Katie Holmes carries Suri Cruise on the way to City Hall

11/15/2006 at 05:52 PM ET

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are really going through with it!  Here, Katie carries 7 month old Suri Cruise with Tom as they head to Rome’s City Hall to take care of last minute arrangements for their wedding this weekend in Italy.

Smart has a few photos of Suri’s eyes.

Source: People magazine, used with permission

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Alicia on

Wow. A picture people have been waiting to see forever!! There is no way that is a doll ! lol

Keppa on

Wow…this must be mind-blowing to all of the skeptics. But actually they’re probably all upset because they still want to see her face and see her out every day…

Oh well, the rest of us will just have to be happy for them I suppose…Sounds tough

Sandy on

wow…is this the first public outing for all three of them together? It’s good to see them…

Michelle on

Wow, Suri looks really long for 6 months. But a really cute outfit. What is with Tom’s hair lately? It’s like he’s trying to be hip but it’s too long and looks like a woman’s hair do. But they are a cute family.

Hana on

I think Suri has better hair than Tom. 😉

Kristin on

It is so nice to see Suri out with her parents. A rare sight.

tink1217 on

wish we could see her pretty face!!!

elizabeth on

Tom looks a bit tubbie..

MommyX1 on

I’m actually really shocked that they are getting married. I honestly thought it would never happen. Guess we don’t know as much as we think we do.

Noelle on

Suri is actually 7 months old =)

She was born April 18th.

Holly on

I just can’t shake the feeling that everything about this is wrong. It makes me uncomfortable that they appear to be using their baby and wedding for personal promotion.

joy on

*picks up jaw*

My goodness I thought I’d never see the day!! Everyone break out the good stuff LOL!!

looks like she still has the hair 😉

Jessica on

They look great! Love Suri’s little outfit.

Anna on

CUTE!!! Suri is the most beautiful baby of all celebrity babies…wish tom and katie the best

Lauren on

Yeah, that’s a fake baby alright *rolls eyes*. Hopefully these recent outings will quiet the naysayers.

Zoey on

Uggg. Really. More likely than not they are bringing Suri in public to rack up more publicity for their wedding (Tom’s got a new movie soon? They can sell the pics for more $$ if people are more interested? They just like to keep in the spotlight???) Whatever the reasoning, its nice to see them take Suri out in public for a change.

Alyssa on

a real cuuutie!

you can see pictures of her face.. (shes sleeping) on other websites. THeres about 4 pictures from this night.

Émily on

See, she’s a real baby lol!!

leis on

finally it happened, the day i’ve been waiting for…. to see Suri with her mommy! Wish them all the best!

Erin on

First people said she didn’t exist, or was an alien, when her photos didn’t show up in their precious People Weekly the next day.

Then they do a spread for Vanity Fair and people were calling her Chinese, adopted, Chris Klien’s baby, etc.

NOW that she is seen out in public people are saying that they are doing it for publicity.

Hmmm… anyone else growing tired of this or am I the only one? Time to move on, folks!

Émily on

AMEN Erin, well said!

Erin on

Thanks, Émily 😉

Posh_Fan on

I agree Erin. Some people will never be happy with Tom and Katie. I am not a big fan of Tom but she sure is a beautiful baby. In some of the side pics, she looks so much like Katie but there is some pics of her eyes and she looks like Tom lol. Still quite a beauty. And how adorable is her little outfit?

By the way, their PA told msn.com I think they are not selling the pictures or stories or anything.

Zoey on

You know, you can feel how you wish about Suri and Tomkat and I can do the same. Yes, they have a child who looks somewhat like Katie (although I must say, sorry, I do not see Tom in her), but whether she is biologically theirs remains to be seen. The point of the matter is, everything this couple has done has been motiviated by their attempts for publicity. I do not believe they are in love. I do not believe that they biologically have a baby, although I do believe, and have believed that, since they aren’t stupid enough to make a schpeel about a pregnancy and then not follow up, that there is and will be a child being raised as Suri Cruise.

Obviously people are getting sick of this.. even I’m getting sick of this. But by this I mean the media show put on by these two and the exploitation for personal gain (publicity!! $$!!) of an innocent baby who is being raised as theirs. I will continue to believe that simply because I have observed and have since formed opinions about them. Sorry if they dont line up with what is popular or with what people want to believe, but thats how I feel.

Erin on

Thanks, Posh Fan! And I agree – I think she is SO adorable and BEAUTIFUL… def. one of the cutest celeb babies (Shiloh being #1! LOL Followed by Suri, then Kingston 😉 hehe)

I’m just sick of the comments – it’s just OLD. LOL

Erin on

Good for you, Zoey – if you and others don’t like TomKat, or have negative feelings about them, then go right ahead. But what I and others are sick of are the catty comments being made in every single TomKat post. Or the need to SOMEHOW find something to pick on. Once you people get what you want, you need to find something else to moan about. Enough already.

