated at their time of the month.

Lorus on

I love her sunglasses in the other pictures. Anyone know what they are? Probably waaaaay out of my price range though. 😦

Zoey on

From the blurry little label on the side, I’m *guessing* they’re Chanel, although I can’t say for sure.

Marissa on

Oh for heaven’s sake, they photoshopped that picture. You can see the clone marks where they copied the cloth of her shirt to make it look like she has a baby bump!! Honestly, the lengths these people go to to sell magazines is sad…