CBB Exclusive: It's a boy for Boris and Nicole Kodjoe

11/01/2006 at 10:10 AM ET

Update: Nicolas Neruda was born at 11:13 am on Tuesday in Atlanta.

We hear that actors Boris and Nicole Kodjoe are the proud new parents to a bouncing baby boy, born yesterday. Baby arrived right on his due date! No name or birth stats yet, but the little one joins older sister Sophie, 19 months.

Recently, Nicole revealed the inspiration for their son-to-be’s name, saying they’ve picked Boris’ father’s middle name, which Nicole says, "is African, but sounds the same in English." It means "big." We’ll have to see what it is!

Their daughter also has an African middle name – Tei-Naaki, which is Ghanaian for "first born daughter."

Thanks to CBB reader Valerie.

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preesi on

Is it just me or are there alot of people on CBB that I have no clue who they are?

Jade on

The baby may be called Munene (MOH-neh-neh) which is Kenyan for big, great 🙂

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

They’re both actors who are very popular in the black community. They had their own TV show, Second Time Around. They were also both in Soul Food and Brown Sugar, and Boris was in Love and Basketball.

Missy on

Nicole didn’t have the baby yet, she was just admitted into the hospital on yesterday. That’s why there isn’t any info on the baby weigh, name and so on…

Stephanie on

Why are they actors in the ‘black community’? I think that sounds rather offensive considering their show was on Showtime and now plays on BET…it’s not just a BLACK show

Ninah on

Why is that preesi? Because they’re black?

AllAngela on

I don’t think he arrived right on his due date. According to boris-world.com, his due date was October 29th.

Robin M. on

They are a gorgeous couple!

Akentunde on

When I am an unfamiliar with a celebrity baby’s parents I find a wealth of information on imdb.com or just a simple google search. It is amazing what one can learn with a little initiative.

Becky's Daughter on

Can’t wait to see their newest bundle of joy. They’ve shared several photos of Sophie’s first year with their fans so I hope they do with this baby, as well.

Preesi, there are a few that I am not familiar with too. But, I like to think of this site as an awesome avenue for learning about celebrities that I would have otherwise not have known about, like those abroad.

m on

I just read on People that his name is Nicholas.

Laura on

If you go to people.com, the baby’s name is posted on there!!

C on

Nicole Parker and husband Boris Kodjoe, who met on the television series Soul Food, have welcomed their second child, son Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe, PEOPLE has learned.

The boy was born on Tuesday in Atlanta at 11:13 a.m. Parker, 36, and Kodjoe, 33, already have a 1-year-old daughter, Sophie.

The couple, who also starred together in the UPN series Second Time Around, were married in Gundelfingen, Kodjoe’s hometown in Germany’s Black Forest, in May 2005.

“Our kids are going to be bilingual,” Kodjoe told PEOPLE at the time. “So that’s going to be a whole other tradition that I’m going to try to uphold.”

While discussing his relationship with Parker and their successful careers, Kodjoe, told PEOPLE in 2004: “I count my blessings every day. I really have to pinch myself every once in a while. It’s like, ‘Wow! This is really my life.'”


Heather on

His name is Nicolas according to People.com

Priya on

I read on People Magazine’s website that Nicole and Boris have named their son Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Missy, there was no info because they hadn’t yet released a statement. We wouldn’t have posted the news if we weren’t 100% sure it was true, which you can now see that it is.

Stephanie, that was not meant to sound offensive. Personally I became familiar with them through my friend Tianna, who was surprised that I didn’t know who they were.

AllAngela, an interview with Nicole had her saying her due date was Oct 31/Nov 1, so that’s what we were going with.

JulieG on

I love the name. I had my son on the 26th of September and named him Nicolas also. Many people questioned the spelling so its nice to see another one out there.

Congrats to them!!

Andrea on

Congratulations to them. They are such a Beautiful Couple. I do think that the reference to them being in the “Black Community” is rather offensive as well. Nicole Ari Parker…. is her last name…. not Kodjoe that was previously stated, and her husband are well known actors, not just becuase they are in so called “Black Films” or “Black Community”, but becuase they are good actors. Nicole Parker was in the BlockBuster Film “Remember the Titans” with Denzel Washington…. you wouldn’t say that Denzel was a well known actor in the Black Community. I think that when we post comments, we must be careful as to who we may offend.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Again, I apologize if people were offended. That wasn’t my intent.

Nicole goes by her married name now. On her official site, snakonline.com, (Simply Nicole Ari Kodjoe) she refers to herself that way, so we do as well.

Natalia on

Oh people, please…I love how you are so easily offended…it’s not our fault they are more well known in the ‘Black community’…and how can u even compare them to Denzel?…I do know who they are, and unfortunately they don’t have a career like Denzel…that’s not offensive, just the fact. Sometimes statistics and comments are just facts, not meant to be racist or offensive. For instance, there are many Spanish actors who are more well known in the ‘Spanish community’…just a fact not offensive…when they get a big time movie…like ‘Remember the Titans’, then we’ll say they’re mainstream…and NO before you go through a hissy fit, mainstream doesn’t mean White…there’s white actors that we have no idea who they are until they hit ‘mainstream’…so stop being so defensive…CBB would never say something to offend somebody…you’re just too sensitive.

lyn on

its just you who does not know who these TALENTED couple is. First they both started out on the HIT TV SERIES on Showtime “Soul Food”. They then branched off and did other movies such as the classic african american movie Brown Sugar. So yes, they are very WELL KNOWN in the african amercian community.

BMWGirl on

I can understand the comments about the “black community” sounding offensive to some. When your not apart of you of it you don’t understand. Take Tyler Perry for instance. The “Black Community” new and supported T.P. years before “main stream” america ever heard of Tyler. Soul Food is a show that was embraced and watched by the “Black Community”. So get over it.

Jay on

First, I would like to congratulate Nicole and Boris on the birth of their son, Nicolas. May God bless them. It should be remembered that this was a birth announcement- a happy occasion for any couple,regardless of their color or ethnicity. It would be nice if we could just share in their joy and save the bickering and hair splitting for another forum. That being said, I’d like to add for clarification that
Nicole was in the movie Remember the Titans with Denzel Washington. She played his wife. Just a clarification. Again a big congrats to the couple and their family. They are a gorgegous couple.

Andrea on

I just want to say that I in know way am saying that CBB was trying to be offensive. I simply said that we should watch how we phrase things so that people would not be offended. I do not think that I am being too sensitive, but merely commenting on and agreeing with some of the other people who commented about the refernce to the “Black Community”. As far as my putting Denzel in there, was to contrast the fact that Nicole Ari Kodjoe co-stared with Denzel in the movie. She played his wife…. so, yes….Natalia… they are mainstream…. All in all when people get offended…. it is not anyone’s job or right to say that they have no right to be offened… we can’t tell people how they should feel. I think that CBB is a great avenue to give people a different perspective on things, different cultures, etc. I just think that we should be aware of things we type.

Natalia on

Andrea, sweetie, not everybody who plays in a movie with Denzel is mainstream…people would have to recognize who you are for you to be mainstream…Though I do agree playing his wife is a bigger part then most…but I don’t think Sarah should rephrase anything, she stated a fact, nothing offensive, she was describing something. Unless it is obviously offensive, I don’t think anyone should have to change their opinions, or the way they describe things just because it accidentally offends someone…we should be more understanding and accepting, not so defensive.

Yvette Seales on

Congratulations to my favorite couple. I wish the new baby good health and continued blessings in his life. Continue to love one another. God Bless!!