It’s almost 2007 now – just a few months away since for the 2 year mark of their hook-up… time to stop picking on 2 people we don’t personally know, and their innocent 7 month old baby.

Even I’m tired of picking on Britney Spears or calling SP ugly – and that used to be my favorite passtime. (Yes, I’m joking!) But seriously – I don’t like Denise Richards [AT ALL] but I don’t make negative comments on her in every post, or go into Britney Spears’ threads and pick out her obvious flaws (physical and otherwise). I’ve moved on and decided not to subject others to it… time for TomKat haters to do the same, in my opinion!

Melanie F. on

Posh Fan – I agree asleep she does look a lot like Tom. I never cared for the couple one way or the other. I did however want to see what their baby looked like. I can say that they can’t win one way or the other.

This is my opinion keyword *my* Do you know my husband doesn’t even know who Suri Cruise is. Why? Because he doesn’t give a darn. IMO for the people who are so tired of the media and Tom and Katie, guess what you don’t have to read or watch anything that has to do with them.

And if she had her baby by a cow, she’s not asking for taxpayers to support her child, so what does it matter to you? If people see their movies and the proceeds help pay their salaries, it’s by choice. I have never went to a Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes movie. The last movie I seen with him in it was Jerry McQuire and that was on T.V. and as far as Katie Holmes, the only movie I saw her in is the one when she was the President’s daughter.

Let’s just say they are using their child for their finiancial benefit, still who’s business is it? I visit a lot of sites and there are so many topics I pass on. So if someone is sick of them duh! Don’t read and post, keep it moving. People rant and rave about being sick of them but you are obviously reading and posting you aren’t that sick.

And if it seems like I’m angry I’m not, I just hate judgmental people. And for someone to have theories on someone else’s life without even knowing the actual facts. Only what tabloids, media and supposed to be inside friends say about them is judging.

I don’t care if a spaceship dropped Suri off on their porch and they told family, friends, media whoever that they were going to raise her like she’s their own, it would be their child and their business.

Lorus on

Good to see them out with Suri in public. Maybe now they’ll start doing it more often. Tom looks really sweaty in those pics. Ick.

Posh_Fan on

Melanie F…………..I so agree! If you think they are only doing this for publicity, then why give them more publicity? Ignore posts about them. I was one of the many that believed Suri was either not real or not Tom’s kid……….butI do see Tom and Katie in her and I am not going to deny that just because I dont like them.

Erin – Suri, Shiloh, and Kingston are my fav 2006 babies too though Suri is no. 1 for me :p

Zoey on

Okay, I did not mean for this to turn into a huge deal. Yes, I do think they are doing this for publicity, and yes I’m hooked. It’s like a trainwreck in the works, and it aggrivates me to no end, but I can’t help but watching. I’ll admit, I’m guilty on that front :P. However, I have not seen a movie with either one of them in it since this whole thing started. If one of their films come on TV even I’ll flip the channel simply because I am disguisted by them.

And that’s what the celebrity world is all about. When you live in the spotlight you are putting yourself out there for people to pass judgements on you.. whether you’re a celebrity, or a politician, or a sports player, or whatever. You put yourself out there FOR people to observe and that’s just what they do. I’m not saying I pass any judgement on this child, because I dont. I dont necessarily believe the circumstances around her, but I dont think she is to blame for any of this. In fact, I feel sorry for her that she is going to have to deal with this for the rest of her life. Her parents, on the other hand are completely different. They CHOSE this for themselves. They chose to put themselves out there and to allow people to judge them. And I do not feel guilty for doing so.

And on a side note — Kingston and Mason Wilkerson are my fav 2006 babies B)

JaneGrey on

I think Katie should have told Tom to go on a diet before she would marry him! She wants a ‘slim and saucy’ man on her wedding night…

Annie_Laurie_Starr on

After 7 months Katie realized that it’s ok to carry her kid around. Bravo!

Hea on

Cute little family, I wish them all the best.

Babi on

PS. I do think Suri looks more “realistic” in these pics. Nobody could state she’s older than 7 months, or that she’s carrying a wig, or that her features have been altered here. I think the photoshopping on the People spread was to blame for making her look less real and older, in the first place. Which should teach us all a lesson, I guess.

Stacy on

I still don’t get how people can still bash this family. They are super gorgeous, seems to be very happy and a new baby! Wow, looks they are on top of the world. I am just excited to see some wedding pictures soon, Katie’s Armani dress is sure to be stunning!

madison on

Wow, they certainly can’t win. They get criticized for keeping the baby out of the public eye, then they are criticized for exploiting her when they do bring her out.

Zoey on

Now wait, I think its GREAT that they’re bringing her out. I just think the timing is highly suspicious. That’s all. I dont know, I feel like my words keep being twisted here.

