More royal baby announcements: Jordan and Morocco

11/10/2006 at 03:00 PM ET

Continuing the sudden baby boom in royalties, Prince Hamzah of Jordan, 26, and his wife Princess Noor, 24, announced that they are expecting their first child in Spring next year. The couple married in 2003.

And King Mohammed VI of Morocco, 43, and his wife, Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, 28, are expecting their second child in Spring next year as well. The couple married in 2002 and have one child, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, 3 1/2.


Thanks to CBB reader Heather.

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Erin on


I kind of thought Princess Noor was pregnant when I saw some recent photos of her. =) I’m so happy for them – they seem to be so in love and strong (let’s forget they are [distant] cousins, shall we? LOL). I’m still mad at King Abdullah for removing Hamzah as Crown Prince, but I also knew it would happen someday – Abdullah and Rania are, despite what Western journalists say, very selfish, greedy and downright ignorant people. I have no doubt in my mind that they felt threatened by him since Jordan loves Hamzah. It didn’t take a genius to figure out they had been planning removing him as CP the second Hussien died – Rania even hinted long ago in an interview that they wanted their son to be CP, and one day King. *rolleyes* They seem to think us Royal Watchers forgot that Hussein only let Abdullah become King because Abdullah promised to step down once Hamzah was old enough to take over!

I’m also so sick of journalists – who know NOTHING about these 2 – painting Rania as some Saint and Abdullah as some great leader. Uh, no they aren’t… she and hubby are bad, bad, bad!!!

And Lalla Salma – I love her!! So happy for her as well… I don’t know much about her of Morrocco but from what I have seen as her, she really is a good-hearted person!

mimi on

erin where are you from?

Abdelilah Boukili on

It’s good that Royal families have babies. This will secure their continuity. Royal families should remain young through their baby booms.

Erin on


I’m from Canada. Why do you ask? =)

mimi on

because although i agree with what you’re saying about king abdullah.. i think you should know that your comments can get you into trouble if jordanian authorities find out that you critisized the king, i know this is really unprobable but i just thought u should know.. anyway how do u know so much about the jordanian monarchs? don’t be intimidated i’m just asking out of curiosity

Erin on

I think that is something else people don’t know about the JRF. People (like the media) act as if the Jordanian people are so in love with, and in awe of, Rania and Abdullah but I doubt they know that Abdullah will imprison them if they know a citizen has said even the slightest negative thing about them.

I used to following the JRF but kind of stopped staying so up-to-date on them a year or two ago. Still check up every so often but not as much as I used to.

Are you a member of I am but never post. LOL Just drop in every so often to catch up on my fave royals (Dubai being my #1 “obsession” right now). I mostly “lurk” on 😉

mimi on

no i’m not a member of either although i’ve been on the royal forums a couple times but that was a long time ago


The last comment was disgusting , King Abdulla has a right to the throne , he is the eldest of teh king sons , and the jordanian constituotion is quite clear about it ..

and who said that Jordanian people hate king abdulla and queen rania? am jordanian and i tell for sure that only racist jordanians hate rania cause she is palestenian ..that’s all ..she have done a lot for Jordan …

listen to to the words : bad , bad ! might think that the writer has apersonal vendetta with the king and queen ..

long live our king and queen : )

Erin on

The only reason Abdullah became King was because Hussein changed the constitution before he died so that Hassan, the Crown Prince, would be disinherited. As far as why Abdullah became King instead of another of the sons, you’ll have to ask Hussein… but let me just say, Abdullah was not the best choice and he certainly isn’t the more loved son. Hamzah, by far, is – he looks and acts just like his father! (And, unlike Abdullah, he can speak Arabic fluently!)

And if you love Abdullah and Rania then good for you, but not all of the world, or Jordan, does. Same with every other monarchies in the world – not all their citizens love them. The only difference is, their citizens won’t be imprisoned for saying so.

jong on

Yes, King Abdullah being the eldest, had the right to the throne. Hamzah was made CP because Abdullah’s son was still very young and in case something happens to the King Abdullah, Hamzah will temporarily take over because King Abdullah’s son was still very young.
And why Hamzah the CP and not Abdullah’s other brother/s? It was because there was Queen Noor to influence and whisper things into the ailing King Hussein’s ears.