Victoria Beckham attempts to explain baby making

11/01/2006 at 09:57 PM ET

Check out this hilarious video from late 2003 where Victoria Beckham is interviewed by two little boys asking some tough questions, and Victoria answers them all.

After confirming that she and David Beckham lifted son Romeo‘s name from Shakespeare, she is then asked about them naming their son Brooklyn after where he was conceived – and they want to know what the word means! Victoria explains, then is broadsided again when asked about having more kids. She says, "I definitely want to have more babies, not just yet, but I definitely want more babies," (they had not yet had Cruz) and is then asked by the boys if she and David are making more babies at the moment! She tells them that she and David are practicing, which "is really good fun."

Watch the video to the end to see Victoria have a sword fight with the boys – she looks like such a fun mom!

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Hillary on

That video is pretty funny! I bet Victoria has a blast with her sons. She sure seems like a fun mom.

eBirdie on

She is so much prettier in that video than I have ever seen her in a still photo! The difference live action makes, I suppose. She seems fun.

BooBoo on

Wow. I’m shocked. She seems like such a nice, down to earth person. Who knew????

Christine on

That was refreshing! She always seems so plastic in the pictures…good to see her in a fun-mode!
I bet she is a good Mum!

Beth on

ohhh..I adore Victoria Beckham…’ll never get to see my celebrity in rare form. How they really act…seeing this video was refreshing and funny…

Posh_Fan on

I love this interview lol. Just shows how different she really is to what the papz say. This interview is from late 2003/early 2004 by the way. Before she got pregnant with Cruz.

Zoey on

Okay, that was really freaking adorable! She looked great then — definately better than she’s looked in more recent pictures.

Lorus on

Wow! Who knew her face wouldn’t crack if she actually smiled?!
It seems like she’s a really fun mum to her sons.

meliciousgirl on

Oh I loved little Ant and little Dec! They were the best bit on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night takeaway. They definitely got something out of her that an adult interviewer wouldn’t have gotten.

katie7487 on

that’s funny, ’cause i’ve heard her in another interview (with ali g) say that they were in brooklyn, new york when they found OUT she was pregnant, and that he was conceived in denmark (i think it was denmark anyway), haha! seems like it would have been easier to explain that way, too!

here is a link to the video on youtube

jackie on

Wow, I am so glad that I got to see this video. I am ashamed to say that I never really had a great opinion of her before but she seems so sweet and down to earth. That’ll teach me not to be so judgemental! 🙂

Zoey on

Actually the link is:

Although that other link *is* an interview of the Beckhams 😉

stephanie on

no, it’s the right link 🙂 katie7487 was referring to the Ali G interview.

she is fabulous, isn’t she? damn the general public for assuming the worst 😛 a lot of interviewers said that she is one of their favourites too.

Michelle on

They should show that clip to all the press who blast her all the time. Like jackie, I didn’t much like her before, she was like an ice queen. But it’s great to see the fun side of her that her sons are so lucky to have

Lauren on

Yeeeey, little Ant and little Dec!!!! lol! They rock and are THE funniest interviewers ever lol…

M on

How do all of you know that she is a good mum to her own kids? Just because she horsed around with these two boys? Remember she knew that she was being interviewed- it wouldn’t have been in her best interest not to appear to be having a good time… she seems to be away from her own family/children most if not all of the time– not something a true “hands-on” mum would do… just my opinion…

Lisa on

I found the clip funny and it put a smile on my face. If she’s anything with her boys like she was with these 2, she is a great mom! Looks like fun was had by all and if she has come across as stuffy by the papparazzi and actually was in real life, I dont’ think she would have been as comfortable as she was in this video. 🙂 Def. like Victoria!

