Page Six Blind Item – any guesses?

11/14/2006 at 02:42 PM ET

Page Six posted this blind item in it’s "Just Asking" section this morning:

Which singer had to deliver her child via Cesarean because of a sexually transmitted disease her estranged husband gave her?

Yikes. Do our readers have any guesses? Note that your choice has to be a singer with an estranged husband! We’re getting a lot of non-related guesses in the comments.


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AJN on

It has to be Britney Spears!

Nicole from Orlando on

Im thinking Geri Halliwell? I dont know just putting names out there.

mls on

Is it Britney?

rizzo on

Charlie Sheen

Hilary on

Before I read singer I was thinking Denise Richards. But it has to be Britney.

Courtney on

I think it’s Britney Spears…she did have a C-Section and she is estranged from her husband…

Corinne on

Pamela Anderson.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Remember that the star in question is a singer! Pam Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, and Charlie Sheen don’t count. 😉

Plus Pam had homebirths!

My guess was Britney or Gwen Stefani, but Gwen and Gavin aren’t estranged. I think it’s either a really obvious item if it’s Britney, or a singer we just aren’t thinking of.

kronson on

Anna Nicole Smith?

Susan on

I can’t remember which one came first the hep A or the baby but i’m pretty sure its Pamela Anderson.

Andrea on

Whitney Houston

Peavy on

Wow, that’s serious, but if I would have to guess I would have say Britney Spears

Tina on

Sara Evans, i hope not but who knows with her husband has done from what she has said in the divorce papers

tink1217 on

there are rumors flying that is is Britney!

carrie on

I too thought sara evans but it has been awhile since her last birth.

Nat on

Britney Spears for sure!

Sabby on

Hmmm… Who could it be?! LOL! I think it is that country singer who is battling her hubby in court.

Alexis on

My money is on Britney Spears! Recent c/s and she is estranged from her husband.

alexp on

My guess is Britney, since both of her births were preplanned c-sections, which seemed weird to me that such a young woman wouldn’t even attempt to give birth naturally.

I remember that when I heard her first birth was planned months in advance to be a c-section thinking that she had an STD that prevented a vaginal birth.

ashamed on

I’m gonna guess Priscilla Presley.

LazyDaisyLakes on

I’m going to have to go Britney. Poor girl!

Chas on

Britney Spears

vjv on


think people on

it is britney – everyone knows

pam anderson has hep c – hep a is curable and had home births

gwen stefani – had a vag birth and isn’t estratnged

anna nicole smith – isn’t a singer and is married

priscilla presley had quiet births

poor brit brit somethings you can’t divorce

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Gwen had a c-section because Kingston was breech.

Dodysara on

Britney of course! How sad Fed-Ex would do that to her!

alexp on

I think that all three of Sara Evans’ births were vaginal deliveries. I remember when her youngest was born, and there was no mention of it being a c-section.

adarling on

I think it’s Britney. She’s the only singer who’s recently had a C-section and is estranged.

angel-a on

SO Britney! That poor girl. But really no surprise – FedEX is such a pig, and Brit Brit did have a c-section. When I read this in the post this morning, I was CERTAIN!

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Alex, Sara mentions having three c-sections here:,26334,1532874,00.html

heather on

I dont think its Britney.
something tells me it not her.

melanie on

i’m going to guess sara evans, but you never know. it could be britney or possibly gwen or whitney houston. i have a family member who had to have a c-section due to an std and she told nearly everyone that it was because the baby was breech. i’m sure anyone in that situation would make up a story. i feel terrible for her, whoever she is. 😦

yogadaisy on

Duh. Of course it’s Britney. Yuck!

HaZe on

I believe it’s Vanessa Williams, her estranged husband is Rick Fox and it was rumoured that he had a STD and gave it to her.

H on

I really dont think its Britney. She had to have a cesar, but that was because she developed pre-eclampsia.

Ally on

I read that it was Angelina Jolie…(from Billy Bob or her first husband)

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I’ve heard the Angelina rumor too, but this one has to be about a singer.

I wish they could just up and say who it is. They would get sued though.

yogadaisy on

Ally, Angelina is not a singer.

Spiff on

Anyone who is guessing other than Britney is CRAZY!! Of course it is her! Why would they put this in about someone (Sara Evans, Vanessa Williams) who had children YEARS ago?? And Gwen is not estranged from her husband…

elle on

The first person I thought of was Britney but know I don’t think so. If she found out she got an STD from her Kevin why wouldn’t she divorce him then instead of waiting til now? If she found out about it before she was pregnant why would she have any kids with him and if she found out when she was pregnant why would she stay and have more kids with him? I would be surprised if it was her.

Spiff on


If it is herpes, why would she leave him? Herpes is a lifelong sentence! You might as well stay with someone else who has it…

Heavenly_hibiscus on

hmmm… the mind boggles…

Britney, Madonna…

If it was Britney why would she have gotten pregnant again so soon instead of waiting for the STD to clear up? or was she infected AFTER the birth of JP?

