Heidi Klum on Ellen DeGeneres

10/28/2006 at 09:58 PM ET

Heidi Klum made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show last week, and boy, did she make an entrance! Heidi (and her belly) danced with Ellen before they sat down for an interview! Heidi revealed that her third baby will make it’s debut "in the next few weeks," around Thanksgiving, and she and Seal do not know the sex, confirming our earlier post.

Heidi shared that Leni, 2, is in ballet classes and loves to come home and teach everyone else her moves! She is also saying oma and opa (Grandma and Grandpa in German). Heidi said Leni doesn’t like it when Seal sings, because she wants to! Seal will start to sing and Leni says, "No Papa, no sing! Leni sing!" Henry, 13 months, is learning to talk, and says Mama, Papa, and meatball. However, everything is a meatball to Henry – he points at things and says the word!

Enjoy the video!

Thanks to CBB readers Emmy, Lis and Joy for the recap.

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Rachael on

I didn’t watch the show ~ haven’t in a long time but it sure has changed! The background and Ellen’s hair are so different! Heidi looks great as always, she sure seems like a natural at everything! Can’t wait to find out what the next baby is!

emmy on

she said that her daughter Leni takes ballet classes and loves it. she goes home and teaches everyone else how to do ballet! She talked about Henry and how he says Mama, Papa and meatball- he seems to point to everything and call it meatball. She is due in about a month, around Thanksgiving and she doesn’t know what she is having! She was soooooo cute and danced with Ellen and even rode the bicycle that Ellen gave her that had 3 seats attached to the back with license plates that said ” Leni”, ” Henry” and ” Project Klum”!

Shelly on

Aww, Heidi is so cute! I can’t wait to hear what they have!

Γ‰mily on

SHE’S CRAZY! Love her, she’s so sweet and she dances very well hihi!

Marie on

Okay, I’m jealous LOL I’m not pregnant and can’t move like that in those heels. She makes it look so effortless! I’d take two steps and do a face-plant. And there she is shaking it! Go Heidi!

She looks positively radiant. She always looks so pretty, but she’s even more gorgeous as a pregnant woman. And that smile with her personality! She’s so fun to watch.

I’m so excited for her and Seal! Can’t wait to see what this baby is πŸ™‚

nat on

Awww that was awesome!!!

Sandy on

she is so cute! I wish I had seen that episode…

LaMama on

Thank you so much for posting that video! It makes me like her even more!

Carisma on

How stinkin cute is she? I adore her and she is the prettest pregnant woman. cute video thank’s for sharing!

Sabina on

Aww, she’s so cool! Kudos for dancing like that at 9 months and in heeled boots!

Lis on

Leni is also saying oma and opa Heidi said. This is Grandma and Grandpa in German.

Heidi looked so amazing!

Northern Girl on

Meatball! That is too cute! Of all the things for a baby to say πŸ™‚

Nicole on

She’s our german Heidi. We love her. She’s such a cutie. And we love that she’s so loved in the whole world. All the best for the new baby!

Heidi, wir lieben dich!
Alles Gute fΓΌr dein 3. Baby!

Kate on

Heidi is German, whats with the complete put on American accent? How fake can she be? I know plenty of Germans who speak fluent English and their accents sure don’t sound like that!

Sid on

How cute is she? I can’t wait to find out what she has! I’m guessing girl.

Lynne on

Where did she pick up that accent, shes German, no?????

Diana on

I love her!! She always looks fantastic pregnant! I can’t believe how well she was moving around on HEELS so close to her due date.

soko on

baby bellies are the cutest thing in the world big or small and thats a nice dress but i dont like how it makes a baby belly look like a potato sac. otherwise she looks GORGEOUS and i also cant wait for her to have her baby!

tink1217 on

how freakin cute was that???!!!!

Luise on

@ Kate: I really don’t think the accent is fake. She’s lived in the US for a long time now and her ex-husband is American. It just happens automatically…

Izzie25 on

Gotta love her LOL!! She’s too cute…loved the dance!

Jessica on

She is too cute! I loved watching her on project runway. She sure will have her hands full in another month or so.

joy on

I watch Ellen all the time and did happen to catch her on the show and yeah it was so cute that Henry says…MEAT….BALL! lol

joy on

oh she also mentioned that Leni doesn’t like it when Seal sings (Ellen asked her if he sings to the kids or something) and she said Leni will say, “No papi no sing!” Leni sing!

Jess on

Aww, that is so cute. I always thought Heidi was Swedish :%

Off topic but how does Heidi pronounce her daughters name?

Sarah, CBB News Editor on


emmy on

actually she pronounces it lenny, just when she says it in her accent it comes out a little differently.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Oh, I didn’t see Ellen, but it’s been pronounced as Lay-knee when I’ve seen her on Conan, Jay Leno etc. This was a past post on it (in the comments)


FC on

Aww, I want Seal to serenade me! πŸ˜‰

But, back to what I was going to say…Mama sure can shake it! I liked her dancing. πŸ˜€ And I laughed when she was talking about the baby wondering what the hell was going on.

I hope to see a repeat of Ellen. I want to see the whole thing. πŸ™‚

Luise on

Sarah is right, the pronounciation is very close to Lay-knee. It’s not quite right, but I really don’t know how else to explain the German ‘e’ sound. It’s short for Helene by the way.

preesi on

Sarah? You are correct about pronounciation.
It has nothing to do with Heidis accent because the E’s in German are pronounced ay.
Like Lainie Kazan!
So even if Heidi was American she’d pronounce it Lainie!

gabriella on

She dances good, but Ellen looked scared when she came out so hyper lol. Ellen looked afraid at the end too, when Heidi got on a bike and wanted to ride it. Ellen said something like, I take no part in this lol. Anyway I think in the next 2 weeks, she will have the baby. I think it’s a girl, and will have anther traditional normal type name. Also Heidi loves to dance. Last year on Trya after she had Henry, she was dancing and doing a booty type dance. Love her boots, very trendy.

Doreen on

She’s sooo CUTE!! hahaha She def looks like she’s having a good time!! πŸ™‚ Don’t care for the though but she’s nevertheless cute!