Posh_Fan on

I think because they kept her well hidden for so long, anything would they bring her out, it would have been “suspicious” to some people. I think this is probably the right time to bring her out cause it wont get as much attention cause everyone is so obsessed with the big wedding or else you so know, this would have been the cover of all the mags next week. “SURI CRUISE FINALLY COMES OUT!”

DWS on

It’s nice to see Katie with Suri…I take my sweetie everywhere with me, but then again I don’t have the paparazzi following me around everywhere. I don’t think I would like them photographing and hovering around my sweetie…but then again I wasn’t in Vanity Fair with her either.

Haha! I agree about Tom needing to diet…his buttons are screaming a bit!!hahaha!

madison on

Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. I made my comment above that they can’t seem to win b/c I found it interesting that when I scanned the comments of this post half thought it was great to see Suri finally out with her parents and the other half thought it was suspicious and possibly done to gain publicity. That comment was not pointed at any specific comementor, no words twisted – just making a generalization about the two distinct camps of comments.

Zoey on

Well to *me*, it looks like *bang* they go to Italy (publicity up) and *bang* Suri comes out in public (publicity up) and then *bang* they get married and by the time they tie the knot the world is once again interested and invested in this couple.

Clearly, you and I don’t see eye to eye on this and its really not worth arguing over. But I think it would have been much smarter to take Suri out in public you know.. a month or two after she was born… or hey, even a few weeks after her VF cover.. then it wouldn’t have coincided with anything they were trying to promote/do publicity-wise and it wouldn’t look so darn suspicious. However, they chose to bring her out at a time when they were looking to generate interest about themselves and therefore it sure seems that they were using her to help them do this.

Erin on

I don’t find her being out suspicious at all… this is, after all, their wedding. I’d say their daughter is allowed to be with them, even in public. At some point she was going to be photographed in public, and this is as good a time as any since her mom and dad are getting hitched.

Heck, if she wasn’t brought out during this time, what would people being saying then? Still accusing them of hiding her? Calling them bad parents? Saying they were holding out for the price of their wedding photos to go up? It’s always something. 😉

Zoey on

Yes, I agree with you. She SHOULD be out and about during her parents’ wedding. However, all I’m saying is that if they had brought her out sooner, and the *first* time they brought her out didn’t coincide with their wedding it would have looked a lot less fishy. That’s all.

CJ on

Sure is so cute, she looks like katie.

Well good you don’t pic on people’s flaws as a pastime since it’s not like you’re perfect & don’t have any!

Tom & Katie already had plenty of interest in their wedding Suri or not. So they should’ve left her at home in LA & went to Italy w/o her then? I highly doubt this is the first time she’s been out of the house either. Almost every celeb talks about their wedding & shows pics, some videos. Are they all using it too?

Posh_Fan on

There are new pictures at Just Jared. She looks just like Tom!! How scary. Personally I think she looks the same as she did in her Vanity Fair pics, only a bit chubbier and older. Such a cute dress.

Zoey on

“Well good you don’t pic on people’s flaws as a pastime since it’s not like you’re perfect & don’t have any!”

I never said *anything* about flaws, and I certainly never said I didn’t have any.

“Tom & Katie already had plenty of interest in their wedding Suri or not. “

Yes, but interest is up significantly since Suri’s been out and about.

“So they should’ve left her at home in LA & went to Italy w/o her then?”

Of course not. And when they were promoting MI3 and left her at home, didn’t think that was okay either. But I dont think that the first time she’s seen out in public should coincide with their wedding. Too fishy in my book.

“I highly doubt this is the first time she’s been out of the house either.”

Tom and Katie have a serious pap. problem. People wanted to see Suri. If she had been out of the house, there would have at least been a covered stroller. But nothing. Makes a person wonder..

“Almost every celeb talks about their wedding & shows pics, some videos. Are they all using it too?”

Yes, of course. But there’s a difference between quietly releasing a photo or two and doing say.. a 22-page spread in an high-profile magazine. The more over-the-top someone goes to get press and the more they then manipulate said press the more I, personally find it irritating.

I dont know when this turned into a personal attack on me, but this is just getting silly. I expressed an opinion and that’s all there is to it. I’m sorry if you disagree but I can and will feel the way I feel.

maria on

Relax, Zoey! Nobody’s picking on you. Everyone else is just stating THEIR opinions. This is not a personal attack on you. Accept other people’s opinions and stop answering to them or trying to defend your opinion and everything will be fine!
I think they look HAPPY! You can’t really compare Tom Cruise to any other actor. He’s been one of the top paid actors for over a decade so everything he does is scrutinized, etc.
I hate when people say that celebrities chose to be in the spotlight so they deserve no privacy!! Acting is still an art for some people and that’s what makes it satisfying. Acting. Not posing pretty for the camera when they’re not acting.