Britney Spears' son's name is not Sutton Pierce

10/16/2006 at 02:15 PM ET

We heard that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline‘s new son’s name is not Sutton Pierce. Kevin alluded to this during an interview on a Seattle radio station and now we think we know the baby boy’s real name. According to one of our sources, his name is Jayden James and they call him J.J.

What do you think of this name?

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Dorkiee on

Im so going to laugh if this is true, i didnt believe the child was called Sutton to start with. Sutton didnt seem very “Britney” to me. Also that she didnt confirm it.

This name makes more sense after the whole “Were playing with J names” fiasco. I heard a rumor he was named Brayden James.. Jayden.. Brayden.. sounds the same, so prehaps the source was misheard 😛

JJ is cute. I went through a faze when my friends called me JJ 🙂

alexp on

I don’t believe it yet. I didn’t like the name Sutton Pierce (sounds like cheap wine), but at least it was better than Jayden James. Both names have “Jay” in them and Jayden is a creative spelling of Jaden. She did so well with Sean that I had high hopes for this one.

M on

Ah I love Jayden James. That is a great name. I liked how both kids had SP as their initials but I really love Jayden James. That is a cool name and goes with what they were discussing before he was born. Have some family history to his name.
Cant wait to hear what his name really is. 🙂

katie on

And since they have not released the babys name, why would you report it? Why not let the parents “announce” it in the People article? It is obviously what they wanted.

Sabby on

I love both names Sutton Pierce and Jayden James! I wish I knew which one was true! LOL! Britney looks great! Can’t wait for some new music now!

AllisonJenny on

I like the name James. Jayden,
however, is extremely popular
and not my style. It just
screams “I made it up !”

jennifer on

Wonderful…its a cute name and all, but we are pregnant with our third baby and if its a boy his name will be Landen James. Which is very very similar!! 😦

Colleen on

I like Jayden much better than Sutton. JJ is an adorable nick-name.

LazyDaisyLakes on

I love it! (if its true)

Amy on

Well, I like that name better than Sutton Pierce. That name was just not very cute…sounded kind of stuffy. I’m sure we’ll find out the real name soon enough in People magazine.

Isn’t it kind of interesting that Britney has not shown up in public with her child and no one even cares? Everyone believes that she has a baby, but no one believed that Tom and Katie had a baby.

Lauren on

I love the name. I would name my son Jayden, but I worry that it sounds a bit too feminine and I hate the name Jay (a [potential nickname).

mommy_2_1 on

I personally am voting for Sutton Pierce. I like Jayden but it is so popular! Either way I bet he is a cutie and can’t wait to see him!

J. on

I like letters for names. “J.J. Federline comes under center. He takes the ball and throws it to…. for the TD!”

Candice on

Meh. Her naming style is the complete opposite of mine. I would cut off my right hand before I named my son Jayden OR Sutton.

Butterfly on

I know so many little Jayden/Jaden’s its not even funny. What’s one more in the world *shrugs* I like Sutton better personally, but not Pierce. Meh, her baby, her name.

Rochelle on

I love the name. My 2 year old son’s name is Ayden James, but I absolutely will NOT let anyone call him AJ… just not a fan of the nicknames.

natalie on

i’m just glad sutton pierce is still up for grabs!

funnyhoney on

Aren’t birth certificates public record? why doesn’t someone just get the birth certificate? jk. i like the name James, not so keen on jayden… but well, it’s her kid.

AllAngela on

Sutton Pierce sounds a lot more elegant to me than Jayden James. I love the name Jayden but the ‘Ja’ in Jayden and in James throws me off a bit. Jayden Pierce is a nice name.

Naulie on

My fiancee and I have always planned on naming our first son Jason James, since his name is Jason, and my father is James, and we’d call our son J.J. I’m not looking forward to fending off “Did you name him after Britney Spears’ son?” questions, but I think Jayden James is MUCH better than Sutton Pierce.

Liz on

I liked Sutton better…but does anyone else think of Justin Timberlake when they see JJ or Jayden James???

I don’t know. I just find it kinda odd that you would name your child something very close to the name of one of your more serious boyfriends….

Erin on

Jayden is TERRIBLE. Its a mispelling of a great name, Jadon, which is Hebrew and means “thankful.” James is alright. Sutton and Pierce are both surnames and terrible when used as anything other than that.

gabriella on

I’m not sure which name I like better honestly, but for some reason I think his name is Sutton Pierce. Even before Sean’s name was confirmed lots of rumors went around , just like it has this time. But Jayden James isn’t bad, and it’s an easy normal name at least.

