Introducing Dannielynn Hope

10/05/2006 at 08:35 AM ET

Anna_nicole_smith9 Anna_nicole_smith5_1 People Magazine has published photos from Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern’s wedding (which is not legally binding due to the lack of a marriage license). Dannielynn Hope, 3 weeks, makes her official debut in photos with her parents.

Although Howard claims paternity of Dannielynn, Anna Nicole’s ex Larry Birkhead is attempting to sue for custody and is requesting a DNA test.

Source: People, with permission

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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Jamie on

Shes adorable…shes looks a little like Daniel doesn’t she? The name is a perfect fit..but like I said in the last post about all this..I hope they all find out the truth so Daniel can rest in peace..

giadana on

I’m no DNA scientist, but that baby looks just like Birkhead.
I wonder how long they’re going to drag out this drama.

Kelly on

Anna doesn’t look well. She looked much better right after giving birth. Her face is very puffy and swollen–crying, meds??
I feel so sorry for her and all that she has going on right now.

Sabby on

Awww! The baby is just beautiful! Look at those teeny wennie hands and feet! I think she looks a lot like her Mama!

FC on

I’ve seen many photos of Dannielynn and still think she’s a sweet little baby. I just hope everything is resolved regarding her brother’s untimely death, and who her father is, although I’m sure Howard would make a great father, and even Larry could be, but they should get this whole thing solved already. For Dannielynn’s sake. 🙂

Natalie S. on

Okay I am so not trying to come off as hating or anything bad against Anna, but what is really going on here? Has she gotten a chemical peel? I mean everything that has been going on as of late, you would think the last thing you would want to do is be on a boat with your newborn. I don’t know but Howard K. Stern is coming off as being more creepy as the day goes on. I keep seeing and hearing reports that Howard just wants Anna to himself ~ This whole thing doesn’t make any sense. I wish Anna and her daughter all the best.

Yonni on

Cute baby…I hope she has a great life..

Ariana on

I definately agree with Kelly, Anna does not look well. It could be that she got a really bad sun burn, but I doubt it. I mean, I don’t expect her to look well after all the drama she’s been through. I wish her the best. The baby girl is adorable.

LazyDaisyDay on

Beautiful baby! And I love the name. What a great tribute.

Michelle on

She’s beautiful. What a cute little girl

Doreen on

Wow, those are some eyelashes on Anna! 🙂 Cute baby and yes I really hope they get the DNA issue solved soon. The baby has her hair color….wonder if it is Birkhead’s baby…can’t wait to hear when the news finally arrives!

Layla on

I find it a bit disturbing that she has not buried her son yet but she’s getting married and celebrating. There’s something wrong with this picture.

sabbaroo on

She’s a pretty little thing, it was a gorgeous tribute naming her after her brother, but I really hope she’s not seen as his replacement when she’s older. I’m glad she wasn’t born a boy, that could have made it more difficult for Anna.

Alisa B on

It’s appalling her showing off like this after the death of her son. A commitment to a man should have been the last thing on her mind. Thats what drugs do to you. They distort your emotions. Case in point!

Carisma on

what a sweet little baby, I really hope some of the rumors going around are not true.

jaQinthebox on

beautiful… i sure hope things work out for the best, for all parties involved. wish i could hop a plane to the bahamas, and go give anna a big bear hug, the poor woman. i can’t even fathom all the emotions in her mind, this past month/year– heck, her whole life! hope this is the end of the craziness for anna and family.

Lara on

Stern can’t be that great a lawyer if it didn’t occur to him to marry (a real marriage) Anna Nicole before the baby was born. There would have been a presumption that Stern was the father of his wife’s baby and, at common law and in most states, only Stern himself would have been legally allowed to challenge that presumption. Birkhead’s suit would have been thrown out for lack of standing.

Tammy on

I think the baby is Birkhead’s and I don’t blame him for wanting to know his daughter if she is his. I just hope Anna will let the DNA test happen.

joy on

yeah anna doesn’t look well but the baby is beautiful. I wish her well.

Hilary on

Lara — it’s a rebuttable presumption in most states so with enough evidence there may or may not be standing and if Larry is able to show that he was dating Anna around the time the baby was conceived the courts will most likely lean towards rebutting the presumption and allow DNA testing.

Ericka on

She doesn’t look at all happy…especially in that photo where they are saying their ido’s & when they are kissing. She looks semi revolted by kissing him and his eyes are semi opened which intails there is no true/real love.

The baby looks like Birkhead…nothing like Howard.

tink1217 on

the baby is beautiful and I think she actually just looks like Anna Nicole. I don’t see Birkhead or Stern at all.

ImpeachBush on

Baby looks just like Larry. Anna’s good-looking boyfriend —

Thank god for that. The girl will be much cuter than if dad was Howard.

Amy on

I think she looks drugged…maybe it’s just her ridiculous eyelashes, but she looks really out of it. Have they had a funeral or buried her son yet? It seems kind of in poor taste to get married in the midst of everything going on…almost like they were trying to avoid the paternity suit. I’m ashamed to admit that this drama is better than any soap opera and I am very intrigued by how it will all play out.

Rachel on

I have never understood that law that only the husband can challenge paternity. Frankly, I think that he should get his test. I truly, really hope that Howard is the father, but if they were both with her, even with a couple weeks of each other, than it’s a possibility. Howard said that the only way he knows the baby is his is because of her birthdate. Well, we all should know that babies can be born within days or weeks of their due dates… so I think we all really need to wait and see.

She is a precious baby though. It’s really sad that her birth had to be surrounded by such terrible circumstances.

And as for her being seen as a replacement… that’s horrible. No parent can ever “replace” the loss of a child with the birth of another… but it can help to heal the heart just a bit. It’s something to live for, a light in the darkness. It’s people calling them “replacements” that makes them feel that way.

Tracy on

I read somewhere that Larry already had the DNA test & he’s not the father. Am I confused??

esther Panda on

I think what she’s passing throught is the most terrible thing that can happen to a’s very sad.
But please..why selling the pictures of your new baby and your wedding just few days after your son died, I don’t undertand that. And she doesn’t look good on those pictures, her daughter is a cutie and I wish them all the best…but she’s beginning her lifes with lots of problems…

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

awww…Dannielyn is a beautiful lil cutie patootie. awww…she is now my fave celeb baby! I hope we get to see lots of pix of her.

Zoey on

Grr, I think this is so tacky! Anna and Howard need to stop making money off of this horrible situation.

That being said, Dannielynn is adorable!! Although, I really think she looks like a combo of Anna and Larry.. no Howard in there (IMO)

Natasha on

Beautiful baby…But I don’t believe that Stern is the father. I think that baby is Anna’s blonde ex who has been claiming paternity from the begining.

gabriella on

That baby is gorgeous. She was only about 3 weeks here, and you can see how beautiful she is. She looks like the guy Larry, claiming to be her dad. Such pretty skin and features, like a little doll.

x-Anna fan on

I think Anna was an attention WHORe and probably O.D.’d for attention. Come on, who gets married after their kid dies? Give me a freakin’ break. The girl was totally disturbed. Had it all and yet…turns to drugs. I don’t get these freakin’ celebrities. They are so darn needy! They need to turn to GOD, that’ll help them, instead of drugs. How dare she be so negligent and leave that precious baby behind. Hope that baby grows up to be strong in the mind, if not, another train wreck.