Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Maddox and Zahara in India yesterday

11/12/2006 at 07:16 PM ET

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted out near the Gateway of India in Mumbai, India with two of their three children. Maddox, 5, was carried on daddy’s shoulders, while Zahara, 22 months, was carried by mommy. No sign of Shiloh, almost 6 months. The family is still in India for the production of A Mighty Heart.

Click here for several more photos in a slide show on Yahoo. – Also, more in the extended post!

What are Brad and Ange doing to their kids? – Maddox sleeping on Brad’s head and Zahara on Ange’s shoulder!! Maybe Shiloh is keeping them all up at night!


Source: Yahoo and PEOPLE, with permission


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Jessica on

Where is Shiloh? They NEVER have her with them – and I think that is really odd. I wonder why…

Stacey on

Lovely pics! Zahara is such a cutie pie, if only Shiloh was there aswell!

Shelly on

does anyone else ever notice that they don’t ever seem to have their baby with them?

fynn on

Z has gotten so big!! She seems really tall for her age. She’s so beautiful. I just adore this family. I’d love to see Shiloh again sometime but I guess she’s still too young to go on these outings (with all the paparazzi and attention).

carly on

is that a baby bump?

J.J. on

I love Angie, Brad, and their three adorable kids. I just wished they show Shiloh a little more often. I really want to see her cute little face and see how big she’s getting!!! Maddox and Zahara are also an adorable bunch!!! Maddox is getting really handsome that sooner or later little girls will want to be around him and Zahara is getting prettier and prettier each day that someday I bet she’ll become a good model. Can’t believe she’s almost 2!! Anyway, I hope they do adopt another baby sooner or later from India. That’d be sooo sweet!!! There are alot of little ones there who are desperate for good homes. But I hope this time a they adopt a little boy so they can have two and two and Maddox won’t be outnumbered. Zahara already has a little sister to girly stuff with, so Maddox needs a little brother to do guy stuff with. But if they adopt another girl, that would be great too, but what like Brad said, it’d be better if they adopted a boy to even out the genders, and Maddox won’t be too left out. Anticipating on the adoption soon!!!

Jess on

Aww! These pictures are too cute! So sweet! Ange and Brad make great parents! Maddox is adorable as is his little sister, Zahara. Shame Shiloh isn’t in the pictures. xxx

Heather on

Zahara is getting so big!

I love this family

Jess on

Why is Shiloh never there. I don’t really understand why they show the other two but not Shiloh. It’s there business, and they may have a good reason, but I just wonder.

Lynn on

Why do we never see Shiloh??

Kresta on

Zahara looks as though she has had a growth spurt. She suddenly looks tall for a 22 month old. She alsmost looks the same size as Maddox.

Stef on

Zahara is getting soooooo big!!! I always have to wonder where Shiloh is though when the family is on one of its outings…

pink.lioness on

BAMZS, along with the Klum/Samuels are my favourite celebrity family by far. They are so adorable, yet at the same time appear so down to earth. Simply gorgeous!

noelle_mommytobe on

Zahara is getting so big!! And Maddox…what a cutie! It’s a shame they never take Shiloh anywhere, but it is nice that they are keeping her from becoming overexposed.

Michelle on

Zahara has such long legs, I bet she’ll be a tall girl when she’s older 🙂 These two seem like brilliant parents to all their children 🙂

Michelle on

I love them as a family. They look so happy as do the kids. Wish we saw more of Shiloh, I bet she is getting so beautiful as she gets older. Good luck to them and all the good they do around the world.

Angie on

They are such a cute family. Zahara is getting tall for her age. I see modeling in her future. Her little pontytails are so cute. Maddox is a cutie. I wonder where Shiloh is.

lina on

I think Zahara is going to be a very tall girl.

Lina on

Zahara is going to be a very tall girl. i think she is huge for a baby that is not 2 years yet.

Lorus on

Wow Zahara has sure grown! Looks like she’s catching up to Maddox.
I feel bad that they can’t go out with Shiloh as well.

FC on

Wow. Zahara’s seems to have sprouted overnight. She looks a lot older than going on two years old. 🙂 I love her. Maddox is just adorable. Now if only they’d show off Shiloh a tad bit more. ♥ I love this family. 🙂

Christie on

I can’t believe how big Zahara has gotten…its like one day to another she turned into a kid…she’s surely not a baby anymore. It seemed that just this summer she was still little. Maddox is just the cutest little boy…and seems to have a cool attitude.

MommyX1 on

I don’t see why they never take Shiloh out along with the other kids. Zahara was 6 months when Angelina adopted her, if I remember correctly. And she had no problems taking her out everywhere. I don’t see why Shiloh seems to get “special” or different treatment. I wonder how the other siblings would feel about that if they understood.

TracyG on

Glad I’m not the only one who wonders where their other daughter is. Seems funny to me that they have Maddox and Zarhara everywhere they go, but Shiloh is never anywhere to be seen. Things that make you go hmmmmm…

So where are all the rumours about Shiloh then? We see them all over about Suri and she is never seen either. Seems a double standard to me.

At any rate, the children are gorgeous and I bet little Shiloh is a beautiful child’s too bad they hawk her off to someone else while they are enjoying their other kids.

TracyG on

Oh, and they are also thinking of adopting ANOTHER baby? Why not spend some time with the baby they have but never seem to have anything to do with first? She’s so young and needs that bonding with the family before they introduce yet another baby to the bunch.

