Rep confirms Marcia Cross' twins

10/06/2006 at 10:59 PM ET

Update: Marcia says she’s having fraternal twins, and told Ellen that she waited to announce that it was twins because "I was sort of blown away that I was having twins, so I just needed a minute to deal with it…So, we didn’t tell anybody. We just said I was pregnant. But as things happen in this town, it just got out, so everybody started congratulating me."

After just denying that she was expecting more than one baby in this week’s issue of TV Guide, (although the original source, Us Weekly, stood by it’s story) Marcia Cross’ rep has reversed her decision and told E! News last evening that yes, Marcia is in fact having twins.

Marcia will be appearing on Ellen today and is expected to discuss the pregnancy.

Source: E!

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Natalie S. on

Congrats to Marcia and her husband, those babies are going to be so adorable!

Sandra on

I am very happy for Marcia and her husband! I’m sure their babies will be beautiful!

amandaa on

I’m so excited for her! I wonder what she will name them. For some reason I’m thinking Marcia will pick more traditional names for her little bundles of joy, or even family names.

Nineveh on

I think it’s gonna be a boy and a girl. And ditto on the traditional names.

P Dawn on

Lucky her. If I was blessed with twins I would want a boy and a girl too.

suzie on

I wish she would just own up to her IVF and donor eggs, I just read that on a pregnancy magazine which actually slammed her for not being honest on how she conceived,Come on people, what is up with that,time to be honest, we are not that dumb.

SY on

In response to Suzie, I’m torn as to whether or not she should “own up” to using donor eggs…do men do this when they use a sperm donor? I heard that after 41 that doctors will not use a woman’s own eggs for IVF as there is too much of a chance of “bad/old eggs.” Does anyone know if there is a possibility that she could have used something like Clomid to help her conceive? Just wondering if there is a chance that she didn’t use a donor. My friend had twins at 42 w/out any medical intervention and the Dr. said at a later age she had more eggs dropping so two got fertilized — no twins run in either of their families.

TwinMommy2006 on

I saw her on Ellen and think she looked
great. She will be HUGE by the time she delivers, Considering average wieght of twins is 5 1/2 lbs. each!

I do believe she has the right to keep
her IVF(Donor Egg) to herself. It’s nobody’s
business, However She is not FOOLING anyone.
She is 44, Fertility rates @ that Age
even with IVF (her own eggs) is almost
0% , The reason most RE’s won’t even
do IVF w/ older women’s own eggs.
I am the mother of twins via IVF,
My own eggs.

I heard her mention Nanny’s several times, If anyone else caught the Ellen show, You would know what I am talking about. Sounds like she will Not
be a HANDS on Mommy of twins.
Best of luck!

TracieLee on

It really isn’t anyone’s business is it? I mean, that is a very private situation and she certainly does not owe it to us, her “fans” to tell if she used donor eggs or not. I wish her and her husband the best of luck with the pregnancy and delivery of their twins.

Sidenote – I am SO hoping they don’t write her pregnancy into Desperate Housewives.

joy on


it won’t be written in she has stated that I believe on Regis and Kelly. On another side note I am so upset over the whole baby thing btw Gabby and Carlos (even though I called it from day 1):)

I think Marcia has a right to keep her private life private. Best of luck to her and if she needs a nanny GO FOR IT – I have twin nephews (one disabled) and they are super hard to handle at times!!

Karen on

Its not really beyond the realms of possibility that she got pregnant naturally. My friend was at anti-natal classes with a 46 year old that was having her first and went on to have her second at 48 unaided. Rare I know but it does happen.

melanie on

I thought she said at one point she would consider using donor eggs, IVF, etc. She became pregnant very soon after she got married, so I was thinking she just got lucky and didn’t have to go that route. Either way, she is in a difficult situation because she is famous. She may not want her children reading about how they were conceived before she feels like she’s ready to tell them.

chic mommy on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with Marcia for thinking about hiring nannies. I have twins plus an older toddler to take care of and I wish I had someone to give me an extra hand to help me sometimes. I don’t think you don’t have to do everything by yourself to be a good mom. A little help could actually make you a more relaxed and happier mom.

Michelle on

In response to TwinMommy2006, I too saw the Ellen show featuring Marcia, and I think she was kidding about the nanny thing. Ellen said she got her a present for the new babies, and Marcia joked “Hopefully nannies?” She was just talking about how nervous she is to be taking care of two babies at once. She was only kidding. I think Marcia will be great hands-on Mom. I think it’s easy to assume she used some sort of fertility technology, and someone who was waited so long and worked so hard at it (fertility issues are difficult) really wants and deserves to be a Mom. Hope the babies are happy and healthy!
P.S. Marcia looked great on Ellen…..

gabriella on

Marcia looks adorable and I’m happpy she is having twins. She has said how she never thought at her age she would be a mom, since she is always an aunt to other people’s kids. As for having a nanny, most celebrities do so to me it’s not a big deal if Marcia does. Especially when she goes back to work, and will need some help. I used to love her on melrose place and she is great on DH. For some reason I picture her with a boy/girl, but who knows.

TwinMom on

As the mother of 9 mo. old identical twin boys I know life with twins is pretty insane (especially for a working mom like myself). I kind of feel sorry for her. At age 30 I struggle with always having the energy to keep up with my boys. I can’t imagine doing it at 44!!!

As for the comments about IVF, why is this such a big deal? A lot of people asked me if I did IVF when I was pregnant like that’s the only way you can have twins. I conceived mine 100% naturally with the only help coming from my husband. Some of us are just blessed with the miracle of two babies instead of one! I have a friend who conceived fraternal twins at age 40 without the help of IVF. Who cares how she ended up with twins, just pray they are happy and healthy!!

Beth on

I just read these notes and have a few comments:

1. Marcia Cross did talk about the use of donor eggs and IVF as the way most older moms need to conceive. One can assume she is referring to herself. She’s one of the first over 40 celebrities who’ve talked about donor eggs and IVF candidly. Most of them don’t own up to it, e.g. Geena Davis. Technically it’s no one’s business. Can you just see the tabloids trying to track down and expose the donor? Or calling the baby so and so’s “donor egg” baby just as they say so and so’s “adopted child, as if it needs to be qualified how these kids came into their parent’s lives. Who cares?
2. What is with the criticism that she will not be a “hands-on” mom b/c she will have child care? Why does having child care make someone less “hands-on?” Give me a break. Great to have the money to get help with the difficult task of being a new and inexperienced mother, especially with multiple babies! Everybody should be so lucky. Like women aren’t suppose to get help..puhleeze….In the old days, extended family helped out (grandmothers, etc.) and nobody batted an eye. Many people who can have hired assistance.

Mom2b@40 on

I’m 40 years old and expecting my first child this fall. I wanted to read more about Marcia Cross’ twins since I am a “plus aged” mom to be myself. I have no clue whatsoever as to whether Ms. Cross or Ms. Davies or anybody else has recieved donor eggs. All I know is I didn’t. And it definitely is possible for a woman to bear children even into her 50’s. It’s not like you just stop producing eggs, menopause is a long, slow intricate process. It gets harder and harder to get pregnant as you move through your 30’s and into your 40’s though, partly because the quality of the eggs decreases and partly because the lutheal phase gets shorter or disappears. But it’s definitely not impossible, and in this day and age there are many helpful tools to help mature women make babies. IVF and fertility drugs can be a solution. I tried a combo of acupuncture and herbs and got lucky.