Posh_Fan on

M, maybe you should start to really see if she does spend time with her boys or not before talking. Her children clearly adore her and you can see that in those “ice queen” pictures. She’s home most of the time and doesnt get picture but she been going out to a lot, to “work” only for the last 3 months since 2003. Thats 3 years. She’s more hands on then some celebrity parents.

jashmom on

That’s an adorable and very funny interview. It’s nice to see that she knows how to smile.

stephanie on

she’s with the kids most of the time. more than David, even. Brooklyn was with her when she went to japan. all three were with her at her recent book signing. they weren’t photographed but fans who were there saw them. she even almost ignored one of them because Romeo was crying and she was comforting him. for one photoshoot she left for Paris in the morning and went back to Spain in time for dinner because she wanted to see her kids. she often picks them up from school and took them to, shock horror, burger king. there are many pictures, but they’re not widely published because people are more interested in seeing pictures of her shopping and looking miserable because that’s what everyone believes ‘Posh Spice’ is.

none of us would know if she is a good mum or not, but you can’t accuse her of not being there for them.

Carrie Jo on

That was really cute. Those boys are hilarious!

M on

Posh_Fan… I respect your opinion- but I do not agree— why does she even need to “work” at all? The Beckhams’ have more than enough $$$ to live out the rest of their lives… maybe I am old-fashioned… I was brought up in a very tight-knit family where Mum stayed home with us kids while Dad went off to work… I feel that it is unfortuante in today’s society that women cannot make that choice- they are forced to go out into the workforce due to necessity… and it makes me sad/mad all at the same time- that’s why I have somewhat of an issue when someone such as VB decides to “work” (whatever she actually “works” on-besides self-promotion- I don’t know)instead of taking the role of being a parent seriously- when obviously she has the ability to devote herself day in and day out to her children… my opinion, that’s all…

Angelbaby33 on

People strive to be able to work at something they love. If you love what you do, whether it be singing, acting, nursing, writing, wahtever, you’re saying that you should stop working once you have enough money to survive on if you have children. That is ridiculous. From what I’ve seen, she’s a very hands on mom who DOES NOT have a nanny. You didn’t mention that David should quit playing soccer in the middle of his career to help take care of the children. Wouldn’t that be the same thing since he doesn’t HAVE to work? Or is it just Victoria because she’s a woman? I am a mother of three young children and I hope that they never grow up with this kind of attitude about gender responsibilities. As for Victoria, she cannot catch a break with anyone. I agree that it was refreshing to see this side of her because we don’t get to often. I have always thought that she seemed like a really dedicated mom. If she didn’t work and did nothing but take care of her kids, people would complain that she was just wasting away David’s money, etc. Their family life is obviously working since they all seem happy including the kids so what business is it of anyones to complain. It’s a wonder she puts on a cold front when out in public. She gets negative responses to EVERY single thing she does!

joy on

M –

The same can be said for all the other celeb parents who work instead of spending time with their kids and for all the non celeb mothers who HAVE to work for a living instead of spending time with their kids. Just because you work doesn’t mean you don’t love them or spend time with them.

Thanks 4 the video it was super cute!

Posh_Fan on

Cause she wants to work. Cause she doesnt just want to be known as David’s wife and because she loves what she does. In that case, why does David still “work”? Why cant he stop? I love David too but nobody says anything when he is not there for weeks away to training and stuff but thats ok cause he’s a man or is it because he’s David Beckham? Victoria had a career before she got married and had kids so its not like she is just starting now. Her kids are quite close to her and its more then obvious. The British press that mocks her every move, bash her every chance they get, even they always say shes a good mother. I dont know her personally but I have seen enough interviews of her and watched their last documentary and judging from that, I think she’s a great mom. If people can judge her from papz pics and say she’s an ice cold cow, then I can judge her as well from interviews and documentaries and personal accounts of those who know or met her, that shes’ not like that.

Sara on

Wow, M, I am really suprised. I usually don’t post messages here, but I was shocked that some people are still convinced that women should stay at home watching their children if the husband can make the money. I think it is great if women are able to work if they enjoy it and are actually able to do that and still spend enough time with their kids.

Erin on

I adore Victoria, always have. She and Mel B were my fave Spice Girls. =) I think Posh is a wonderful woman, goodhearted and sweet, and I think she’s one of the best celeb mothers out there. =) It’s awesome seeing her in interviews, especially this one – I think her personality came out in it just perfectly. =)

Deborah on

Nice to see her smiling and laughing. Usually she looks like a miserable rich girl but here she looks great. Those boys are adorable but then again so are the big ANT and DEC boys!!!

gargoylegurl on

It was nice to see this side of her. I don’t believe anyone can “fake it” this well. She truly seemed comfortable around those kids, and you can’t fake that kind of ease with children. Sure, we don’t know what she’s really like as a mother, but after seeing this video, I would say she probably is a fun mom, much more relaxed than we might imagine.

