Britney Spears and Sean Preston in Mississippi

11/14/2006 at 10:42 PM ET

We were asked to remove the images from the page from Splash News.

Originally posted November 14:
Britney Spears
was snapped out at dinner last night in Mississippi with son Sean Preston, 14 months. Sean’s hair has really thickened up since we last saw him two months ago! Mother and son were both looking snappy – Brit in red lipstick and a plaid headband, and Sean in a preppy little vest.

Gp40526000p01v01_1The vest is from the Children’s Place Spring 2006 line, so it’s no longer available, but you can bid for a 12 month size on eBay. Sean’s shoes are BabyGap track sneakers ($15). 

Source: BritneyRes and Estelle at CelebBabyGear!

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Shelly on

Awww, I can’t believe Sean is 14 months old! I hope we get to see his little brother soon.

Julie on

Actually the pics from britneyres is from an album called “britney having a sigarette” or something like that. Two pics of her smoking in there… And not looking all happy as everyone wants here to be. I can’t help it, I feel sorry for her. Must be having a pretty hard time right now…

Samia on

awww sean is soo cute..i love him with his hair

sara on

finally-that baby looks cute!! i guess it’s that hair

Samia on

he was always cute! with his chubby cheeks

Breanne on

OMG! He looks more like a real (and very adorable) child now that he has hair. I thought he was kind of weird looking at first, but he’s really grown on me. I missed seeing Sean P! 🙂

DeAnna on

Where did Sean get that hair from?? He gets cuter everytime I see him. Britney looks great too!

Michelle on

Aww what a cutie! He’s really starting to look like Britney too, luckily he doesn’t take after his father in that department!

ang on

how on earth does she get her hair from blonde, to black, to blonde again without completely trashing it…it’s a mystery!

Leah on

hes adorable!! i think britney might be wearing a wig, it kinda looks like one to me..

Aleah on

Sean is really cute!

A on

Eeeeeeeeeew smoking at the dinner table is disgusting!!! I hope little SP wasn’t around to inhale his mommy’s smoke!! And who’s looking after JJ?

Hea on

I’m sure Britney is having a rough time right now but she looks great and Sean is cute as always. I like his little vest.

CJ on

Missed seeing him the last few months. He looked so cute waddling around in the video. His little outfit is so adorable. I wonder is she going to let his hair grow long?

nina on

Wow! Sean really is a cutie! I love his chubby cheeks! All best to Britney and her little ones!

Izzie25 on

Britney looks amazing with her hair like that…although I like it short, I wasn’t really a fan of it short and straight. Sean looks adorable as always! I’ve missed seeing him.

anne on

She’s definitely smoking in one of the pics, so I hope she isn’t breastfeeding.
There was a video of Sean Preston walking in the restaurant. Totally cute

Dewi and Endah on

Wowwww…Britney and her son are so cute….

Britney looks a beutiful although she has a child….
Her son is very handsome like his father…
Sean is very funny we want to pinch him because his cheeks is very chubby..
Britney is very care to her son…

They look so matching with their dress..

We love Britney and Sean very much..
Good luck to Britney…
That’s all…


Drysdale on

She looks great.
The smoking she can definately do without!

Sean is a cutie, as always!

DivaMommy on

The place where they are eating is the Dixie Springs Cafe in Mississippi NOT Louisiana! Kentwood, LA is right over the state line from MS–Brit even went to high school in MS (Kentwood is a very tiny town). I’m from MS and have eaten at this restaurant before…very good! It’s nice to see her enjoying time with her brother and friends…and I agree that Sean P. is getting more adorable all the time. Go, Britney!

joy on

I’m not a fan of smoking especially around children but it’s her choice.

I don’t necessarily feel bad for her. She got herself into this mess when she decided to marry Fedex now she just has to deal with the mess. I hope for the boys sake though they can grow up a bit and save the children from a bad divorce bc they’re being selfish.

teenyz on

Smoking while breastfeeding does not overpower the positive effects of breastfeeding.

Amy on

Well, now I guess we know what helped her lose weight. I’m sorry, I will probably offend people, but skinny people who smoke do nothing for me. It just disgusts me knowing that is how some people “diet.” My MIL actually took up smoking to lose weight. That is just insane!

Sabby on

Awww! Sean P. is so cute! I saw some pictures of Kori, Kaleb, and their Mommy Shar! Kaleb and Sean look a lot like each other. I have to give it to Kevin, he makes such cute kids!