CBB Exclusive: Tori Spelling is pregnant

10/04/2006 at 04:40 AM ET

Update October 4th: Tori Spelling confirms the news to Us Weekly, saying, “Dean and I are thrilled to be expecting our first child together…I can’t wait to be a mom!” She said that she’s more than three months along, as previously reported.

Update Octobe 3rd: Access Hollywood confirms our September 15th story. People does as well. However, neither Toni nor Dean has said anything – just sources! According to them, Tori is just into her second trimester at 14 weeks along.

Originally posted September 15th:According to a very reliable source, Tori Spelling is pregnant!  More details when we learn them.

Tori and husband Dean McDermott were married in Fiji in early May, and have been very open about their want for a child, so this comes as no surprise. Over the summer, there were rumors Tori was pregnant – which proved false – but we’re told that this is the real deal!

Photo: US Weekly

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preesi on

::::::::SHAKING MY HEAD:::::::::::::

Zoey on


Poor kid. I truly feel sorry for any child that is born into this family.. for a variety of reasons I wont list (although I’m sure many of you can guess) :/

DangerousMuse on


Madi on

Are we sure this is real? I mean, if Us Weekly is our source then I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Us Weekly is the source for the photo posted next to the story (it may or may not be showing up). The source for the story is not Us Weekly.

JessiJamie on

congrats to them. Hope they r for real this time and tori is happy.

Tori on

Wow, you guys are so nice. We’re so excited to be having a baby. We’ll send you pics of the ultrasound when we get them.

Love you guys!!


Madi on

Oooh okay, thanks for clearing that up Sarah. Well if this is true than congrats to Tori and Dean and I hope them all the best.

Rachael on

Well, they seem like a happily *married* couple, I wish them the best.

preesi on

Dean McDermott left a wife with 2 children to be with Tori Spelling…
Lloyd Eisler left his wife and 2 kids for Kristy Swanson…

Did it occur to either one of these girls to use protection? Cause its apparent that neither of these men wanted kids, BUT FUN…

The only man who left his wife so he could have kids is Brad Pitt. And they dont make many of him.

bringbritneyback on

If this is true I wish her the best! She’s had a rough year for sure.

anon on

Congrats if it is true. I think Tori has been through a hard time, so I hope this brings her some happiness.

Doreen on

Don’t forget Kevin did the same thing with Shar! He left his 2 kids also (except he wasn’t married to her) for Britney! What is going on here? Then the girls get married to these guys and make more babies?! These women can have any guy they want and yet they have to catch a married guy with children’s eye. 😦 Congrats to Tori & Dean….hope it’s a healthy child.

Casey on

I think the “rumors” in May were true and she is now about 5 months along, I saw a picture of her on another site last week and she has a belly that looks at least 5-6 months along

Casey on

Here is a link to the picture I was talking about


joy on

I’m with the rest of you….*sigh*

I am not about this couple whatsoever. I wonder if he is even in contact with his other children. I wonder how he’ll explain this to all his kids oneday.

Itsnotabout.us on

I saw that in Life & Style and wouldn’t conside that a “reliable source”. They also said Posh was preggers too.

Kori on

I can’t judge because I don’t know her and what really happened but it did SEEM shady and of bad integrity. Nonetheless I hope what they claim is true, that they are soulmates just meant to be together, and I hope they have a long happy marriage and life with their new baby. I don’t know why but with both of their rather odd looks, put together it could balance out to be a very beautiful child. Guess we shall see.

Fred on

The photo is from US weekly, not the news.

Also, I don’t understand where it’s your place (to the above posters) to decide what sort of parent/life the baby will have :/

Sarah CBB News Editor on

It’snotaboutus, Life and Style is not our source. We can’t share it, but if you look at our past exclusives, you’ll see that we’ve been quite reliable the majority of the time.

preesi on

Sista’s need to stand up for Sista’s and not steal each others husbands!

“How you get him, is how you’ll lose him”

HollyCatherineSlavic on

It will be tough for spoiled Tori when hubby visits the kids by his first marriage. Esp. after she has their baby. I think it is going to be tough for everyone all around with this unsavory situation—hopefully not the innocent children. I just don’t see Tori as very mature individual. Nor her husband apparantly.

Marilyn on

Joy: I saw a photo of Tori and Dean together with his son a some sporting event about a month ago and he was sitting next to Tori. Also, on E! a couple of weeks ago they said she was very likely pregnant according to their sources but they couldn’t say 100% for sure.

Ericka on

preesi, you forgot K-Fed!

Are we sure this is true? Perez hasn’t even made a post about it yet? (I don’t think)…you’d think since they are “BFF” he’d have the first scoop or news of it.

If it is true, congrats to them. Maybe this will finally bring her mum and her together…although I doubt it.

gargoylegurl on

We don’t know what happened in Tori or Dean’s previous relationships. Some people seem very critical of them, but based on what facts? I don’t think we can believe all the gossip and rumors, and certainly not the tabloids.

It’s possible that both of them were in unhappy marriages which may have ended regardless of whether or not they had met.

In my opinion, their pasts or how they became a couple, doesn’t necessarily make them bad people or parents.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tori a couple of years ago and I found her to be a very warm and genuine person.

I could care less about her private life, I’m very happy for her and hope that her dream of motherhood comes true!