It irks me to no end when people attack celebs for what they perceive to be “not spending time with them.” How the heck can we tell from a few pap photos how much time someone spends with their children? Those photos are one snippet of their day. I don’t spend every waking moment with my child. Does that make me a bad parent? Like I’ve said before, celebs can’t win in this area. If they are constantly photographed with their kids (Madonna)then they are parading them around. If they aren’t photographed with their kids very much (Katie Holmes) then they’re bad parents! What a crock!

Lauren on

I think of myself as a socially conservative person, but M’s argument practically throws everything back to the Stone Age! M, do you seriously believe that a mother should just stay home with her kids while daddy goes out to make the money? If a mom chooses to stay home, that is her decision (one my mother made when she gave birth to me), but she has every right to go out, earn a living for herself, and not have to feel bad about it. Furthermore, you have no idea how “seriously” Victoria takes being a parent and therefore can’t say she’d be a better one if she chose to stay at home. Life is not all about family commitments-a person should be more than free to explore other intereats as well. I can’t believe that in 2006 we’re even having this discussion!

Sara on

Just like Lauren said, I really can’t believe that we have this discussion but I just couldn’t sit in front of my computer without saying anything. I know the idea behind this blog is another one and some may think that we shouldn’t discuss this here, I strongly feel that celebrities can take a lead in regard to this subject. I have no idea how much time Victoria spends with her adorable kids, but I think it is great that she finally found something she really loves doing and sticks with it. I know she gets a lot of negative press and I can only look up to her how she handles that and we should not judge her if we don’t even know everything. And the fact that we have people here that do not only judge but also take the whole discussion to a level we were on a few years ago, is really sad. I am glad that we have strong voices here like posh_fan, angelbaby and Lauren :o)

M on

Everyone has totally misunderstood my argument– what I was trying to express is that personally I feel bad for the moms out here who due to necessity HAVE to work when they would much rather stay at home and RAISE or co-raise their children… I never intended my argument to come across as “ancient” or “bias”- but truth be told- who in a family ends up with most of the parenting reponsibility–us moms do, that’s not to say that dads are not involved it’s just saying that moms seem to end up with most of the resonsibility(ies) of raising the kids… I am not going to apologize for my comments they are my opinions and I happen to believe in them…I also thought that this site was about taking the “nicey-nice” approach and not bashing others for having differing opinons- I can see that that rule really goes far… also the flip side of my argument was that I do not begrude anyone their choice if they choose to work- if that’s what makes a person happy and fullfilled then I am all for that… I personally have an issue maybe unfounded or not when someone such as VB seems to spend much of her time away from her family and her boys’- there are loads of celebs that have busy careers as well but do not spend half as much time AWAY from their children as this woman does. i.e.-Angelina Jolie, Pam Anderson to name two… We are all going to have differences of opinions that does not mean that one is right and one is wrong- it just means that they are different…

karlee on

I love VB,but I did have a misperception of her in the past.This video is great and shows a side that the public rarely get to see.And I would have to disagree with others who say that she doesn’t spend time with her kids.cause hald the picture I’ve seen she is always with brookly or romeo or both boys.Also I think moms should have time for themselves sometimes to go out.Also I keep in mind that the pazz;s pick and choose what pictures to put on their magazines.So we can’t truely say how much time VB,angie,reese,pam,heidi etc….. spend with their kids.Cause the paz even though it doesn’t seem like it aren’t with them 24 hours a day,and neither are we.

Angelbaby33 on

Absolutely, I agree that this sight is all about as you say the nicey-nice approach. And if you look through EVERY SINGLE other post before yours, they were all positive responses to seeing VB in such a laid back fun environment. Your post alone made it negative and judgemental. I was responding to that as I’m guessing everyone else was because you turned a fun video with VB talking and playing with two boys into an jumping off point for your own personal opinion about what being a hands on mom is all about. And that was not nicey-nice!

