This ain't your sister's Diaper Genie

11/01/2006 at 01:00 PM ET

DgiicartonTo support the launch of the Diaper Genie® II System, a revolutionary diaper disposal system that is truly stink-free, Playtex has created  Not only can parents gather information from renowned pediatrician Dr. William Sears, they can also submit their most original baby photo to the "Oh Baby! Contest" for a chance to win FREE maid service for a year and a Diaper GenieR II.  While on the site, parents will have the unique opportunity to witness authors Stefanie Wilder-Taylor ("Sippy Cups Aren’t For Chardonnay") and Michael Crider ("The Guy’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth and the First Year of Fatherhood") battling out common parenting dilemas while offering a comedic he said/she said perspective. 

The most attractive diaper pail is no diaper pail at all but the newDGII does look sleeker than the old one so I like that. I’ve been using The Diaper Genie® II for the past two months and have to say it’s a definite improvement over the original Diaper Genie.  It’s nice not having to twist it everytime you make a deposit and the lid is easier to open.  Also, it truly doesn’t stink, even when filled with rank solid food diapers!  What wouldmake the Diaper Genie perfect for me is a foot lever to open it butuntil then, this is pretty cool! 

The Diaper Genie® II Systemwill sell for $30, with the original version selling for $20. You’llneed new refills but the price is the same.  You can buy both the newsystem and refills at Target, Super Kmart, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby,WalMart.

What diaper pail do you use and does it contain the stink adequately?

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Tiffany on

I prefer the Diaper Champ,it is quicker and easier than the Genie, plus you can use regular garbage bags instead of having to buy the refills.

ktscandura on

I never used the fancy pails, just a small can with a plastic grocery bag for a liner. I emptied it every other day or so. I couldn’t justify spending extra money on a fancy garbage can for diapers…they don’t smell that bad.

Sarah on

I use the Diaper Champ and so far it has done pretty well with containing the stink. I have twins and they just started on solids so the true test is coming!! I like not having to buy specific refills, my town is small and seriously lacking in stores that have a good selection of baby products!!

joy on

I found that immediately disposing of the diaper to an outside garbage can works best!!

Principesa on

I use a good old fashioned trash can with lid.

I walk poopy diapers out to the outside trash, re-using the bag our NYTimes comes in.

Everything else goes in the trash can, which gets emptied twice a day.

There isn’t a smell. And, I can smell everything.

I can’t imagine stuffing the landfill with *more* non-biodegradable materials.

erica on

we use the diaper champ. i thought all the pails were basically the same, and i liked the idea that i didn’t have to buy special bags for it… but the thing REEKS after a couple days. it stinks up the entire nursery! i’ve been trying to wrap the especially rank diapers (my 10 month old is on almost an entire table food diet) in a bag before putting it in the diaper champ and that seems to help, but it sort of defeats the purpose!

mad-natter on

i think diaper genies are the most wasteful product on the market. i cringe at the thought of how much plastic you throw out using this.

i use mostly cloth diapers at home and disposabiles when we go out. for a diaper pail i use on old bucket with a lid and use cold water and vinegar to let them soak.

a throw away diaper is just put in the garbage if there is only urine in it and a really stinky one sits outside until i have a full garbage bag to throw away.

preesi on

I think the Diaper Genie is bad for the environment. A diaper is all plastic as it is, why wrap each diaper in more plastic?. 30 years from now those diapers will still be intact in some landfill.



rebekalynn on

I had the Diaper Dekor Plus and after 8 months, the trap door broke, but it did NOT contain that awful smelly diaper stink!

I was forced to replace it since it broke and went w/ the Diaper Genie II… so far… so very good. It doesn’t hold as many diapers as the Diaper Dekor did, but that may very well hold down the odor and will be worth the frequent ’emptying trips’

Tired Mom on

I’ve had the new diaper genie for about 2 months–IT’S AWESOME. I never got the first kind of Diaper Genie because I could never figure the thing out when I had tried friends. The new one IS SO EASY. And it really is stink-free. I highly recommend it.

M on

I used to use the old diaper genie– but hated it! Now I just dispose of my baby’s diapers in one of those baby-powdered plastic bags you can get at babies-r-us and then drop it in the regular trash… you’d be surprised how efficient those little blue bags are! I sware by them!