Kate Hudson and Ryder in Queensland

11/10/2006 at 09:34 PM ET

Kate Hudson strolled with son Ryder Robinson, 2, in Queensland, Australia, where she’s shooting the comedy Fool’s Gold.  Yes, we know he’s getting a little old for that pacifier and you want to know when she’s going to cut his hair (she’s waiting till he’s 3 for religious reasons).

Ryder is chauffeured in a BOB Revolution stroller ($359).  (Thanks Nicole R.)

Source: People, photo used with permission

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Deb on

i think he is a great little boy!
and like i said before, no one would say anything if it were a little girl with short hair. he is adorable.

glenn on

My son who is 2 1/2 has long hair and often gets called a girl,
but who cares… he’s beautiful, and so is kates son…
Get Over it people!!!

Suze on

Did she not already say that she was gonna cut his hair when he turned 3, if he wanted her to? I think it’s kinda cute, plus it’s a religious thing so leave her to it!

oranges on

I love the hair. And it really does not matter if I like it or not. Ryder is her child. He is a beautiful child and he seems sweet. My baby has long curly hair and I know I will not cut it when he turns three. I will probably be cut before he goes to kindergarten.

Chiara on

Isn’t that kid too big for a stroller? Shouldn’t he be walking? 😉

Heather on

The reason his hair is long is because of their religion. They can’t cut it until he turns 3, so she said awhile back.

Nicole R. on

I think that’s the BOB Revolution stroller — I have it — but what is the extra padding in it? I used a Snuzzler when my boy was tiny, but Ryder’s looks better for a toddler.

I heard she was waiting until he was three years old to cut his hair per Jewish tradition.

amy on

ok while normally i think parents should be left alone about their decesions (we all hate it when people try to tell us how to raise our kids and we know it) he really does look like a girl with the long hair and eventually i would think that other kids would make fun of him (if hes around other kids) and no parent should want that for their child so i think she needs to cut it

Roise on

Wow she is tanned! The older Ryder gets, the more he starts to look like his dad.

Emily on

I believe as to why she doesn’t cut his hair is because it is a Hasidic Jewish tradition were boys get their first haircut around the age of 3. The hair-cutting ceremony is called the upsherenish or upsherin, which is a Yiddish word meaning to “cut off”.

Jennifer on

Too old for a stoller, he is only 2 years old we have all seen him walk we know he can do it.

Vanessa on

Isn’t he a bit old for a pacifier?

eva on

I think it is up to her …I did read that she was going to ask him when he was three if he wanted it cut. She says now he wont let her cut it, but I have never actually read an interview with her saying it was a religious decison. Im not saying she didnt.. or that it isnt.. I just have never seen that. Ive seen other people comment that it is but..is there an actual statement from her?
Either way, it is the parent’s business.

Evalin on

It’s her child and she can do whatever she wants to his hair. It isn’t harming him at all so everyone needs to chill. He seems happy enough. I’d like to know what religon she practices though as I have never heard of cutting kids hair when they turn three.

MommyX1 on

Dear lord. Please take that freaking soother out of his mouth!

Zoey on

I think part of the reason people think he looks so much like a girl is that he looks so much like his mom.. and since they are used to his mom being, you know, a girl.. their brains snap into thinking he’s a girl with his very similar looks plus his long hair. At least, that’s what my brain does.

Kim on

The hair doesn’t bug me as much as the pacifier. My daughter stopped using one around 4 months. I know sometimes it can be hard for a kid to give up a pacifier, especially with his parents separating…but it still drives me crazy!!

anni on

I think they both look happy and relaxed and isnt that the most important thing?? The hair is superficial and she will cut it when both of them are ready… just leave her be!

Hea on

Keep the hair, I like it and they seem to like it too which is most important. Gender is a very interesting thing to discuss. Some people seem to think that gender is all about appearance. Wrong!

Loose the pacifier though unless you want to ruin his teeth, Kate!

Heidi on

This is a personal hang up for me. I detest seeing pacifiers in the mouth of an older child. It’s kind of like thumb sucking- bad for the teeth!

However, I want to point out that it’s obvious that Kate and Chris LOVE that little boy. So what if he has a pacifier, long hair, and rides in a stroller?

I personally think he’s precious with his long hair. The longer she waits to cut it, the more traumatizing it’ll be for everyone. I still remember my daughter’s first haircut. I cried, but she loved it!

Okay…enough of my soapbox!

Aleah on

I understand she doesn’t want to cut her son’s hair for religious reasons, but poor kid really looks like a girl to me.
I agree with Chiara – at 2, he could walk.
And regarding the pacifier, I think she’s going to have trouble getting rid of it. When I babysat, it was a pain teaching the kids how to no longer use it. They’d just refuse to let it go.

Ana on

I have seen some kids older than Ryder who used pacifier, and it was ok.

TracieLee on

My son had a binky until he was 39 months!!! And more than anything else, it was me fearing he would be traumatized by getting rid of it……one night I just said, no binky and guess what? No tears!

Regarding the stroller…..sure he can walk, but maybe they were going a long distance, maybe he was going to nap, or maybe Kate just didn’t want to be chasing after Ryder!

Chiara on

Guys, the stroller thing was a joke, a play on Danielle’s original post. He appears to be a very well-loved and happy kid; I don’t care if they give him dreadlocks and cart him around in a wheelbarrow.

Sara on

Come on people, stop critisizing. I used a pacifier every night until I was 5, and my teeth are fine. Ryder is 2, that is not at all too old to have a pacifier. JMO.
And yes, by 2 he can obviously walk, but why should he all the time? He has the rest of his life to walk! Ok, if he was 5 I would agree with you, but he’s only 2, going on 3.