Shmoo on

M- I agree with you on two points. First, we have no idea if a celebrity is a good mother. We don’t know her, and it is presumptuous to pretend to know anyone we haven’t gotten to know in person. Second, it upsets me that I have to let an institution raise my child, and just get to hope that he’s okay, because I don’t get to be with him and do the job myself. I would do anything to have that opportunity, and many many women who do, choose not to.

Laura on

Wicked video !! This is great and she does seem like fun.

M- I find it strange that you says all she does is self promotion when that is what EVERY single celeb does. That is why they are famous.. and if I read this article the other day correctly, she and her husband do laods for charity but it does not get publicized at all. Probably the media doesn’t print all that just becuase, well then, the media and people won’t be able to be bash them and they won’t be able to sell as many papers/mags etc. As for the other comments, people on this blog were complaining how oh her children don’t have stable lives as they/she takes them away for middle of terms hols etc, are you trying to tell me that the Jolie-Pitt kids, Heidi’s kids etc are recieving a stable life being taken around everywhere and paraded around as if there is no tomorrow ?!?!? And just because there are no pics as stephanie mentioned, that does not mean they are not with them and that they are away from their kids. I have seen them and heard of them at places with their kids, but believe me, those pictures are not the ones that are published around blogs, papers and magazines. So yes, differing opinions exist but we don’t get the whole picture and thus, should none of us are really in a position to blast people and their parenting skills.

And to another poster, gargoylegurl, I absolutely agree with you !! Though I have to say, Madonna never takes her children anywhere .. SHE is the one who is constantly away from them, far from parading them !!

M on

angelbaby- I apologize if I offended anyone and their opinion of VB and took away her title of worlds “best mother”… I did not offend any of you- I was simply stating my OPINION of what I THINK of VB!- I highly doubt that she cares one iota about what I or any of you think of her! This site is about leaving opinions, having fun, sometimes “hot” debates about our own interests, opinions, etc… and if YOU read my entry you would notice that I said- this is my OPINION of the woman- you’re right I have no way of knowing whether or not she is a good mother and personally I don’t care– my argument was about all of us “normal”, “average” moms who have to seriously juggle the pressures of working and raising our children without having millions upon millions at our disposal to make that “job” somewhat easier– if you had bothered to read my entry you would have picked up on that!

Shmoo- thanks for the support- obviously you took the time to read my comments and understood what I was trying to convey- thank you for doing so without just blasting me because I happen to have a differnce of opinion than most and because I happened to state the opinion that just because VB is horsing around in the video DOES NOT ultimately mean that she acts the same way with her boys’! None of you live with her- so you don’t know and for those of you who say, Oh, I saw her on her documentaries, shows, etc… who cares- of course she is going to put her good face forward and try to sell an image of her being the “perfect” mother and having it all because that’s what she WANTS the public’s perception of her to be! None of us knows what their family life is like- we can only surmise and base our opinions on our assumptions- whether it is right or wrong- it is the way it is!

Lauren on

So, Shmoo, are you saying that women who choose to work outside of the home and take their children to day care, etc. are less than ideal mothers for making that choice? Because that is certainly what you’re implying.

And M, I find your interpretation of our responses as attacks on you quite interesting. Everyone here was being very “nicey nice” as you put it until your negative comments about Victoria and us having no right to say she’s a good mother (which, by default, means you can’t say she’s a bad mother). You then switched the conversation to mothers who choose to work outside of the home. You can’t have it both ways, and your debating skills are obviously lacking if you can’t understand why people interpreted your words the way they did.

Finally, I would like to point out that of course there are mothers out there who would love to stay home with their children but can’t. But that does not give them the right to attack mothers who want to work and have a life separate from their parental responsibilities. To do so is incredibly catty and immature.

