Breastfeeding at Le Cirque

10/09/2006 at 08:47 PM ET

Which celebrity mom nursed her baby at a table at one of the most expensive of New York City’s  fine dining establishments?

The New York Daily News ran a story on Sunday in which one of their reporters nursed her 3-month-old in various public places in New York City to gauge the kind of reception she would receive. After being welcomed at various locales, including the Apple Store and a city bus, and after nearly being booted out of Babies ‘R Us of all places, she made her way to Le Cirque – a Manhattan eatery known as much for its bold-name patrons as for its adult-only atmosphere.

Says reporter Tracy Connor: “A slightly chilly reception at the restaurant’s front desk – an admonition about crying babies – makes me think nursing in the lap of luxury will turn some stomachs. But it’s quite the opposite.  There is a little buzz among the wait staff and a few older diners as Charlie noisily tries to latch on several times from an awkward position on the banquette next to the kitchen. But then everyone acts as though the suckling is as natural as a $100 lunch tab. Servers smile as they deliver bread, and one acknowledges the breast-feeding when I pull the baby off as my appetizer arrives.

"She’s saying, ‘Mommy, I want some more,’" the server says.

General manager Benito Sevarin tells me I’m hardly the first woman to breastfeed over four-star cuisine. "In fact, a few days ago we had a woman – a very famous woman, I won’t tell you her name – nursing her baby," he says. "There’s nothing wrong with it."

Any guesses as to which celebrity mom it could have been?

Click on the extended post to see who CBB thinks it was, based on a celebrity spotting last week.

Source: New York Daily News

We think it may have been Mira Sorvino, who Page Six reported was spotted nursing her four month old son Johnny at a NYC restaurant last week.


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Kate on

I think that is great! What a wonderful attitude, if only more places were like that! It really bugs me that people still have the attitude that breastfeeding is offensive. It really fires me up.
It could have been Gwyneth Paltrow? How old is Moses? Or even Gwen Stefani – is she still nursing? Great Post, thanks CBB

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Gwyn and Gwen are both still nursing, but they’ve both been in London the past few weeks, so couldn’t have been either of them. Great guesses though!

Lorus on

Rachel Weisz perhaps? Trying to think of other breastfeeding moms that are in NY.

Terri on

How about Angelina Jolie?

Elizabeth on

Hmmm, could it have been Rachel Weisz (I know I’m spelling it wrong, sorry)??

Although in light of the Page Six thing, it prolly was Mira Sorvino.

Heather on

well, doesn’t it say that the baby’s name is Charlie?

who’s got a 3 month old baby named Charlie and is also celebrity?

Joy on

I’m a mother of one, and although I think mothers breastfeeding their little ones is gorgeous and special, I think it may be a little too “graphic” for some people’s tastes. Remember…not everyone has kids or even likes kids, so I think moms should be sensitive to that too in all fairness. I think breastfeeding in private or amongst close family and friends is one thing….but “forcing” everyone else to share in the experience may be a little rude…whether you’re a celebrity or not!

lydia on

Rachel Weiz.

Liv tyler (i rad that she is in NY, is she still nursing?)

Stacy on

Hooray! to whomever it was– I would really like to know so I can put her on my “Top Celebrity Who I Look Up To” List. Breastfeeding is the most pure and natural act, Babies get hungry too, even while watching Mom eat at Le Cirque.

NicoleH on

Unfortunatly I have never felt very comfortable nursing my babies in public. But you go girl to those of you who do. Nursing a baby does not come easy for everyone and we should do all we can to encourage these mothers.

Aileen on

I think that it could be Rachel Weisz.

Shay on

What a good article. It’s funny (not in the “haha” way either) that the Baby store was the only place to give her a hard time.
Maybe the mystery celeb was Rachel Weisz? I don’t know if she’s nursing or not, but she does seem to be a dedicated baby-wearer

Michelle on

I’m going to guess either Rachel Weisz or Mariska Hargitay. I believe they are both nursing moms.

Amy on

Could it have been Rachel Weisz nursing her little guy?

ilis on

Was it Rachel Weisz?

MarisaJosephine on

is it rachel weisz?

