Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Bella Cruise's soccer game

11/14/2006 at 01:00 PM ET

Right before taking off for Rome for their wedding, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, along with son Connor, went to Tom’s daughter Bella Cruise‘s soccer game on Saturday in Beverly Hills.


Photo from People, used with permission

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LaMama on

I still think it’s strange that they don’t have their baby with them.

Cate on

Sorry but that’s not Bella Cruise. AKA Isabella is older and much taller than Connor Cruise seen in the photo.

Michelle on

Kate looks so great. I cant wait to see her wedding dress and new pics of Suri. I bet she is more beautiful than when we saw her before. 🙂

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I don’t think Danielle said it was Bella, just that they were at her game. I will add in about Connor though, I just noticed he was in the pic!

Peyton on

Katie is a beautiful woman but what did she do to her bangs?? This is the second picture I’ve seen of her now with those strange short choppy bangs.

Dodysara on

Does anyone know what jeans Katie is wearing? I love those!

yogadaisy on

Wow, I didn’t realize how much taller Katie is than Tom. Funny!

Jenn on

Of course they don’t have Suri with them – they never take that child anywhere. I’ll be surprised if they take her to the wedding. Don’t hold your breath for new pictures anytime soon…

laura schindler on

They are so cute doing the whole family thing together! Busy, busy now though, the big day is almost here.

KM on

Tom looks much curvier than Katie does. 🙂

tink1217 on

is this the game where paparazzi knocked over some poor toddler to get to Tom Cruise and the toddler ended up bleeding??? I saw a vid of it earlier. What a bunch of jerks the paps are!

lydia on

Katie is wearing the jeans designed by Victoria Beckham. They have the crowns on the back pocket.

Maria on

It’s not any stranger than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie being out and about without their baby….
They look happy and she looks amazing!!
Wish them the best at their wedding and throughout their lives.

Melea on

I’m sorry to say but Katie has NO butt in those jeans. Everywhere else looks great but not her butt…. oh well, whatever she likes is fine I guess. And a comment about Suri not being there. I understand they don’t want her in the spot light but I don’t see how they can leave her with a nanny so much! My son is almost five months and has only been left with his grandmothers for no more than 30 minutes, I just think the parents should raise the child, not a nanny.

Lyn on

Tom and Katie are beginning to grow on me although I still maintain that Tom Cruise “decided” he fancied Katie Holmes and pursued her – he seems to have that sort of working business mind!

JudeW on

Can you see the other photographer in the back, behind the fence?

Very creepy.. I shouldn’t look at this picture..

Ysenia on

Good grief! Do Isabella and Connor play on a 24-hour soccer team or what? Do these kids do anything else but play soccer?

spencer on

i know them conner was like my best friend in 2 and 3rd grade i did gymnastics and he did to we went to brodway gymnastics hes really kool same with bella and nicole i never new tom though but oh well i saw him once when he dropped off a durt bike at his house then i have slepped over at his house it was really big but one day they had to move to new york and that was the last time i saw them i hope i can see them again!!!!

Brandon Palmore on

Someone inside the Hollywood circle informed that Suri is not TomKat’s real baby. Suri is a purchased baby to hide that their real baby had birth defects. The couple put their love child up for adoption and spent the next month casting a child that had both of their traits. That would explain the reason for a picture of Suri so long to surface.