Britney Spears: Check out those Abs!!

11/11/2006 at 01:47 AM ET

Britney Spears flashed her post baby belly in NYC on Friday morning. Britney gave birth to second son, Jayden James, just shy of 2 months ago!!


Photo from PEOPLE, with thanks


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Zoey on

Damn! Girl looks great!

Hea on

Wow, how is that possible?! Especially after a C-section??

jOeygIrL on

whew! it’s really great to see her back in that amazing body!!! rock on britney! ! !

Lissy on

Why has everyone been gushing about how amazing she’s looked since her Letterman appearance? Am I missing something? She looks like the same old Britney – trying too hard.

Tracy on

Now I’m definitely jealous! I had a c-section (my 3rd) around the same time as Britney, and my abs look NO WHERE as good as hers! I’d have to say it’s probably a safe bet that she had a tummy-tuck during her section. Lord knows I would have if given the opportunity! She looks great — happy and healthy. =)

Aleah on

Oh wow!!!

tink1217 on

i think she did have a tummy tuck. and she is young and has good genes, look at her mother! Her mother has always looked fit. Maybe it runs in the family, and she also has been exercising for a few weeks too. its a combination of all of that!

elle on

When your in as incredible shape as Britney was before kids it’s easy look like that after giving birth with no strenuous exercise.

LH on

Britney didn’t have a tummy tuck. She has spent her whole life maintaining her fit image, and even had six pack abs before having kids. I had a flat stomach one week after having my son with no help at all, so I know its very possible. She deserves some credit for staying in shape!

Miranda on

I think she had a tummy tuck done. Probably some lipo as well.. Her face looks terribly skinny. I like her with a more fuller face..

MommyX1 on

*Cough*Tummy tuck and lipo*cough cough*

Hana on

Right before Britney got pregnant with Sean, she wasn’t in that great of shape. After she married Kevin it looked like she stopped taking care of herself.

Laura Schindler on

Wow, she looks so great! I don’t have my shape back yet and I’m more than a year removed from giving birth! Rock on, Britney! You make me jealous.

Shayna on

I don’t think its fair to assume she has had a tuck, everyone’s body is different. She had a great body before kids and it’s not impossible that it returned that way. It’s not that uncommon especially since she is young. I think she has enough to deal with these days without having people come down on her for looking good. Go BRITNEY!!

Shayna on

I don’t think its fair to assume she has had a tuck, everyone’s body is different. She had a great body before kids and it’s not impossible that it returned that way. It’s not that uncommon especially since she is young. I think she has enough to deal with these days without having people come down on her for looking good. Go BRITNEY!!

yaosa on

good for her

J.M. on

Yay for Tummy Tucks!!

well Britney has been doing “alot” since only 7 weeks after giving birth. Going out, ice skating, exercising. So to me she’s been doing more strenuous activity then she should be doing right after a c-section.

But hey if I had the money after 2 kids to get a tummy tuck, I would.

Emma on

It is a myth that you can have a tummy tuck after a c-section, no Dr would EVER perform that.

Also even if you could, a tummy tuck is a HUGE operation and she certainly would not be as toned as that, she would still be bruised and swollen.

Muscle has memory so her body has just went back to pre-pregnancy with Sean.

Probably all the stress and running around after two young children.

melanie on

She looks unbelievable. Sure her tummy looks great, but her it’s her legs I would kill for.

Kori on

I don’t for a second think she had a tummy tuck. Lord knows what her secret is but I don’t think it’s a tummy tuck. I bet with how ugly the divorce is getting Kevin would let that cat out of the bag if it were true, just to embarass her. Tummy tucks leave a scar that is large for awhile. Swelling hangs around for months, and it’s only ben 2 months since JJ was born. My mom had a tummy tuck, it is NOT a simple procedure.

LaMama on

Definite tummy tuck. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to do strenous exersize, especially abdominal exersize for the first 6 weeks after giving birth.

pink.lioness on

I don’t believe this woman has given birth TWICE in the last 14 months. Tummy tuck or not, she looks amazing.

WOW. Just – wow!

Fynn on

Um, where are the babies? Britney’s getting credit as the attentive parent, but she sure has been out ‘n’ about a lot lately (since giving her sons’ dad the boot). I’m unimpressed–flat abs or not.

