Cruise family (and SURI) arrive in Rome

11/13/2006 at 09:55 PM ET

Us Weekly has a photo of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Isabella Cruise, Connor Cruise and Suri Cruise disembarking their plane in Rome for Tom and Katie’s wedding. This is the first time we have seen Suri out in public. Tom is carrying Suri, who’s dressed in red!)

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Posh_Fan on

I saw some pictures earlier and its def not a doll. It could be another baby haha cause you cant see her face cleary but I am sure its little Suri. Hopefully she will be seen in Rome.

Lorus on

What a strange way to be carrying your child. It looks like he’s holding her arm against her body. Looks very awkward.

elle on

I hope they release pics of Suri in their wedding. She is such a gorgeous baby.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Tom is carrying Suri (or at least a doll or other baby dressed in red) LOL – probably!

Zoey on

Don’t buy it. The pictures are not good enough.

Posh_fan, where did you see better images? I’m curious to see them.

Zoey on

It also looks too fake. Everyone else is dressed in black, but Suri in red. It’s like he’s screaming “Look, here she is. REALLY” because he knows that while photogs will be there, they won’t be able to get close enough to see anything (they can’t be on the runway, etc)

And the baby/doll looks awful stiff and a weird size.. and Tom doesn’t seem to know what he’s supposed to do with a baby.

I also found this link on Defamer, thought it was, at least ironic and worth mentioning

jen on

This was Suri’s 1st international flight… my own daughter is just four days younger than Suri and long plane ride or short one I’d be the one carrying her down those rickity stairs, NOT my husband. And it looks TERRIBLY akward as everyone’s mentioned. He should be holding her in a more appropriate way to avoid potentially slipped on those steps or whatnot. And my 5 month old is only that rigid looking when she’s poo-ing. Weird. And look and the V.F. cover and now the airplane… does Katie ever get to hold her baby?

estherpanda on

Are we still on it? Please….Give them a break ! “it could be a doll”
Yes Tom cruise is so stupid, as katie holmes that they’ve decided that tom would carry a doll, dressed in red of course to make the difference! I don’t understand why people keep saying everything is fake about this (beautiful) little girl !
They’re getting married, it’s normal they bring their daughter !

Hea on

I don’t see anything directly wrong in the way Tom is holding her. One arm around her back and one under her little behind. It appears that’s shes pretty rigid in her back and neck and she can probably hold her head up by herself so, what’s wrong with it?

Sabina on

Oh come on everyone, it’s about time people stopped treating that poor little girl as if she’s a joke. Would anyone be questioning whether or not she was real if all the tabloids hadn’t started a feeding frenzy over it? Even with all of Tom’s escapades and the apparent strangeness of his and Katie’s -sorry, *Kate’s*- relationship.

kandjsmom on

I don’t think Tom Cruise would parade around with a doll especially when hes in the company of his children. I mean a man that appears so dedicated to them wouldn’t put them at risk for confusion and deception. c’mon people..shes a baby respect her life!

Maria on

Now TC is carrying a doll in front of all the people at the airport.Tom Cruise look good,because of your immature remarks. Its been what a year and a half of stupidity been said about this family. I know people who were laughing about these stuff they dont anymore because, it is getting boring you need to move on. All these people at the wedding are going to see a doll, but they are going to say otherwise which mean they are all senile. I know people who are fan of him now because they think it is a vendetta.

pink.lioness on

PLEASE give this family a break!

It so annoys me that some people just can’t let go of all that nonsense talk. Of course Tom is carrying his daughter Suri and not “a doll” or “some other baby”. How ridiculous, and mean!

And I also don’t get it why Tom shouldn’t be the one carrying his daughter down the stairs. I’m sure she was safe enough in his arms. Usually, fathers are capable of carrying their children without dropping them!!!

Posh_Fan on

For God’s sake its not a doll……its a baby for sure. Matrix Agency had other pictures earlier (which they removed now I think) and it was clearly a baby unless the doll knows how to hold up her head high and have different arm movements. US Weekly just chose a bad picture. You couldnt see the face but you can tell it was a baby. God.

DeAnna on

I agree with all who say give the family a break! I think it’s very immature and rude of the poster of the article to put what she did. Yes, I was skeptical before they released the pics, but when they finally gave us what we wanted to see, why couldn’t the talk stop. I am by no means a fan of TC, but Suri is a beautiful baby. Let’s just let it go already.

joy on

well it could be a fake baby just to throw off the media to thinking she’s there so that when she “really” arrives they won’t be looking for her.

To me though even though it’s a bad photo it looks like it’s her. I doubt they’d go to the extent of having a fake baby there. I was watching something on TV the other day and they said that Isabella and Connor would be in attendance as well as in the wedding but no mention of Suri. Pretty sad that the couples own biological daughter is never mentioned and sometimes forgotten due to the fact that she’s never truly been seen.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

The comment was only sarcastic and not meant to be taken seriously. 🙂 We know she’s real!

Lauren on

This has been said already, but shame on everyone who continues to mock this poor child’s existance. She may have constroversial parents, but she does not deserve to be treated as a joke. As mostly parents, I expected more from the readers here-not to mention the people running this site! You are only adding fuel to the fire by saying, “Tom is carrying Suri (or at least a doll or other baby dressed in red!” Who are you to judge whether she is a doll or not? Grow up!

Angie on

Tom cruise has said in the past that they had Suri dolls to fool the media. i think he is holding one of those dolls. Maybe he did that so that later on one of his parents could bring the real Suri to them without any paparazzi. Just a thought!

SY on

Perhaps the baby is stiff because she was tired and cranky. Not a fan of the Holmes/Cruise camp, but God only knows how I look sometimes trying to heard my two boys in and out of the car, plane, etc. Give them a break!