Tina on

all 3 of Saras were c-sections. she has talked about it in many interviews and when they reported the birts of them and stuff media had said that. It has been two years but hell i wouldnt be suprised if it was Sara cuz her huband is jsut nasty. i cna say more on this subject but i wont. i’ll spare all y’alls. I hope that it isnt her cuz i think it would have leaked before now. I think hers were just cuz she had one with the first and then just decided to do the other two that way.

Hana on

“gwen stefani – had a vag birth and isn’t estratnged”

Gwen had a c-section because Kingston was breech. My guess is Britney.

Read on

Dear Think People:

Definitely Brit Brit, but Gwen Stefani had a C-Section because her baby was breech as did Santa Angelina.

tina on

i think britney, but they say she delivered at 2 in the morning due to pre-eclampsia, if it was only an infection why 2 in the morning? also i read somewhere that she states that kev gave her something infect, but why make it public knowledge?

tina on

Also it is possible to have a natural birth if you have an infection, doctors take extra precautions and stuff at the birth

mamaM on

It is totally sarah evans. Britney had c-secs because she stated in an interview that she is basically to posh to push (no offense to women who had to have c-secs) and that she didn’t want to have the pain of childbirth!

shsha on

this blind item came up awhile back its not britney its venessa williams i heard she caught herpes from rick fox. Venessa use to be a singer an still sings now from time to time.

alexp on

Well I’ll be darned. I didn’t realize Evans had c-sections. I suppose it could be her given her husband’s carry on, but since she didn’t spare any details in her divorce filings I would guess that she would have listed an STD in there too.

Since it says estranged, though, it must be someone who is still in the process of a divorce, otherwise they’d just say ex-husband, right? And that basically narrows it down to Sara Evans and Britney Spears.

My bet is still on Britney since Kevin seems so dirty. Are we ever going to find out, or do we just keep guessing?

Leelee on

First person in my head was Britney. I wouldn’t put it past Kevin to have given her something. That’s prob why she’s leaving now!

Curlgirl on

OMG……… It has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO got to be Britney!!!!

That’s brutal 😦 Poor girl. I am so glad she is rid of that nasty thing she called a husband. Can you say ICK???? See ya later Fed-ex….


alexp on

Even though Britney probably does have something, I think it’s Vanessa Williams. It says “child” as in singular, and Vanessa Williams only has one child with Rick Fox.

If this was referring to Evans or Spears, I think they would have made it plural.

lynn on

This is low. It sounds like a topic of conversation for highschoolers. Shame on CBB for posting this “story” and having a comment fest about it. It’s mean spirited and smarmy.

Carrie Jo on

So, when do we get to find out the answer?

Sarah CBB News Editor on

We don’t. That’s why Page Six posts it as a blind item, they could get sued if they printed the name of the person.

DaisyFly on

It’s Britney.

Obviously she’s not the brightest bulb in the box and would continue to “stand by her man” after discovering that she had contracted an STD while pregnant. Any sane woman would have left immediately after confirmation.

Of course, any sane woman wouldn’t have married K-Fed to begin with…or had a child with him. So there’s your confirmation that Shar Jackson isn’t sane either.

Tanya on

The question is a little tricky because they say nothing about whether or not this was a recent event… I know it cant be britney because a std would have showed up early on and she wouldn’t have waited until her newborn was 2 months old to leave him so i am stupid..

Jennifer on

I do believe it was Pamela Anderson who contracted Hep from Ex Tommy Lee???

elle on

I would divorce my husband if he gave me an STD and I think most women would too.

Diabla on

It’s Britney Spears. I’ve read in more than one place that she has herpes, courtesy of K-Fed.

Rose on

Pam Anderson

Anne on

My money is on Britney. Just looking at K-Fed makes me ill.

Jennifer on

I’m a big Sara Evans’ fan, so I’ve got to say that I don’t think it’s her. She had her youngest, Audrey, over two years ago, and though all three of her children were C-sections, and she’s estranged from her husband, it just doesn’t seem like it’d be her. That seems like something she would have brought up in her divorce proceedings.

Though at the same time, if I recall from when the scandal first started, she claimed to have evidence of everything. People were surprised when she revealed so much in her papers and wondered if her attorneys kept anything to bargain with. Perhaps they did, and this was that “bombshell” that was always being talked about.

Britney Spears seems the obvious choice to me. That doesn’t even seem likely, but I think it sounds far more like Kevin Federline than Craig Schelske. So, Britney Spears is my guess.

PinkRoses on

I think it’s definitely Britney. She was photographed by paps coming out of a pharmacy with Valtrex (or something of that nature) which is used for herpes.

Jen on

It was Pam Anderson. She got Hep C from Tommy Lee

Ericka on

I hope it’s not Britney.

madison on

I can’t believe this was posted as a game for readers to respond to. It’s mean and tacky.

Sarah on

Britney Spears

Aleah on

I’d say Britney because she’s had Jayden recently, K-Fed’s the estranged husband and she’s a singer.