Roise on

In the last few days of Brit’s pregnancy, wasn’t there a posting on CBB that said there was a rumor about a “J” first name and James as the middle name, in honor of Brit’s dad?

Kori on

I wasn’t a huge fan of Sutton and also did not think it was like Britney. But Jayden James doesn’t seem Brit to me either….Sean Preston was kinda classy-cool. Jayden is too trendy and overused IMO.

Rebecca on

Jayden is awful. Jadon is the correct spelling. JJ and James are cute. I hope it’s not true. She calls Sean Preston, Preston so I hope his name is really Sutton Pierce and she calls him Pierce. Pierce and Preston are good for brothers.

Kresta on

I like the name, James. I am not fond of the name Jayden. I think James Sutton or Sutton James is better.

Aleah on

I kind of like the name Jayden, but somehow I don’t like the whole “Jayden James” thing. Sounds odd to me.

blue_butterfly on

I much prefer Jayden James over Sutton Pierce. Pierce is a lovely name but I don’t like Sutton and I dont like the whole “samey initials” thing with Sean Preston.

Sean Preston & Jayden James is a lovely combination. All the best to her and her boys, whatever the little one is named

pinkorangered on

Personally I think Jayden is too trendy and tacky for Britney to name her son that. James as a middle name is nice if it is honoring her father, though everyone and their brother has James for a middle name. It seems to be the standard middle name when one can’t think of anything better.

FC on

Jayden James? I like the name Jaden, just not that spelling of it. I don’t really like it paired with James. Sutton Pierce wasn’t exactly a winner with me either. By the time she releases the real full name and photos, that poor baby’s name might just be something different altogether, lol.

It’s her baby and she wanted/had say in whatever the little boy’s name might be. So..whatever floats her boat…*shrugs*

Meh. I’ve sort of lost interest in the big hoopla over her a long, long time ago. I’m waiting on other pregnancy news and photos now, lmao. I want some news or photos of Holly Marie Combs and her new baby (I’m still rooting for/that it’s a girl!):)

Angelbaby33 on

I just wonder how many people really did name their new baby Sutton or Pierce BECAUSE of Britney and now that might not be the name! Silly, silly people!

sara on

Sure, Jayden James is cute, but so is Sutton Pierce. I was kind of hoping for Sutton Pierce, and that they would call him Pierce, since Britney has said she uses Preston, for Sean Preston. I think Preston and Pierce sound adorable together! 🙂

Also, apperantley, Kevin calls him Sean P, and I think Sean P and J.J sounds a bit too.. Like rappers or something 😛
But, either name is ok.

joy on

I used to like the name Jaden for a boy then all these celebs started using it (will smith, David Boreanez etc) and now I am not keen on it ESP. since I have heard of a few GIRL Jayden’s. So to answer the question, no I don’t like it.

Sutton was horrible but Pierce is so cute and to have a preston and a pierce it just sounds good.

I wonder if it was sutton pierce and bc word spread they all of a sudden didn’t like it so they changed it.

Morrigan on

Personally I like the name, I was going to name my son Jaiden James, however there was a toddler named Jaiden that was murdered when I was in the last stages of my pregnancy and as it had so much coverage in our media I couldn’t bring myself to use it so we settled on Jarred James (the James is for his father) we used to say he would end up with the nickname JJ but for some reason a younger cousin started calling him Jazz and it stuck (it really suits him).

Kim on

I just wonder how anybody can pull such a name out of nowhere and claim it is Britney’s child’s name? Like maybe if she alluded to the fact she really liked the name Sutton then maybe yeah. LOL.

Carmen on

I think that name is adorable…it’s funny because i want to name my son Hayden James

Jake on

thats soo cool… I hope it has the initials JJ like me… My initials are JJ =]

Cha Cha on

Jayden is totally a cracker name.

grandmapatty on

My grandson to be is going to be jaiden aleczander and it is a name that grows on you an dnow I love it–the aiden names are very popular

Iz on

Cute name… I like it !

Suzanne on

I like Jayden James, But that was what my friend has been planning on naming her baby for a very long time…… Now people are going to think she named her baby after stupid britney spears federline…..

ASH on

Jaden is a girls name. my sister’s name is Jaden Rachel and we call her Jadie for short…

Michaela on

JJ is sooooo Adorable, Wonder if the rumors true about Sutton Pierce being a Girl instead of a boy. Les Wait and See.

Thomas on

Find a new baby name for Britney’s child at – everything is is BS.

shezz on

Britney Spears — what can we say about the former good girl who teased us with her blonde hair, erotic dance moves and sexual innuendos?

Aleks@Britney Spears fun on

I like Britney S.