SuzyBee on

Now…I have never had a child, but I have a very close friend who had 2 children within 11 months (almost the same as Britney). My friend didn’t have an ounce of fat on her before she got pregnant the first time, and her body bounced back into shape pretty easily….HOWEVER…8 weeks after having baby number 2…there was NO WAY her abs looked like that…or could have looked like that (according to her trainer).

Britney TOTALLY had a little “tuck” when she had her c-section!!! (IMO)

DangerousMuse on

I think she got a tummy tuck or lipo.

Carol Lee on

She probably hasn’t been eating that well….is she not under stress, going through a divorce with 2 babies. I would either eat everything in sight or nothing at all.

JosieK on

Let’s face it girls, she either had work done while in the hospital or pretty close after having Jaydon. Sorry, I don’t care how old she is, after a 2nd child only a year later and a 2nd c-section, —-you don’t look like that 2 months later.
But hey, it’s ok girls, would any of us trade places with her….Safe to say, I think not!

vbwilmoth on

If you know anything at all about cosmetic surgery, you would realize she couldn’t have had a tummy tuck. As a PP said, there would be tons of swelling. You often look bigger after a TT due to the swelling. Now I haven’t had one but you can bet your hiney I will be one day after 3 pregnancies in 3 years.

So go Britney for whatever she’s doing. At least she not wishing she looked good, she’s actually making it happen.

Stop being mean.

emmalee on

Even if she didn’t have a tummy tuck/ lipo right after the birth, if someone could have one after a week or two, she might have still had one. Prior to the Letterman show appearance, she was keeping a fairly low profile — wasn’t she not seen in public for about a month after baby #2? She might have been able to have the tummy tuck and recover at home.

Fynn on

According to People magazine’s coverage, when she is not out being photographed, she is spending long hours in the studio, recording a new album. Her family is coming apart, and this is how she responds? Who is taking care of her 1-year-old and TWO-MONTH-OLD babies?

Liz on

I have never in my life seen anyone with a stomach that looked like that 2 mos after giving birth. I am speaking as someone who has been a runner for years and has given birth and had plenty of friends give birth. And that piece about her running an hour a day on the treadmill 4 weeks after giving birth by c-section is pure BS. Anyone with half a brain could figure that out. She has CERTAINLY had work done. Not being mean–just being realistic.

tracie on

Britney does look awesome, I have no idea how she did it. I agree where are her kids? I think she need a new hairdo. I hate the wig or whatever she has goin on.

Christine on

As a reply to a previous poster, I have in my life seen someone with a stomach like that 2 months after giving birth… it was ME!!! Luckily, I bounced back very quickly with my son and hopefully I will do the same with my daughter come March. You have to realize every woman’s body is different and just because it’s Brit, doesn’t necessarily mean she had work done, she bounced back quickly with Sean too, give the girl some credit!! geesh

natalie on

as a personal trainer who has had 2 boys, i know for a fact that with exercise and diet you can look that way after birth. however, you must have had amazing, rock hard abs like britney in order to get that shape back so quickly. muscles do have memory. i’ve seen it on myself as well as clients i’ve worked with. if you don’t have strong abdominals before birth, you will not have the stomach you had before birth after birth. i believe britney used diet and exercise along with pre-pregnancy sick-pack abs. my friends husband is a plastic surgeon and would not perform a tummy tuck on his wife’s girlfriends.

Nicole on

The tummy tuck rumors aren’t true… Most doctors will not do a tummy tuck at the time of a c-section because of the legnth of time one would spend under anesthesia. They would have to either give her general anesthesia for the ENTIRE thing (causing her to miss the birth of her child) or give her her epidural, deliver the baby, then put her under general anesthesia for the tuck. It’s not possible and an ethical doctor won’t do it.

She looks great. Just say it, and deal with it.

karen on

I had my second c-section 4 weeks ago and I look better than britney’s “flash”. I was fit before pregnancy, exercised and ate healthy during and haven’t done ANY exercising yet. I did NOT have a tummy tuck and neither did she. Some people are just lucky and some people are really conscious about how far they let their bodies go when pregnant. If you are going to hate on her do it because she drove with her son on her lap not because she looks better than you.