Erika on

Ryder is 2 years old and im sure he is able to walk, but maybe Kate feels safer with him in a stroller with all the paparazzi around them all the time.

And about the pacifier i have known kids to have them until they were 3 years old and they are fine.

Jessica Bird on

Okay…My sister’s husband is a RABBI and they have 3 sons. None of them grew their hair like that…so I don’t think that’s a current Jewish tradition.

preesi on

Uh JESUS and George Washington had long hair…

KF on

Well said about the sroller, TracieLee. I think it’s so important to remember that when we look at all these celebrity photos we’re only seeing a brief snapshot of their lives, and who are we to really know why the do things or what’s the norm for them. Different things work for different families… and Kate and Ryder look happy enough to me!

Kate on

I think most pediatricians would say to get rid of the paci at this point. It really hinders speech.

As for his hair, I detest it. But it’s Kate’s child… she can do what she wants. BUT, she can’t get mad if people mistake him for a girl b/c he REALLY looks like a little girl.

J.M. on

Well I always have said I hated the hair…her son her way but I still don’t care to see him with it and I quite frankly can’t say he’s a cute kid since I think of him so much as a little girl instead of a little boy.

I watch an almost 2 year old who uses the binky and I am fearing when we will have to dispose of it. She only uses it for comfort so normally she only takes it when she’s tired. But I think like Traci we are going to have to go cold turkey right after her 2nd birthday (although I’m not her parent but I am with her more then they are). And maybe with daddy not around, Ryder is having more emotional issues and needs his pacifier (however in the looks of the photo it doesn’t appear he’s upset).

As far as the stroller I think it’s fine that he’s sitting in one. He’s not 4 or 5 being pushed around like some of these other kids.

yaosa on

Has anyone thought that he might need the extra comfort of the pacifier with the recent separation of his parents ? I am not a fan of pacifiers past 2 but it’s not my child and he seems fine.

About the stroller, the weight limit on most suggests 40 pounds so that carries most kids up to 4. Children don’t have the stamina to walk endlessly for hours so maybe he is on a break and plus if she has to get somewhere quickly it sure beats carrying him.

The hair! I think that’s a parent’s choice and in many cultures boys and men wear hair long, braided and many other ways associated with femininity. What does hair have to do with it ? Many parents cut their daughters’ hair short which could be said to look like a boy’s. As long as she isn’t putting flowery barrettes in his hair I think the ponytail is fine.

editorjax on

The longer he keeps that pacifier, the harder it will be to pry it away … my cousin had that problem with her daughter. Ryder, hair aside, is VERY cute.

Christy on

I read that it is the Jewish Orthodox faith which holds a gathering for the boy’s first haircut at age three. Is that their religion?

Jess on

Who cares if he has long hair. He’s a kid and doesn’t care about it and Kate and Chris like it. Society just puts out that boys have short hair, girls have long hair. Not fair at all. I bet if a girl had this hair everyone would love it! Let the child be. Kate and Chris will get rid of it when the want to. Assuming, at the age of three, longer if they wish.

Melissa on

Does anyone know what religion she practices? I am just curious about the origins of this no cutting hair before 3 thing. Thanks.

Dazzlar on

Maybe she thought they may be followed by the paps and wanted to be able to make a quick getaway, if needed! He may be too heavy to carry and she didn’t want to risk falling with him!!

michelle on

my son is 3 and has to be in a stroller if i want to get anything done. some kids (boys, esp, i think) just aren’t mature enough to stay with mommy and not touch everything in sight. they “are” just little boys! i think people rush their kids to grow up these days….
they do things when they’re ready to do them.

Carol Lee on

My 5 year old went through Six Flags in a stroller. It was much easier plus I could carry all the stuff in the basket and it had the drink holders, etc.
I must be the only person on the planet who just doesn’t think this kid is cute…long or short hair. He’ll give up the plug when he’s ready. My nephew had his until he was 3. He asked for it and I told him “You can’t suck a plug. You’re 3 now” and he just said “Oh ok” and that was it. His teeth are fine.

Alicia on

The hair is fine. But I think he is a little to old for a pacifier. It could really damage his teeth at this age.

Just Me on

I personnaly wouldn’t have let my son’s hair get that long. But he is not my son he is her’s. So it is totally her choice. I also think the stroller thing is fine. I let my 4 year old be in a stroller if we are going some where that we will be walking allot. It is deffenently better then hearing ” Hold me , hold me” the whole time. But, I don’t like the pacifier thing. I let my daughter have her’s untill she was over 2 and it was horrible taking it away. I have vowed not to let my next one’s use nearly that long. Plus our doctor said it is extremley bad on thier teeth. Either way, I adoer them both. They are sooo cute!

Ali on

The hair is fine; it’s the pacifier I can’t stand. Yuck!

And those of you who say he should be walking must not have kids. It’s a huge pain to try to get a toddler to keep up with you on a fast-paced sidewalk (they walk SLOW!), dealing with other pedestrians, keeping them from running in the street, AND trying to carry all your other stuff. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with him riding in a stroller, and it’s actually probably safer if they’re near a busy street.

Chiara on

I tried this before, but I don’t think it went through…guys, the stroller comment was a joke, a play on Danielle’s original post. The kid appears to be well-loved and happy; they can give him dreadlocks and cart him around in a wheelbarrow for all I care.

Monique on

I really think she needs to get rid of that pacifier. He is too old for that and it is sooo bad for his teeth. And every time I see a picture of these two, I can’t even concentrate on anything except his long hair. He totally looks like a little girl.