Katie on

Now I don’t wish STD’s on anyone….but when she started sleeping with K-Fed the day she met him AND he still had a pregnant fiance….did Britney really think he was clean as a whistle? Something tells me she wasn’t terribly caring about any sort of “past” he had. She’s had affairs with married men before too…

alexp on

Jen, While I’m not a doctor, I don’t believe that Hep C prevents a vaginal birth. Diseases like Herpes, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can all have devistating effects on a newborn, but since Hep C is really a liver disease, I don’t think it prevents natural deliveries. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Kelly on

It has to be Britney!!

Hilary on

It’s not Pam Anderson b/c she’s not a singer…but I do believe she got HEP C from Tommy, but most likely from sharing needles (I heard from using the same needle for tatoos.)

Erin on

Obviously Britney! K-Fed had been cheating on her for a while. And, from her own lips, she said Jayden was NOT planned. I’ve also heard she was planning on divorcing him but then found out she was pregnant again.

Considering this is a blind item, it’s got to be a recent thing. I don’t think they would haul something out that happened years ago. So that kind of puts Sara Evans and Vanessa Williams out of the running.

Anyway, what is with some of these answers? LOL =P

Priscilla Presley: Lisa is almost 40 and was a natural birth (not silent though – she didn’t get into Scientology until, I believe, a few years after Elvis died). She was divorced from Elvis. Her son, Navarone, is almost 18 and was also a natural birth. She and Marco have never married. Plus, she’s not a singer.

Angelina Jolie: Not a singer. And Shiloh was breech. Not to mention, she’s not married.

Pamela Anderson: Home births, thus not c-sections. Not a singer.

Anna Nicole: Not a singer.

Rachel on

personally I don’t care…I just think this is a terrible question for the magazine to post…just because now people are getting ideas in their head about who it is, and you don’t even know

Andrea on

What about Whitney Houston?

karen on

With herpes you can have a vaginal birth if you’re not having an outbreak at the time.
I thought Britney had c-sections because she was afraid of labor/birth… Sounded shallow enough to be true!

Mimi on

I just read that it IS indeed, Britney!!!! Wow!

Natalie S. on

Whoa..Okay after reading everyone’s guess. Some people seem to throw in random celeb names and most weren’t even singers.

Recently (okay it’s been 2 months but it’s still recent) gave birth via c-section ~ Britney
Singer ~ Britney
Estrange husband ~ Britney

I rest my case.


Anna Nicole Smith??

Émily on

Withney Houston doesn’t have babies lol! I think it’s Britney.

trixie on

Frankly, I don’t think this is a big deal, and I think some of the people who are responding are being childish and immature.

Millions of people have herpes, including myself. How many partners have I had? A whopping two. Many women with herpes have vaginal births all the time, and with the effectiveness of antivirals like Valtrex, many more are having vaginal births all the time. It is my understanding that the only time a C-section is truly required with a woman who has herpes is when there is an actual outbreak. And the average person only has a few outbreaks a year. With one out of every four people having herpes, trust me, if you could only have C-sections if you had herpes, we would be having a LOT more C-sections!

It’s a virus; in fact, it’s a strain of the same virus that causes cold sores. Is everyone who gets cold sores icky and disgusting and deserving of scorn? No. Is herpes a wonderful thing to have? No, but at the same time, it does not mean you are sleeping around and a bad person. It’s a nuisance at best and a health issue to be managed like many others. Let’s be mature about this people.

CanadaChick on

It’s either Vanessa Williams or Whitney Houston.

Katie on

I don’t doubt Kevin cheated on her…but she was also the other woman when that relationship started, knowing full well he was currently with another woman when they were together AND Britney didn’t care. She had an affair with a married man. She had a string of one-night stands. She’s been with Colin Farrell. She’s been with Fred Durst. She cheated on her long term boyfriend. She married (and presumably had sex with) a guy for 55 hours….what’s the assumption that it was Kevin with the STD? She’s been around plenty to have gotten it herself. I’m sorry if she’s ill, but she’s not careful.

sarah on

It is Whitney Houston… im almost positive!

Cherish on

I’m thinking it’s Britney…

Bobbi on

Whitney Houston. She was the first one I thought of. Bobby Brown has probably been sleeping around with all these women before and after Whitney – especially since he’s got yet another child coming.

Lorus on

I’m thinking Britney. She used the excuse of her Mom’s vaginal births being too traumatizing for her so that’s why she had an elective c-section with SPF. Then she was going to have another scheduled c-section with JJ but I guess had it earlier because of medical issues. Maybe the “traumatizing” was just a coverup because of her having an STD! Why would you stay with someone who gave you an STD? Maybe it was her own stupidity that they both should have gotten tested before having unprotected sex.

To all those saying it was Pamela Anderson. She didn’t develop Hep C until YEARS after her boys with Tommy Lee were born. Plus she had uncomplicated HOMEBIRTHS.
Oh how I <3 Pam.

Karrie on

I just thought of something…does anyone know how Shar Jackson had her baby? He went straight from her to Britney and my guess is if Shar had C sections, it was probably for the same reason. So sad…

me on

Nelly Furtado