Jack Black chooses Pampers

11/10/2006 at 09:54 PM ET

Jack Black picked up some Pampers Baby Dry diapers in size 3 and Pampers Sensitive wipes at an LA drugstore.  His son Sam is five months old.

Baby Dry is Pampers’ less expensive diaper.  Cruisers are their "premium" diaper.  We’ve found that they both work well but the Cruisers are softer.  They both now have the stretchy tabs so I am happy to use either.  (Swaddlers are just like the Cruisers but in newborn sizes – up to 2 – and super soft.  We preferred these to Huggies newborn.)

We had been using Huggies Supreme (which are now called Natural Fit because of their new hourglass shape) because the elastic in the back seemed to keep the poop on the inside, but since the diaper blowouts seemed to end when Anya started eating solids, we have been using whatever brand name disposable diaper is on sale.

Can’t decide what to get for a baby shower or birth?  A little known offer on their website- Pampers sells gift certificates!  You can send new parents gift certificates for 4-96 packs of diapers. 

Source: People, photo used with permission

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Principesa on

Seventh Generation here.

Lauren22 on

LUVS are even better than Pampers. 🙂 They are much cheaper too! I didn’t like Luvs when they had Barney(BARF!!!) on them, but once they had switched to Blues Clues that was it!
My son has been out of diapers for over a year, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in.

Amanda on

I have to say.. the Walmart brand diaper, White Cloud, is AWESOME and so cheap! A case of 80+ diapers is less than $13. I too was a huge fan of Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers and then thankfully a friend w/ a baby told me about the White Cloud brand at Walmart and the $$ I save is incredible and they are actually great diapers. They seem to run a little bigger to me than the sizes of Pampers, Huggies, etc.
Just thought I’d share!

amy on

nice to see celebrity parents doing parent things

Vanessa on

I use Seventh Generation diapers since my baby was born and they are great! We never had a leak (a few blowouts though). They are not bleached using chlorine and they are not scented (I hate that disposable diaper smell) so they are gentle on my baby’s tushie. We never had diaper rash. And they have no characters on them too. They aren’t that much more than Pampers when you buy them by the case.

Teri's Friends on

Okay Pampers yes! But how about something to cover them up. Did you see the diaper covers with princess on them? I think it was Kate Hudson’s baby we saw them on. I found them at http://www.sandboxcouture.com http:www.sandboxcouture.com and http://www.babymore.com

Lorus on

I really didn’t like the gel stuff in Huggies but used it anyway because I couldn’t stand the smell of Pampers. Is there a cotton based disposable like Pampers that doesn’t have that awful smell?
Next time around I’ll probably end up using cloth anyway.

Kim on

We use Huggies because every other diaper we tried on our daughter, she got a MAJOR rash from. But I absolutely love Huggies anyway, so no problem there!

Virginia on

We’re a Pampers family from newborn right up until the potty training. I prefer their baby wipes too. Except Johnson&Johnson’s babywipes which are really thick and smell great.

Tori on

I have to say that we used Pampers from birth to potty training also.However we use cloth at night to keep the beds dry.

J.M. on

when my nephew was little they used target, cvs or walmart brand because of cost. They worked pretty good except the diapers seemed to get very clumpy and didn’t appear to be as soft for the child. My new nephews have been using the Cruisers and so does the child I sit for. They work wonderfully. You can get cases of them fairly cheap in you wholesale stores.

Marie on

My little guy is in Pampers Swaddlers size 1’s right now; he’s 12lbs at 4 months old.

We started out with the Huggies because they’ve always been so good, but the new style they came out with — horrible! He’d blow out from the leg holes, no matter what. I had to separate the leak barrier lining, which often tore the diaper’s absorbsion liner and then had to be thrown away. Pampers were what the hospital used and so we tried those. So far, so good.

I’ve heard great things about Target’s diapers. And I keep thinking about trying Luvs. Consider the price difference, I think our next pack will be Luvs, to see how they are.

I love the stretchy tabs on the Swaddlers and how soft they are. But they’re quite pricey, IMO. Pampers sesitive wipes are WONDERFUL, btw.

Lynne on

We do a combination of huggies, cloth training pants, and infant potty training (also known as Elimination Communication/EC or Natural Infant Hygiene/NIH). It’s truly more enjoyable for both parent AND baby – try it and you’ll be hooked, too (amazed at what a genius your baby is!):

We save *tons* of money on diapers because our babies give us cues about when they need to pee/poop and we give them the choice of going over a potty or going in the diaper. From birth, babies are able to tell us this – just like when we can tell they’re hungry, we can tell when they need to go! It’s such a gentle, gradual approach that saves many diapers, is more enjoyable than cleaning up poopy diaper blowouts, and the babies *LOVE* it as do the parents (I have cleaned 1 poopy diaper from my 9 month old in the past MONTH – he really prefers the potty).

Amy on

I love my Pampers Swaddlers, and Pampers Sensitive wipes. I’m glad to know that the Cruisers are the equivalent to the Swaddlers. My little girl is almost 6 months, and is still in size 1 diapers, so we still get to use the Swaddlers, but eventually she will graduate to the Cruisers!

kimmyana on

We use (and love!) Seventh Generation diapers and wipes.

Karen on

Even though it is more work, I will use cloth diapers because it is so much better for the environment.