Fynn on

Probably, since Shiloh is not quite six months old, it’s just easier to leave her in the care of a nanny when they go out. Maddox is old enough to go a little crazy if they never take him anywhere, and Zahara is old enough to enjoy stimulation if they take her along. Certainly it’s nice to have the whole family together, but beyond that, the only reason to take Shiloh out would be to let people see her–which, even though that would be nice for us, if I were them, I’d leave her at home where she’s content too.

TracieLee on

They have enough trouble with the paps following them around…….imagine if they DID take Shiloh out with them, it would be crazy……probably would scare the baby plus Maddox and Zahara. Brad and Angie are smart….they know photos of Shiloh probably have a heafty price on them – so the paps would do whatever necessary to get them.

Cate on

I just love them. This is my favorite celebrity family. Also LOL at all the “where’s Shiloh” questions. Obviously she’s not in these pictures and her parents decided for whatever reason not to take her on this particular walk. There will be plenty of other times to see Shiloh.

anne on

i just love then!!! there so cute family

Shannon CBB contributor on

For the readers wondering about where Shiloh is and why Ange and Brad don’t take her with them. I just believe they are ebing realistic – taking Shiloh would mean ALOT more interest and paparazzi. I definitley don’t think it is in relation to them protecting her more because she is biological. I’m sure as she gets older we will see more of her. Also, it would be harder and perhaps dangerous with the paprazzi to have a pram also to get through the crowds.

*Hoping to see more of Shiloh soon!!*

Lorus on

I can understand why they don’t bring Shiloh out with them places. The paps are probably bad enough when they are out with just the older two, can you imagine what it would be like if Shiloh was with them as well? I think they want the younger to to have somewhat normal adventures out and about but that would be taken away from them if the baby was there too.

Carol Lee on

I wish they’d show Shiloh again. She’s so beautiful with that bald little head and those cheeks and lips. Maddox and Z are getting so tall. She doesn’t look pregnant to me.

dark angel on

wow i see another Iman in Zahara!…a super model! apparently Iman is from zahara’s area of origin, and people from that area are so tall!…as for them not going out with shiloh, when my daughter was not up to a year myself and husband used to leave her at home a lot with the nanny and just go out with her older brother who was 2 at the just seems easier not lugging a baby around, it is really for the baby’s good because they tend to come back home tired and cranky!..but when they are home they get to play and enjoy a rest at the same time! i really can not blame them for leaving her with the nanny most times.

tracey on

I agree with comments that Shiloh would cause a paparazzi heart attack because she’s their biological child and at her age, it would be too dangerous for all of them to walk around like that.

Luise on

There aren’t any rumours, because they have actually taken her out before. There even are pictures to prove it.

Emma on

Haven’t Maddox and Zahara grown so much!!?!

I know that it is easier for two parents to take out two children and on this trip Shiloh was probably better being left behind.

They just have to watch that they don’t make Shiloh seem more special to the World and press than these cuties. I only say it as with Zahara and Maddox we always saw them as babies but they are acting differently with Shiloh and there is no need to.

Sid on

I can absolutely understand why they don’t bring Shiloh with them. Probably the same reason why Tom and Katie don’t bring Suri. But it seems like a double standard that it’s OK for Brad and Angelina not to bring their child everywhere but Tom and Katie must. (This is a statement directed at the world in general…not someone here.)

melanie on

Zahara is just beautiful! I love seeing pictures of her. She’s so photogenic. I’m sure that Brad and Angie aren’t trying to be mean to their baby. They’re just protecting her at her young age. As I recall, we rarely saw Zahara when she was a baby either. I remember only one or two pictures and then all of a sudden she was walking. Maddox really seems to love his dad. He seems like a really good, sweet little boy.

MommyX1 on

Most people are saying that they are being smart about it, because taking Shiloh out would cause the paps to be crazy, etc. But I don’t quite get that. This is Brad and Angelina. No matter where they are, or where they go, there will ALWAYS be tons of paparazzi. I’m sure a few more won’t make that much of a difference in the eyes of the kids. It would all look like the same thing to them. Taking her out once in a while would cause the paps to lose interest. And if it’s too difficult to take all 3 kids, then leave one or both of the others at home. It just makes sense to me.

joy on

Zahara is going to be tall and beautiful and boy does she have her mommy’s lips 😉

Maddox looks so cute and content sleeping with his head on Brad’s head…so cute.

Shiloh probably isn’t with them because they get bombarded by the paparazzi and it’s not safe at all. I watched some videos on splash video and there were some of Angie as well as Tomkat. Those videos are scary. The paparazzi swarm them so now I can see why they don’t bring the babies out with them. I wouldn’t either.

Dina on

Zahara is one beautiful child! Get the runway ready because we have a future model on our hands.

I think some of you are looking for conspiracy theories where there are none. We’ll see more of Shiloh when we see her and when her parents want us to. At least to me all three children are loved equally and that’s all any of us can ask for.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

They already are bombarded by paps! Can you imagine saying to Shiloh later in life “yeah, sorry hun, couldn’t take you out”. If they adopt another child will that one also be left at home with the nanny? I really think they are biting off more tham they can chew. I hope they wait till they can manage the three they have before adopting again.

Lela on

It does my heart good to see how healthy and beautiful Zahara looks. It’s truly a blessing that she was removed from the horrific life she would have endured. She’s an example that we can all make a difference in the world.

screammylungzout on

zahara and maddox look almost the same size!