Angela on

I don’t trust Dean. He obviously left his wife and kids because of 1 thing – money. He may be having 2nd thoughts about Tori now, now that she might not be getting that much money from what her father left. I feel sorry for her. I hope I am proved wrong, I hope Dean stays with her, money or no money.

tink1217 on

these men left their “WIVES” not their children! There is a difference. None of us know what goes on in their homes and personal lives. We may think we do, but we really do not. Sure, maybe there was an affair, but who knows what their wives did on the other end of the spectrum either. I do not sit in judgment of others because I am not perfect. If Tori is pregnant, congrats to her and Dean!

Nancy on

The tabloids say she found a loophole to get her dads money, get pregnant.

iheartme on

I really don’t know why everyone is so hard on these two. While the tabloids do make their relationship/marriage sound like a scandal, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. At that, just because of the way it started, you don’t know that they’ll be bad parents or even that they’re a bad couple.

Im sorry, but I think it’s amusing that some people give Tori and Dean so much grief, yet Brad is a hero for taking on Angelina’s two kids when he was in a marriage of his own. It is a double standard.

T&D seem to really want a baby, so if it’s true, good for them!

Émily on

I don’t understand why you people are shocked??? Touns of people divorce and remarie, it’s a little bit sad, but it’s just life…

funkyfeet on


I agree. Its not my life. I say congrats to them and I hope Tori delivers a happy and healthy baby.

tink1217 on

well said, iheartme!!

preesi on

We are HARD on these two (and Lloyd-Kristy and Kev-Brit) cause, in all of these couples cases the man’s former wife had either Just given birth or was pregnant or in Deans case just adopted!

Literally ALL three women, Tori, Kristy and Britney, all broke up FAMILIES and stole FATHERS away from their children to set up house and make MORE babies.

ITS not just the wife thats being cheated on here!

If hes leaving a pregnant wife or newly adopted baby for a roll in the hay, hes not QUALITY husband material!

Tori? Britney? Kristy?
Put YOURSELF in the shoes of those children of your mans first marriage…
How would YOU feel if everyday your daddy tucked you into bed and you were all comfy and safe and happy and secure then one day daddy left and he no longer reads to you at night or tucks you in or listens to you talk about your day at family dinner time, instead you find out he has a new family on the cover of all these magazines and on tv and hes smiling on everyone of them…

How would YOU feel?

I guess ya never thought about THAT did ya?

Fred on

Preesi, what makes you the ultimate authority on what went on in these men’s previous relationships? Did it ever occur to you that they were unhappy?

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

Please read the rules before you comment. Criticizing Tori and Dean’s relationship falls under insulting celebrities, which we do not tolerate. We will not approve these comments.

millie on

I guess that’s what she wanted. I hope that having a baby will improve the relationship with her mother. I guess that’s the most positive thing I can say about it. It’s not about getting divorced and remarrying, it’s about the way Tori and Dean dealt with it.

Suzanne Ingram on

Tori has such good fashion sense. I csn’t wait to see how she dresses this child.I have advice. I have found some awezome choices at a fairly new site http://www.sandboxcouture.com. Hopefully she will find this info useful,

joy on

From what I’ve read (regardless of if it’s real or not) I as a woman can’t find this relationship to be something I feel the need to praise, however I don’t know them personally so I won’t further comment. I do hope they make what they have work for the sake of their child (and the other children in his life).

Rachael on

Congrats to them! I wish them well! I can’t help but wonder what his former wife and family thinks, but that’s not any of my business. I hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Lauren on

i hope they have a healthy baby.

millie on

so criticizing means “insulting”.. interesting leap. I guess we’re only allowed to say how wonderful it is that he left his family for this lovely and talented girl who managed to alienate her own family and insult (or was it “criticize”?) his wife publicly by mocking her inability to get pregnant — please note that I attach no judgment to the above statement. I hope they’re truly happy.

millie on

I’m sorry for chiming in at someone comparing Dean to Brad Pitt–you really have to be blinded by anti-Brangelina hatred not to see the differences here, lack of children being the most glaring one. I will not comment re obvious advantages to Dean in this relationship or Tori’s own behavior vs. Dean’s ex. Sheesh.

ashley on

She looks like a man! Are you sure she is able to get pregnant?

ashley on

wow! it is true. yeay

Ang on

I luv Tori-I’m so happy for her & Dean. I hope she doesn’t get too stressed over her mother tho. Congrats for all the nice stuff u guys r saying-u guys rock!

I would luv to meet Tori but I’m in Australia so yeah…..damn.Oh well, she looks even more gor-jus with her baby bump. Can’t wait to see this much-wanted child develop and fulfill her life even more.


Carleigh on

Wow a website is supposed to be a forum in which one can voice his/her OWN opinions and I read the post from Daniella above??? OMG you can’t speak your OWN opinion unless it’s something non-critical of the celebrity involved? Give me a break it’s AMERICA! There is freedom of speech in this country and apparently it only extends to the train of thought that if you only say “nice” things and “praise” the celebs here on this site. How pathetic and controlling is that! I KNOW I WON’T BE BACK HERE BECAUSE I CAN’T SPEAK MY TRUE OPINIONS ONLY NICE LITTLE LIES THAT THE WEB MONITOR APPROVES…PATHETIC.