Shar Jackson with her kids

11/15/2006 at 04:32 PM ET

Kevin Federline‘s, 28, ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, 30, was out with her and Kevin’s two children. They have daughter Kori, 4, and son Kaleb, 2.  Jackson also has daughter Cassie, 11, and son Donnie, 13.


Thanks to CBB readers Corinne and Bella.

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Shelly on

Wow! They got so big and I love how they both have curly hair! Kori and Kaleb are too cute ๐Ÿ™‚

Natalee on

I didn’t realize Shar had 2 other children? She must have had them when she was quite young.

yogadaisy on

ohmygosh, those kids are really cute!

Shar must be feeling pretty good these days watching K-Fed getting his comeuppance.

Hea on

Is it just me or do Kori really look like a seven year old? She is so big! She’s always been tall and all but wow. She will be a total beauty when she grows older, I’m sure of it.

Nisha, CBB Senior Contributor on

OMG Kori’s hair is soooo long and pretty… is it just me but all of Kevin’s kids have a certain similar facial construction/features… But Kevin doesn’t have it… weird?

Aleah on

I don’t like Kevin Federline, but I must admit he makes beautiful children.

Sabby on

Awww! Kori and Kaleb are so cute! I love Kaleb’s hair. Kori is very tall! Cute!

shaylee on

Kaleb is adorable!

Natalie S. on

Wow those kids are so cute! I had no clue that Shar has two other children, well more power to her. But again Kori and Kaleb are very adorable!

joy on

that got really big. It’s ashame they have kevin as a father figure.

stella on

clothes and accesories courtesy of Britney Spears.

alexp on

No denying that Kevin is the father to all those kids. They really look similar, especially Kori and Sean. It’s funny because the kids look alike, but they don’t really look like Kevin. Maybe he looked more like them as a kid.

asheley on

why are the clothes and accessories courtesy of britney??

shar has her own money!?!?!?





DangerousMuse on

I heard Shar had two other kids. I thought it was a lie. Wow.

Erika on

Here is a picture with Shar with all 4 of her kids. Its older Kaleb is still a baby but there all in the picture.

Friggin Boobs on

Wow, those Federline genes are mighty strong.

Zoey on

Wikipedia says that her older two children were fathered by her high school boyfriend.. which makes sense considering. Wonder why we never see her out with them?

And WOW Kori is big! I cannot believe that girl is only 4 years old! I totally agree with whomever said she looks 7! And Kaleb is so cute with those sunglasses on his face!! x3

Heavenly_hibiscus on

They are gorgeous kids.

That britney comment was uncalled for

Melanie F. on

Zoey here goes a couple of pics of Shar’s other children from

Britney and Cassie (Sharโ€™s oldest daughter)

Shar, son Donnie, daughter Cassie, daughter Kori, and son Kaleb

Zoey on

Aw, those pics are adorable Melanie F, thanks for posting the links!

Melanie F. on

Awwh your welcome, Say what you want about Brit, but she must be a nice person who genuinely loves children. To spend time with her step-children’s siblings. (To me it’s soooo sweet)

Sabby on

Thanks for the links on Shar’s older kids. They are such beautiful children! Shar is very lucky. Her children are just beautiful! Did I mention I LOVE Kori’s hair!? ๐Ÿ™‚

Traci_3 on

Noone can accuse Kevin of not producing beautiful children (with BOTH Shar and Britters). The wee ones are very very beautiful children… I hope that momma Shar is using all her resources to ensure
ALL her children feel loved, special, and unique. Being a single momma, it must be incredibly difficult for her…. on another note, I DO believe Brit is a good momma. I think the mistakes she has made along the way were out of ignorance. Certainly NOT out of neglect. I have been pleasantly suprised how Britney has actually been the person to RAISE her son (Preston). Having said that, Brit knew what she was getting when SHE pursued Kevin…. come on, really, if he will do it with you… he will do it to you. I do hope that Kevin settles down and tries to GROW UP… he is the father of 4 precious children now… He better step up… there is not much forgiveness for those that openly exploit OR brush off their children. Also, I really hope that Brit doesn’t feel the need to make every move she makes a public spectacle. It’s time for ALL involved to grow up… step up… be the parents to the children they chose to birth… AND do the best they can to balance their lives. (spiritually, professionally, socially.) Here’s wishing the absolute BEST for Preston and J.J. (can’t wait to see a pic of this little guy… bet he is a clone of big brother Preston )

Traci_3 on

Friggin Boobs …… would you PLEASE quit crackin me up!! lol

fynedymemami on

Those 2 children are absolutely gorgeous!! Their curly hair is pretty! We must all admit that K-Fed.. or whatever his name is lol..made some pretty cute kids with both Shar and Britney. He seems like he’s a better father than a boyfriend or husband. I wish them all luck in their future.