M on

Lauren- (1) I never said VB was a “bad” mother- I pointed out that my OPINION of her was not one of a “hands-on” parent- which she obviously sells herself as to the public. Never once did I say VB is a bad mother- I said she does not appear to be “hands-on”(2) I never steered my views/opinions in any direction one way or another- all of my comments are based on my OPINIONS! and I have clearly said you don’t have to agree with me, but at least respect my view(s) without putting words into my mouth as far as whether or not I think STAH moms are better parents’ than Working moms- all moms are undoubtedly doing their absolute best to bring up happy, secure, successful children in the best way they now how. (3) my argument was against CELEB parents’ who seem to put their own selves first before they seem to think of their children- that’s all. (4) If you want to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE VB and everything that she stands for- then go ahead- jump on the VB-loving bandwagon, I don’t discourage you that- you are entitled to your beliefs. (5) I was in no way attacking Working moms- my point was that it is sad that in today’s world- moms are pushed out into the workforce due to necessity and really don’t have a choice as to whether they would like to stay home- I happen to know alot of moms who would like nothing better than to be home with their kids but can’t because they need to work in order to sustain the necessities in their lives- not luxuries.

Also- I find your assessment of Shmoos comment very condescending- are you the only one who is interperting her words that moms who put their kids in day-care are less than ideal? She was saying the same exact thing that I was saying- it is sad that moms in today’s society don’t have that CHOICE! Most moms today NEED to work in order to sustain their family life- that is the argument- it is SAD that they are not afforded that CHOICE!

Angelbaby33 on

Is it news that celebrities make a lot of money? It’s not news to me. Why come to a CELEBRITY baby blog if you are just going to be snarky about a celeb mom because she has more financial choices than most? If sure that VB got to choose between filet mignon and Lobster last night for dinner too and I picked between fish sticks and spaghetti. Should I complain about that too? Also, no one EVER said that VB was mother of the year. Geez. The consensus was that she seemed like a fun mom who can work if she wants to. I AM a stay at home mom to three little ones while my husband works. Even if I did work, my paycheck would not be enough to pay for three kids in childcare! Most people, celebrity or not, WORK HARD to earn the money they do. (Obviously I am not including the execs for the gas and tobacco companies!)You could always look at the other end of it too. Would you trade having more money if you were followed around 24/7 by stalkerazzi? Having magazines say that your husband was cheating on you every week? Having pics of you grocery shopping in sweats on the cover of the newspaper? Pics of your kids plastered all over the world. I wouldn’t trade my life in a minute for hers or any other celebs no matter how much money I would have. I’m greatful for what I have in my own life and think that being envious of others as an adult is just silly. That’s it. I’m done.

Shmoo on


I did not make any comment on the quality of anyone elses parenting. I was reflecting my feelings towards my own parenting experience. I am a nursing student, working towards supporting myself and my child after losing my husband. I get very upset when other mothers insinuate that I am an inferior mother because my child is in daycare. I would never do that to others in return. What I was referring to is the irony that there are mothers such as myself who would do anything to have more time mothering our own children, when mothers who do have the opportunity choose not to. My child is cared for by others more than by me. It’s as though he’s lost both parents, and it breaks my heart. I don’t even mean that I wouldn’t work at all, because I would due to how much I enjoy nursing. But I would like to not be working twelve hour nights on clinical, attending class, studying for finals, doing five hour stints of homework, plus other life responsibilities, all while my childs life passes me by. So of course, since it hurts me to lose that much time with my child, I cannot relate to a mother who gives it up voluntarily.

Ann on

I am impressed. Those English people are so different. They are so practical and resiliant. Do you think it is because of WWII?

Lauren on

Shmoo, I understand where you’re coming from more so than before. What I don’t understand is why you didn’t say everything you did in your second post in the first place. You really seemed jealous of women who choose to work outside of the home while you don’t have the option, and that is why I challenged your comments. If you had been more clear upfront, the misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened.

sameera on

regarding CARRIE ANN…its the 21st century women dont work just for the sake of money but becoz if offers much more that wealth such as a social life…escapeism fun etc etc…shcok horror for a mother to want all that…its even more shocking that even the press had a go at posh for doing it…so she takes another 3 years out fo her career and still people dont like her haing a career…david is soom going to quit. she isnt just a wife and mother you know!!