Anna Nicole Smith's ex Larry Birkhead goes to court for custody of Dannie Lynn

10/03/2006 at 03:52 PM ET

In an attempt to seal his title as "Anna Nicole Smith‘s baby daddy," her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead is having his lawyer Deborah Opri ask a Los Angeles Superior Court judge for an immediate order for Anna to return to the United States so that a paternity test can be performed.  Larry is convinced that Anna’s newborn daughter Dannie Lynn is his.  (Anna has been in the Bahamas since her pregnancy.)  In addition to the paternity suit filed, his lawyer will also ask that Anna take drug tests.  You know what that means.  Larry wants custody of Dannie Lynn!

Meanwhile, Anna’s brand new husband/confidante/attorney Howard K. Stern went on the record on Larry King on September 26th stating that he is Anna’s baby’s genetic daddy.

In other Anna Nicole Smith drama news, according to Hollyscoop, Howard either sold or is trying to sell the exclusive photos of their wedding ceremony to the highest bidder.  We heard that People bought them for a million dollars but it hasn’t been confirmed.  We also hear (via Radar and Hollyscoop) that Anna and Howard weren’t actually married, that their wedding was actually a commitment ceremony.

Source:, Hollyscoop and Radar

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latisha on

has she even buried her son yet?

Sabby on

Wow! This is getting even crazier! I can’t wait to hear results of the paternity tests!

joy on

wow take a women’s child away when she’s just been born and the other just passed away….sheesh!

Claire on

I agree! What is he trying to do? My guess is he just wants as much publicity as she is getting. People will do anything for their 15 minutes. In the age of reality tv, it works though- I play where you bet on celebrities net publicity and she has been a sure investment since her son’s death. Now- her ex-boyfriend is getting just as much publicity.

gargoylegurl on

This whole thing just makes me uncomfortable. The woman’s son just died; you’d think they would want to lay low for a while to grieve and get used to life with a newborn. It’s not gonna happen though, not while there is so much interest in her life and so much money to made…

LaMama on

Wow. That’s the lowest of the low.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

I feel sorry for Nicole 😦
How can one woman have so much drama?
I hope she is enjoying being a new mother to little Dannie Lynn.

Ariana on

I wish Anna Nicole the best. I’m certainly not going to criticize her. She is going through a tough time and I’m pretty sure it’s kinda hard to think straight. God bless her and her family.

katie on

DO you think that if Daniel had not died that this would be on all the news channels….NO…..Larry Birkass is taking advantage of the situation and it is making him look like a jerk. And his lawyer is just in it for the publicity. Coming out and saying after the toxicology reports come back that Anna is also on methadone also, why didn’t he say this before?? Why now?? I hope that Howard is the dad. This all needs to back fire on Larry badly!

Jamie on

I can kinda see both sides…I mean if I was Larry I’d want to know proof if it was my daughter or that sleazy Howard…and yet I can see Anna’s too..she just lost her son and is very unstable right now with her emotions. I hope for everyone involved the truth is revealed so Daniel can rest in peace knowing his mom is happy and his little sister is safe…

Lorus on

I don’t agree with some of the personal choices she’s made in life but I know that she was a great mother to her son and will be to her daughter. I can’t believe that this guy would start all of this while she’s still grieving over her son’s death. How horrible! I wish her the best and hopefully she can find some way of enjoying the baby stage of her daughter while being in a whirlwind of emotions.

Angie on

well if he doesn’t do it now, ANS and Howard could get legally married and he won’t have a chance.

CJ on

/\ Even if they got married he still could fight. But doing this now is just low. Also Larry even admitted he hadn’t been around AN for months, so how would he know what she was on if anything.I hope they go to a country were this jerk can’t get to them.

I don’t see Howard as the sleazy one. I think this Larry dude is. He seems to be totally in it for his 15 minutes & some money. Howard looks like he actually really cared for Daniel & cares for AN.

lisa johnson on

my thoughts and prayers go out to the people who really and truly loved anna nicole and her precious little baby girl who will never have the chance to know her mommie. lord have mercy on the ones that are coming out of the wood work with dollar signs in their eyes.