Jane on

It could be Elisabeth Shue. She had a daughter 3 months ago names Agnes Charles- maybe they call her Charlie.

Bonnie on

there is a breastfeeding room at the only Babies R Us in the city, so I am 100% certain a mom would NOT be booted from the store. She may have been reminded of the room if she was breastfeeding elsewhere in the store.

Ashley on

I think it’s wonderful that a Mom would nurse her baby out in public, no matter who the Mom is or where she is doing it!

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

It says the reporter that we quoted daughter’s name is Charlie – not the celebrity baby. 🙂

Employees at Babies R Us apparently gave the wrong information (the reporter says the couch in the nursing room was dirty and she didn’t want to sit on it). You can nurse anywhere you want at the store.

Rachel Weisz is a great guess too, if it’s not Mira as Page Six said.

anj on

I think that the baby “Charlie” that is being referred to is the baby of the reporter doing the story. She said she goes into several places to nurse to see the reaction and then when she is in Le Cirque is when she says his name. Babies have to eat too so I don’t see why there should be any hubbub. I didn’t even think I was going to nurse before I got pregnant then when I did it was basically a no-brainer for me. It doesn’t work for all women I get that but I had absolutely NO issues about nursing in public. Keep in mind that I didn’t just whip out my boob in full view for all to see. I usually hid under a receiving blanket until my son was old enough to pull it off, then I would go somewhere a bit more quiet and discreet. You don’t always get that luxury but you do what you have to. A quiet NURSING baby is much less trouble than a screaming hungry one in a silent restaurant. Nursing is a great way to keep the peace 😉

leishk on

what a twisted world we live in. You can walk into any newsagent and pick up a copy of playboy with breasts on full graphic display and yet if you actually need to FEED ANOTHER HUMAN BEING some people have issues. Personally I think those who object to seeing women nurse in public were not loved enough as children.
And finally, a restaurant seems the most natural place to nurse, isn’t everyone else eating too?

Marie on

While shopping at CostCo this weekend, my 12 week old son wanted to eat. The only place to nurse I found was a fire pit and chair set on display. Soooo, I plunked us down and proceeded to nurse him. I always cover us with a blanket, so it’s discreet. I made a point to look at people and see their reactions.No one said anything, no one made funny faces and far as I can tell, no one made comments. The employees that saw me, including a high-up manager, never said anything either. I just got smiled at a few times.

I’ve nursed in many public places. Some welcomed nursing mothers and the others didn’t bat an eyelash. Frankly, if you’re being discreet about it and not waving a boob around in the air, I don’t understand why people get upset over it.

This just in: It’s natural. It’s why we have them!

Those of us who choose to breastfeed should be able to do so without ridicule and unneccessary comments.

I feel that Society has just made them such a taboo thing and sexualized them so much that we’re missing the big picture surrounding breasts. Other countries aren’t so hung up about them as America is.
We need to get over it.

joy on

I think breastfeeding in public is fine but I do not like mother’s who just have their breast out for the world to see. It does make others uncomfortable even if it doesn’t particularly make yourself uncomfortable. I prefer that if a person has to nurse that they use some sort of cloth to cover up the breast area while the baby is nursing, I don’t see why some mom’s just feel the need to whip it out as if everyone else really wants to see it! hey it’s only my opinion 🙂

katherine on

My guess is Rachel weisz or Mariska Hargitay

barb on

I find it offensive when people feed their children formula in public.

Tiff on

I nursed both of my children, the youngest till he was over 2 and nursing rooms or not, I am going to feed him when he is hungry. I don’t ask a bottle feeding woman to go to another room, so I expect the same courtesy 🙂

Nursing over a $100 meal, that was priceless!

Leigh on

I have walked around Toys R Us with a baby at my breast and no one commented. I ditto the kudos to whichever celeb this was! Woooo!

Lacey on

I work at a Portrait studio, so I get a lot of babies in and alot of mothers who are breast feeding, I have no problem with breast feeding in public I mean your not gonna starve your child right? But I would just like to say on thing cover up, because personally I don’t want to see your breast. I just think that it is polite to cover up.