Britney Spears on Q Magazine

10/01/2006 at 12:17 PM ET

Britney Spears posed for and did an interview with Q Magazine, Britain’s Rolling Stone, at some point during her pregnancy with Sutton. The shot are believed to have been taken in mid-June while she was about 6 1/2 months along and in New York with Sean, just before she dyed her hair black. Some baby-related excerpts from the interview:

How are you? I’m crazy busy and I’m pregnant!

Is baby number two easier? Oh yeah, oh my God, I think I sheltered myself with fear last time. Fear can kill you.

Cravings? Not really. All I want is ice. That’s all I want to do – eat ice.

And then, a totally normal mom moment. In the middle of an interview question, Britney says, "My baby’s crying. I’ve got to go now," and hangs up!

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Fred on

I find that picture somewhat tasteless, but I have to say, she has one of the cutest pregnant bellies ever.

katie on

I think she looks fabulous!

Sexxiestbride on

I’ve been reading this site everyday for the past 3 months and this is my first comment.

Britney looks HOT! There is nothing wrong with being sexy and a mommy. Most of the times she pulls it off well and once again she did it again…(*_*)

Sabby on

I really like these pics. The bikini is cute and I liked the interview.

gb77 on

That may be the most obviously photoshopped picture I have ever seen. It looks unnatural. Nevertheless, cute belly. Makes me want a lollipop!

BrItNiTo on

I love Britney when she’s sexy. She looks amazing and sexy sexy lady.

Mary on

And the photoshop awards go to Q magazine and Britney Spears.

And for the record I like Britney.

sabbaroo on

You would think if she knew she was going to be doing an interview, she would have arranged for Kevin or her mother or a nanny to watch Sean for the fifteen or twenty minutes required to complete it. And I agree about the photoshopping. Oh well, her life, her mistakes.

carly on

wow she looks abeautiful, she looks so happy and healthy

Liza on

I think she looks great, The picture explain a lot! her career is based on bubblegum music and she stills reflecting that. She is a mommy but she is very young and she can be sexy. “who said mommy’s can’t be sexy”?
Go Britney! do your thing!

Stephany on

Britney looks fantastic…even if it is photoshopped (what magazine cover isn’t?). I hope Britney starts getting everything together now for the sake of herself and her babies!!! 🙂

Annieq on

Even if somebody else was keeping an eye on my kids while I did something, if my baby was crying I’d drop everything too! Big deal! Christ…I’m sure there are plenty other things you could find to criticise than her being an attentive mummy.

I think she looks great! Very cute. And for the record, retouches are a completely normal part of magazine photos. You’d rarely find one that ain’t!

Darcy on

Haha, that’s cute.

Kori on

I love this. My initial 1/2 second reaction was “That’s too much” but then I realized no it’s not, it’s sexy, Playboy while pregnant would be too much, but this is liberating. Love ya Brit, photoshop or not, nice to see you back to yourself in a way!

Amy on

Yes she looks good, but I would look good too if I had a professional who would photoshop away all of my cellulite and stretch marks and help slim down my arm fat!

joy on

that’s some nifty airbrushing!

tink1217 on

britney looks great!!! and i, for one, think its great she cut the interview short to take care of her son. it’s the mommy thing to do! as for photoshopping, maybe a little. nobody looks perfect pregnant, but she is close to it. she is also young and was pretty darn fit before pregnancy so it stands to reason she would look great pregnant!

Chiara on

“You would think if she knew she was going to be doing an interview, she would have arranged for Kevin or her mother or a nanny to watch Sean for the fifteen or twenty minutes required to complete it. And I agree about the photoshopping. Oh well, her life, her mistakes.”

What mistakes? Not getting a sitter for her baby as you think she should, then going to fetch him when he cries? As for the photoshopping, that’s at the magazine’s discretion — there’s less than 1% chance that she had anything to do with it.

Some people just can’t do anything right.

lizzielui on

Sabbaroo: How do you know that she didn’t arrange for someone to watch the baby during the interview? It could be that someone was watching little SP but Brit still was alarmed by his crying so she decided to end the interview. Only thing we are sure of is that the baby was crying and mamma went to tend to him. That’s what most moms do daily. Lord knows I have ended many a phone call because my little ones have been crying.

Teanna on

i’m not going to lie, when i see britney spears now-a-days, i think “trailer trash with money”. but this cover is tasteful. photoshopped, but tasteful.

Principesa on

Ease up on the lollipop, Brit.

The cover shot is a tasteless. Looks like the cover for a soft-porn flick.

Yuck! 😦

roxi on

She looks so perfect in these photos and she looks good without photoshopping too (or whatever you’re calling it). Here are some photos:

CeleFic on

Yummy, I’d hit that cute Britney anytime 🙂

gargoylegurl on

This photo probably is photoshopped, as many celeb pics are. She looks fantastic, photoshopped or not!

Ariana on

I find it funny that every time I see Brit, she has something in her mouth. LOL. She looks great for bring preggers. I can’t wait til I see a pic of Sutton.

Diana on

She looks great but yeah I agree this is definitely photoshopped.

negra on

I think she looks beautiful…photoshopped and all…I dont get why people mess with her all the time. Just leave her be…its her worries, her joys, her mistakes, her laughther, her sadness, her accomplishments…its her LIFE

she looks awesome…and im not a big fan. but i like her

Jacquelyn on

Cute cover….however…..
That is some pretty amazing photoshop/airbrushing. She hasen’t looked that good since ‘I’m a Slave!’

DangerousMuse on

If you see the rest of the pictures you see her sticking her middle finger up. I hate that. And I try to like this girl but she’s daft.

millie on

She looks like a pregnant Lolita but I guess that was the look they were going after.